Flights to Munich (MUC) from 44 GBP

Flights to Munich (MUC) from 44 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Munich (MUC)

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Traveling to Munich (MUC)

Fly with Pegasus and explore the beautiful German city of Munich. Summer is the best time for flying to Munich, but we suggest you book early due to high occupancy rates at the city’s hotels.

Being the 3rd biggest city of Germany after Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is the biggest city of Bavaria, the state it's a part of. This city, which has been located on the North of Bavarian Alps and the shore of Isar River, is very eye-catching with its nature apart from its historical buildings. Oktoberfest, which is organized in this city known as "Festival City" and where man festivals are organized, is one of the 10 biggest festivals in the world. There is no reason to not check for cheap flights to Munich which guarantees nature, history and pleanty of fun. Munich, whose name has been encountered in a document dated 1158 for the very first time, is accepted to have been founded in this year. Although this city, where important gothic works were founded in the 15th century, has been severely damaged during the World War II, it still brings many important works and visitors together. The most suitable time period to visit Munich, where it's quite cold in winter and stormy from time to time, is between April and October.

Attractions in Munich

  • Marienplatz: Surrounded by cafés and shops, Marienplatz is a town square full of energy. Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) and St. Peter’s Church are the most important buildings in the area.
  • Nymphenburg Palace: This summer palace, with its Baroque architecture, is one of the most popular to visit.
  • BMW Museum: You can see all BMW models from past to present at this museum, which is a dream come true for car lovers.

What to Eat in Munich

  • Kürbissuppe: This pumpkin soup is one of the most popular foods in Munich.
  • Semmelknödel: This is a dough ball served with mushroom sauce and various spices, and it’s one of the tastiest things you can try in the city.
  • Apfelkücherl: You should try this traditional dessert with a coffee.

Where to Eat in Munich

  • Karlsplatz: You can find the best places to eat in this area, with its fancy restaurants and cafés.
  • Marienplatz: Restaurants here are ready to welcome you with their specialist menus.
  • Leopoldstrasse: The area is famous for its night lights and stands out for its famous steak restaurants and fancy cafés.

Munich View

This city is home to some of the most beautiful Gothic structures in Europe and will welcome you with a unique combination of history and art once you disembark from your Munich flight.

Transportation in Munich

Despite being a large city, traffic is not a serious issue in Munich and public transport is widely used. You can use the extensive subway network (U-Bahn) and light rail system (S-Bahn), as well as buses and taxis. Thanks to the 24-hour transport networks, you can enjoy the Munich nightlife until the small hours and still make it home safely!

More information about Münich

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

The moment you land in the city whose motto is "Munich loves you!", you'll realize how true this saying is. You'll reach Munich via a 2 hour 40 minute long flight after purchasing your low budget flight tickets to Munich from Pegasus and getting on the plane. It's possible to reach the city center from Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport, which is located 28 km away from the city on its South, by a 40 minute-long mini journey. If you want to have a personal vehicle during your stay, you also have the chance to rent a car from one of the offices in the airport.

Shopping in Münich

Munich is a city that can offer many alternatives for shopping enthusiasts. It won't be hard to find shops for whatever you want to buy from worldwide famous brands to local ones, foods to presents in the streets of Munich.

  • Maximilian Street- It's a piece of cake to find extraordinary designs on Miximilian, which is the most popular shopping street of Munich.
  • Oberpollinger - Many places from gift shops to restaurants are waiting for you in this street which draws attention with its colorful lighting. Address: Neuhauser Strasse, 18, Munich
  • Max Krug - You can buy interesting gifts for your loved ones from Max Krug where you can find many cute and interesting wall clocks. Address: Neuhauser Strasse, 2, Munich
  • Item Shop - It's possible to buy gifts for very affordable prices from this shop which is a heaven for pop culture and anime lovers. Address: Baaderstrasse, 1A, Munich
  • Viktualienmarkt - This open-air market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, is a must-see. Colorful stalls will amaze you. Address: Viktualien, 3, Munich

Food and Drink in Münich

There is a quite developed food culture in Munich. It won't be hard to find all the tastes of Bavaria state in the city. Apart from the German cuisine, distinguished tastes from the world cuisine will also be waiting for you in the city.

Tastes you should definitely try in Munich:

  • Chopsteak with mushroom sauce
  • Sauerkraut
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Ente

Munich restaurants where you can find gourmet tastes:

  • Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant - The ordered and simple design of this place, which is one of the most popular restaurants of Munich, is the proof of the good moments you'll experience there, in a way. Amazing foods and drinks are waiting for you in Schwarzreiter. Address: Maximilianstrasse, 17, Munich
  • Broeding - You may come across delicious tastes of which anme you haven't even heard before in this restaurant, which serves the most special tastes of the German cuisine. Having a rich menu and fullfilling portions, Broeding will be one of your favourites in Munich. Address: Schulstrasse, 9, Munich
  • Shane’s Restaurant - Delicious gourmet tastes of this restraurant, which provides a cosy atmosphere, will stick in your mind. If you have any extra budgets, we definitely recommend you to visit there. Address: Geyerstraße, 52, Munich
  • Chopan Schwabing - This restaurant, which offers delicacies from the Middle Eastern cuisine, is famous for interpreting and serving very well-known tastes in a different way. It will be beneficial to make reservations before going there. Address: Occamstrasse, 3, Munich
  • Ringlers - Ringlers, which is the most ideal alternative for those who don't want to leave the streets of Munich not even for a minute, serves sandwiches. Although you can grab a sandwich and go back to streets, you also have the chance to eat in the restaurant. Address: Sendlinger Str., 45, Munich

Accommodation in Münich

It's possible to find accommodation alternatives for all kinds of budgets in Munich. Many options from hotel chains to hostel are ready to give service in the city.

  • Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski - This hotel that will lay the city view before your feet has been equipped with the latest technology. Its central location will make it easier for you to reach wherever you want to go. Address: Maximilianstr., 17, Munich
  • Eurostars Grand Central - You'll be very pleased with the hotel which draws attention with its spacious rooms, spa and restaurant that serves delicacies from the world cuisine. Address: Arnulfstr., Maxvorstadt, Munich
  • H2 Hotel Munich Messe - This hotel, which will make you feel at home with its modern decoration and cosy ambience, is an option that can be preferred by those who have an average budget for accommodation. Address: Olof-Palmastr., 12, Munich
  • Munich Apartment WLAN - It's guaranteed that you'll have a comfortable accommodation experience in this option which offers a white and spacious house. Address: Feldmochingerstr., Hasenbergl, Munich
  • Wombats City Hostel - This hostel, which has a cute garden, may help you have a comfortable vacation with a very low budget. It's orange lobby is quite cute and eye-catching. Address: Senefelderstr., 1, Munich

Places to Visit in Münich

Places to see in Münich fall in different categories. Historical buildings, wonders of nature and interesting museums are ready to meet you. Here are the must-see places in Munich:

  • BMW Museum - The museum which offers the chance to see many different models of the first brand that comes to mind when one says Germany together offers a special experience. Address: Am Olympiapark, 2, Munich
  • Nymphenburg Palace - The ceilings if this palace, which will never be erased from your memories thanks to its park decorated with flowers, create an interesting atmopshere for you to get in. The palace, of which entrance is for free, also provides an area that is suitable for a nice walk. Address: Schloss Nymphenburg, 1, Munich
  • New Town Hall - This dreamy building that looks as if it has come from a fairy tale is located in the middle of the city center. You'll feel history thanks to this gothic work. Address: Marienplatz, 8, Munich
  • Asam’s Church - This wonderful church has an interior design that is hard to find a match in the world. Don't be surprised if you feel like you're in a Tim Burton movie. Address: Sendlinger Strasse, 32, Munich
  • Deutsche Museum - This museum, where there are thousands of items related to science and technology, has a big and wide variety. We recommend you to spare enough time in your schedule for Deutsche Museum, which requires more than a couple of hours. Address: Museumsinsel, 1, Munich
  • The English Garden - You'll multiply your peace amount by watching the lake in this park where you can lay on the green grass and rest in the shade of trees. Address: Entenvolierebach, Munich
  • Tierpark Hellabrunn - You can have a beautiful day thanks to this zoo which is home to tens of animals from different parts of the world. You also have the opportunity to relax in this atmosphere with its restaurants and cafes. Address: Tierparkstrasse, 30, Munich


There are many places which are very suitable for the nightlife of Munich. These spots where you'll have all the fun you need are generally very crowded but it's worth getting into that crowd to experience this atmosphere. It'll be very hard to choose one among many spots with different concenpts.

  • Bayerischer Hof Night Club - You'll have unforgettable moments with live music performances in this place which is one of the most famous jazz clubs of the city. Address: Pronebadeplatz, 2-6, Munich
  • Das Labor - You'll enjoy Munich by dancing in this club where you'll never believe how fast the time flies. Address: Sonnenstrasse, 5, Munich
  • Ben’s Bar - This bar, where there are brands of local drinks from all around the world, offers a very cosy atmopshere. Decorated with cushions and candles, Ben's Bar is one of the cute places where you can have some good time with your friends. Address: Clemensstr., 7, Munich
  • Mandarin Oriental Lounge & Bar - The home concept of this bar, which has a relaxing ambiance, is quite cosy and attractive. The lighting of the place will also fascinate you. Address: Neuturmstraße, 1, Munich
  • Hard Rock Cafe Munich - It's also possible to buy gifts from Hard Rock Cafe, which is a well decorated place where you can hav a quality time with your loved ones. Address: Platzl, 1, Munich

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +49
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 112
  • Police: 110
  • Münih Franz Josef Strauss Airport: +49 89 9700

Weather in Munich

25°Csky is clear17/06/2019
24°Cscattered clouds18/06/2019
27°Clight rain19/06/2019
24°Cmoderate rain20/06/2019
23°Cmoderate rain21/06/2019
20°Cheavy intensity rain22/06/2019
21°Clight rain23/06/2019
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