Flights to Tirana (TIA) from 56 GBP

Flights to Tirana (TIA) from 56 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 04/09/2019
from 56 GBP
Last seen: 23 hours

Doha (DOH) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 17/09/2019
from 196 GBP
Last seen: 12 hours

Izmir (ADB) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 18/07/2019
from 90 GBP
Last seen: 12 hours

Ankara (ESB) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 06/08/2019
from 82 GBP
Last seen: 13 hours

Cologne (CGN) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 05/07/2019
from 114 GBP
Last seen: 23 hours

Dammam (DMM) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 04/07/2019
from 127 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 04/09/2019
from 56 GBP
Last seen: 23 hours

Kayseri (ASR) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 02/10/2019
from 78 GBP
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Konya (KYA) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 12/07/2019
from 82 GBP
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Ankara (ESB) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 06/08/2019
from 82 GBP
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London (STN) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 11/09/2019
from 89 GBP
Last seen: 21 hours

Izmir (ADB) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 18/07/2019
from 90 GBP
Last seen: 12 hours

Antalya (AYT) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 19/07/2019
from 90 GBP
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Tbilisi (TBS) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 16/07/2019
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Cologne (CGN) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 05/07/2019
from 114 GBP
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Berlin (SXF) Tirana (TIA)

Departure date 15/08/2019
from 118 GBP
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Traveling to Tirana (TIA)

Tirana, where you can feel the winds of Balkans with its race, cuisine and culture that has been in existence for hundreds of years, is the capital of Albenia as well as being the biggest city of the country. There are Ottoman architectural works in the city which had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire for years in the past. Although some of them have been damaged during the World War II and the city has gained a new face, it's still possible to see the traces of past in Tirana. Even though the city, of which name means "absolute power" in old Greek, is small and underdeveloped, it's determined to make you have a rich and good holiday. The most suitable time periods to visit the city are May and September.

Top Reasons to Visit Tirana

  • The Albanians of Tirana are very friendly to foreign travellers. Come enjoy the hospitality and rich culture of Tirana.
  • Have a drink at the Sky Club, which is a raised bar with a complete view of the rest of the city, and is located near the district which used to privately house many top Communistic politicians, but is now available to visit.
  • The small village of Durresi is nearby, which provides tourists with a relaxing afternoon on the Adriatic Sea. The village is rustic and has a unique culture that you will enjoy experiencing!

Summary of Tirana

Tirana is the capital city of Albania, boasting the highest population in the country. It is bordered on the east by the Dajti Mountain and the Adriatic Sea can be seen in the distance. There are many archaeological relics that suggest this area was inhabited by tribes of the Paleolithic era over 10,000 years ago. Tirana is a centre of industry, and houses the headquarters of many top companies in Albania.

Historic Facts of Tirana

  • The ruins of an ancient castle called Tirkan was believed to be built by the Roman Emperor around the 500’s.
  • Records show that Tirana was a place of skilled artisans in times past during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Tirana was proclaimed the capital of Albania back when it gained its independence in 1912. Austrian architects constructed many of the more recent buildings and layout of the city

Geography & Transportation

Tirana is located slightly above sea level, and is surrounded by many hills. The Tirana river runs through the city, where ferries can be taken, and the limits include four nearby lakes. Several national railroads have a central hub in Tirana, and many locations across the country can be reached from there. There is a local bus service for shorter transportation, and the highway system is continually being expanded with a large project to form a trade link to Greece currently in progress.

Tirana airports served

  • Rinas Airport (TIA)

More information about Tirana

Food and Drink
More places to visit

Transportation to Tirana is as easy as buying flight tickets at discount from Pegasus. Tirana International Airport, where you'll arrive after an 1-hour trip, is the only airport of the country. You can reach the city center of Tirana by bus or taxi from this airport that has been founded in Rinas Village that is 11 km away from the city center. If you want to have fast entrance to the city center without stepping on to the heart of Tirana, you can take the cableway from Tirana International Airport and reach Dajti National Park.

There are no railway transportation options in Tirana where generally bus is preferred for inner city transportation. Bus transportation is quite cheap. The chance to explore Tirana while going to your destination is waiting for you thanks to its inner city transportation. 

Shopping in Tirana

You can find many places to shop in Tirana. Spots where you can shop and find gifts are waiting for you in the city center which is very famous for its ceramics and pottery. You can stop by Myslym Shyri Street, where there are worldwide known brands if you don't want to leave the city without shopping. Galeria or City Park Arena are some of the places where you can find whatever you're looking for.

Food and Drink in Tirana

Unforgettable tastes are waiting for you in Tirana. Get ready to explore beautiful Tirana restaurants in the city where you can taste Turkish, Greek and Italian delicacies.

  • Sofra e Ariut - This restaurant that looks like a wood house among trees is one of the most elegant places in Tirana. You should definitely stop by if you want to taste Turkish and Meditarrenean cuisines in Tirana, too. Address: Elbasan Street, 1019, Tirana
  • A la Sante - It's impossible to leave this restaurant which serves delicious foods for affordable prices feeling unhappy. A la Sante is ideal to meet traditional tastes. Address: Sami Frasheri Street, Aside Edith Durham School, Tirana
  • Sky Club Panoramic Bar & Restaurant - This restaurant that draws attention with its elegant decoration brings French cuisine's legendary delicacies and Tirana's peerless together. Address: Deshmoret 4 Shkurtit, Sky Tower, Tirana
  • Green Go Garden - If you want to taste traditonal delicacies and have some fun in Tirana, Green Go Garden offers this.  Swimming pool, its peaceful nature and delicious foods make this place peerless. Address: Ruga e Elbasanit, Berzhite, Tirana
  • E7E - You can eat in the warm atmosphere of this cafe, which has a small library, and have some peaceful time while having a drink. Address: Jul Variboba, 2, Tirana

Accommodation in Tirana

Hotels, apartments, hostels... Have no doubts about that you'll find many alternatives suitable to your budget in Tirana where most of the accommodation alternatives are located in the city center.

  • Tirina International Hotel & Conference Center - This centrally located and elegantly designed hote is eqiupped with many facilities from pool to spa. Address: Skenderbeg Square, City Centre, Tirana
  • La Boheme Hotel - The hotel, which is close to many spots that will be on your Tirana route, is also striking with its minimal decoration. Address: Rruga Vesa Center, 10th Floor, Tirana
  • Hotel Boutique Vila Verde - The painting on the wall of the hotel, where you can meet the city view, will fascinate you. Also, you'll see this place as your home in Tirana thanks to its good service. Address: Rruga Isa Boletini, Tirana
  • Geri Apartment - Being an ideal option for those looking for a comfortable, central and affordable accommodation, Geri Apartment will help you enjoy the city even when you're at home thanks to its apartments with balcony. Address: Rruga Bardhyl, 10, Tirana
  • My Hostel - The garden of this cute hostel, which provides the chance to accommodate with people from different cultures, is worth seeing. Address: Rruga Dom Mark Dushi, Tirana

Places to visit in Tirana

Places to see in Tirana carry the traces of history. You'll also encounter some cultural familiarities in Tirana where many architectural works will surround you. Even though some of the works haven't been able to make to the present time, it's possible to feel them while walking around the streets and roads of the city.

  • National History Museum - This museum where you'll get informed about not only the history of Albenia but also the history of Balkans promises satisfying hours. Address: Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana
  • Skenderbeg Castle - You'll fall in love with the view as much as the history offered by this castle that was built to protect the Albenia from the attacks to the country in the 15th century. Address: Kruje, Tirana
  • Clock Tower - This building that is constructed in the Ottoman times and has a mosque, a synagogue and a church in its vicinity doesn't only reflect the soul of its time but also brings different cultures together. Address: Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana
  • Archeological Museum - This museum, where you can get information about Illyrians, who are the ancestors of the Albenian people,  opens the doors of history and culture to you. Address: Sheshi Nene Tereza, Tirana
  • Tanner’s Bridge - This bridge, which is one of the Ottoman works, is located right at the center of the city. You should definitely add walking through this bridge to your walking route. Address: Rr. Punetoret e Rilindjes, Tirana
  • Et'hem Bey Cami - Interior architecture of this mosque, which is one of the oldest works in Tirana, is as interesting as its outer design. Address: Sheshi Skenderbej


Nightlife is very lively and fun in Tirana. It won't be hard at all to find places that are suitable for almost all styles in the city center. If you’re ready to heave fun, Tirana is waiting for you with its best places.

  • Public House - You won't even have a minute without dance in Public House, which is one of the most preferred night clubs of Tirana. Address: St. Ibrahim Rrugova, Tirana
  • Mumja Club - You can till the firts light of the day and have all the fun you want in Tirana thanks to this club that hosts different DJs. Address: Rr. Murat Toptani, Tirana
  • Tao Club Lounge - This place that draws attention with its interesting design is one of the most popular places of the city. Moreover, some live performances also take places there. Address: Rruga İbrahim Rugeva, Tirana
  • Penthouse 25 - This home-style place, where unforgettable parties are organized by the pool, also lays the city view before you. Address: Rruga e Jasemineve, 25, Rezidenca Kodra e Diellit, Tirana
  • Love Street Bar - This bar, where music lovers should definitely stop by, is a bit small but very cosy. Address: Rruga Abdyl Frasheri Pall, 3/3, Tirana

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +355
  • Ambulance:127
  • Fire: 128
  • Police: 129
  • Tirana International Airport: +355 423 816 00

Weather in Tirana

30°Cbroken clouds26/06/2019
29°Csky is clear27/06/2019
30°Csky is clear28/06/2019
27°Csky is clear29/06/2019
27°Csky is clear30/06/2019
26°Csky is clear01/07/2019
26°Csky is clear02/07/2019
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