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Flights to Volgograd (VOG)

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Traveling to Volgograd (VOG)

The veteran city of Volgograd, Russia is waiting for you to tell you stories of victory! Book your Volgograd flights and start preparing your suitcase to explore the city resting on the edge of the Volga River. Formerly Stalingrad, Volgograd is a lush city full of parks that offers many things to see. Check out Pegasus’ flight tickets to Volgograd and get the best prices!

Places to See in Volgograd

  • Mamayev Kurgan: a memorial complex where the city Volgograd reflects on its Word War II history. Get a magnificent view of the city while you visit the gigantic statue, The Motherland Calls, and the graves of Volgograd’s World War II heroes.
  • State Museum "Battle of Stalingrad”: One of the city’s most visited places in Volgograd, you can examine the Russian civil war and witness the history of the city. This museum is surrounded by old war tanks, trains, aircraft fighter planes and exhibits war memorabilia.
  • The Volga River Tour: Don’t miss the opportunity to take some great photos, the Volga River offers the most beautiful views of the city. Check it out during full moon!
  • The Eternal Flame: The statue you should definitely see in the Mamayev Kurgan region.
  • Kazan Cathedral: An orthodox church with beautiful artwork and a structure that showcases Russian architecture and design.

What to eat in Volgograd?

  • Caviar: If you wish to try a traditional Volgograd breakfast, look for a place where you can eat omelets with caviar.
  • Bulockhi: Volgograd is a complete pastry paradise. Once you arrive in the city, the first thing you should do is to try a bulockhi and an espresso.
  • Pirozhki: Discover the unique flavor of this traditional Russian pastry, served in Volgograd's restaurants and cafés.

Where to eat in Volgograd?

  • Mira: You can find the best Volgograd restaurants on this street.
  • Sovetskaya: Walk around Sovetskaya street to discover famous restaurants known for its typical Volgograd cuisine.
  • Krasnoznamenskaya: Another street where you can taste local delicacies by skilled chefs as well as excellent pastry recipes.

View of Volgograd

Volgograd, a lush green city right on the shores of the Volga River, developed from a painful history of war into a serene and peaceful atmosphere with many parks amidst big manufacturing industries.

Transportation in Volgograd

Public transport in Volgograd is provided by the Volgograd Metrotram, a light rail system. Locals opt for bicycles and or to explore the city on foot. If you wish to rent a car, there are many car rental services available throughout the city, including the airport. Otherwise, you can also hire taxis within the city.

Volgograd Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +7
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police: 102
  • Fire Department: 101
  • Volgograd International Airport (VOG): +7 844 226 10 87

Weather in Volgograd

18°Clight rain24/04/2019
21°Csky is clear25/04/2019
23°Csky is clear26/04/2019
22°Covercast clouds27/04/2019
21°Cbroken clouds28/04/2019
12°Clight rain29/04/2019
12°Cscattered clouds30/04/2019
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