Flights to Malatya (MLX) from 28 GBP

Flights to Malatya (MLX) from 28 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 18/09/2019
from 28 GBP
Last seen: 15 hours

London (STN) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 25/08/2019
from 108 GBP
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Bucharest (OTP) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 26/07/2019
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Beirut (BEY) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 23/07/2019
from 224 GBP
Last seen: 3 hours

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 18/09/2019
from 28 GBP
Last seen: 15 hours

Prishtina (PRN) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 30/10/2019
from 68 GBP
Last seen: 10 hours

London (STN) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 25/08/2019
from 108 GBP
Last seen: 12 hours

Bucharest (OTP) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 26/07/2019
from 143 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Beirut (BEY) Malatya (MLX)

Departure date 23/07/2019
from 224 GBP
Last seen: 3 hours

Traveling to Malatya (MLX)

In the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey we can find Malatya, a city that has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years.

Having reached the status of "metropolis" with a population over 750.000 in 2012, Malatya has been an important settlement area with its strategical location by the River Firat since the ancient times. Malatya has been known for the famous figures in political history who come from there, since the Ottoman times. Ismet Inonu and Turgut Ozal are among those faces Malatya has brought to the history of Turkish Republic. You can buy tickets for cheap flights to Malatya on flypgs.com to visit this city that is the gate to many civilizations and smells history.

Top Landmarks in Malatya

  • Like many other cities in Turkey, Malatya is filled with historical landmarks. The Yeni Camii mosque is the first go-to destination for the most religious and curious travellers.
  • The museums, such as the Malatya Museum, offer a variety of interesting exhibitions and a contemporary view of history.
  • The bazaars and city centre are also known for their vibrant activity and many shopping options. Before leaving, check out some of the metalwork in the city centre, and take home a souvenir!

What to Eat in Malatya

  • If you’re looking to try new flavours, make sure to check out the Apricot Market, which produces about two-thirds of the world's dried apricots. There, you will find anything from jams, to cosmetics made from apricots.
  • Street food is no longer just for backpackers. Anyone travelling to Malatya is encouraged to try the large variety of street foods available, including the popular Doner Kebab.

Landscape in Malatya

Modern Malatya has no big landmarks, but remains a live and active city. The mosques, of course, are everywhere and the ones located near the border of the city are the oldest. Industrial production is a really big deal around Malatya, they produce textiles, sugar and wine among others.

Transportation in Malatya

This industrial growth has also influenced their transportation system, which has many options such as rail or buses, for both tourists and locals. However, if you’re not good with maps or GPS apps, it’s best to make sure you have a guide or someone that can move around easily. Explore the taxi option with your group and check private transportation services that you can find online

Malatya airports served

  • Erhac Airport (MLX)

More information about Malatya

Food and Drink
Places to See in Malatya
Emergency Numbers

Transportation in Malatya is not hard but public transportation may not always take you everywhere you want to go. If you want to go around a lot, we recommend you to rent a car on flypgs.com. 

Malatya Erhac Airport, which exists since 1941, has been open to international air transportation since 2007. It's 34 km away from the city center. The most economical way to reach the city center after arriving the airport with Pegasus is to use Havas shuttles. Shuttles, which are scheduled for 25 minutes later than your plane's landing, take you to the city center.

Taxis are very expensive in Malatya. Since the airport is far from the city center, if you're planning to take a taxi, you should be ready to spend approximately 90TL.

Shopping in Malatya

When it comes to shopping in Malatya, the first thing that comes to mind is markets and bazaars where natural products and handmade goods are sold. However, there is also a shopping center where there are worldwide known chain stores. If you're going there for a touristic trip, we recommend you to visit markets.
  • Sire Bazaar - "Sire" means "juice of grapes and other fruits". This bazaar is devoted to the main fruit of Malatya. There are orange and dark brown apricots everywhere. The naturally dried apricots which are called "gun kurusu" are the best ones. Also, Turkish delights, "cevizli sucuk" and jams as well as other apricot and fruit products.
  • Bakircilar (Coppersmiths) Market - This historical marketplace, where products for daily use used to be sold, mostly sells gifts nowadays. Handmade products make good shopping alternatives since they are decorative and you'll keep a dying art alive by buying them.
  • MalatyaPark AVM - There are many activities like cinema, paintball and ice-skating in addition to chain clothing brands in the biggest shopping center of Malatya.

Food and Drink in Malatya

Malatya's kitchen is very rich. Especially the varied use of cracked wheat and wheat is interesting and of course, meats are delicious. It's possible to find different tastes in this city, which is the hometown of apricots. We've listed our picks for what and where to eat in Malatya.

  • Ozgungor Kebap Salonu - Ozgungor, is a casual kebab restaurant that is located in Malatya's historical Coppers' Bazaar. It prepares "zirhta cekilmis kebap" in a traditonal way. It's a fast, economical and amazing taste. We also recommend you not to miss home-made "ayran". Address: Bakircilar Pazari E Bl. No: 74 Tel: 0422321 54 71
  • Malatya Kaburga Sofrasi (Tavaci Sukru) - One of the best places of Malatya for tandir and kagit (paper) kebabs. It's also a good choice with its spacious and elegant atmosphere. Karakavak Mevkii 2. Ordu Hava Lojmani yolu Tel: 0422238 11 34
  • Sari Kurdela - There is a wide menu of pot dishes for lunch in the place which is in service as both a cafe and a restaurant. You can try local tastes during these hours. They serve grill varieties in the evening. In the cafe concept, you have many alternatives from pizzas to salads. Address: In front of PTT N.7/C Tel: 0422324 77 44
  • Hacibaba Kervansaray Malatya Sofrasi - This restaurant has a fame all around the country. This 86-year-old taste stop, cooks some of the traditional foods and meat dishes on woodfire. It's on top of the must-visit places. Address: Cosnuk Mah. Fahri Kayahan Bulvari No: 3 Tel: 0422 311 68 32
  • Sairin Yeri (Su Sesi) - This facility which is located outside of Malatya, in Yesilyurt is known for its rich breakfast. It's also in service as a restaurant. We recommend you to choose it for a breakfast in the middle of natural beauties. Address: Kapilik Ustu, Agacapinar Mevkii, Gunduzbey, Yesilyurt Tel: 0422487 11 21
  • Ozka Tesisleri - The taste you need to try in Ozka Tesisleri is apricot kebab. You can prefer this place if you want to eat a pleasant dinner among apricot trees. You also need to try dried apricot dessert. Address: Sivas Karayolu 4th km. Tel: 0 422399 25 25
  • Beskonaklar Malatya Mutfagi - If you want to taste local pot dishes of Malatya, this is the right place. Beskonaklar is comprised of traditional Malatya houses that have been renovated as a touristic facility. Make sure you try their soup and meatballs, we especially recommend sour meatballs with cherry leaves. Also, let us remind you that many vegetarian dishes are served there. Address: Sinema Cad. Beskonaklar N.13 Tel:  0422326 00 51
  • Beyaz Saray - If you want to eat in a natural setting with a view of the dam, then we recommend Beyaz Saray. Another characteristic of Beyaz Saray is that it serves fish from the Firat River. You can find different fish depending on the season. Addresss: Kırkgoz Mevkii, Battalgazi Tel: 0422846 12 44
  • Dondurmaci Abdullah Usta - All flavours are very delicious in Abdullah Usta whose name has been spread thanks to its Maras style ice-creams. We definitely recommend it for a dessert break. Addresss: Sehit Hamit Fendoglu Cad. Bilgic Apt No:25 Tel: 0422 322 60 17
  • Saracoglu Borek - Warm and delicious boreks are waiting for a breakfast or a quick lunch. Borek with ground meat is one of the most enjoyed tastes of Saracoglu, which is in the city center. Address: Next to PTT, Merkez Tel: 0 422 321 11 56
  • Yaprak Doner - Yaprak Doner is the most famous doner restaurant in Malatya. It speaks to all kinds of people like families, students, youngsters and elderly. Doner is very delicious in this business which also has its own livestock. Address: Nasuhi Caddesi No:4 Tel: 0422 323 78 95
  • YeSil Elma Restaurant - The restaurant, which is in service in a clean, modern and spacious area, is also preferred for its menu with plenty dishes. It's especially ideal for family dinners or groups. Address: Yavuz Selim Mah. Beydagi, TOKI Is Merkezi Tel: 0422221 80 00
  • Has Bahce Restaurant - This restaurant which is located in Darence vicinity of Malatya is surrounded by a peerless natural beauty. Also, you can taste the famous Darende kebab of the region here. Address: Near Somuncu Baba Camii, DarendeTel: 0422615 22 15
  • Kanyon Alabalik Sofrasi - This trout farm is a bit different from the ones you generally see in that trouts are raised in a pool with a natural floor. Also, the place has mastered cooking; fishes are cooked in 6 different cooking techniques. We prefer the one with tomato sauces and garlic. Address: Zaviye Mah. Somuncu Baba Camii Kulliyesi, Darende Tel: 0422 615 35 13
  • Arapgir Kebap Salonu - Don't let the name of the restaurant fool you, you can taste other delicacies - not kebabs - of this vicinity of Malatya. It's also possible to meet new tastes here, like in Malatya. You should taste desserts, as well. Address: Arapgir
  • San Lokantasi - Arapgir's world renowned tandoor kebab is created in this restaurant by its masters. This tandoor which is called "Kohnu" by the locals and eaten with local grapes is made of goat meat. The meat that is cooked for hours is really soft and juicy when served and it naturally tastes thyme since these goats feed on mountains. Address: Carsibasi, Arapgir Tel: 0422 811 31 91

Accommodation in Malatya

Accommodation in Malatya is comprised of economical and luxurious hotels. You'll enjoy staying in hotels that are clean, comfortable and fit your budget.

  • Ramada Plaza - Ramada is one of the most luxurious hotels of the city. It can be preferred for its spacious rooms and central location. Also, it has the biggest capacity in the city for meetings and other organizations. Address: Ozalper Mah. Inonu Cad. No: 24 Tel: 0422211 44 44
  • Anemon Hotel - Although it's located a bit outside of the city, Anemon is one of the best choices. It will meet your expectations from a luxurious hotel with facilities like swimming pool, Turkish bath and massage. It's also a good alternative for business trips. Address: Ankara Karayolu 6th km Tel: 0422238 18 18
  • Buyuk Otel - All your basic needs are met in the modern and minimally designed rooms. This is an ideal city hotel. It's ideal for touristic trips in terms of location. Address: Opposite of New Mosque No:1 Merkez Tel: 0422 325 28 28
  • Hanem Hotel - Rooms are clean and in a great state since this is a new hotel. Business trips are also considered with its 3 meeting rooms. Address: Ferhadiye Mah. Fuzuli Cad. No:13 Tel: 0422 324 1818
  • Gunes Nemrut Motel - We can say that this motel is your only option if you want to spend the night in the Mount Nemrut vicinity. Rooms of the motel, which offers a warm and cosy atmosphere, are clean and have a view. Prices are quite affordable. Moreover, the motel organizes Nemrut tours. Address: Mount Nemrut vicinity Tel: 0 543 876 72 71

Places to See in Malatya

Malatya is one of the must see cities of Turkey with its natural and historical beauties, delicious food and organic markets.

  • Malatya Museum - In the museum, where there are archeological findings from Malatya and its vicinity, findings from the salvage excavations in the areas that are flooded by the water of the Karakaya dam.
  • New Mosque - It was built in 1914, in the place of Haci Yusuf Mosque which used to be there but collapsed after an earthquake. That's why it's called "New Mosque".
  • Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mosque - Located in the city center of Malatya, the mosque has been built in 1792 by Sadi Pasha, who is the son of Yusuf Ziya Pasha, in the name of his mother Ayse Hatun. There are two tombs in the mosque whose minaret has been added later.
  • Carsi Mosque - This building which has been transformed from a church is made of ashlar. It can be seen that its mihrab has been relocated.
  • Tashoron Church - The building which is quite damaged nowadays is especially known for the steles in it. Although these steles are damaged in a great deal, some of them can still be seen.
  • Old Malatya Castle - The city walls that are located in Battalgazi, where the city of Malatya used to be located, is in ruins. The walls, whose construction are thought to have been started in the 1st century, has undergone many repairs and carries the traces of different periods.
  • Battalgazi Grand Mosque - It was built in Seljukian period, in the 13th century. This building, which is mostly similar to Great Seljuk Empire's mosques, is a great architectural example with its geometric ornaments and tiles.
  • Melik Sunullah Mosque - Although there are some problems with dating the building, which is known as "Preachers' House" by the locals, it's believed to be dating back to the 13th century. Its minaret has been protected in its original form.
  • Kanli Kumbet (Bloody Dome) - The structure of which date is not known for sure is made of ashlar and bricks. The structure which used to be in ruins has been renovated in 2005 
  • Aslantepe Mound - Aslantepe is the oldest settlement area in Malatya vicinity. Findings in the region date back to 5000 BC and have many layers. The area, which was used as a Byzantium necropolis the last, is now an open air museum.
  • Venk Church - Although it's a bit suspicious, the inscriptions of the church that belongs to Venk village, which is 7 km away from Malatya, points to mid-17th century. The church's restoration process has been started in 2012.
  • Aslantaslar - These two lion sculptures that are left incomplete are thought to belong Hittites. An excavation is considered to be started around these interesting piece if works that are located in the middle of a field.
  • Arapgir Grand Mosque - The structure that is located in the old city region of Malatya's Arapgir vicinity is not only a mosque. This structure is actually a complex that is built as only one building. The mihrab of the mosque is especially striking.
  • Tashan - The inscription of Tashan, which is a work from the Seljukian period, is written in three languages: Armenian, Syriac and Seljukian language. Moreover, its renovation inscriptions are kept and protected as well. The structure that is on the Sivas road is an example of Seljukian tradition of inns.
  • Mount Nemrut - Although it's officially a part of Adiyaman's Kahta district, it's also possible to reach Mount Nemrut from Malatya. It has a worldwide fame with tumulus that belongs to Antiochus the King of Commagene, its sacred areas and giant sculptures. The region, which is on UNESCO World Heritage List, is also known for its scenery as well. Sunset and sunrise offer peerless views here.

Neighborhoods of Malatya

Inonu Street and Kisla Street that is at the end of the former one are among the liveliest areas of the city. Neighborhoods that surround these streets are the oldest neighborhoods of Malatya. Wide streets and the neighborhoods that are at the south of them are the most interesting places in terms of tourism.

Kanalboyu, as the name suggests, is a district in the middle of which a canal goes through. This is one of the places where young people prefer the most. The cafes and restaurants in Kanalboyu reflect the popularity of this region.

Nightlife in Malatya

Malatya is limits in terms of nightlife like many Anatolian cities. Cafe-like places that are open at night are much more popular.

  • Road House - It speaks to university students. Address: Kisla Cad. Next to Asya Bank, Entrance of Iktisatcilar Lokali Tel: 0422 689 54 32
  • Nostalji Cafe - The cafe, which is in service in a historical Malatya mansion, is the choice of both Malatya locals and tourists. It's great to enjoy coffee in its yard in summer months! Address: Mucelli Cad. Vilayet Yanı Yeşil Sinema Karsisi Tel: 0 422 323 42 09
  • Park Sera Cafe - One of the favorite places of Malatya's youth, especially for shisha with its comfortable atmosphere and colorful decoration. You can have some pleasant time with your friends on the ottomans in its green garden on summer nights. Address: Koyunoglu Mah. Inonu Cad. No.181, Merkez Tel: 0 422 212 44 00

Emergency Numbers

  • City code: 0 422
  • City Tourism Directorate: 0 422323 29 42
  • Police: 0 422 212 55 00
  • Gendarmy Emergency: 156
  • Police Emergency:155
  • Health Emergency:112

Weather in Malatya

31°Cfew clouds25/06/2019
31°Csky is clear26/06/2019
31°Csky is clear27/06/2019
28°Csky is clear28/06/2019
27°Csky is clear29/06/2019
23°Csky is clear30/06/2019
20°Csky is clear01/07/2019
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