Flights to Saarbruecken (SCN)

Flights to Saarbruecken (SCN)

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Traveling to Saarbruecken (SCN)

Saarbrücken, located at the border between Germany and France, takes its name from the Saar River that divides the city in two. If you want to explore this calm and peaceful city, book your flight to Saarbrücken and start preparing for your journey.  If you want to find the best prices for Saarbrucken plane tickets, we recommend that you search your dates well in advance. Consider taking an early hour flight, you will find the lowest prices and you’ll have more to spend during your vacation!

Places to Visit in Saarbrücken

  • Deutsch-Franzoesischer Garten: A top landmark of Saarbrücken is the natural park of the city. Especially in good weather, this place is bustling with people walking their dogs, having a picnic and enjoying nature.
  • Ludwigskirche: If you want to learn more about the historic buildings of Saarbrücken, you must see the Ludwig Cathedral. Ludwigskirche was built in 1775 and it is the reflection of baroque period in the city.
  • Saarbrücken Zoo: If you like nature, this zoo will make you happy. Animals are treated with love here and they are very well taken care of.
  • Saarbrücken History Museum: History of Saarbrücken is rather interesting. The city had belonged to the French at first but then, it was captured by the Germans. If you wish to learn more about Saarbrücken’s history, pay a visit to this amazing history museum.

What to Eat in Saarbrücken

  • Frikadellen: People of Saarbrücken call meatballs frikadellen. If you are a fan of meatballs, try this delicacy in Saarbrücken restaurants.
  • Butterkuchen: In other words, butter cake, a delicious and fulfilling dessert. Be prepared to become addicted to Saarbrücken bakeries.
  • Schwenker: Saarbrücken is a real heaven for meat lovers. The famous grilled meat of this region is called Schwenker and it is among the best food you can have in Germany…

Where to eat in Saarbrücken

  • Nauwieser Viertel: You can have a joyful stroll around this neighborhood for the best restaurants in Saarbrücken.
  • Mainzer: If you are looking for some cheap food in Saarbrücken, there are a few places on this street. Take your time and taste the unique delicacies of German cuisine!
  • Berliner Promenade: Berliner Promenade lies along the river of Saar and is full of lively cafes and restaurants.

More Information about Saarbrücken

Located between France and Germany, Saarbrücken is divided into two by Saar River and is a spectacular place where modern life encompasses nature. This quiet city with a peaceful atmosphere is one of Germany’s nature friendly student cities and you can purify your soul with divine sceneries, especially at the riverfront. The rich city of Saarbrücken will offer you great memories with its blue and green sceneries.

Transportation in Saarbrücken

Even though Saarbrücken is a small city, it has a great public transportation system. Public buses and tram lines provide an excellent transportation in the city. Additionally, bicycles are much preferred here. Why not rent a bicycle during your Saarbrücken trip and discover the city? Or if you like walking, we have good news for you: you can reach just about anywhere here by walking.

Emergency Numbers in Saarbrücken

  • Country Code: +49
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police: 112
  • Fire: 112
  • Saarbrücken Airport (SCN): +49 6893 830

Weather in Saarbruecken

20°Clight rain19/06/2019
21°Cmoderate rain20/06/2019
22°Csky is clear21/06/2019
22°Covercast clouds22/06/2019
24°Csky is clear23/06/2019
27°Csky is clear24/06/2019
29°Csky is clear25/06/2019
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