Flights to Sivas (VAS) from 39 GBP

Flights to Sivas (VAS) from 39 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 16/07/2019
from 39 GBP
Last seen: 2 hours

Izmir (ADB) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 13/07/2019
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Dusseldorf (DUS) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 05/07/2019
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Vienna (VIE) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 05/07/2019
from 180 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 16/07/2019
from 39 GBP
Last seen: 2 hours

Izmir (ADB) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 13/07/2019
from 42 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Dusseldorf (DUS) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 05/07/2019
from 114 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Vienna (VIE) Sivas (VAS)

Departure date 05/07/2019
from 180 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Traveling to Sivas (VAS)

The City of Sivas

Sivas is a city in central Turkey. The city was built on a raised elevation, and sits by the Kizilirmak river. Sivas is moderately populated, coming in at just under half a million inhabitants. The city provides good access to the rest of the country, and therefore is bustling with trade and commerce. The farmers grow various grains, and iron is mined from nearby locations.

Historic Facts of Sivas

  • Sivas was first founded by the Hittite civilization in 2600 BC.
  • Sivas has some importance to the early Christian Church as the origin place of the monastic philosophy of life.
  • This city was actually a key destination along the ancient trade route called the Silk Road, which allowed for the transport of goods between western civilizations and the heart of Asia.

Top Dishes in Sivas

  • 1. Tarhana: A soup made with a base of unsweetened yoghurt
  • 2. Kelecos: Another popular soup, with unsweetened yoghurt in which potatoes are the primary ingredient
  • 3. Katmer: A local recipe of flatbread that is used to compliment many meals

Sights in Sivas

  • Because of its ancient history Sivas is home to many examples of old architecture dating back as far as the 13th century
  • The Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii) is the oldest surviving mosque in the city. It is renowned for the simplicity in its design
  • There are a few thermal springs which have a legend surrounding them which states that they are able to cure illness. They generate substantial income for the city
  • Lastly, you can’t miss the Ataturk museum. It has many relics from the city’s period of time under Ottoman rule, and also pays homage to the national movement for Turkish freedom

Sivas airports served

  • Sivas Airport (VAS)

More information about Sivas

Food and Drink
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Neighborhood of Sivas
Sivas calendar
Emergency Numbers

Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport, which has been in existence since 1957, has reached a modern service quality thansk to the new terminal building that was opened to service in 2010. Although it used to be a bit tough until very recent past, reaching the city center after arriving at Nuri Demirag Airport with Pegasus is much easier and more economical thanks to the municipal bus lines that are arranged according to flight hours. You can use http://www.sivas.bel.tr/otobus_seferleri.pdf for info about the schedule.

Taxi prices are very high in Sivas and taxi may not be a good choice since airport and city center are not that close to each other. However, you can use flypgs.com if you want to rent a car.

Shopping in Sivas

In Sivas, shopping is mostly done in traditional market places. Moreover, there is also a shopping center in Sivas in case you want to visit chain stores for emergency needs.

  • Sifaiye Madrasa - There are some touristic shops in Sifaiye Madrasa, which is one of the famous madrasahs of Sivas. You can get some of the gifts you'll take home from here.
  • Belediye (Municipal) Bazaar - Belediye (Municipal) Bazaar is one of the most important shopping areas locals prefer for shopping. Here, you can find items that will answer many kinds of your needs.
  • Hanimeli Bazaar - Hanimeli Bazaar, which is opened right next to Belediye Bazaar, has been opened with the initiative Hanimlar Culture Center and Sivas Municipality took. Traditional local products handmade by women are sold in the shops in it. You can buy handmade products by contributing to a social responsibility project.
  • Polat Mall - Even though it's not very big, you'll find some chain fashion and technology brands in addition to a movie theatre in the most famous shopping center of Sivas.

Food and Drink in Sivas

You can taste Sivas meatball and ""doner"", which are two of the most famous fods of Sivas and try ""madimak"" which is one of their local foods. If you are curious about what to eat and where to eat in Sivas, taking a look at what we've picked for you may give you some ideas.

  • Ustalar Kebap - You can taste the famous Sivas meatball and ""doner"" in Ustalar Kebap. It's especially successful at ""doner"". Address: Toptancilar Sitesi, Tel: 0346 226 15 16
  • Mis Kebap - We recommend you to taste ""sis kebab"" in this place which has become a legend for its ""doner"" in Sivas. Also, you can complete this meat festival with carrot slice ""baklava"" if you like. Address: Rahmi Gunay Cad. 8/B, Tel: 0346 2235244
  • Kirli Ahmet’in Yeri - This casual restaurant, which is also known as ""Besler Kofte"", is whose Sivas meatballs are the most famous. Even though the service is not great, the meatball are and they are served with warm pita. Address: On the road to Ankara, Tel: 0346 226 28 27
  • Ozen Kebap - Ozen Kebap, which is in service with 4 different branches, is a clean and professional business. In addition to grilled varieties, different kinds of pita also come out of thehot oven. Pita with meat is also famous in Sivas and it can be tastes here. Address: Carsibasi Mah. Opposite of Pasa Camii. Under Refah Is Merkezi, Tel: 0346 224 70 15
  • Sema Hanim’in Yeri - Foods prepared by women in their homes are delicious in this place where you can find all kinds of home made food from breakfast to ""gozleme"" and ""icli kofte"". Sema Hanim also personally takes care of her guests. The prices of this sweet restaurant are also quite budget friendly. Address: Istasyon Cad.  Beyaz Saray Apt. Tel: 0 346 223 94 96
  • Aspava Cesu Ciger - In this restaurant, different onion mezzes are brought to the table in addition to liver and all of them are delicious. The prices are quite affordable.
  • Kozz Doner - Chicken doner prepared in woodfire, which has become famous in Hatay, can also be found in Sivas. We recommend you to taste this chicken which creates a great harmony with the taste of ember. Address: Subasi Mah. Ataturk Cad. Eski Belediye Sok, Tel: 0346 223 30 09
  • Hakan Bistro - Sivas’ın en ünlü tatlıcısı olan Hakan Baklava, which is the most famous dessert shop in Sivas, serves with the title of ""bistro"" in 2/3 its branches. If you look for some different tastes, you can find the most practical foods of the world cuisine from salads to noodle in this place. Also, we recommend you to try their desserts which is their specialty. Address: Istasyon Cad. 16/A, Tel: 0346 225 06 66
  • Lezzetci Sivas Mutfagi - This place, which is one of the most famous restaurants of Sivas, is in service on multiple floors. It's a great address to meet Sivas cuisine with its wide menu which includes many things from local kebabs to pitas and delicious soups. Don't miss out on vegetable kebab. Address: Sularbasi Mah. Aliaga Camii Sokak, Behind PTT No:12, Tel: 0346 224 27 47
  • Sofa Restaurant - If you want to taste local foods, especially the well known ""madimak"", Sofa is the best address. We think that you'll have a hard time making a choice out of a variety of pot dishes that are elaborately prepared every single day. Address: Ortulu Pinar Mah. Sehit Mustafa Erdem Sok. No:4 Merkez, Tel: 0346 224 80 15 
  • Ascibasi Et Lokantasi - It's one of the important restaurants of Sivas with its elaborate servicen and taste, both. In addition to the soft and delicious meat varieties, you can also find classics like beans o the menu. However, we especially recommend its desserts; don't miss out on the fig dessert if they have any. Address: Toptancilar Sitesi 14. Blok No:1, Tel: 0346 226 39 89

Accommodation in Sivas

There are many accommodation alternatives you can prefer for both touristic and business trips in Sivas. You can take a look at hour list for Sivas hotels with varying distances to the city center.

  • Buruciye Hotel - You can find anything you're looking for both touristic and business trips in Buruciye, which is one of the most luxurious hotels of the city. There are also meeting rooms, organization help and facilities of swimming pool, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath and massage. Address: Eskikale Mahallesi Hoca Imam Cd. No:18, Tel: 0346 222 40 20
  • Kosk Otel - It's a good 43-year-old city hotel with affordable prices and a location in the city center. The hotel, which has a meeting room and a restaurant, is in service with more than 40 rooms. It's biggest advantage is definitely its location. Address: Ataturk Caddesi No:7, Tel: 0346 225 17 24
  • Hotel Nevv - A new and modern hotel, Nevv definitely differs from the typical Anatolian hotels with its minimal decoration and the comfort it offers. The hotel, which answers all kinds of needs for a comfortable accommodation, attracts attention with its spacious areas. Address: Ataturk Cad. No.96 Basin Sitesi Girisi Kepeli, Tel: 0346 221 63 63
  • Paşabey Otel - The hotel, which is in service with a meeting room for 80 people and 36 rooms, 4 of which are suits, is a great choice for small organizations. It's a successful business with an understanding that values customer satisfaction. Address: Pulur Mah. Arapseyh Cad. No: 12, Tel: 0346 225 22 20
  • Sultan Otel - If you're looking for a centrally located, stylish and modern hotel, Sultan is just for you. This hotel, which has a capacity of 57 beds, can host up to 80 people in its terrace restaurant. It offers a service that deserves the 3-stars it has. Address: Eski Belediye Sok. No:18, Tel: 0346 221 29 86

Places to Visit in Sivas

There are many places to see in Sivas, which has been home to the most important civilizations in history and witnessed the most important events of the history of Turkish Republic.
  • Sivas Castle - It's proved that the castle (Topraktepe), which has an important role in the development of the Sivas city center, has been a settlement area since the beginnings of the 2000 BC. The walls were repaired in the times of Alaeddin Keykubad the Sultan of Seljukians. Also, there are many doors on the outer walls.
  • The Double Minaret Madrasa - The building, of which inscription shows that it has been built between 1271-1272, is almost a symbol of Sivas with its double minaret. Its portal is an important architectural example with is monumental nature.  
  • Sivas Atatürk Congress and Ethnography Museum - This is one of the most important buildings in the history of the Republic. This building had been home to Sivas Congress between 4-11 September 1919 and functioned as the headquarter of the War of Independence in the following period and then used as a high school. The building, which was turned into a museum in 1983, has been functioning as an ethnography museum on one floor and as a museum of War of Independence on the other.
  • Government Office - While the building that had been built in 1884 had three floors, 2 of which were made of stone and the one that had been added in 1913 was made of wood, was destroyed due to a fire. The building, which has been restored in 2005, is an important figure in the sense that it reflects the architectural characteristics of the time. 
  • Gok (Celestial) Madrasa - The building that is thought to have been built in 1271 is peerless in terms of architectural design and traditional ornamental arts. Unfortunately, the building, which was used to give theology education, has been closed for years for restorations.
  • Guduk Minaret - Guduk Minaret, which is the mausoleum of Shaykh Hasan Beg from Eretnids, has been built in 1347. The stone building is very interesting with a cylindrical design on a square pedestal. Also, it's adorned with tiles.
  • Buruciye Madrasa - The madrasa, which was built in 1217 during the time of the Seljukian Sultan Giyaseddin Kaykhusraw III, was used to teach physics, chemistry and astronomy. Its portal is among the must-see things in Sivas. There is also a tea garden, where you can recharge yourself, in the madrasa.
  • Sifaiye Madrasa - This building was built to provide medical education and treatment for the patients. The releifs on the portal are striking. Some part of the building has been turned into a mausoleum after Izzeddin Keykavus I was buried here in 1220.
  • Archeology Museum - The relics in the biggest archeology museum in the Middle East dates back to the oldest times. Fossils found the region are also among the relics and there are pieces belonging to many Anatolian civilizations from the Chalcolithic Age to the Ottoman times.
  • Sivas Grand Mosque -The building, which dates back to the Danishmends, has an important place in the development of the mosque architecture in Anatolia. Even though its traditional style han't been protected well due to extensions and modifications, it's still an impressive building with its overall grandeur and architectural details.
  • Kesik Bridge - The bridge, which is located on the Kızılırmak Bridge, is comprised of two different parts. Even though there is no water flowing under the short part, it's still in use.
  • Kursunlu Hamam - Hamam (Turkish bath) tardition has a great importance in the culture of Sivas. The most famous one of these buildings is Kursunlu Hamam. It has been constructed in the time of Behram Pasha and it carries the marks of the classic Ottoman architecture.
  • Tashan - There is a decorative pool in the yard of the building which draws attention as a beautiful civil architecture example. Two-headed lions that make up the ornaments of the pool shed light on the symbolism of its period.
  • Aksu Park - Along with the improvement works around the river, a beautiful park is built in the area. A big park around a long river at the heart of Sivas is waiting for you to have a more natural trip with its green areas and cafes.
  • Hot and Cold Cermik - Both of these two thermal facilities, which are located a bit outside of Sivas, are in service as tourism centers. There is also rehabilitation center that belongs to Cumhuriyet University in Hot Cermik.
  • Divrigi Grand Mosque and ""Darussifa"" - Both of the buildings were built in 1228. Divrigi Grand Mosque was built by Ahmed Shah, the son of Mengujekids ruler Suleyman Shah and Darussifa was built by Melike Turan Melek, the daughter of Behram Shah. Thanks to these buildings which are some of the most precious works in Anatolia, Divrigi vicinity has been listed on UNESCO World Heritages List. We recommend you not to leave Sivas without seeing these buildings.
  • Zara - Zara vicinity is one of the most famous rural areas of Turkey with its clothes to songs, buildings to plains. We recommend you to breathe its fresh hair and walk around in its beautiful streets if you have the chance.

Neighborhoods of Sivas

Eski Kale Neighbourhood: It's a pleasure to walk around in the historical core of Sivas. There os a Seljukian piece of work at every corner. Unfortunately, the pieces of civil architecture haven't been preserved very well. However, it's still the touristic region of the city.

Istasyon Caddesi: From stores to cafes, the more dynamic life is lived on this main line. Walking along this street will give you a chance to learn more about Sivas and its people.

Nightlife in Sivas

Nightlife in Sivas is a bit limited like every other Central Anatolian city. There are still some places that speak to the student population of the city.

  • Rain Pub - The famous local rock band Domino takes the stage on friday and saturday nights in the only rock bar of the city and the bar gets really crowded. Other than that, it's a place where you ca go to have some drinks and where mostly students hang out. Address: Ataturk Bulvari
  • Captain Crown - The place which looks more like a ""meyhane"" also functions as a bar. It's one of the places that are visited by both students and working people. Address: Ortulupinar Mah. Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Cad. Tel: 0346 224 88 88
  • Ora Cafe - Ora Cafe is one of the most poplar nightlife spots of Sivas. You can come here to have chats with your friends in the company of a soft live music in an elegant atmosphere after 7 pm. Address: Ugur Mumcu Bulvari 30/A, Bayram Apartmani, Tel: 0 322 232 52 12

Sivas Calendar

  • 4 September Sivas Congress and Art Events - Every year, the anniversary of Sivas Congress is celebrated with a variety of events. Many activities in different fields from sports to music, official ceremonies to exhibitions and panels are organized.
  • International Asik Veysel ""Asiklar"" (Minstrels) Festival - Being one of the most important representatives of the ""Asik"" (A kind of minstrel in Anatolia) culture, Asik Veysel is commemorated with folk songs in the activites organized every year in August in Sivas.

Emergency Numbers

  • City Code: 0 346
  • City Tourism Directorate: 0 346 223 59 08
  • Police: 0 346 215 11 00
  • Gendarmy Emergency: 156
  • Police Emergency: 155
  • Health Emergency: 112

Weather in Sivas

13°Csky is clear25/06/2019
23°Csky is clear26/06/2019
21°Csky is clear27/06/2019
20°Csky is clear28/06/2019
17°Cscattered clouds29/06/2019
15°Clight rain30/06/2019
13°Csky is clear01/07/2019
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