Flights to Samara (KUF)

Flights to Samara (KUF)

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Traveling to Samara (KUF)

How about experiencing the nightlife and nature of one of the biggest cities in Russia? If this sounds like the adventure you’re looking for, then book your flights for Samara and get ready for your trip to the city that shines with space research. After browsing our cheap flights for Samara, don't forget that Samara’s temperature in the winter time can drop to -30˚ C. If you want to see the frozen Volga River, definitely visit during winter. There are a lot of things to see in this city. For more, read on!

Must See Places in Samara

  • Samara Kosmicheskaya: witness the space research of the Soviet Period. Visiting Samara’s space museums should be at the top of your travel plan.
  • Stalin’s Bunker: Commissioned by Stalin himself, this bunker is still considered to be one of the safest places on earth.
  • Samara Pier: Go swimming and enjoy the spectacular view on the shore of Volga River.

What to Eat in Samara?

  • Coulibiac: A traditional delicacy of Samara, coulibiac is a type of bread with meat. It is also made with fish meat.
  • Golubsty: Cabbage rolls loved by people of Samara.
  • Khinkali: Definitely try out this dish at the Samara restaurants. It is similar to ravioli, filled with meat.

Where to Eat in Samara?

  • Moskovskoye: The busiest street of the city, where most of the Samara restaurants are located.
  • Naberezhnaya: Located on the shore of the Volga River, there are a lot of places around this park. Check out Naberezhnaya if you are on the hunt for cheap food.
  • University: If you’re looking for the right balance between price and taste, the best places are around the university, of course. Try the local delicacies at family-owned businesses on University’s back streets.

Bird’s-Eye View of Samara

Admire the geometrical architecture remaining from Samara’s Soviet Period, its amazing parks covering all four sides of the city, and the flawless blue of the Volga River... Throughout your journey, the interesting constructions, statues and greenery in Samara, which was planned in harmony with nature, will be the perfect background for your photos.

Transportation in Samara

The public transportation system in Samara has an improved and modern structure. No matter what area you would like to visit in Samara, you can use its public transportation network, which is formed of buses, trolleybus, tramway and subway line. Also, there are local minibusses called “marshrutka”. For a more direct transportation method, you can take the taxis widely available within the city, or you can rent a car, but to do so, you’ll need a global driver’s license.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Country Code: +7
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police: 102
  • Fire Department: 101
  • Samara Kurumoch International Airport(KUF): +7 846 966 50 55

Weather in Samara

18°Clight rain26/06/2019
11°Cheavy intensity rain27/06/2019
11°Cmoderate rain28/06/2019
20°Cmoderate rain29/06/2019
17°Clight rain30/06/2019
18°Cmoderate rain01/07/2019
21°Clight rain02/07/2019
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