Flights to Osh (OSS) from 18 GBP

Flights to Osh (OSS) from 18 GBP

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Bishkek (FRU) Osh (OSS)

Departure date 11/07/2019
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Istanbul (SAW) Osh (OSS)

Departure date 14/05/2019
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Bishkek (FRU) Osh (OSS)

Departure date 17/08/2019
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Istanbul (SAW) Osh (OSS)

Departure date 14/05/2019
from 158 GBP
Last seen: 22 hours

Traveling to Osh (OSS)

With its untouched nature, its arcades paved with history and sophisticated residents, Osh waits for you to discover it. Home to a majority Uzbek population, Osh also has growing Turkish and Russian communities. If you are ready to be amazed by breathtaking views of the city atop the Sulayman Mountain, Pegasus takes you there with cheap Osh flight tickets.

Osh, the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan has a history spanning back 3,000 years. Both the Russian and Kyrgyz languages are spoken in Osh, however you may find some difficulties finding people who speak English as they are few and far between. Osh does stand out in one regard, during the Stalin era the Batum Turks were expelled to Osh and they went to great efforts to try to return. In the center of the city stands the Sulayman Mountain, and it is said that when the Prophets Solomon and Muhammad would visit Osh they would always stop to pray here. Osh lies between the Sulayman and Pamir Mountains and with its stunning distant views proves to us once again that mother earth is the greatest of all artists. The city has a continental climate and therefore the spring and summer months are the optimal time to pay a visit to Osh. A major market place along the Silk Road, Osh is known for its high quality silk rugs and spices.

Top Destinations in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

  • Sulayman Mountain: The Mountain, where Sulayman (Solomon) once ascended to pray, is right in the heart of the city. One of the top destinations in Osh, Sulayman Mountain even has its own museum.
  • Highland Tour: Visit the heart of nature in Osh. Don’t leave the city without going on a highland tour during your Osh travel.
  • Osh Marketplace: One of the largest marketplaces in Kyrgyzstan, Osh was a hub on the ancient Silk Road. From healthy food to local fabrics, the marketplace offers locally-produced goods and it is the busiest location in the city.
  • Rabat Abdullakhan Mosque: Built in the 16th century, Rabat Abdullakhan Mosque should be one of your must-see spots in Osh.

What to Eat in Osh?

  • Osh (Pilaf): A Kyrgyz interpretation of beef and rice pilaf, this recipe is known as Osh or Uzbek pilaf. Variations include recipes with beef, lamb and even chicken. Other ingredients may vary depending on the chef.
  • Beshbarmak: Kyrgyz cuisine is just right for meat lovers. With ingredients such as lamb, potatoes, ginger and onions, beshbarmak is one of the tastiest dishes in Osh cuisine.
  • Shashlik: Another go-to dish in Osh is shashlik kebab, which is prepared with marinated meat.

Where to Eat in Osh?

  • City Center: Many Osh restaurants are located in the city center. On the other hand, you can find many family businesses or street food vendors offering local delicacies on the city’s outskirts.
  • Osmonova: Osmonova St. is a busy street where you will find the most popular Osh restaurants.
  • Sulayman Mountain: The most touristic destination in Osh, this mountain also hosts restaurants where you can taste the local dishes of the city.

Osh Landscapes

The Osh landscape offers a view of vast highlands, mighty mountains and a sense of boundlessness where they meet with the sky... Osh is a city to cleanse your soul and reinvigorate your mind with its impeccable natural landscapes enriched with the ancient culture of the city.

Transportation in Osh

Osh is a pastoral city where people are in no rush. Though public transportation in Osh is still developing, you will find minibuses running throughout the city. Top destinations in Osh are mostly concentrated in the city center; thus, the best way to discover the city is to book a hotel in the center and to take short walks to these destinations.

Osh Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Country Code: + 996
  • Ambulance: 103
  • Police: 102
  • Fire Dept.: 101
  • Osh International Airport (OSS): +996 552 121 212

Weather in Osh

25°Covercast clouds19/04/2019
22°Cscattered clouds20/04/2019
24°Clight rain21/04/2019
16°Clight rain22/04/2019
19°Cbroken clouds23/04/2019
21°Covercast clouds24/04/2019
10°Clight rain25/04/2019
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