Flights to Konya (KYA) from 12 GBP

Flights to Konya (KYA) from 12 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Konya (KYA)

Departure date 19/03/2019
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London (STN) Konya (KYA)

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Konya (KYA)

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Izmir (ADB) Konya (KYA)

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Copenhagen (CPH) Konya (KYA)

Departure date 09/03/2019
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Traveling to Konya (KYA)

162 kilometres south of Ankara, travellers can find Konya, the most religiously conservative city in Turkey with lots of historic places to see.

This city, whose first settlement's traces date back to the prehistoric ages, was home to Mevlana and Şems. This city, whose first settlement's traces date back to the prehistoric ages, was the capital of Karamanogullari seignoiry and Anatolian Seljuq State. Konya, where one of the most important philosophers of Turkey and the world, Mevlânâ Celaleddin-i Belhi Rumi lived has been known as the center of Mevlevi movement all over the world. If you want to visit this unique city which was home to Mevlana among important people of history and his close friend Şems, you can take the advantages of the cheap flights to Konya on flypgs.com.

Top Landmarks in Konya

  • Although is not one of the most common known destinations, tourists visit Konya to see the Mevlana Museum, which shelters the tomb of Jelaluddin Rumi, known as Mevlana, a Muslim poet and one of the great spiritual thinkers of all time.
  • There are also plenty of history in places like the Tile Museum, which not only hosts interesting exhibitions for visitors, but also magnificent architecture.
  • Lastly, the Archaeological Museum is a must during your visit if you want to learn the beginnings of Konya.

What to Eat in Konya

  • When in Konya, you need to try one dish above all the others: Etli ekmek, a pizza-like dish that originated in this region of the country. It might sound simple, but travellers frequently rave about its taste.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, candies are another must-try in Konya. A local favourite is cezerye, made of carrot juice, sugar and hazelnuts.
  • If you’re planning to pay a visit, keep in mind that as a very religious city, most of the restaurants and places close during Ramadan each year

Landscape in Konya

The city has a place in history as the capital of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, which flourished in Central Anatolia and is now what we known as Rome. As a result, the buildings create a very interesting landscape, with a lot of marks of Seljuk architecture. Make sure you check a few of the different mosques and theological seminaries, which are the cities pride and joy.

Transportation in Konya

Transportation options vary from the public system to taxis. The former option is best for those willing to have a bit of an adventure, which can include getting a little lost. If you’re not exactly on a budget, or perhaps traveling in group, a taxi is another option

Konya airports served

  • Konya Airport (KYA)

More information about Konya

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

This city whose traces of the first settlement dates back to the prehistoric ages was the capital of Karamanogullari seignoiry and Anatolian Seljuq State. Konya Airport, which was opened to civil air transportation with the institution being added to the military airports in 2000, is at a distance of 28 km from the city center. After arriving Konya by Pegasus with the most advantageous prices, you can use Havaş shuttles to go to the city center. You should note that if you prefer taking a taxi, prices can be a little expensive. Flypgs.com will be a good option to rent a car.

Shopping in Konya

Konya, an ever-developing city, is one of the important locations that are preferred for shopping among other Anatolian cities around it. 
  • Konya Carsisi (Bazaar) - You can find several items from the groups of bazaars and shops near Mevlana Museum. In addition to being a bazaar for daily products, a lot of souvenirs are under your elbows here.
  • Kadinlar Carsisi (Women’s Bazaar) - This area is actually spared for women coming to the city to sell the corps they grow in their villages; however, there are salesmen more than women today. Even so, it is suitable for finding local tastes or buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Please do not leave here without taking blue mould cheese.
  • Kule Site Shopping Mall - Downstairs of the city's modern skyscraper serve as a shopping mall. You should create an opportunity both to see this impressive tower up close and to meet your needs for yourself.

Food and Drink in Konya

Quickbread with ground meat layer on top (Etli ekmek) is actually eaten in Konya although it is made in several cities. Moreover, you can find particular tastes such as “Firin Kebabi”, “Tirit” and “Demirhindi Sherbet” in Konya. If you ask where these can be found, please check the list below.

  • Somatci Fihi Mah Fih Sofrasi - It is Konya’s new restaurant drawing attention thanks to its interesting location and cuisine. This restaurant which takes the name of Mevlevi tradition brings 13th century Seljukian cuisine to present. Please don’t miss this interesting experience. Address: Akcesme Mah. Menguc Cad. No:36 Karatay Tel:  0332 351 66 96     
  • Haci Sukru Firin Kebap Salonu - Haci Sukru is the most famous address for "firin kebabi", a special flavor of Konya. Same taste has been going on since 1907. You can order this kebab served with pita bread and meat literally dissolving in mouth as how many grams you wish. Service is only available between 11:00 am. and 15:30 pm; but please be there before 14:00 pm. Address: Devricedid Mah. Cemsultan Cad. No:327/A (Next to Adalhan) Selcuklu Tel:  0332 352 76 23 
  • Bolu Lokantasi - This is the best place for the "etli ekmek" of Konya, although its name is deceptive and refers to another city. You should taste both "etli ekmek" (pita bread with minced meat) and "Mevlana etli ekmek" made of blue mould cheese for which Konya is famous. Address: Around Mevlâna, Aziziye Cad. No:31/C Tel: 0332 352 45 33
  • Cemo - Another great address to taste etli ekmek. Do not forget to taste "bicak arasi etli ekmek" made of meat cubes and "Konya boregi", which is a kind of pita bread. Address: Medrese Mahallesi Nalçacı Caddesi Karatay Sitesi Altı No: 2/C Selçuklu Tel: 0332 235 40 16 - 0332 235 04 27
  • Kosk Konya Mutfagi - Please visit Kosk Konya Mutfagi to taste homemade food of Konya. Gombo soup is very delicious and their meat dish is pretty good. We recommend you to try Demirhindi sherbet and Konya’s dessert named “Sac Arasi”. Address: Akcesme Mahallesi Topraklik Cad. No: 66 Tel: 0332 352 85 47
  • Ates Baba - The most famous grilled meatball restaurant of Konya is very good at grilling meatballs on skewers made of very delicious meat. Other dishes cooked on skewers and meatballs are also very tasty. Also appetizers that are served first are quite tasty. Address: Karatay Sanayii. Demirli Sok. No:2 Selcuklu Tel: 0332 233 87 87
  • Ali Baba-2 Firin Kebap Salonu - Another good place to eat firin (oven) kebab. The meat that starts to be cooked slowly in the morning is very delicious. Prices are a little bit high compared to other places, but its taste is worth it. Address: Serafettin Cad. Eski Avukatlar Sok. Kayalipark / Karatay Tel: 0332 236 11 61     
  • Kazimaga - This restaurant is also known as “Kazim Aga - the founder of Konya” and has been serving the same taste for 50 years. Haricot bean is terrific in Konya; on the other side you can discover other tastes. Address: Mimar Muzaffer Caddesi, AsikOmer Sokak, 1-B Tel: 0332 351 88 27 
  • Tiritci Mithat - You must direct your route towards Mithat in order to taste one of the best examples of Tirit which is a taste that is unique to Central Anatolia. You should learn the taste of this original dish served with yoghurt and pita bread. Address: Istanbul Cad. Yusufaga Sok. No:21/A Tel: 0332 350 72 98
  • Taka Balik Restaurant - Dishes are delicious in this restaurant where you can find the taste of Black Sea. It will be a good choice for those longing for fish. It should be noted that service may be a bit problematic when it is crowded, that's why if you are in hurry, pay attention to this detail. Address: Ankara Caddesi, Near Besyol, Medrese Mah. No:29 Tel: 0 332 237 88 02

Accommodation in Konya

Konya which is one of Anatolian cities where the cultural tourism has been intensively felt has so many alternatives for accommodations. You have a lot of options from the most luxurious hotel to hotels with standard service.
  • Hilton Garden Inn - The biggest hotel located in the city center is ideal for business meeting while provoding you with all sorts of comfort. Address: Aziziye Mahallesi, Kislaonu Sokak No: 4 42020 Karatay Tel: 0332 221 60 00     
  • Dedeman - Though the hotel is not the most ideal one in terms of location, it is among the best choices thanks to its service quality and being a conference center. Also, it is possible to watch the impressive view of Konya from its terrace. Address: On the road of Isparta-Beysehir, Sille cross-road, Ozalan Mahallesi 42080 Selcuklu Tel: 0332 221 66 00   
  • Pasapark Hotel - This hotel is clean and well-kept. Also, it is suitable for mini business trips with its meeting halls. Wedding and cocktail organizations are also organized here. Addres: Sems-i Tebrizi Mah. Sultan Veled Cad. No:3, PK: 42030 Karatay Tel: 0332 305 00 00
  • Bera Mevlâna Hotel - If you are looking for a simple and clean hotel, Bera Mevlana will be appropriate. As its name implies, it is a good choice for tourists who want to be close to Mevlana Museum. Addres: Aziziye Mah. Mevlâna Cad. No:55 Karatay Tel: 0332 350 42 42
  • Selcuk Hotel - Even though the construction of Selcuk, which is one of the essential hotels of the city, is a bit old a comfortable accommodation waits for you there thanks to its years-long experience. Address: Alaaddin Cad. Babalik Sok. No:4 Phone: 0 332 355 25 25

Places to Visit in Konya

Konya where Mevlana, a world-wide known philosopher and Sems who contributed him in the evolution his ideas had lived, still draws great attention with its remnants related to the Mevlevi culture.
  • Mevlana Museum - This site, which used to be a rose garden of Seljukian Palace, was given as a gift to the father of Mevlana by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. Graves of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and his father are there. Constructions, which are turned into a museum during the Republic period, are arranged to tell about the Mevlevi culture and have important elements of this culture. Address: Turbeonu Mevkii 2028 Tel: 0332 351 12 15
  • Konya Archeological Museum - Konya museum was first opened in 1901, but it was moved to its current building in 1962. It is worth seeing with its rich collection dating back  to the Byzantine period and Neolithic Age. Address: Sahibiata Mah. 42200 Tel: 0332 351 8958
  • Karatay (Tile Works) Museum - You should not leave unless you see tile works which is the great art of Seljukians. Seljukian artworks exhibited in Karatay Madrasa, which had an important place in tile works during its own time, belong to the Seljukian and Ottoman periods. Address: Ferhuniye Mah. 42040 Konya Tel: (0332) 351 19 14
  • The Ince Minare Madrasa (Museum of stone and wooden works) - This madrasa, which is one of the good examples of Seljukian monumental architecture, should be visited for both its construction and exhibited works of stone carving and wood engraving from Seljukian period.
  • Sircali Tomb Monuments Museum - There are valuable tomb stones belonging to the Seljukians, Karamanoglus and Ottomans in the madrasa which is a new Seljukian building. 
  • Koyunoglu Museum - A. R. Izzet Koyunoğlu donated his library, archeological, numismatic and ethnographic works from his private collection to the municipality in 1974. This museum also serves through its library having the largest magazines and newspapers archive in addition to its function as a museum. Mansion in the garden of the building is exhibited with the name of Konya House as a good example of Konya architecture. Address: Topraklik Kerimdede Cesme Mah. Kerimler Cad. No:25 Tel: 0 332 351 18 57
  • Alaeddin Mosque - It is the oldest Anatolian Seljukian Mosque that is known. On the hill bearing the same name, this mosque built in the period of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat draws attention with its unplanned structure and its use of different, spolia materials from several periods. Although it has been repaired many times during different periods, this construction including a lot of elements from Seljukian architecture is among the most significant cultural properties of Konya.
  • Iplikci Mosque - This mosque, which took the name of Iplikciler Bazaar they used to be close to each other, is one of the good examples of Seljukian period, as well. Today it is located in a pit because of a street set in the republic period.
  • Sahip Ata Social Complex - The mosque that was made by Sahip Ata Fahreddin, who is one of the Seljukian viziers, in 1258 was turned into a social complex after different buildings and a shrine were added. This social complex making a strong impression through its stonemasonry is worth-seeing.
  • Semsi Tebrizî Mosque and Mausoleum - This mausoleum belonging to Sems-i Tebrizi, who is Mevlana’s fellow, is in the park named Sems. Today the traces of the original construction are almost gone but its modesty draws attention.
  • Kulturpark - This wide park in the middle of Konya serves as the central park in the metropolis. People use it to take walks and a variety of activities are organized. You can take a breath there when you are tired of travelling.
  • Kilistra - Kilistra is the Cappadocia of Konya. This ancient city carrying the traces of Byzantine period is a must-see with the cave settlements and prayers places.
  • Sille - Sille which, was turned into a settlement after the Ancient period, is at a distance of 8 kilometers from Konya. In this region, which was the religious center during Roman and Byzantium periods, there are some of the oldest monasteries of Anatolia. Ak Monastery, which is the most important one among these buildings, has been carved in stones as in the Cappadocia region but it cannot be visited because it is within the military region. Aya Eleni Church can be visited.
  • Gevale Castle - This castle built on a strategically important position overlooking Konya Valley is at the top of Takkeli Mountain. It is famous because it served as a shelter to Seljukians during the period of crusades. Today, archeological researches continue on this building which has almost nothing from the past.
  • Nasreddin Hoca Mausoleum - This shrine in Aksehir municipality of Konya is dedicated to Nasreddin Hodja, the protagonist of the famous anecdotes. As implied in his anecdotes, there is a lock at the entrance to the shrine although all sides of it is open 
  • Catalhoyuk - The Neolithic settlement area discovered by J. Mellaart in 1958 has become famous all over the world thanks to its size and the number of wall paintings. We recommend you to visit this area where excavations have been going on since 1993.
  • Vicinities of Konya - Konya may be the greatest city of Turkey in terms of urban planning. It is enough to look at a city map to see the clean, straight and large streets and the details of the city growing in a planned way. Big towns of the city divides this complex structure into three.
  • Karatay - Karatay is the town on the southern part of the city center. Historical buildings of the city have been mainly gathered here. The symbol of Konya, Mevlana Turbesi (Shrine of Mevlana) which this field was named after is also here. This part is relatively more conservative but it's the most touristic place.
  • Meram - This regions parts that are closer to the city on the southern west, especially Zafer Meydani (Victory Square) and its vicinity are among really lively centerspf the city. There are more luxurious residential districts, sites and apartments moving towards the south.
  • Selçuklu - This town extending along the north is the modern face of Konya. High-rise buildings, Kule Site (skyscraper) and big hotels draw attention. Towards the north, outside of the city Selcuk University Campus and Bosna Hersek Neighbourhood next to the campus display a different lifestyle with its student population.

Emergency Numbers

  • City Code: 0 332
  • Provincial Directorate of Tourism: 0 332 353 40 20
  • Police: 0 332 237 64 00
  • Police Soldier: 156
  • Police:155
  • Emergency Health Service:112

Weather in Konya

13°Csky is clear19/02/2019
9°Csky is clear20/02/2019
9°Csky is clear21/02/2019
7°Csky is clear22/02/2019
-5°Clight snow25/02/2019
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