Flights to Sulaymaniyah (ISU)

Flights to Sulaymaniyah (ISU)

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Traveling to Sulaymaniyah (ISU)

An Iraqi border city between Iraq and Iran, Sulaymaniyah boasts a rich culture and history. Built by Ibrahim Pasha of Ottoman Empire in 1784, this historic city is just one ticket purchase away, thanks to Pegasus’ cheap Sulaymaniyah flights. Take advantage of flight offers to stay within your vacation budget and look forward to an enjoyable and comfortable flight to Sulaymaniyah with Pegasus.

Top Destinations in Sulaymaniyah

  • Sulaymaniyah Museum: Make this attraction your first stop to delve deep into history and learn about Middle Eastern civilizations.
  • War Crimes Museum: If you are interested in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, head straight here. Exhibits include the Gulf War.
  • Azadi Park: Stroll through the park for lush greenery and fresh air.

What to Eat in Sulaymaniyah?

  • Mezguf: Basically a fish ‘kebab’, this carp recipe features a world-famous special cooking technique. Do not miss out Sulaymaniyah’s culinary standout.
  • Biryani: Try this renowned Asian dish.
  • Gezo: A type of halva, gezo is a national favourite and available at literally every corner.

Where to Eat in Sulaymaniyah?

  • Mevlevi Street: Walk through the city centre to try spicy Iraqi delicacies at local eateries or consider other restaurants serving modern dishes.
  • Salim Street: Browse a number of shops and taste various kinds of cuisines, from kebab to Turkish pizza and hamburgers to pizza.

Sulaymaniyah from the Sky

A city on the border encircled by high mountains, Sulaymaniyah offers modern city views with new settlements and skyscrapers rapidly increasing in number. Modern architecture dominates the city centre, while traditional and historic buildings line the outskirts. Expect to have a delightful adventure in Sulaymaniyah.

Transportation in Sulaymaniyah

As public transportation in Sulaymaniyah is still developing, taxis are the most common means of transportation. An alternative is to take a minibus; however, considering the cheap taxi fares, the best way to explore the city is by taxi.

Sulaymaniyah Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Country Code: +964
  • Ambulance: 122
  • Police: 104
  • Fire Dept.: 115
  • Sulaymaniyah International Airport (ISU):  +964 53 317 3322

Weather in Sulaymaniyah

33°Csky is clear26/06/2019
42°Csky is clear27/06/2019
40°Csky is clear28/06/2019
38°Csky is clear29/06/2019
37°Csky is clear30/06/2019
37°Csky is clear01/07/2019
35°Csky is clear02/07/2019
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