Flights to Samsun (SZF) from 27 GBP

Flights to Samsun (SZF) from 27 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 25/09/2019
from 27 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Izmir (ADB) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 20/09/2019
from 46 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Dusseldorf (DUS) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 22/07/2019
from 214 GBP
Last seen: 8 hours

Stuttgart (STR) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 23/07/2019
from 213 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 29/07/2019
from 55 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

Adana (ADA) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 12/09/2019
from 63 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 25/09/2019
from 27 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Izmir (ADB) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 20/09/2019
from 46 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Ankara (ESB) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 29/07/2019
from 55 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

Adana (ADA) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 12/09/2019
from 63 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Dalaman (DLM) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 24/07/2019
from 66 GBP
Last seen: 7 hours

London (STN) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 03/10/2019
from 93 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Copenhagen (CPH) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 23/09/2019
from 117 GBP
Last seen: 7 minutes

Amsterdam (AMS) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 09/09/2019
from 128 GBP
Last seen: 4 hours

Frankfurt (FRA) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 14/08/2019
from 131 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Athens (ATH) Samsun (SZF)

Departure date 22/07/2019
from 132 GBP
Last seen: 8 hours

Traveling to Samsun (SZF)

About Samsun

  • Samsun has a population of over 500,000.
  • It is located on the northern coast of Turkey, and is a port city on the Black sea, like Ordu.
  • The Turkish War of independence is said to have begun in this city in 1919.

Samsun, of which history dates back to the ancient city of Amisos which was founded in 1500 BC, is the bigges city of the Black Sea region. Being the most important and lively city of the region due to its population more than 1 million and developed industry, Samsun is worth seeing for its history and natural beauty both. You can use the advantageous campaigns and buy tickets for cheap flights to Samsun on flypgs.com and have an enjoyable vacation in Samsun.

Interesting Facts of Samsun History

Turkey is a region which has been populated for quite a long time. Like many Turkish cities, Samsun was settled in the BC years around 750. The area was quite fertile and well-watered, good for growing crops before agricultural technology advanced to where it is today. Samsun was first absorbed by the Persian Empire, and later by the Roman empire. There is a rich cultural legacy waiting to be experienced for all travellers to this destination.

Samsun Geography

  • Samsun is located on the northern coast of Turkey along the Black Sea
  • It is nestled right between two rivers, the Red River (Kizilirmak) and the Green River (Yesilirmak), creating a very fertile location;
  • The climate is subtropical, which typically allows for wide temperature swings in temperature from one day to the next. The Summers and Winters are relatively mild compared to other countries

Transportation around Samsun

Samsun is serviced by many long-distance buses. There are also well-used train systems both for freight and passenger transport in the city. Trams can be used for shorter trips within the city as well..

Samsun airports served

  • Samsun-Çarsamba Airport (SZF)

More information about Samsun

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

After your flight to Carsamba Airport Samsun with Pegasus with the best prices, the easiest and the most economical way to reacht he city center is to use a Havas shuttles. There is a shuttle service for each flight that lands on the airport. It takes half an hour to reach the city. Taxi prices are quite high. The most advantageous transportation way you can use in Samsun is renting a car. You can rent whichever car you want on flypgs.com. We can't say that there is a well-developed public transportation system in this city anyway.

Shopping in Samsun

Shopping is done on streets in open air in Samsun rather than closed shopping centers. We recommend you to enjoy shopping in bazaars and on street while you've already come all this way to here.

  • Istiklal Street - It's possible to find many things on the street which almost goes through from one side of the city center to the other. The street where shops, banks and restaurants are lined is the heart and the shopping center of the city.
  • Russian Bazaar - People who came to the region after the dissolution of the Soviet Union used to sell a variety of products here. In the bazaar, which is completely inhabitated by Turkish merchants, you can still find some small gifts and souvenirs and experience this ambiance.

Food and Drink in Samsun

Like the whole Eastern Black Sea, Samsun is one of the cities where fishing is very important. Naturally, if you ask about what to eat in Samsun, our first recommendation will be fish. Especially turbot fish is one of the delicacies you shouldn't miss. Also Bafra pita and corn bread are some of the must-taste Samsun foods.

  • Lezzet Lokantasi - Don't let the looks misguide you, this extremely casual restaurant makes amazing doner. Portions are ordered in grams and an average sized portion weighs around 150 grams. Howeve, you can come here only for lunch because they serve doner only between 11 am - 3 pm. Address: Saathane Meydani No:10 Tel: 0 362 421 54 98
  • Gulhan Tesisleri - The fame of Gulhan Tesisleri, which is located on the Samsun-Bafra road, has crossed the city borders. Although there are many alternatives here, we recommend you to eat pita like everyone else. Pita with small pieces of meat is one of the most impressive tastes and you can try it with cheese or eggs too. Address: Samsun Bafra Karayolu 17th km Korfez Mah. Ataturk Bul. No:131 Kurupelit Tel: 0 362 457 64 64     
  • Menemenci Selahattin - Cakalli village of Samsun is famous for its "menemen". There are many options like menemen with sausages, pastrami or braised meat in Selahattin but the best one is still the one with cheese. Address: Cakallı Koyu, On Ankara Road 36th km Tel: 0 362 751 60 26     
  • Han Cafe Restaurant - While Han Cafe was a cafe famous for its "kumpir", they have developed its kitchen and turned it into a restaurant. It still hasn't lost anything from its charachteristics of being a nice cafe. It's wide menu still includes "kumpir". It can be a great spot for breaks thanks to its nice decoration. Address: Ciftlik Cad. Umraniye Sok. No:19 (On the side of Ciftlik Akbank Branch) Tel: 0362 230 12 86     
  • Ulutan Et Lokantasi - Being one of the oldest restaurants of Samsun, this place was in service in Carsamba from 1933 to 1974 and carried this taste to the big city in 1974. Here, meat is carefully chosen but its doner is exceptionally good. We also recommend the pumpkin dessert. Address: Istiklal Caddesi No.123 Tel: 0 362 233 28 64
  • Alis Pide - Samsun’s Bafra vicinity is famous for its special covered pita. Here's an amazing address for you to try this special delicacy in its hometown. Don't leave this place, where you can find all kinds of pita, without tasting the Bafra style pita. The thin, covered pita with minced meat has a crunchy crust. Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Guven Sok. No:4, Carsi, Bafra Tel: 0 362 542 79 10     
  • Derya Balikcilik - In Samsun's fish restaurants, you pick your fresh fish from the stalls and then go inside and order whichever one you've liked. In Derya Balikcilik, take a look at mezzes after choosing your fish but don't have too much of them or you won't have any space left for fish. It's up to you whether you want it steamed or fried in a pan, fish are always fresh here. Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:82 Tel: 0 362 230 40 10
  • Midilli Restaurant - A place that is almost like a corner of the heaven in Carsamba vicinity. Their pitas and pot-cooked dishes are delicious but what makes Midilli a great place are the playground they've created for kids and their hobby gardens where you can collect organic vegetables. Address: Samsun Ordu Karayolu 30th km  Carşamba Tel: 0 362 854 27 12
  • Pamuk Kardesler - The system is the same; choose your fish and sit at a table. Try Black Sea's unique braised pickles as a starter and then enjoy other mezzes and fresh fish. Don't forget to taste "lakerda", which is a mezze, if it's its season and bothus fish. Address: Ataturk Bulvari Batipark Tel: 0 362  445 04 33     
  • Venn Cafe-Bistro - Being a hotel restaurant, Venn is quite an enticing place with its specially designed menu and location on the shore of Black Sea. A rich variety of meat from "beyti kebab" to t-bone steak is waiting for you. Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Adnan Menderes Bulvari No:325, 55200 Atakum Tel: 0362 407 00 01
  • Karadeniz Balikcilik - Fresh fish and sea view, once again. You feel as if you're eating in the middle of the sea and live music is also added to the scenery on Wednesday nights. In this beautiful place, choose your fish accordig to the season and don't forget to taste the thincorn bread, which is unique to this region and prepared in a pan. Address: Ataturk Bulvari Baruthane Mahallesi No: 67 Batipark Tel: 0 362 445 13 13     
  • Fevzi’nin Yeri - This restaurant of which fame has already gone beyond the city borders is a true fish restaurant. The menu is limited so as you not to fill yourself with mezzes. Address: Baruthane Mah. Batipark Tel: 0 362 445 15 75     
  • Imam Usta - If you crave for the Antep cuisine, you can find an Antep kitchen in Samsun. Apart from kebabs, we actually recommend it for desserts. You are at the right address for a delicious baklava. Address: Namik Kemal Cad. No:29 Saathane Tel: 0 362 431 40 99

Accommodation in Samsun

You'll never have any hard times about finding a place to stay in Samsun. It's easy to find a hotel for all budgets and tastes in this city. Although the alternatives are not as much as those of an metropol, you'll be pleased with the clean hotels where you can trustfully accommodate. 

  • Grand Asos Hotel - Especially ideal for business trips. A city hotel which is quite satisfactory in terms of comfort and location. Address: Kale Mah. Ataturk Bulvari No: 148 Tel: 0362 435 55 11     
  • North Point Hotel - In this hotel, which is located in the city center and offers rooms with sea view, the rooms are not so big but they have everything for a comfortable stay. All needs for business trips and meetings are also taken care of. Address: Ataturk Bulvari No:594 Tel: 0 362 435 95 95     
  • Marin Otel - Located in Atakum, this hotel is one of the best in the city. All kinds of details have been thought about for your comfort in this business that serves with only 19 rooms. You can have an amazing family holiday in a wide area covered in pine trees and swimming pool in front of you. Address: Mimar Sinan Mah. Ataturk Bulvari No:202 Atakum Tel: 0 362 437 00 25
  • Amisos Hotel - The hotel is in the city center. Amisos is preferred for its convenient location, good staff and rich breakfast. It also provides many facilities for business trips and meetings. Address: Kale Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 18 Tel: 0 362 435 44 05
  • Venn Butik Otel - This is the boutique hotel of Atakum beach. It provides a relaxing vacation with Zeytinli Bahçe, where you can have a nice time, VIP Restaurant and luxurious suites. Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Adnan Menderes Bulvari No:325, 55200 Atakum Tel: 0 362 407 00 01

Places to Visit in Samsun

We've listed a couple of places that can be an answer to the question of "Where should one see in Samsun?" If you don't want to come back without seeing the natural and historical beauties of the city after going all that way to Samsun, take a look at our list.

  • Atatürk Monument - This monument located in the city park has been created by Australian sculptor Krippel in memory of Atatürk. It was opened in 1932 and has become a symbol of Samsun ever since.
  • Archeology and Ethnography Museum - In addition to remnants belonging to the ancient city of Amisos, ethnographic findings can also be seen in the museum where findings belonging to Anatolian civilizations that existed before and after the time of Amisos. Amisos treasury is the most visited part of the museum. 
  • Bandirma Ferry - An exact replica of the ferry which secretly brought Ataturk and his comrades to Samsun, can be visited here. Inside of the ferry has been organized as a museum.
  • Gazi Museum - The hotel, where Ataturk stayed when he came to Samsun, is a museum now. The items Ataturk has used and some photos are exhibited there. You can aslo see 18 different wax figures.
  • The Grand Mosque - The mosque, of which construction was funded by Haci Ali from Batum in 1884, is called Valide Mosque since it has been renovated by Pertevniyal Valide Sultan. Its marble mihrab and the woodworks on its minbar are striking.
  • Remnants of Samsun Castle - The walls of the castle, of which existence was known but it has been underground since the later times of Ottomans, started to be unearthed in 2008. The castle dates back to Danishmends. Some parts of its walls, which haven't been destructed, can be see near the Grand Mosque.
  • Amisos Hill - This hill, where you'll reach by a cableway, offers a great chance to have an enjoyable time and see the tombs of kings in the ancient city of Amisos. After a cableway trip with an amazing view, you can visit tumuluses at the top, which has a great landscape design and then have some drinks in its cafe.
  • Ikiztepe - Findings from the First Bronze Age and Early Hitites have been unearthed during the excavations made in the area that is 7 km away from Bafra. Settlements of the transitional period and mausoleums are exhibited in this area.
  • Tashan - Dating back to the end of 17th century, the building is the only example of civil engineering belonging to the Ottoman Period in Samsun and it's a typical Ottoman city inn.
  • The Zoo - The Black Sea Region's biggest zoo, which is founded on an area of 22 acres, is in Samsun. Visiting this place, where you can see many different species of animals, can be a fun activity especially for kids.
  • Samsun Beaches - There are many beaches, picnic and camp areas in Samsun, which has a very long shoreline. The most famous ones among these are Atakum and Kurupelit.


Samsun differs a bit from other Anatolian cities in terms of its nightlife. Atakum, which is the popular holiday resort, has been through an amazing transformation in the recent years and turned into a place that is no less than the beaches of the Aegian Sea. Naturally, the whole nightlife is concentrated there.

  • Lucca Exclusive - You can listen to live Turkish music which is managed like a night club. Address: Adnan Menderes Bulvari Atakum Tel: 0 362 437 91 43
  • Garage Club - There is live pop music in the place which gets very lively on Friday and Saturday nighs. Address: Adnan Menderes Bulvari, Atakum Tel: 0 362 437 03 28
  • Girgir North - The night without live music can be preferred for a calmer entertainment. You can enjoy a night drink with your friends. Address: Next to Kaya Shopping Center, Atakum
  • Harlequin - This club aims to speak to an elite group with its lodges and thematic style. It invites those who love having fun with its DJ performances and parties. Address: Korfez Mah. Ataturk Bul. No:84 Atakum Tel: 0 544 771 17 38
  • Venn Club - In addition to being Atakum's famous boutique hotel's restaurant, it's also famous for its night club and especially for its karaoke nights. Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Adnan Menderes Bulvari No:325, 55200 Atakum Tel: 0 362 407 00 01
  • Dino’s Bar - This bar that belongs to a hotel can offer more alternative options. You can have an enjoyable time if you come across one of the concerts that are organized from time to time. Address: Mimar Sinan Mah. Ataturk Bulvari No:202 Atakum Tel: 0 362 437 00 25

Emergency Numbers

  • City code: 0 362
  • City Tourism Directorate: 0362 432 81 12     
  • Police: 0362  230 84 10     
  • Gendarmy Emergency: 156
  • Pharmcy on Call: 118
  • Police Emergency:155
  • Health Emergency: 112

Weather in Samsun

20°Clight rain15/07/2019
25°Cfew clouds16/07/2019
25°Csky is clear17/07/2019
26°Clight rain18/07/2019
27°Csky is clear19/07/2019
28°Csky is clear20/07/2019
27°Cbroken clouds21/07/2019
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