Flights to Stockholm (ARN) from 49 GBP

Flights to Stockholm (ARN) from 49 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Stockholm (ARN)

Departure date 07/07/2019
from 49 GBP
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Traveling to Stockholm (ARN)

If you’re looking for low-cost flights to Stockholm, Pegasus is the right choice for you. Pack your suitcase now and enjoy a charming holiday with economical Stockholm flight deals.

Stockholm is mentioned with White Nights as well as histories of Vikings and Trols. Stockholm, where temperature drops to -20 on winters and pools feeze; the night reaches twilight at 11 pm in summer; the times of the day surprises you all the time; skiing is the national sports and of which name is mentioned with White Nights as well as histories of Vikings and Trols, is also the hometown of the artist Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman, Pippi the Longstocking's writer Astrid Lingdren, Alfred Nobel who gave his name to the Nobel Awards, and painter Carl Larsson. In this city, men with dogs and kids are on the streets; young people riding bicycles are at parks and elderly couples enjoying fish are in restaurants. If you want to lose yourself in the peerless beauty of this city, you can buy tickets for cheap flights to Stockholm on flypgs.com thanks to its advantageous prices.

Attractions in Stockholm

  • Riddarholmen Church: This iconic structure, built in the 1200s, leaves its mark on the city’s skyline.
  • Stockholm Cathedral: As one of the most impressive structures in Stockholm, this is a must-see.
  • Stockholm Palace: There are a lot of artworks and historical monuments housed in the Swedish Emperor’s giant palace.

What to Eat in Stockholm

  • Gravlax: Raw salmon prepared with sugar, salt and dill is one of the first dishes you should try after you land in Stockholm.
  • Kanelbullar: You should try a Kanelbullar, which is a kind of cinnamon bun, with coffee.
  • Coffee: Coffee enthusiasts will never forget the beverages they try in Stockholm.

Where to Eat in Stockholm

  • Nybrogatan: You can find the city’s most delicious food at the restaurants and delicatessens located in this area.
  • Gamla Stan: There are many cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a pleasant break here, in the most touristy district in Stockholm.
  • Norrmalm: If you’re looking for cheap food in Stockholm, you can find lots of fast food restaurants in this area.

Stockholm View

Flying over Stockholm, you’ll bear witness to a city surrounded by fascinating forests. While the winter paints Stockholm snowy white, the city also features a rich variety of colours during spring and summer.

Transportation in Stockholm

Stockholm has an excellent public transport system. Thanks to the interconnecting subway, bus, tram and ferry lines, you can travel practically and comfortably. Bicycles are a healthy alternative to public transport and are commonly used.

More information about Stockholm

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Neighborhoods of Stockholm
Emergency Numbers

You have a couple of alternatives to reach the city center after your arrival at Arlanda Airport with Pegasus. One of them is taking a taxi if you're in a group of more than 3 people. One of the biggest problems in Stockholm is that there are countless taxi stops apart from main taxi companies. Unfortunately, since there is no coherence among them, they all use different tariffs but what these tariffs are based on we don't really know. That's why we recommend you to make your choice by ckecking the price list written on the glass at the front. The main and the cheapest taxi companies on Stockholm are as follows: 

  • Taxi Kurir: +46 830 00 00
  • Taxi Stockholm: +46 815 00 00
  • Airport Cab: +46 825 25 25

Stockholm Card

It'll be wise to get a card that can be used in museums and public transportation, like in many other cities in Europe, from the info point the moment arrive there. With this card, which can be used in all kinds of public transportation except boats, its also possible to reach the city center from the airport by transferring to metro. However, we want to remind you that it takes longer than an hour. http://www.visitstockholm.com/en/stockholmcard/ 

If you're travelling alone or just as two people, Arlanda Express http://www.arlandaexpress.com  is an ideal option to reach the city center. There is also internet connection inside. 

Stockholm metro is symblized with the letter "T" and it works for 24 hours on weekends and until 1 am on weekdays. T17, T18 and T19 go through many important neighbourhoods you need to visit in the city. The main train station that is called T-Centralen is in the middle of the city center. 

Tramway will be a means of transportation you'll especially prefer to go to Östermalm, Normalm and Djurgarden neighbourhoods. Make sure you have your card before getting in or you'll have to pay a penalty fee to the controller. 

Renting Bicycles

Despite its hills, Stockholm is a city where bicycles are very common. If you want to go around the city by bicycle like the local people, you can take a look at daily, weekly or seasonal rental options of addresses given on http://www.citybikes.se/sv/ . Another good thing about these bicycles is that there are park places spared for them on streets. 

Stockholm on Boat

The city center is founded on 14 islands. That's why there are boats that go from one island to the other in a couple of minutes. You can see their stops along the shore lines of almost all of the islands.

Shopping in Stockholm

In Stockholm, which is the hometown of ABBA, Tetra Pak, Cardigans, Acne Jeans, Greta Garbo, H&M, Hasselblad, IKEA, Saab and Volvo, shopping is of course one of the indispensable activities. 

On Streets

Birger Jarlsgatan where you'll find famous stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Agent Provacateur and stylish windows; Götgatan, where you'll come across 10 Swedish Designers, American Appareal, vintage and second stores, hat shops, and a variety of brands like Hope and H&M; Vasagatan, which is Stockholm's Taksim Square, Klarabergsgatan and its vicinity; design shops and furnitures lined along Nybrogatan; Grandpa, which is the master of menswear, in Södermannagatan, and Cocktail, which is the place for all kinds of colorful souvenirs, right next to it will be some of the addresses that will draw your attention.

At markets

  • Vårberg - The flea maket that is open 7 days a week in Vårberg is the biggest flea market in Scandinavian region. All other flea markets' products actually come from here. However, it's quite outside of the city, you may have to spare an hours just for transportation. 
  • Hötorget - City's fresh fruit and vegetable hall that is open every day of the week; only, it turns into a flea market on Sunday. It's possible to find many Scandinavian classics like vinyls, bags, English books, porcelains and cufflinks here.

A couple of brands

H&M, which we all know very closely and have at least a couple of pieces of it in our wardrobes; Cheap Monday, which has been founded by Örjan Anderson and Adam Friberg in 2000 and is known for its skull t-shirts and skinny jeans; ACNE, which started its production in 1996, has earned our adoration with leather shoes and bags but actually finds creative ideas for basics; Filippa K, which creates the most successful silhouettes with comfortable and stylish designs; WESC, which has opened stores in Tokio, Paris and New York and has been known for colorful and stylish headphones and Husqvarna, which is an expert of motorcycles, bicycles and home appliances are among the brands you can come across in Stockholm. 

4 Stores

  • SneakersnStuff - As you can understand from its name, this is a sneaker store. But maybe, you'll be interested in their wonderfully designed t-shirts.Address: Åsögatan 124 
  • Design Torget - IKEA is fine, we know it. However, there is also this famous Design Torget store in Sweden. They have anything you're looking for from melamine plates to stationaries, rabbit lamps to skull shaped pacifiers, wall clocks to toys and books.
  • Hope - Hope, which defines itself as sportive, elegant, a bit 70's and a bit 90's, is the choice of those who want to wear the simplist things but still look stylish.
  • Monki - You can find tote bags for 8€, dresses for 20€ and blouses for 35€ in the Swedish brand Monki, which has been bought by H&M and defining itself as a wonderland where you'll feel like in a treasure island the moment you walk into its store.

Food and Drink in Stockholm

You're in a city that has a coast to the Baltic Sea and you'll be very happy to find yourself in a seafood heaven. Among Stockholm's most famous foods, there are specialties like smörgås[1]  which is an open sandwhich with all kinds of ingredients on a bread; smoked apple; cucumber, potatoes, carrots and beets as vegetables; "herring" and "sill" which are fish prepared in plenty of sauces; some kind of sausage named "falukory"; gravlax, which is a salmon flavoured with sugar, salt and spices; Kåldolmar, which is some kind of stuffed cabbage dish; Leverpalt, which is some kinds of pastry with liver and Raggmunk, which is known as potato pancake. You can use our list to decide where and what to eat in Stockholm. 

At beakfast

  • Café String - This cafe, where there are vintage furnitures, traffic lights, a strong internet connection, soda cans, is located in the middle Sofo area, where locals live and it provides a nice atmosphere for those looking for a traditional Swedish breakfast like waffle, fresh juice, toast and eggs with salmon. It opens at 9 am on weekdays and 10.30 am on weekends. Address: Nytorgsgatan 38. Tel: 08 714 85 14
  • Johan & Nystörm - If you prefer muffins with a cup of coffee, croissants and cookies for breakfast rather than omlettes, Johan & Nystörm is the best option. Inside, there are coffee beans from all around the world. Address: Swedenborgsgassan 7. Tel. 08 702 20 40
  • Sirap - If you like breakfasts in the style of American diners, which include things like potatoes, omlettes, pancakes with syrup and coffee, you should visit Sirap which opens at 8.30 am on weekdays and 11 am on weekends. Address: Surbrunnsgatan 31 A. Tel: 08 612 94 19
  • Clarion Hotel - You don't have to stay at the hotel; for a rich breakfast with all kinds of alternatives from seafood to special omlettes, cakes to many kinds of oatmeals, dried fruits to croissant on its buffet, you'll have to pay 185 SEK for one person. Address: Ringvägen 98. Tel: 08 462 10 00

At lunch, afternoon 

  • Urban Deli - This is a market. All kinds of organic products from sandwiches to bread, cheese to fruits are sold inside. But there are also sandwich, seafood salad and meat alternatives for fast and light meals in its restaurant that is right next to it. Address: Nytorget 4. Tel: 08 599 091 80
  • Lisa Elmqwist - Michelin star restaurant Lisa Elmqwist that is licated in Salu Hall, which is a closed fish market where local people come to shop for all kinds of vegetables, meat, coffee and cheese, serves delicious tastes like curry fish, smoked salmon and potatoes with rosemary. Even the cheese they put on breads has a taste of fish. If you've been to Salu Hall every day and got bored, you can also try its other branch on Humlegårdsgatan 5. Address: Nybrogatan 31. Tel: 08 553 404 00
  • Herman’s - Herman's, which is a place that see Baltic Sea from above and you can watch sailing races during the day, is a vegetarian restaurant with big portions. Being known for creating delicious dishes from simple ingredients like leeks, potatoes, sweet peas and artichokes, Herman's' open buffet's daily changing menu will be waiting for you to fill your plates with whatever you want. Address: Fjällgatan 23B. Tel: 08-643 94 80 
  • Pelikan - Anthony Bourdain has given approval. Potatoes with served in the side of curry salmon or milk calf with parsley and potato salad. The menu is strong, it's in the style of grandma foods. Address: Blekingegatan 40. Tel: 08-556 090 90 

Those waiting for you for dinner

  • Mathias Dahlgren - In the restaurant thaty is managed by Mathias Dahlgren’ and named after him, an innovative Swedish cuisine menu which is mostly comprised seafood has been created. Address: Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6. Tel: 08 679 35 84 
  • Frantzen/Lindeberg - Frantzen/Lindeberg, whose philosophy is creating food with whatever has come from the soil, sea or animal farms and whatever they have for organic and fres food, is creating amazing dinner tables for those who are open to surprises. Address: Lilla Nygatan 21. Tel: 08 20 85 80 
  • Roxy - It's open till 11 pm on weekdays and till 1 am on weekends. That's its biggest advantage. Its design is inspired by 70's retro style and mostly young people under 30 are eating there. It's an ideal spot to meet the local people. Address: Nytorget 6. Tel: 08 640 96 55
  • Djuret - As expected, Sweden is where people eat everything that comes out of the sea. But, once in a while, you'll crave a good meat and potatoes with butter on the side. And then, you'll leave yourself to the hands of Djuret's young, dynamic and talented team. Address: Lilla Nygatan 5. Tel: 08-506 400 84
  • Opera Kallaren - You'll find yourself among chandeliers hanging down the ceiling, wall paintings, in a living room that reflects the glamour of 1930s and at a table of the royal family in front of plates served by the chef, Stefano Catenacci. Choose a starter from the cocktail menu near you and enjoy it. Address: Karl XII:s torg. Tel: 08 676 58 00
  • F12 - F12 is one of the places that turn into a club after a certain hour of the night. But you should also try the restaurant that is managed by Danyel Couet and described as the 10/10 gastronomical heaven. Reservation is a must. Address: Drottninggatan 89. Tel: 08 24 80 52
  • Faviken Magazinet - This experimental kitchen is not in Stockholm. Thus, it's in the category of restaurants that needs to be visited by real gourmets with faith and dedication. It's managed by one of Scandinavia's most famous and youngest chefs, Mangus Nilsson. Address: Fäviken 216. Tel: 06 47 401 77
  • Erics - This restaurant founded in Gondolen, which was built to watch the old center Gamla Stan and the Baltic Sea from above and enjoy the view, is very beautiful at dawn. They prepare herring very well. Address: Stadsgården 6. Tel: 08 641 70 90 
  • Le Rouge - Le Rouge, which draws attention with more than 10 different decorations inside, is another restaurant belonging to F12 group. You'll find rare cooked meats, asparagus and of course onion soup on its French style bistro menu. Address: Brunnsgränd 2-4. Tel: 08 505 244 30 
  • Republik - Located in the middle of Vasastan, which is mostly a residential area, Republik gets filled with people stopping by for cocktails after work. Its menu, which has been enriched with meats accompanied by sauces and salads with plenty of ingredients, is delicious. Address: Tulegatan 17 
  • Pontus by The Sea - It has a bar where you can eat the best oysters in Sweden, a hall that will make a feast for your stomach with its sashimi and sushi alternatives and a restaurant which brings northern fish and delicious sauces together. Address: Skeppsbronkajen Tullhus 2. Tel: 08 20 20 95

Accommodation in Stockholm

You can buy both economial alternatives and the most luxurious Stockholm hotels among the accommodation alternatives of Stockholm. It's up to you to choose the hotel you want by judging from their closeness to the city center or accommodation aims like tourism or business. 

Luxury seekers

  • Berns Hotel - This boutique hotel located near Kungsträdgården has a big glamour. Address: Näckströmsgatan 8, Tel: 08 56 63 22 00
  • First Hotel Reisen - An old coffee grinding house has been renovated in 1819 and turned into a hotel with 144 rooms. Address: Skeppsbron 12, Tel:  08 22 32 60
  • Grand Hotel - This hotel, which has rooms with the best view in Stockholm without doubt, was built in 1874. It also has a small movie theatre for 12 people, which is called Princess Lilian Suite. Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, Tel: 08 679 35 60 
  • Hotel Diplomat - The T-Bar restaurant, which is on the ground floor of the art nouveau building, is one of the most popular places in Sweden. Address: Strandvägen 7. Tel: 08 459 68 20
  • Hotel Rival - It's known as the hotel of Benny, which is one of the founders of ABBA, and it has Sony PlayStations in each of its rooms that carry the glamour of 1930s. Address: Mariatorget 3. Tel:  08 54 57 89 00

For those looking for cheaper places

  • Scandic Malmen - This hotel that is in the middle of Södermalm and of which bar local people hangout is a total youth center. The rooms are small but they quite comfortable and wonders of design. Address: Götgatan 49–51. Tel: 08 5173 4700 
  • 2Kronor Hostel Old Town - 7/24 internet, a common kitchen and rooms right by the sea. You need to reserve your rooms in advance for a cheap accommodation in the building from the 17th century. Address: Skeppsbron 40. Tel: 08-22 92 30
  • Acco Hostel - This hostel which offers internet for 24 hours in Södermalm is near Tantolunden Park. Address: Ansgariegatan 10. Tel: 07 606 257 00
  • City Backpackers - There are 82 rooms in the hostel that is 10 minutes away from the train station. Room capacities range between 2-8 people. Address: Upplandsgatan 2A, Tel: 08 20 69 20 
  • Langhormen Hotel & Youth Hostel - This space, which has been created by renovation of a former prison, is in service as a hotel in winters and as a hostel in summers. Address: Långholmsmuren 20. Tel: 07 20 85 00

Places to Visit in Stockolm

There are many alternatives ti see in the northern city which draws attention especially with its architecture. You can explore the city and lose yourself in Stockholm's streets, among its glamourous buildings by listening to our recommendations. 

  • Gamla Stan - There are pubs, souvenir shops, waffle and ice-cream stores in the old center of Stockholm, which has been a residential area since 1252. 
  • Stadshuset - The town hall is one of the places that are worth seeing both for its glamourous architecture and buildings that have been created with 18 million mosaics and reflect the history of Sweden. Address: Stadshusgången 2 
  • Moderna Museet - Moden Museum, where works of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Niki de Saint Phalle have been exhibited, whose collection includes important painters like Picasso, Dali, Pollock and De Chirico at the moment, is open between 10 am - 6 pm. Address: Exercisplan 4 
  • National Museum - In the National Museum, where you can see Swedish and Scandinavian artists in addition to special paintings of Rembrandt and Degas, there are also artworks from the Middle Ages, temporary design exhibitions and works of Nothern painters for oil painting enthusiasts. Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2
  • VasaMuseet - You should go there to see the inside of an old Viking ship and get information about the history if Vikings. When you get in, start by watching the documentary about Anders Franzén, who had worked for 5 years to find this ship. Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14
  • Archipelago - There are summer houses and nice restaurants on 150 of the more than tens of thousands of small islands. You can visit them by getting on a boat from Blasieholmen. 
  • Junibacken - Junibacken, which has beed designed in the theme of Astrid Lindgren's famous character Pipi Longstocking is kids' heaven. Address: Galärvarvsvägen, Djurgården 
  • Gröna Lund - There is fun not only for kids but also for adults in the fair and entertainment area that has been managed by the same family since 1883. If you go there, you should definitely try Insane. Address: Allmänna Gränd, Djurgården
  • Life on Boats - When you live in a city surrounded by sea, you'll see restaurants, cafes, hotels and summer houses on boats. Mälarpaviljongen (Norr Mälarstrand 63), which creates a Miami atmosphere in Stockholm; Flyt (Kajplats Kornhamnstorg), where you can see local people when the the sun is out and Patricia (Stadsgårdskajen 152) which has once been visited by Winston Churchill and now hosts big parties are the most popular ones among them.

Neighborhoods of Stockholm

You may want to stick in Östermalm even only for Urban Outfitters (Biblioteksgatan 5). But the reuben sandwich you'll eat Riche, the sushi menu of Berns Hotel; Vampire Lounge (Östgötagatan 41) which is mentioned as a cocktail and shot bar in guides; Birger Jarlsgatan, where you can see the windows of luxurious brands; Nybrogatan where you can reach by going down Salu Hall and find design stores lines side by side and of course boat houses, bars and cafes on Strömgatan will draw your attention.

Being one of the biggest islands of Stockholm, Södermalm is the neighbourhood of locals, boutiques, restaurants and parks. It's inevitable to look at shop windows on its mainstream Götgatan and get seated at a table that sees green fields in Café Rival (Mariatorget 3) for an afternoon drink after a walk around the Södermannagatan Street.

In Normalm, leave the area of Sergelerkaden, which is a crowded street, and walk towards Hötorget where flea market is set up on Sunday.

Vasastan, where you'll find yourself if you tke off the metr at Odenplan station, is the area where Stockholm's rich people live. The places hasn't been contaminated with shops, boutiques or markets and grocery stores. Instead, there is a couple sipping their drinks in front of Tranan (Karlbergsvägen 14) restaurant and rock music is played in Hard Rock Café (Sveavägen 75) which is 2 block away and have motorbikers hanging out inside. There is a romantic setting to watch the stars in Observatoriet Museet, which is in the middle of a huge park.

After seeing all the gift shops, cafes, ice-cream shop filled with the smell of cornets on Lilla Nygatan in Gamla Stan, go to Stortorget where Nobel Museum and Kaffekoppen is located. And from there, move on to Stampen, which is a jazz bar where there is a jam session on Monday nights. There are no words to descbribe the beauties of boutiques, second hands stores and design shops you'll visit between these two stops.

It's Sunday. We're starting the day with different kinds of cheese on gingham table cloths in Djurgarden in an attempt to act like locals. Bicycle drivers, kids with skates and couples with dogs and kids pass by us. After sitting an enjoying the grass, greens and wind that blows slowly for a couple of hours in the zoo Skansen, it's time to go to Gröna Lund, which is the fair area, to have somersaults in the air during the night time entertainment.

If you take off at Radhuset T-Bana station, you'll find yourself in the middle of Kungsholmen  neighbourhood, right by Kronobergparken. It's an area filled with newspaper companies and advertising agencies. Bars, restaurants and the town hall are located in it.

Skeppsholmen is a place that can be visited only to visit Moderna Museet (Exercisplan 4). Chapman Hostel (Flaggmansvägen 8), which creates a living area on boat and mostly preferred by students and backpackers, is also located here.

To sum up the situation in ghettos: We can say that Gröndal, Midsommarkransen and Hammarby, which are founded around an old port, are neighbourhoods with big houses and garages for boats where stylish and rich people live; Rinkeby, Tensta and Akalla are areas where poors live; Djursholm is an area spared for millionaire Swedes and Värmdö and small islands around it are areas of summer houses. As you can see, the more you go away from the city center, the richer people you'll find.


Bar hopping enthusiasts, those who can't find themselves in club the atmosphere: Drottingatan at the North, and the roads between Skånegatan - Katarina Bangata at the South are ideal for you. There are shops lined side by side, people sipping their drinks on the streets and people starting conversations simply by asking "Where are you from?" Apart from those, if you're looking for the most popular places in Stockholm's nightlife, it's enough to take a look at our list.

Summer in gardens

  • Trädgården - If you're in Stockholm at one of those sunny times, your destination is already set: You won't mind the crowd of 300-500 people; you also won't care about the entrance fee that goes upwards as the time goes by and be patient. If you definitely want to get in but don't want to wait, it's also possible to go there at 20:30 for a dinner and wait until the night starts. DJ sets of house, electronic, rock and dance music are played inside. Address: Hammarby Slussväg 2. Tel: 08-644 20 23
  • Debaser - An ideal Sunday brunch spot for those who have drunk a bit too much previous night. Apart from that, it's known as the best club of Stockholm. Address: Karl Johans Torg 1. Tel: 08-30 56 20 

Both in Summer and Winter 

  • Berns - Berns Hotel, which is a dessert buffet at 5 pm, a bar at dawn, a glamourous dinner hall in the evening, turns into a night club after 11 pm and Sweden's most stylish people flock there. You can observe that different kinds of music is playing in each of its three floors and people are dancing to all of them. Address: Berzelii Park. Tel: 08 566 322 00 
  • Riche - Riche is a posh place. Whenever you go there, you'll see women standing on high heels and sipping their cocktails. Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 4.Tel: 08-545 035 60
  • Kaken - Even its website is enouhg to see how beautiful this place is. Kaken is a place to add to the must-visit list, especially in order to listen to Scandinavian countries' DJs who make minimal music. Address: Regeringsgatan 66. Tel:08 20 60 10
  • Hotel Lydmar - This amazing hotel is famous for stylish people who fill its lobby at after-work hours and sip their drinks on their comfortable couches. Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2. Tel: 08 22 31 60

When it drops to -20 in winter

  • Stampen - There is a jazz/blues bar named Stampen on one of the backstreets of Gamla Stan. Their setlist ranges from R&B to John Coltrane classics and mondays are rocked by jam sessions there. Address: Stora Nygatan 5. Tel: 08 20 57 93
  • Rock Atmosphere - As you know, this is the hometown of Hell's Angels. That's why you see tattooed man with long hair who go around by Harley Davidsons everywhere and wear leather jackets even in summer. Naturally, we should give you the names of a couple of rock and metal bar.
  • Pub Anchor - There is live music on weekends in Pub Anchor, which is accepted as the best rock bar of Stockholm. Address: Sveavägen 90. Tel: 08 15 20 00
  • Medusa - In Medusa, which you'll come across while going toward Södermalm from Gamla Stan, snack plates are served on the side fo your drinks. If you're hungry, this is the right place.
     Address: Kornhamnstorg 61. Tel: 08 21 87 00
  • Harry - Harry, which is a heaven of bugers, chips and fried potatoes, is also very successful at rock music. Address: Regeringsgatan 47. Tel: 08 411 11 26

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: +46
  • Emergency: 112
  • Police: 11414
  • Health problems: 1177
  • Hospitals: 171 000

Weather in Stockholm

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24°Clight rain19/06/2019
24°Clight rain20/06/2019
20°Cscattered clouds21/06/2019
18°Csky is clear22/06/2019
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