Flights to Kuwait City (KWI) from 60 GBP

Flights to Kuwait City (KWI) from 60 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

Kharkiv (HRK) Kuwait City (KWI)

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Traveling to Kuwait City (KWI)

Pegasus offers you the cheapest possible airfares to Kuwait! It’s one of the wealthiest countries in the Arabian Peninsula and life there might be expensive, but thanks to Pegasus flights are now very affordable! Kuwait shines like a pearl in the Middle Eastern desert.

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries of the Middle East. The keystone of its economy are oil-wells. Life in Kuwait is more convenient compared to other Arabic countries. However, Kuwaitis main social activity is limited to shopping, because other activities as cinema and theatre are prohibited. Women visiting Kuwait are not obliged to cover their hair. Still, they are not allowed to dress lightly, swim in the sea or drink alcohol. Visitors should be aware of these kinds of rules, as it will make their travel more convenient for them. The temperatures are generally very high. So, choosing to visit it during winter months would make your trip eventually easier. If you are on a business trip, you probably will not have the option to choose the time; in these cases you should pick clothes proper for desert climate.

Attractions in Kuwait

  • Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts: Here you can see Kuwait’s century-old artwork.
  • Kuwait Scientific Centre: You can learn a lot about Kuwait at this vast complex, which spans 80,000 km2.
  • Kuwait Towers: These towers, which are a symbol of Kuwait, will welcome you as you approach the city.

What to Eat in Kuwait

  • Machboos: Kuwait’s national dish, which consists of rice topped with chicken and a mix of beans, onions and raisins. It’s also made with other types of meat.
  • Khubz: The Middle East’s famous round pitta bread is known as khubz in Kuwait and is served with most dishes.
  • Warak Enab: Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions and meat.

Where to Eat in Kuwait

  • Arabian Gulf Street: On Kuwait’s classiest street you can find the city’s elite restaurants and nightlife venues.
  • Jaber Al-Mubarak Street: If you are looking for cheap food in Kuwait, you can find affordable places to eat on this street.
  • Kuwait University: There are many cafés and restaurants located around the university, which is one of the greenest areas of the city.

Kuwait View

Kuwait, which has the highest income level of all the Middle Eastern countries, welcomes you with its modern architecture. The capital city, which is also called Kuwait, dazzles with its golden beaches and giant skyscrapers.

Transportation in Kuwait

Buses are widely used in Kuwait, and they generally arrive on time and travel to all parts of the city. You can also take a taxi.

More information about Kuwait

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

After buying your flight ticket on flypgs.com for a cheap flight to Kuwait, you can use the rent-a-car service for a comfortable transportation within the city. If you don't prefer this option, you can travel by the Citybus lines to different locations in the city.

Shopping in Kuwait

Kuwait, which is one of the wealthiest countries of the Middle East, is also rich in shopping malls. Also the fact that there are not many alternative activities, makes shopping malls desirable. Shopping malls in Kuwait draw attention also with their different concepts. While some have a metropolitan design, others offer shopping opportunities with sea view.

  • The Avenue - As you can guess from the name, The Avenue is a mall designed as a boulevard where you can find anything you need. You can spend long hours in this gigantic mall, where all global brands are available. Address: Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Rd | Al Rai Area, Kuwait City
  • Marina Mall - One of the most enjoyable stops for shopping is Marina Mall located in the marina of Kuwaiti beach. Besides shopping, you can have a coffee or a meal across the sea. You will love this mall, where you can find worldwide famous restaurants and fast food chains. Address: Salem Al Mubarak Street | Salmiya, Kuwait City
  • Souk Al-Mubarakiya - Souk Al- Mubarakiya, a flea market resembling the spice bazaar of Istanbul, is one of the places, where you will enjoy shopping the most. You can find anything you're looking for here. Especially spices, traditional products, handiwork and souvenirs are among the various products available at this bazaar. Address: Between Mubarak al-Kabir, Ahmad al-Jaber & Ali al-Salem Streets, Kuwait City
  • Villa Moda - This is one of the luxurious malls, where global brands have their branches. You need a big budget to shop here. Apart from clothing and accessory stores, there are also elegant cafes and restaurants. Address: Shuwaikh, Kuwait City
  • 360 Mall - With its architecture, 360 Mall represents the authentic touch of the Middle East. 360 Mall, a relatively large mall where you find anything you want, offers also playgrounds for those, who travel with their kids in order to make their shopping experience more convenient in addition to stores and restaurants. Address: Sixth Ring Road | South Surra, Al Zahra’a Area, Kuwait City

Food and Drink in Kuwait

Kuwait offers many options in terms of food and beverage. Apart from its local cuisine, it has many other alternatives as Lebanese, Italian and even Chinese cuisines in order to satisfy different tastes. Kuwait, being located at the Persian Gulf, also provides various sea foods.

  • Mais Alghanim - Mais Alghanim is an option for those who want to try the traditional tastes of the city. Being one of the favorite locations of luxurious Kuwait, this restaurant serves everything from main dishes to desserts in an elegant way. Address: Gulf Road, Across From Kuwait Towers | Sharq, Kuwait City
  • P.F. Changs - Apart from Middle Eastern dishes, you can also have a taste of global cuisines during your stay in Kuwait. Chinese restaurants are one of these options. P.F. Changs might be a delightful alternative for those seeking a change. Address: The Avenues, Kuwait City
  • Fish Market - Kuwait, having a long coastline, provides many seafood dishes, one more delicious than the other. You will find fresh fish and seafood at Fish Market, one of the numerous fish restaurants. It is the right place to eat seafood, having a rich menu and an elegant presentation. Address: Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City
  • Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village, Kuwait - Also Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village with its de luxe service and sincere atmosphere, where you can taste traditional Lebanese food, may be interesting for you. Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village is definitely the right choice for a first time with the Lebanese cuisine, thanks to its satisfying plates, elegant presentation and flawless service. Address: Al Khalij Al Arabi Street | Bneid Al Gar, Kuwait City
  • The Chocolate Bar - Maybe you have spent an exhausting day at malls or at the beach of Kuwait, or you just need a fresh start for the day. You can recharge yourself with delicious desserts accompanied by tea or coffee at Chocolate Bar. Breakfast or a coffee at the evening... You can visit this cafe whenever you want. Address: Bida Street | Al-Argan Complex, Kuwait City

Accommodation in Kuwait

There is a wide range of accommodation options in Kuwait. There are globally famous hotel branches as well as more humble alternatives. Those on business trips generally prefer luxury hotels. Whereas those with low budget, who want to explore more, can easily find neat and cheaper accommodation alternatives. Concept designs are also popular for hotels, as they are for malls. Here are our hotel recommendations:

  • The Regency Kuwait - The worldwide famous hotel chain The Regency Kuwait is an alternative for those who cannot give up classic luxury accommodation. The Regency with its flawless service, takes cares of every guest individually. That's why it provides different pools for women, children and sportive people. Address: Al Bida'a, Al Tawoon Street, Salmiya, Hawally, Kuveyt
  • Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait - Symphony Style Hotel with its distinctive style and lively colors has a completely different concept and leads you into another world through its dining halls and rooms. Rooms with a view of the Persian Gulf, spa service, an outdoor pool, restaurants, cafes and many more services make it unnecessary to leave the hotel. Address: Arabian Gulf Road, Symphony Style Mall, Salmiya, Hawally, 22012 Kuveyt
  • The Crown Luxury Suites Fintas - One of the most popular accommodation options for large groups on vacations is flat renting system, which is provided by The Crown Luxury Suites combining luxury and economical options. Apart from having an economical alternative, you will also have the comfort of home in the flats that provide accommodation for up to 7 persons. Address: Block 3, Street 104, Building 24, Kuwait
  • Suite Home Hotel - For those have a bigger budget for food, shopping and sightseeing than they do for accommodation, Suite Home Hotel offers a neat and economical housing alternative. It can also be preferred for its location, which is near several important points of the city. Address: Bnaid Al Gar, Back of Safir - Blocks 2- street no 77, Kuwait City District, 32056 Kuwait
  • Raoum Inn - Another comfortable accommodation option for guests who are not asking for more than a clean and warm housing alternative is the four-star hotel Raoum Inn. Located in a suitable area, Raoum Inn offers double rooms for affordable prices. Address: Al-Salmiya- Amr Ebn Al-Aas St., Hawally, Kuwait

Places to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the richer cities for places to see compared to other countries of the Middle East. Do not be mislead by the skyscrapers and shopping malls. There a lot places to see from street bazaars and various shops to museums and towers.

  • House of Mirrors - This is a house full of mirrors. You can taste the homemade cakes and tea of the friendly householder and visit the art gallery upstairs. You can also buy souvenirs made of mirrors for your loved ones. Address: Street 94 | Block 9, House No 17, Kuwait City
  • Magic Planet Kuwait - The playground named "Magic Planet" located in The Avenue mall, is a place you must visit if you are travelling with your kids. Address: The Avenues Shopping Mall, Kuwait City
  • The Scientific Center - The underwater museum of this city, which has a long coastline, is a great location to spend enjoyable time with your family. You can also have some warm drinks at this maritime museum, which you can visit during day time or in the evening. Address: Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City
  • Kuwait Towers - These towers with an amazing view, are a must-see stop during a visit to Kuwait. You can sip your coffee or have a meal at the turning restaurant while watching this view. Address: Arabian Gulf Avenue | Sharq District, Kuwait City
  • Grand Mosque - Another monument to visit in Kuwait is the Grand Mosque. This mosque, where you can explore many aspects of Islamic art, is one of the focal symbols of the city. Address: Grand Mosque, Kuwait City

Night Life

As there is an alcohol prohibition in the whole city including hotels, we cannot speak of an active night life in Kuwait. Night life of Kuwait is comprised of cafe visits after dinner, where you can smoke shisha or drink tea.

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: +965
  • Ambulance: 777
  • Police: 777
  • Fire department: 777
  • Kuwait Airport: +965 (0)475 7537

Weather in Kuwait City

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43°Csky is clear19/06/2019
41°Csky is clear20/06/2019
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41°Csky is clear22/06/2019
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