Flights to Sinop (NOP) from 42 GBP

Flights to Sinop (NOP) from 42 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Sinop (NOP)

Departure date 26/07/2019
from 42 GBP
Last seen: 10 hours

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Sinop (NOP)

Departure date 26/07/2019
from 42 GBP
Last seen: 10 hours

Traveling to Sinop (NOP)

How about taking a closer look at Sinop, the only natural harbor of the Black Sea? In Sinop, which has embraced different civilizations and cultures for thousands of years, it is possible to see the sea from almost any point. It is a perfect destination if you dream of adventure in nature with plateaus, picnic areas, forest and sea. Take advantage of cheap plane tickets to Sinop to experience the city, its history and nature, thanks to low airfare options that Pegasus offers.

Places to See in Sinop

  • Sinop Kalesi (Sinop Castle): The castle, estimated to have been built in the seventh century BC, is located right in the center of the city. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is one of the most popular Sinop attractions among tourists.
  • Sinop Cezaevi (Sinop Prison): Built into the Sinop Castle in the 1500s, you can visit the cells where many artists and writers were imprisoned. These are depicted in Sabahattin Ali’s famous poem "Aldırma Gönül.”
  • İnceburun: Surrounded on three sides by the Black Sea, the northernmost point of Anatolia features high cliffs. You can reach İnceburun by car from the city center in 15 minutes.
  • Hamsilos: It is a bay located in İnceburun. You can have a picnic or just stay in the bay, which is surrounded by forests.

What to Eat in Sinop?

  • Mısır Çorbası (Corn Soup): Almost everywhere around the Black Sea, it is possible to encounter dishes made with corn flour or fish. If you like both, try this soup, prepared with corn flour and sardines.
  • Karalahana (Black Cabbage soup): You can enjoy the unique taste of roasted bulgur and onion with a view of the sea, which you can get anywhere in the city.
  • Nokul: Available in every single bakery, this pastry contains meat and raisins. Have it with some tea in the morning.

Best Places to Eat in Sinop

  • Camikebir: The neighborhood, growing adjacent to Sinop harbor, is located in the city center. If you are passionate about the sea, you can either satisfy your hunger with the fish or satisfy your soul with the perfect sea view.
  • Gazi Caddesi (Gazi Street): Whenever you go for a walk at the beach, you can take breaks on Gazi Street where you can find various cafes.

Landscape of Sinop

Sinop is a city that coexists with the Black Sea. Enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the sea while in the city. Historical buildings, nature and a modern city center will offer you a welcoming view.

Transportation in Sinop

Getting around Sinop is usually best on foot due to its small city center. Other options are minibus and taxi. Don’t worry if you don’t see traffic lights, the city has managed without these for many years with transit circulating without issues.

Useful Phone Numbers in Sinop

  • Country Code: +90
  • Police: 155
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire Department: 110
  • Sinop Airport (NOP): 0 368 271 56 06

Weather in Sinop

28°Clight rain26/06/2019
26°Clight rain27/06/2019
25°Cmoderate rain28/06/2019
22°Cmoderate rain29/06/2019
20°Cheavy intensity rain30/06/2019
22°Clight rain01/07/2019
25°Csky is clear02/07/2019
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