Flights to Stuttgart (STR) from 56 GBP

Flights to Stuttgart (STR) from 56 GBP


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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Stuttgart (STR)

Departure date 23/07/2018
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Traveling to Stuttgart (STR)

How about travelling to Stuttgart for a green and a joyful holiday? Don’t worry about Stuttgart airfares, you can purchase tickets to Stuttgart for incredible prices thanks to Pegasus’ early reservation deals. Flights to Stuttgart are both economical and comfortable with Pegasus!

Founded in the 13th century and known as the place where Counts live, Stuttgart has moved further in a couple of centuries and managed to draw the whole world's attention with its modern architecture at the end of the World War I. Although the dream city has been destroyed with the World War II, Stuttgart showed how strong it is and managed to born from its ashes like a Phoenix. If you want to take another step towards and get closer to Stuttgart, which is one of the most beloved cities of Germany, it's enough to take a look at Pegasus' low cost flights to Stuttgart. Being the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state and the 6th biggest city of Germany, Stuttgart is one of the country's developed cities in terms of business. With its mountainous geography and other natural beauties, this city, which brings history and amazing views together, is home to the headquarters of some of the world's biggest companies like Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Porsche. Also, the two universities that are founded in the city are enough to prove the importance Stuttgart puts on education.

Attractions in Stuttgart

  • Königsstrasse: If you would like to do some shopping in Stuttgart, you should go to Königsstrasse. This pedestrians-only avenue has many cafés where you can enjoy your drink in peace.
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum: The German automotive giant was born in Stuttgart. If you love cars, you should visit this museum right after your Stuttgart flight!
  • Altes Schloss: This historical building was completed in 10th century, and extended later. This chateau, which is used as a state museum today, should be top of your list of places to visit in Stuttgart.

What to Eat in Stuttgart

  • Stuttgart Maultaschen: Maultaschen is a delicious type of German ravioli.
  • Kartoffelsuppe: Another taste you should try in Stuttgart is Kartoffelsuppe; in other words, potato soup.
  • Döner Kebab: There are a lot of döner kebab shops in the city all preparing tasty kebabs.

Where to Eat in Stuttgart

  • Rathaus: There are plenty of cafés and restaurants in this historical city centre.
  • Rosenstraße: If you are wondering where best to go to eat the traditional food of Stuttgart, you can find many restaurants on this avenue.
  • Schulstraße: If you are looking for somewhere cheap to eat in Stuttgart, this area is ideal for you. There are a lot of fast food restaurants in this area who serve food for affordable prices.

Stuttgart View

With its fascinating chateaus and palaces within endless green space, Stuttgart welcomes you with its better-than-postcard view. Stuttgart’s clever urban planning forms a spacious atmosphere amongst the modern buildings of the automotive industry.

Transportation in Stuttgart

The cyclist-friendly city of Stuttgart has many places to rent bicycles. Stuttgart is also ideal for taking long walks. You can discover the city by walking along beautiful wide green pavements. The Stuttgart public transportation system is formed of interconnected train, subway and bus routes.

More information about Stuttgart

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

You need to take a 3-hour journey to reach Stuttgart. It's possible to make this journey more enjoyable with the cheap tickets you'll buy from Pegasus. You have 4 alternatives to reach where the city's heart beats from the Stuttgart Airport, which is located outside of the city center. You can reach the city center approximately in 30 minutes by taking the subway from the airport. Although taking a bus, which is the second alternative, is an option that will take a bit longer, it may be your first step to explore the city. Taxis will also be waiting outside of the airport to provide you with transportation to the city center. If you're looking for a more personal transportation solution, you can rent a car from car rental offices or on flypgs.com after puchasing your ticket as a more practical alternative.

Shopping in Stuttgart

The places you can shop in Stuttgart are located in the city center. Königstrasse is the most popular shopping center of the city and it's possible to reach both worldwide known stores and small shops which make special designs. In Stuttgart, which offers many alternative gifts for your friends, you can go to Karlsplatz and buy antique items or buy stylish wine glasses from Feinkost Bohm, which is located in Kronprinzstr. Milaneo shopping mall, which is also in the city, is a spot where you can find many alternatives in one place.

Food and Drink in Stuttgart

You won't have any hard time finding delicacies suitable to your taste in Stuttgart. In addition to having the chance to meet good tastes of the German cuisine, you can also find the popular tastes of the world cuisine in the city. Here are the Stuttgart restaurants that will allow you to have a feast:

  • YoSH - The rich menu and peerless tastes in YoSH, which is one of the most popular restaurants of Stuttgart, will please you. This will be one of the restaurants you'll go when you visit the for the second time. Address: Feuerbacher Weg, 101, Stuttgart
  • Restaurant Christophorus - It's impossible to forget the delicacies served by this restaurant, which will also be carved into your memories  with its elegant design. It's genial staff will make you like the place even more.  Address: Porscheplatz, 5, Stuttgart
  • Le Cassoulet - This restaurant, which is decorated only with white, will make you feel moreattached to the French cuisine, of which name is already written on a white page. Address: Willy Brandt Strasse, 30, Stuttgart
  • Speisemeisterei - It's impossible not to enjoy a meal in this place which is suitable for kings and queens. The place is famous for serving special tastes for vegetarians. Address: Schloss Hohenheim, Stuttgart
  • Africa - Being one of the best places for those who want to have an interesting eating experience in Stuttgart, Africa brings the continent's tastes to Stuttgart. The decoration of the restaurant make you feel like in Africa rather than Germany. Address: Werastrasse, 1, Stuttgart

Accommodation in Stuttgart

It's possible to find many good alternatives for accommodation in Stuttgart. Moreover, it won't be hard to find an option that is suitable to your budget. There are accommodation alternatives for all kinds of budgets in Stuttgart.

  • Steigenberger Graf Zeppelina - The spacious rooms of this luxurious hotel, which has facilities like indoor swimming pool and spa, offers a comfortable stay. The fact that the hotel is centrally located takes it to a higher place on the list of alternatives. Address: Arnulf Klett Platz, 7, Stuttgart
  • Maritim Hotel Stuttgart - This hotel, which is the favourite of those who go to Stuttgart for business, is known for its restaurant that serves gourmet tastes in addition to its facilities. Those who want to wake up to the peerless view of Stuttgart can prefer this hotel. Address: Seiden Strasse, 34, Stuttgart
  • ARCOTEL Camino - You'll feel comfortable you're at home and will say "Hello" to the city by waking up in a garden filled with green in ARCOTEL Camino, which is the stylish and humble hotel of the city. Address: Heilbronner Street, 21, Stuttgart
  • Hotel Spahr - Your breakfast will be brought to your room and the services will make you feel special in this hotel which is elaborately designed in every corner and has been managed by a family. Address: Waiblinger Street, 63, Stuttgart
  • A & O Stuttgart City - This hostel, where you can accommodate for a very affordable price and have a pleasant time, will bring you together with people from different cultures. Address: Rosenstein Strasse, 14-16, Stuttgart

Places to Visit in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a city that is famous for interesting architectural works, museums of worldwide known brands and green parks. It's a fact that you'll find peace where you go in this city, which has left the weariness of the World War II in a short time.

  • Old Castle - This castle, which is one of the important historical points of Stuttgart and the ivy that covered it all around will fascinate you. Wurttembergisches Landes Museum, which is located inside, is also one of the spots that are informative about the German history. Address: Schillerplatz, 6, Stuttgart
  • Johanneskirche - This church that is built near the Lake Fire has been in such harmony with the view that you may feel as if lookin at a painting here. This church, which has a flawless architecture is one of those works that bring Middle Ages to the present time. Address: Gutenberg Strasse, 11, Stuttgart
  • Sepulchral Chapel - If you want to see Stuttgart from a different angle and visit a special building at the same time, you address should be Sepulchral Chapel. A peerless view is waiting for you there. Address: Württembergstrasse, 340, Stuttgart
  • Collegiate Church - This church, where there are many sculptures, looks like the wise member of the family among other architectural works in the square it's located and makes the square has a breathtaking characteristic. Address: Stiftsstrasse, 12, Stuttgart
  • State Gallery of Stuttgart - You'll have the chance to see modern artworks in this spot where there are works of famous painters from Picasso to Rembrandt. The fact that the museum has an extraordinary archutectural design will make you have a dream-like experience among paintings. Address: Konrad Adenauer Strasse, 30- 32, Stuttgart
  • Porsche Museum - It's possible to see many different models of Porsche in this museum which is a must-see for automobile enthusiasts. Address: Porscheplatz, 1, Stuttgart
  • Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden - In this spot, which is completely green and provides the chance to have a picnic in the shades of trees, you can also see animals that normally live in different geographies. Address: Wilhelmaplatz, 13, Stuttgart


Stuttgart is a lively city that likes nightlife. It's possible to see many night clubs and bars in the city. Theodor Heuss, which is a street where the nightlife is experienced fully, will offer many different alternatives.

  • Sky Beach Stuttgart - You'll have all the fun you need in this open-air club which is an indispensable part of spring and summer in Stuttgart. You'll see that the beach concept has been realized in the most realistic way in this bar which is located on the top of a shopping center. Address: Königstrasse, 6, Stuttgart
  • Schwarz Weiss Bar - In this bar, which is one of the places that serve the best original cocktails in the city, you also have the option to have a dinner. Address: Wilhemstrasse, 8, Stuttgart
  • Denoar Stuttgart - In this night club where you can dance until the morning, you'll see Stuttgart from a different angle and love the city even more. Address: Burgenland Street, 86, Stuttgart
  • Fischlabor Stuttgart - In Fischlabor, which has an amazing entertainment atmosphere with its music, the friendly staff will be another reason for you to like the place. Address: Ludwigstrasse, 36, Stuttgart
  • John Cranko Lounge - The doors to fun hours you can spend with your friends will be opened and an enjoyable night will begin for you in this place which is known for its elegant design. Address: Schillerstrasse, 23, Stuttgart

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code:+49
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 112
  • Police: 110
  • Stuttgart Airport: +49 711 94 80

Weather in Stuttgart

20°Cmoderate rain23/05/2018
19°Cmoderate rain24/05/2018
21°Clight rain25/05/2018
23°Csky is clear26/05/2018
24°Csky is clear27/05/2018
26°Csky is clear28/05/2018
28°Csky is clear29/05/2018
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