Flights to Vienna (VIE) from 33 GBP

Flights to Vienna (VIE) from 33 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

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Traveling to Vienna (VIE)

As the cultural capital of Europe, Vienna promises an unforgettable trip with its captivating architecture. If you’re looking for cheap Vienna flights, Pegasus runs economical flights to Vienna throughout the year. If you want to buy discounted Vienna airfares, you can check early-reservation offers.

The temperatures may go sub-zero during winter in Vienna. Don’t forget your warm clothes!

One of the most sumptuous cities in Central Europe, Vienna is also one of the most timeless and unhurried cities in the world. The historical structures on almost every corner of the city, wide streets and squares seem to belong to today – enough to make you forget in which era you’re living. Exploring Vienna, which is the capital of classical music as well as Austria, resembles keeping up with the rhythm of a symphonic piece. When you visit a city, you make a plan and plot a route as to what to see but it’s a little bit different for Vienna because it deserves a list of “what to feel” rather than “what to see”. Seeing is never enough; you have to feel and get inspiration for the rest of your life from this city that has inspired the greatest artists in history. The timelessness of Vienna means one more thing – that the city can be visited all year round. In summer the temperature is around 26o and the streets are filled with people. However, Vienna has a different glow in winter. You decide which view you’d like to witness.

Must-visit Places in Vienna

  • Vienna Old Town Centre: By travelling to Vienna Old Town Centre, you can visit historic and cultural buildings and take spectacular pictures. A Vienna vacation can be an educational journey of art history.
  • Rathaus: You can visit the City Hall, Rathaus, during the day to study its architecture or stop by night to watch its impressive illumination.
  • The Belvedere Palaces: The Belvedere, where you can view famous art pieces, should be one of your first stops in Vienna.

Best Foods in Vienna

  • Kaiserschmarrn (Emperor’s Mess): A powdered, sugar-sprinkled crepe, served with ice-cream, nuts and dried fruits.
  • Tafelspitz: This boiled beef dish is served with a mix of minced apples and horseradish.
  • Apfelstrudel: Try this delicious apple pie in the cafés of Vienna.

Best Eats in Vienna

  • Rathausplatz: You can find many restaurants and cafés in the liveliest area of Vienna, the Rathausplatz.
  • Waldsteingartenstraße: This area, which is also known as Parkplatz, is a natural wonder where cafés and restaurants are located.
  • Quellenstraße(Spring Street): You can find food for low prices here.

Vienna View

A mesmerizing atmosphere is waiting for you in Vienna, a city which has preserved its architecture from the Middle Ages. History is prevalent on every street. From up high you can see how green the city is. The historic buildings which are illuminated during night offer perfect scenes as you feel like you’re travelling through time touring Vienna from above.

Transportation in Vienna

The public transportation in Vienna is both practical and comfortable. You can reach any part of the town by the interconnected systems of the Metro, tram, bus, train and trolleybus, as well as travelling by foot or bicycle.

More information about Vienna

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Emergency Numbers

A flight from Sabiha Gökçen Airport with Pegasus Airlines to Vienna takes about 2 hours 20 minutes. You have lots of comfortable options for urban transportation in Vienna because it’s probably one of the European cities with the most organized and orderly urban transportation network. The subway in Vienna comprises six different lines and it reaches almost every corner of the city. If you wish, you can go anywhere you like only by taking the subway, without looking for any other means of transportation. There’s also the bus and the train. It’s about 20km between the airport and the city center. The best way to go from the airport to the city center is to take the bullet train. Exploring Vienna on bike is preferred by many tourists. If you’d like to rent a vehicle and go around the city on your own, you can benefit from vehicle rental on flypgs.com after you purchase your flight ticket to Vienna.

Shopping in Vienna

Vienna is home to some of the most pompous shops by the biggest brands in the world, which makes the city one of the expensive places to shop. However, considering the variety of products, it’s possible to say that it’s one of the best in Europe. On Sunday, all shops and shopping malls except for a few souvenir shops are closed. On weekdays they’re open until 7pm. Mariahilferstrasse is regarded as the shopping boulevard of Vienna. Shops lined along this long street make it a preferable choice for shoppers.

  • Neubau 7th District - This is a district where Viennese designers come together. With more than 40 design shops, it appeals to those who’d like to buy high-quality haute couture in Vienna. There’s even a guide to show you around the district
  • Le Shop - Le Shop is a paradise especially for those who cannot decide what to buy as souvenirs from their trips abroad. Here you can find mugs, brooches, boxes, scarves, towels, plates, lampshades and all kinds of products with great graphic designs. You won’t want to leave. Address: Kirchengasse 40, 1070
  • Naschmarkt - If you’re one of those travelers who believe that a trip isn’t complete until you’ve been to a bazaar, Naschmarkt is one of the places in Vienna you should stop by. Once a bazaar where only milk and dairy products were sold, today Naschmarkt is a flea market that especially sells antique.
  • Sisi Vienna - Sisi Vienna is a shop that sells different pieces that are designed for today with the inspiration from old trends. The shop where you can find pieces by Austrian brands and designers gives a unique shopping experience. Address: Annagasse 11, 1010
  • Mandarina Duck - Mandarina Duck is a shop that sells bags. If you’d like to buy a bag for daily purpose in Vienna, don’t bypass this shop. Address: Trattnerhof 2, 1010

Food and Drink in Vienna

Wiener Schnitzel may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Viennese food but don’t think that that’s the only option. Vienna is one of the best places in the world in terms of pastry. Cakes, cookies and biscuits of all unimaginable kinds will be some of the things that you’ll keep remembering after your trip in Vienna. Potato is another oft-used ingredient in Viennese cuisine. You can often see dishes with potatoes in restaurant menus. At breakfast you’ll see bread, butter, jams and croissant accompanied by all kinds of coffee. Here are some of the famous restaurants where you can taste the best Viennese dishes.

  • Immervoll - The name of this restaurant means “always full” in German and it definitely deserves it. That’s why you should make a reservation before going. The reason it’s so popular is that Immervoll cooks the best schnitzel in Vienna. It’s served with potato salad spiced up with apple vinegar and you’ll never forget its taste. Address: Weihburggasse 17, Viyana 1010 
  • Coburg - It’s ideal for a chic Viennese dinner experience. Restored from an old palace into a hotel, Coburg is a center of attraction for its restaurant as well as its hotel. You can taste delicious Austrian dishes and beverages sitting on the terrace that overlooks the whole city. Address: Palais Coburg, Coburgbastei 4 
  • Vestibül - Located inside the Burgtheater building, Vestibül is a typical gourmet restaurant. If you’d like to try exclusive dishes served in exclusive ways in a very special place, Vestibül is a good choice. If you happen to have surprise desserts unlisted in the menu after dinner, it’s your lucky day. Address: Universitätsring 2, 1010 
  • Demel - Demel Patisserie is one of the most world-renowned Viennese pastry shops. One of its specials is Apfelstrudel. You can taste sapid desserts with a cup of coffee and meet the real Vienna. Address: Kohlmarkt 14, A-1010 
  • Cafe Alt Wien - A place where you can experience the intellectual atmosphere in Vienna. Cafe Alt Wien’s walls are covered with posters and the whole place is filled with a soft light. You can prefer this place for a break filled with the most delicious coffees and pastries.

Accommodation in Vienna

Vienna is one of the most visited countries in the world, which means that it offers a lot of different options for accommodation. From hostels mostly preferred by Interrail passengers to luxurious hotels converted from old palaces, Vienna has a wide array of accommodation alternatives. Don’t worry about being too far from the city center because thanks to the wide subway network you can easily go around the city no matter where you stay. 

  • Hilton Vienna Plaza - It’s one of the best alternatives for luxury accommodation in Vienna. Located in the city center and walking distance from famous shopping venues, Hilton is also the first design hotel in the city. Address: Schottenring 11, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010 
  • Le Meridien Vienna - It’s one of the ideal hotels to stay at with its architecture that keeps the Viennese spirit alive. Due to the fact that it’s located in the city center and is a luxurious option, it can especially be preferred for business trips. Address: Opernring 13-15, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010 
  • Hotel Kärntnerhof - The three-star Hotel Kärntnerhof is a fashionable alternative with its rooms decorated in the Italian style. Home to a roof terrace, the hotel is especially ideal for getting some rest in summer accompanied by a beautiful view. Address: Grashofgasse 4, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010 
  • Pension Suzanne - With its decoration that seems like from a period drama, Pension Suzanne is one of the alternatives in Vienna that is famous for its high customer satisfaction ratings. Address: Walfischgasse 4, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010
  • Schweizer Pension Solderer - A family business, Schweizer Pension Solderer will make you feel at home with its intimate decoration. If you’d like to experience Vienna like a local, this could be the place. Address: Heinrichsgasse 2, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010

Places to Visit in Vienna

Even if you spend all your time walking or cycling around the streets of Vienna, you’ll see enough history for a trip because the city is almost like an open-air museum. While making your must-see list try to set a time limit for each thing because you might not have the time for all of them. Try to feel the spirit of every place you’re visiting, such as The State Opera, University of Vienna and the Austrian Parliament building. If you read a historical novel or watch a movie set in Vienna, your feelings about the city will be more tactile and distinct.

  • Vienna State Opera - Opened on 25 May 1869 with Mozart’s Don Giovanni, the State Opera was bombed during World War II and reopened in 1955, after a decade-long renovation, with Beethoven’s Fidelio. The first thing that you see is the seven sculptures that were made by Joseph Gasser and depict seven arts. If the building alone is that impressive, try to imagine watching a performance here. This place is really mesmerizing! Address: Opernring 2, 1010
  • University of Vienna - University of Vienna has the oldest library in German-speaking countries with 6,5 million books. The statues of nine Nobel-winning professors inside the auditorium and the bust of 154 famous scientists who graduated from this university in the yard prove that this is one of the best universities in the world. Address: Universitätsring 1, 1010
  • The Austrian Parliament Building - The building has 24 columns – each weighs 16 tons and was carried all the way from Salzburg (350km far) during the construction. The building’s architect Theopil Hansen designed every little detail himself; the details, the parliament hall inspired by Greek theaters, the skylighted main ceiling made of Bohemian crystal and all the other things. You should definitely include it in your must-see list. Address: Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring 3, 1017
  • Rathaus - Rathaus means “municipality building” and it means much more than just an official building in Vienna. One of the most important buildings in the city, Rathaus hosts pompous balls and cocktails. Address: Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, 1010 
  • Stadtpark - A public park spanning an area of 65,000sqm! Divided into two by the Vienna River that flows through, the park is frequented by locals and tourists alike. It’s one of the places you must visit in order to breathe in the Viennese atmosphere. Address: 1030 Vienna


As in other big cities in Central Europe, nightlife in Vienna is lively and colorful. You can be a part of the fun which continues until the first light of the morning without having to worry about transportation because there are buses that go around until morning. Whatever it is you’re looking for – a nightclub where you can paint the town with DJ shows or a place where you can have a few drinks and chat – Vienna has something to offer. 

  • Praterdom - The third largest nightclub in Europe, Praterdom is very crowded especially on Friday and weekends. Laser shows and world-famous DJs get together with young visitors from all over the world to have fun until they see the light of the day. Address: Riesenradplatz 7, 1020 
  • B72 - If you’re looking for a place that’s preferred by locals rather than tourists, B72 is just what you need. This is one of the clubs that the Viennese go to have fun. 
  • Rockhaus - As the name implies, Rockhaus is a place that appeals to rock music fans. Let’s also add that it’s one of the most pompous nightlife stops in Vienna with its décor. Address: Hernalser Gürtel Bogen 72-73, 1080
  • 1516 Irish Pub - 1516 Irish Pub is a place where you can chat with your friends while sipping your drinks accompanied by nice music. It keeps the classical Irish culture alive. If you’re into it, this place will definitely satisfy you. Address: Krugerstraße 18, 1010 
  • Titanic - Titanic is the place you should go to listen to live music in Vienna. This is one of the popular nightclubs preferred by both locals and tourists. The fun goes on until morning.

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: +43
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Fire department: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Embassy of Austria: +43 (0)1 877 71 81
  • Vienna Airport: +43 1 70070

Weather in Vienna

19°Clight rain19/06/2019
24°Cheavy intensity rain20/06/2019
23°Clight rain21/06/2019
22°Cmoderate rain22/06/2019
20°Cmoderate rain23/06/2019
22°Clight rain24/06/2019
24°Cscattered clouds25/06/2019
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