Flights to Kharkiv (HRK) from 40 GBP

Flights to Kharkiv (HRK) from 40 GBP

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Departure date 05/03/2019
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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Kharkiv (HRK)

Departure date 05/03/2019
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Traveling to Kharkiv (HRK)

The second largest city in Ukraine is home to universities, museums, and nightlife. Kharkiv (also known as Kharkov) succeeds in combining art, nature, and industry in an aesthetic way. By following periods when Kharkiv flight tickets are the lowest, you can make an economic flight to Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Located at the Northeast of Ukrain and being so important as to give the whole region its name, Kharkiv is the second biggest city of the country. Known as a city of education and industry, Kharkiv invites you with with its fun nightlife and historical beauty. If you want to keep up with the vivid atmosphere of the city and experience this excitement starting from now, it'll be enough to check cheap flights to Kharkiv. Having been a settlement area even before the Christ but starting to be formed as its current presence in the 17th century, Kharkiv got out of the World War II quite wounded but managed to collect itself. The best time to visit Kharkiv, where you'll take enjoyable walks in Liberty Square, which is Europe's 3rd biggest square and the world's 7th biggest, and breathe the air of historical places in, is summer when the temperature gets a bit higher.

Attractions in Kharkiv

  • Park of Maxim Gorky: After your Kharkiv flight, you should absolutely visit this park that is one of the entertainment centres of the city. There are options like a playground for adults that has a rollercoaster and ropeway.
  • Strilka Square: Where two rivers are merged, this square is perfect for long and relaxing walks.
  • Kharkov Art Museum: In this oldest museum of Ukraine, some art pieces of the most famous painters and sculptors are exhibited.

What to Eat in Kharkiv

  • Borscht: A soup with 20 different kinds, borscht comes first among all traditional dishes of Ukraine.
  • Vareniki s Kapustoy i Gribami: A special kind of ravioli prepared with a stuffing of cabbage and mushrooms. It presents the perfect harmony of pastry and vegetables.
  • Golubtsi: A special kind of stuffed cabbage; golubtsi is prepared with ground baby beef, ground chicken, rice, and onion.
  • Maidan Konstytutsii (Constitution Square): One of the most popular streets in Kharkiv; Sumska includes many cafés, restaurants, and bars.

Landscape of Kharkiv

A city of squares and parks, Kharkiv is the place where you can see both ex-Soviet architecture and historical structures. In Kharkiv, a few of the biggest squares in Europe and gigantic parks and excursion fields are all waiting for you.

Transportation in Kharkiv

Equipped with an advanced inner-city transportation network, Kharkiv offers you a wide range of transportation such as the metro, bus, tramway, trolleybus, taxi, and a special kind of minibus called matryoshka. Among these, the fastest one is the metro. Also, trying trolleybuses that have been widely used since Ex-Soviet times will be an extraordinary experience for you. The most expensive transportation in Kharkiv are taxis. However, if you are travelling with a large group, you can consider this option as an affordable one.

More information about Kharkiv

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

You can reach Kharkiv after an approximately 2-hour journey with the low-cost flight tickets you'll buy from Pegasus. It's possible to reach anywhere you want to go by bus or taxi from Kharkiv International Airport, which is located at the South of the city center. 

While you can use bus lines to reach your destinastions in Kharkiv, where there is a developed transportation system, you can prefer railway transportation too.

Shopping in Kharkiv

If you want to do shopping in Kharkiv, it's enough to go to the city's most famous spot, Liberty Square. There are many shops you can buy souvenirs and gifts in the square. French Boulevard Mall and Dafi Shopping Center are also in the city and can provide you with everything you're looking for. If you want to buy interesting presents for your beloved ones, paintings and small artworks you can buy from one of the many galleries of Kharkiv will make peerless gifts.

Food and Drink in Kharkiv

In Kharkiv, where you can taste delicious food from the Ukranian cuisine, you also have the chance to experience prominent delicacies from all around the world. Here are the Kharkiv restaurants which will provide you with unforgettable experiences with the delicacies they serve: 

  • Sloboda - The rich menu and the tastes offered by this traditionally designed restaurant are as striking as its decoration. Address: 23rd of August Str., Kharkiv 
  • Nasha Dacha -
  • Looking like having been seperated from a cute palace, Nasha Dacha serves the special tastes of the Russian cuisine. You also have the chance to eat in the restaurant's yard in summer months. Address: Batumskaya Str., 4A, Kharkiv 
  • Abajour - You'll be fascinated by the extraordinary design of the restaurant, which has brought the North East atmosphere to Kharkiv, and won't be able to get enough of the tastes it serves. Address: Sumskaya Str., 19, Kharkiv 
  • The Shengen Food & Joy - The place which serves a mix of European cuisine is quite stylish. The fact that this restaurant that you can prefer for a special night is located in the city center may be another reason to choose it. Address: Olesya Gonchara Str., 2, Kharkiv
  • Cafe Forchino - This restaurant which offers a cosy atmosphere and Italian delicacies will provide you with a delicious meal. Address: Mironositskiy Str., 12, Kharkiv

Accommodation in Kharkiv

You won't have to spara big budgets for accommodation in Kharkiv. The city offers quite affordable prices in that sense. Hotels, apartments and hostels are waiting in line to give you the best service. 

  • Nemo Hotel with Dolphins - Pointed out as one of the best hotel of Kharkiv, this hotel draws attention with its open pool on its top floor and green trees all around it. Address: Sumskaya Str., 35, Kharkiv
  • Hotel 19 - It's possible for you to feel as if in a historical movie while you're in this hotel which has a magnificent architecture. The doors to a great vacation are opened thanks to the high quality service and comfortable rooms of Hotel 19. Address: Sumskaya Str., 19, Kharkiv 
  • ZS Club Hotel -Hot tubs in some of the rooms of this hotel located in an old mansion may be a good reason enough to choose this hotel. Located a bit outside of the city center, this hotel is the perfect place for those who want to relax. Address: Lesoparkovyj Pereılok, 10, Kharkiv 
  • De Gaulle Boutique Hotel - Interior architecture of this boutique hotel, which will make you accommodate in an amazing architecuralt design, is quite minimal and attractive. Also, its terrace that is open in summer will help you have peaceful hours. Address: Ploschad Povstannya, 17Ai Kharkiv 
  • Complimente Guest House - This centrally located guest house will help you accommodate at a reasonable price while bringing you the most special tastes of the European cuisine, at the same time. Address: Pereulok Kratsova, 13V, Kharkiv

Places to Visit in Kharkiv

Although Kharkiv is a city that has been severely damaged in the World War II, there are many architectural works and natural parks that draw attention in the city. The places to see in the magical atmosphere of Kharkiv are as follows:

  • Annunciation Cathedral - Athough the architecture of this cathedral is quite attractive, you'll be more impressed by its interior. There are many peerles icons in Annunciation Cathedral, which is also known for its view. Address: Karl Marx Square, 1, Kharkiv 
  • Assumption Cathedral - Being one of the highest temples of the city, Assumption Cathedral creates an amazing atmosphere in Kharkiv. Address: Gogol Str., 4, Kharkiv 
  • Kharkiv Art Museum - This art museum, where you can see icons from the 17th century and where there are many special paintings, holds the power to make you fall in love with it. Address: Ulitsa Sovnarkomovskaya, 9, Kharkiv 
  • State Natural History Museum -This interesting museum, which has been open for approximately 100 years, lays Kharkiv's natural change before you. Address: Trynklera Str., 8, Kharkiv 
  • Botanical Gardens - Botanical Gardens, of which names should definetely be on the list of "places to take a walk in Kharkiv", offers you green and flower smelling moments. Address: Lenine Avenue, Kharkiv 
  • Kharkiv Zoo -This zoo, which will help you meet many different animal species, also provides ideal places to sit in a cafe and watch the sunset. Address: Sumskaya Str., 35, Kharkiv 


Nightlife in Kharkiv is quite vivid. Many places where you can enjoy the city and have pleasant time are waiting for you. 

  • Club Misto  You can be sure that you'll have a lot of fun in Club Misto, which is one of the most popular places of Kharkiv. There are private lounges in this place as well. Address: Klochhovska, 190A, Kharkiv 
  • Crossroads Blues Bar - This place, where blues lovers should definitely stop by, will make you have a pleasant time. Address: 23rd of August Str., 61, Kharkiv 
  • Bolera Club - You can dance till the first light of the day in Bolera, which is a very classy night club, and make a fast entrance to the nightlife of Kharkiv. Address: VLKSM Avenue, 56, Kharkiv 
  • Compass - It's guaranteed to have a fun night in this club which has a vivid design. The fact that Compass is located near a metro station is another reason to prefer it. Address: Akademika pavlova Str., 150, Kharkiv 
  • Korova Art Club - Live music performances are organized in this elegantly decorated club. What you need to do before going to Korova Art Club is to make some reservations. Address: Petrovskogo Str., 37, Kharkiv

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +380
  • Ambulance: 104
  • Fire: 101
  • Police: 103
  • Kharkiv International Airport: +380 57 766 00 76

Weather in Kharkiv

0°Csky is clear19/02/2019
-2°Clight snow20/02/2019
-3°Clight snow21/02/2019
-8°Clight snow22/02/2019
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