Flights to Giresun (Ordu) (OGU) from 18 GBP

Flights to Giresun (Ordu) (OGU) from 18 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Giresun (Ordu) (OGU)

Departure date 26/02/2019
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Lefkosia (ECN) Giresun (Ordu) (OGU)

Departure date 08/04/2019
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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Giresun (Ordu) (OGU)

Departure date 26/02/2019
from 18 GBP

Lefkosia (ECN) Giresun (Ordu) (OGU)

Departure date 08/04/2019
from 64 GBP

Traveling to Giresun (Ordu) (OGU)

History of Ordu

Ordu is an ancient city located on the northern-most border of Turkey. It is a port city resting on the edge of the Black Sea. Believed to be first founded around 800 BC, and passing through many different hands over the years such as the Turkish Empire and the Ottoman Empire before being renamed to Ordu in 1869, this city has plenty of timeless landmarks and geography to explore during your travels.

Green woods, a blue sea, rivers and plateaus that will fill you with peace and a history that reaches back to centuries before Christ...Giresun, which is located in Eastern Black Sea Region shares borders with Ordu, Sivas, Erzincan, Trabzon and Gumushane. Giresun, which is known as one of the pearls of the Black Sea, will provide you with all its generosity. If you are one of those who want breathe the air of this perfect city, you can check flight tickets to Giresun without losing any time. In the city, which is thought to have been built in the 7th century B.C, settlements go back further. The fact that Turks have moved to this land in 20th century B.C is a proof that the city is a historical one. In these lands, which have been home to many great countries like The Persian Kingdom, The Roman Empire, The Pontus Empire and The Ottoman Empire, not only history but also nature is waiting to meet you.

Being a Black Sea city where another natural beauty reveals with every step taken, Ordu opens the doors to unforgettable days for its visitors with its history as well as natural beauties. There is Samsun on the West, Giresun on the East, Tokat and Sivas on the South of Ordu, which has been a district of Trabzon till 1920 and became a municipality on its own in 1920. Clean beaches, a long shore line and magnetic coves draw attention in the city which provides almost half of the hazelnut production of Turkey. If you want to witness the great love green and blue have in Ordu, where paragliding, trekking and tableland tourism have been developed, you can check flight tickets to Ordu right away and greet the city a bit early. The mild climate that is seen in the shoreline of Ordu, which has a history dating back to the 5th century BC, becomes harsher once you start moving inwards. In Ordu, where plateaus are filled with crowds in summer season, the inner parts of the city are covered in snow in winter. The best time period to visit the city is between may and october. This way, you can enjoy Black Sea to the fullest.

The Culture of Ordu

  • Ordu is perhaps best known for its numerous varieties of chocolate-covered hazelnuts. Many local shops sell this unique delight and it is something all tourists have to try!
  • There is a rich blend of local music popular in Ordu, similar to many other cities along the Black Sea. The kemence is a popular instrument used in this area, which is an elongated lute. It has a distinct sound that is you won’t soon forget!

Commerce & Economy

Ordu has many unique exports. They are one of the world’s few producers of white green beans which have traditionally been imported to Europe because the climate there is unsuited to growing them. Also as mentioned above they are the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. This little city produces over half the hazelnut supply for the entire country of Turkey!

Ordu Landmarks You Can’t Miss

  • The Paşaoğlu Konağı is a well-known museum displaying items surrounding the study and presentation of culture, called ethnography. Ordu is a great city to get in touch with the region’s culture both in present times and of ages past.
  • Boztepe is a nearby hill reaching over 550 meters. There is a built-in transportation lift for easy travel to the beautiful sight at its peak.
  • An elegant Gondola service provides travel around the city and even to the top of the Boztepe hill. There is also a traditional mosque called Yali Camii, available for visits.

Ordu airports served

  • Ordu-Giresun Airport (OGU)

More information about Ordu-Giresun

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

Ordu-Giresun Airport, which has the trait of being the first airport built on sea in Turkey and Europe and has been opened to service in May 2015, is the staring point of your Ordu adventure. Pegasus has cheap flights to Ordu-Giresun Airport where you'll smell the sweet air of Ordu first. You can buy your economical flight tickets right away and give a start to your holiday.

You can reach the center of Ordu by paid shuttle services from the airport which is built between Gulyali district of Ordu and Piraziz district of Giresun. You'll step into the city center of Ordu after an approximately half an-hour long journey in the city.

Another alternative you can prefer for transportation in Ordu is renting a car. You can rent a private car you can use during your stay from the offices that are located in Ordu-Giresun Airport.

Shopping in Ordu

When one says shopping in Ordu, the first thing that comes to mind is handmade rugs. You can bring the city's atmosphere to your home by buying a rug in Ordu, where the art of carpet weaving is very advanced. Apart from that, wood walking sticks and baskets you can use decoratively are some of the things you can buy in Ordu. If you're a music lover or have some close friend who plays clarinet, don't leave the city without buying a clarinet: The clarinets made in Ordu are very famous. The main food products you can buy in the city are nuts, kiwi and Ordu honey.

Food and Drinks in Ordu

You'll find Black Sea cuisine with all its richness on your table in Ordu. This city, which can be seen as one of the fish heavens of Black Sea due to its location by the sea, is also very famous for its dishes prepared with vegetables and herbs that are abundant thanks to the city's heavy rainfall.

The delicacies you must eat in Ordu:

-Beetroot roll

-Braised "Tirmit"

-Anchovy in pan

-Braised Pickles

-Galdirik Mihlama

The restaurants where you can have a feast in Ordu are:

  • Vonali Celal - A delicious fish experience is waiting for you in Vonali Celal, which is a humble place by the sea. Also, it's possible to find pickles of almost anything. Address: Caka Tunel Mevki, Persembe Merkez, Ordu
  • Gardenya - Being one of the most elegant restaurants of Ordu, Gardenya will steal your heart with its tiny garden and delicious foods. Live music performances held in the restaurant will be your company during your dinner. Address: Firtina Cad., Akyazi Mah., 88, Ordu
  •  Saray Restaurant - The address for meatballs cooked on coal fire and soups you can't get enough in Ordu is Saray Restaurant. You should especially try "ayran" they prepare in this budget friendly place. Address: Kultur Cad., Duz Mah., 18/A, Ordu
  • Aktaslar Pide - If you are in search for a place to taste famous "pide" of Ordu, don't waste your time. You can visit Asktaslar Pide for the most delicious ones in Ordu and double the pleasure with a view of the sea. Address: Fatih Cad., 8, Ordu
  •  Plaj Et Kahvalti - How can you leave without a Black Sea style breakfast? Plaj Et Kahvalti is a place where you can have a rich breakfast and try tasty local delicacies. Address: Akyazi Mah., 812. Sok., 1, Ordu

Accommodation in Ordu

Accommodation alternatives of Ordu are quite a lot and suitable to all kinds of budget. In the city, you can accommodate either in chain hotels or in places where you can be in contact with nature. Be prepared for the hardships of making a choice among many special places.

  • Hampton by Hilton Ordu - The facilities provided by the hotel, which is located in the city center and 500 meters away from the beach, will make you have a comfortable holiday. Address: Yavuz Sultan Selim Cad., Akyazi Mah., 65, Ordu
  • Padya Hotel - It's guaranteed that you'll start the day in a great mood in Padya Hotel where you will wake up to a sea view. Also, there is a spa bathtub in some of the rooms. Address: Guzel Yali Mah., 101. Sok., 12, Ordu
  • Ikizevler Otel - In the hotel, where there is an atmosphere of nostalgia thanks to its wood decoration, the smell of trees in the garden and sea will reach your nose and give you peace. Address: Tasbasi Mah., Sitki Can Cad., 54, Ordu
  • Sebile Hanım Mansion - The sincerity of this mansion, which will make you witness a history of 200 years, will surround you and you'll feel at home. Address: Camurlu Mah., Arif Sok., 10, Unye/Ordu
  • Fanizan Bungalow Otel - An enjoyable holiday has been waiting for you thanks to Funizan Bungalow Otel, which is the right spot for those who want to listen to the silence of Ordu and make friends with its serenity. Address: Dolunay Mah., Sahil Cad., 345, Fatsa/Ordu

Places to Visit in Ordu

With every step you take, Ordu will reveal a view you can't watch enough. You won't get enough of travelling and exploring Ordu, which will amaze you with its historical places as much as its natural beauties. 

  • Pasaoglu Mansion and Ethnography Museum - A museum located in a mansion, a sweet garden and an amazing view... Pasaoglu Mansion and Ethnography Museum is one of he the richest spots of the city. Address: Selimiye Mah., Tasocak Cad., 22, Ordu
  • Yason Kilisesi - This church, which was built in the 19th century and has been drawing attention with its unique architecture, is determined to remind Ordu's perfect view once again. Address: Yason Burnu, Persembe, Ordu
  • Boztepe - If you want to feel as if Ordu is under your wings, you should definitely climb Boztepe. It's possible to go on top of the hill by cableway. Address: Altinordu, Ordu
  • Atik Ibrahim Pasa Mosque - The building, which was built in the 19th century and has also been known as "Orta Cami" (Central Mosque) for being in the center, is known for having a single minaret. Address: Selimiye Mah., Ordu
  • Golkoy Castle - This castle, which has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997 will give you all of the green color in Ordu that you need. Address: Kale Mah., Golkoy, Ordu 
  • Unye Castle - This castle, which has been in existence for approximately 2500 years and built on rocks, all by itself can be a reason enough to make you love Ordu more. Address: Unye Village, Ordu


Nightlife in Ordu is generally based on live music performances in cafes and bars. You can see that many bars, especially those in the center of Ordu, have live music at nights. Apart from those, you can enjoy your time in Roof Bar with DJ performances.

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +90
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 110
  • Police: 115
  • Ordu-Giresun Airport: 0452 226 28 52

Weather in Giresun (Ordu)

12°Clight snow18/02/2019
3°Clight snow19/02/2019
8°Csky is clear20/02/2019
9°Csky is clear21/02/2019
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