Flights to Istanbul (SAW) from 12 GBP

Flights to Istanbul (SAW) from 12 GBP

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Izmir (ADB) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 27/06/2019
from 16 GBP
Last seen: 5 minutes

Adana (ADA) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 27/06/2019
from 25 GBP
Last seen: 12 minutes

London (STN) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 03/07/2019
from 50 GBP
Last seen: 9 minutes

Dusseldorf (DUS) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 07/09/2019
from 68 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Antalya (AYT) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 17/09/2019
from 18 GBP
Last seen: 5 hours

Trabzon (TZX) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 29/06/2019
from 32 GBP
Last seen: 3 hours

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Best fares for flights found by others

Denizli (DNZ) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 03/12/2019
from 12 GBP
Last seen: 4 hours

Bodrum (BJV) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 14/12/2019
from 12 GBP
Last seen: 20 hours

Antalya (AYT) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 21/03/2020
from 12 GBP
Last seen: 59 minutes

Izmir (ADB) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 01/05/2020
from 12 GBP
Last seen: 21 hours

Kayseri (ASR) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 13/12/2019
from 13 GBP
Last seen: 3 hours

Giresun (Ordu) (OGU) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 15/12/2019
from 13 GBP
Last seen: 1 hour

Edremit (EDO) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 26/06/2019
from 16 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Izmir (ADB) Istanbul (IST)

Departure date 02/10/2019
from 16 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Dalaman (DLM) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 12/10/2019
from 16 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Istanbul (SAW)

Departure date 16/10/2019
from 16 GBP
Last seen: 11 hours

Traveling to Istanbul (SAW)

This city represents the union of east and west, therefore historic places are a must during your trip.

Istanbul, being famous as the place where many cultures come together. Istanbul was the capital of Roman Empire between 330 - 395, the capital of the East Roman Empire between 395 - 1204 and 1261 - 1453, the capital of the Latin Empire between 1204 - 1261 and the capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1453 - 1922. Moreover, between the years 1517, when the caliphate was handed down to the Ottoman Empire, and 1924, when it was abandoned, Istanbul was the center of Sunni Islam. In 1923, with the foundation of Republic, it has taken one of the important steps in the way of becoming one of the most important culture and trade centers of the world due to its strategical location in between Asia and Europe. Today, with a land of 5,343 km2 and a population more than 15 millions, Istanbul is not only the biggest city of Turkey but also one of the biggest metropols in Europe. In order to come to Istanbul and eat fish in the company of a peerless Bosphorus view, watch the city from above on Galata Tower and walk every corner of this city that is alive for 24 hours, you can buy cheap tickets to Istanbul on flypgs.com and listen to our recommendations about what to do during your vacation.

Top Landmarks in Istanbul

  • Aya Sofia, a former church that was converted into a mosque, and then into a museum, is recommended for every traveller and guide in Istanbul.
  • Topkapi Palace is recommended to learn more about harems and this culture.
  • It’s impossible to miss the museums, like the Istanbul Archaeology and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum.
  • If you want to truly immerse yourself in the Istanbul culture, visit a mosque. Remember to do it with respect, and with the appropriate manners.

Landscape in Istanbul

The general landmark in Istanbul is full of grandiosity. This city is one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to its great architecture, which started with the Byzantine Empire and lead it to be the capital of Constantinople. Every palace and temple was built to be magnificent, and that essence remains intact even today.

Transportation in Istanbul

There are shuttle services that run specific hours which you can book online, along with taxis at your disposal. If you’re planning to visit the city soon, remember walking is always the best way to move around tourist areas. Public transportation is recommended, but keep in mind that the areas that receive more visitors will have more information on this matter. Taxi prices are cheaper than most cities in Europe.

Istanbul Airports Served

  • Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW)
  • Ataturk Airport (IST)

More information about Istanbul

Food and Drink

There are two airports where international and domestic flights take place in Istanbul. Ataturk Airport in European side and Sabiha Gokcen which is named after the first Turkish female pilot and where you'll land in after your flight with Pegasus. The easiest way to reach the city center in the Anatolian side from Sabiha Gokcen is Havatas. If you're going to go to the European side, you can go through the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and reach Taksim after the stops of Maslak, Levent and Besiktas. If you need to stay in the Anatolian side, there are Havatas lines that go to Kadikoy. If you're going to use Havatas to go back as well, don't forget that the buses take off in every 30 minutes between 04:15 am and 00:45 am. You can reach details about airport transportation on http://www.flypgs.com/pegasus-ile-ucus/havaalani-ulasim.aspx. If you prefer taxi instead, the prices betweek Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Taksim may vary between 70-100 TL, depending on the traffic.

If you've reached the city from Ataturk Airport, once again Havatas buses will be waiting for you. You can reach Taksim or Kadikoy with these buses and then go wherever you want to go by using public transportation or taxis. Havatas takes off in every 30 minutes between 4 am - 1 am and the length of your journey may vary between 45 minutes to 1,5 hours depending on the traffic.

If you're planning to reach the city center by taxi, we have to tell you that there is no fixed price. The prices vary depending on the distance. If you're going to go to the Anatolian side, the most practical thing to do is going to Bakirkoy by taxi and taking the buses that reaches Bostanci in 20 minutes. Another way to reach the city center from Ataturk Airport is metro. It follows the line of

Atakoy, Bakirkoy, Zeytinburnu and Bayrampasa and ends in Aksaray. If you want to rent a car instead of using public transportation in the city, flypgs.com may help you with that.


Metro is not that much of a developed transportation system in Istanbul but it's the best option for those who want to stay away from traffic. Sishane-Haciosman metro line in Europe and Kadikoy-Kartal metro line in Anatolia are in service.

Let's not forget that there is a tramway line between Zeytinburnu – Kabatas, a suburban train on Yesilkoy - Sirkeci line, a funicular line that connects Taksim and Kabatas, a metro line between Sishane and Yenikapi and a historical subway that goes from Karakoy to Beyoglu for those who like travelling by rail systems.


Istanbul is quite a big city with a population that is close to 15 millions. That's why its transportation system is very complicated. The easiest way of transportation is buying a refillable AKBIL from IETT spots.

It's smart to use "dolmus" for the routes of Bostanci-Taksim and Kadikoy-Taksim, which connect two sides, and to reach Taksim, Besiktas, Nisantasi or Kadikoy from settlement areas like Yesilkoy, Aksaray, Bakirkoy or Bostanci. Dolmus, which takes 10 people, is quite practical since its gets full really fast and you can pay with actually money when you get in. Minibuses that work on Besiktas-Istinye-Yenikoy line are practical since they stop when you raise your hand onthe street. However, there is no fixed pricing for those. Everything depends on the line you take and the stop you'll get off. That's why you should ask how much you need to pay in most of these public transporation means.

There are 3 different systems of sea transportation to go from one side to the other. Motorboats that take the distance between Besiktas-Uskudar in 5 minutes; ferries that go to Kadikoy from Besiktas, Karakoy and Kabatas and sea buses that allow you to reach Bostanci in a short from Kabatas, Bakirkoy or Eminonu. We recommend you to check http://www.ido.com.tr/ for practical info about times and where to go. 

There is a map that's been created in the hopes to help you understand this complicated system: http://sehirrehberi.ibb.gov.tr/map.aspx You can get help by writing your current place and destination here.

Also IBB Trafik app that you can download to your smartphones will help you in this city where there is a constant struggle with traffic: http://tkm.ibb.gov.tr/ceptrafik/trafikiphone.aspx


It's possible to see yellow taxis in every corner. Even though you'll see many empty taxis that won't pick you up ay 3 am, when it's time for driver changes, Istanbul has a taxi system that is faster than most of the other places in the world. Thanks to the taximeters that are standardized with the latest regulations day/night tariffs won't bother you. 

If you think that the price is too high, http://taksiyle.com/ calculates the price between two spots for you.

Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul, is huge city where you can find many alternatives from shopping centers to Osmanbey streets, from Laleli to Merter. We want to stay a bit more focused and present what we've chosen among them. Here are the ones that made it to our list...

Neighbourhoods of Fashion

  • Nisantasi has been known as the heart of fashion for years. Small boutiques like Midnight Express, Bil’s Store; Beymen Blender where you can follow internationa trends; chains like Machka, Maje and French Connection and expensive brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are lined side by side along Abdi Ipekci, Tesvikiye Street and Valikonagi.
  • Another shopping destination is of course Bagdat Street. Don't be surprised when you see people leaving stores that are lined side by side between Bostanci – Ciftehavuzlar like Camper, Miss Sixty, İpekyol, Twist, Roman, Vakko and Boyner.
  • Galata has become the center of young designers and independent boutiques in recent years. This trend that has started with Bahar Korcan in Serdar-ı Ekrem Sokak, continued with the opening of Building which exhibits the collections of Turkish designers on the very same street. Nowadays, it's possible to see boutiques which sell foreign brands like Paris Texas, a shoeseller names Old Sandal and Lomograph camera store all along Camekan Sokak, Galata square and Galip Dede Street.
  • Shopping Centers - Shopping centers are the most common investments in Istanbul. That's why, it's impossible to not mention shopping centers when it comes to shopping. Here are the leading ones in terms of location and convenience. 
  • Istinye Park - There are expensive brands like Armani, Miu Miu and Burberry, a permanent market place and Masa restaurant for the times you get tired in Istinye Park.
  • Zorlu Center - You can find almost anything for shopping and eating out in Zorlu Center, which is one of the most central shopping center of the city; you can watch worldwide known musicals and plays by following the calendars of Zorlu PSM (Performance Arts Center).
  • Forum Istanbul - You can get out of a shoe seller and go to a movie theatre in Forum Istanbul, countinue shopping after making sure that you're kids are entertained at Istanbul Puppets Festival.
  • Ora - There are outlet shops, movie theatres, small squares, a theme park and even an "Arena" for concerts in Ora.
  • Cevahir - Cevahir has many floors, it's really big and it has anything you, your home, your partner and your kids need. The only potential problem is that you may get tired while trying to go around in all its floors and see every store.
  • Successful Fashion Designers - Umit Benan, who has brought a new approach to menswear and is the new creative director of Trussardi; Erdem, who prepares clothes for Hollywood stars and those who want to look good on the red carpet; Huseyin Caglayan, who fascinates everyone with its artist identity as well; Zeynep Tosun, who amazes first Istanbulitea and then those who follow Paris and London fashion weeks with her innovative designs; Bora Aksu, who is highly appreciated in London with its avant-garde approach; Arzu Kaprol, who has shown her own collection in Paris Fashion Week and got great reactions; Cengiz Abazoglu, who continues his fashion career that starts in a fashion house from Brussels by making dresses for celebrities; Asli Filinta, who is the architect of hip, young and creative designs; Simay Bülbül, who is the ruler of leather, buckskin and suede; Ahmet Baytar, who fascinates those who follow Istanbul fashion with his shoes and bags; Ipek Arnas, who is a very promising name with her brand 2Ters1Duz and other famous Turkish designers' boutiques can be found in Istanbul.

Food and Drink in Istanbul

There are many alternatives from breakfast to dinner in Istanbul, which is one of the biggest metropols of the world with many cultures living together in the past and present. About what and where to eat in Istanbul, from traditional Anatolian delicacies to the most outstanding examples of the world cuisine, you can take our recommendations into account.

For breakfast...

  • Namli - You can put as much mezzes, cheese and deli varities and tens of olive products as you'd like in your plate in Namli, which has two branches in Karakoy. Moreover, you should definitely order eggs with pastrami. Address: Rihtim Caddesi No:1/1 Kat Otopark Alti, Karakoy Tel: 0212 293 6880
  • Mangerie - You'll be pleased with options of Egg Benedict, toast with Turkish sausage and cheese and omelettes with potatoes, dried tomatoes and parmesan in its menu which is accompanied by Bosphorus view. If you go there around noon, chicken salad with tabule, grilled fillet steak and oven cooked lamb are delicious. Address: Cevdet Pasa Caddesi 69, Bebek Tel: 0212 263 5199
  • Cuppa - Cuppa is the most beloved breakfast of the locals of Cihangir. There are at least 20 alternatives in its menu of fresh juice coctails. French Toast with Nutella is especially the favourite of those who love sweets. Address: Yeni Yuva Caddesi No: 26/5 Cihangir Tel: 0212 249 5723
  • Van Kahvalti Evi - The headquarter of Van breakfasts, which have become popular all over the city, is in Cihangir. What makes it special is putting "murta" made of corn flour, creme and honey on a pieces of bread from the small plates that come to your table and eat them. Address: Defterdar Yokusu 52, Cihangir Tel: 0212 293 6437
  • Bej Kahvesi - It's the favourite especially of those who want to take their newspapers and hang out casually on Sundays. There are many delicious alternatives from pastries to bread with eggs, borek to tomato plate. Once you've already been there, don't forget to buy fun gifts about Istanbul from Kagithane that is right next to it. Address: Kemankes Caddesi, Fransız Gecidi Is Merkezi No: 11A Tel: 0212 251 71 95
  • Kale Pastanesi - Rumelihisarı’nda önünde kuyruklarbekleyerekoturulan Kale Pastanesi, where you can get seated only by waiting in line in front of it in Rumelihisari, prepares fried halloumi cheese so good that you it's hard to believe. Their menemen is also delicious. Address: Yahya Kemal Caddesi No: 16 Tel: 0212 265 6563

For the noon sessions... 

  • Kantin - Pears, salmon or vegetables that come with a crunchy and thin crust; fishballs; branzino with fresh thyme; "tel kadayif" with milk. Easy dishes, amazing tastes. Kantin keeps its promise of feasts to the locals of Nisantasi and its menu changes on a daily basis. It's also possible to buy bread, cheese, sauces and stuffed vine leaves from its market downstairs. Address: Akkavak Sokagi No: 30 Nisantasi Tel: 0212 219 31 14
  • House Cafe - One of the best places of House Cafe, which has branches in Istinye, Kanyon, Tesvikiye, Tunel, Odakule and all around Istanbul, is in Caddebostan. The dishes are simple: All like pizza, pasta, meat and salad. Ingredients are fresh. Lemonades with fresh mint are delicious.
  • Kirinti - Don't be distracted by its branches in Nisantasi or Bebek. Use your chance in its main place, that has been opened in 1981 in Moda Burnu. Hamburger, hotdogs, potatoes and French toast. It's hard to find somewhere else that these are more delicious. Address: Ferit Tek Sokak No: 15 / 1 Tel: 0216 346 07 70
  • Ciya - Samsun style "Cullama", which is made of leeks, eggs, tomatoes, peppers and onions or Gaziantep style "Eksili Tarakli", which is made of chopsteak, quince, tomato sauce, spices and pomegranate syrup. If you want to taste the best foods of not only Istanbul but also the whole Turkey, you can find the delicacies of many regions from Urfa to Antakya, Siirt to Cyprus, in Ciya. Address: Gunesli Bahce Sokak 43, Kadikoy Tel: 0216 330 3190
  • Hunkar - It used to be a tiny shop and now it's big. If you go there for lunch, it'll be uninhabited. "Begendili kebab", "icli kofte" and "pilav" with tomatoes are among the specialties there. One needs to order a mixed plate of dessert. Otherwise, you'll regret not asking for other dessert. Address: Mim Kemal Oke Caddesi No:21, Nisantasi Tel:(0212) 225 46 65
  • Gulluoglu - Options are limited but delicious. "Su boregi" with minced meat, cheese or spinach; and then "baklava", "sutlunuriye", "sekerpare" or "sarma". Address: Mumhane Cad. No: 171 Karakoy Tel: 0 212 249 96 80
  • Subasi - You've taken a tour in Grand Bazaar and now you're looking for the ideal spot for lunch. The choice is easy: Stewed lamb and spinach puree. Address: Nuruosmaniye Cad. No: 48-2 Eminonu Tel: 0212 522 4762
  • Ara Kahve - In Ara Kahve, you can see the famous photographer Ara Guler sitting on one of the chairs at any time of the day. It's inevitable that its frequenters are artists, photographers and creative types. Address: Tomtom Mahallesi Tosbag Sok. No.2 Beyoglu Tel: 0212 245 41 05
  • White Mill : There are very few places in a garden in Istanbul. But if you're one of those who like being in greens especially in summer, we add White Mill to our list of recommendations. Address: Susam Sokak No:13 Cihangir Tel: (0212) 292 28 95
  • Sultanahmet Koftecisi - Don't care about its imitations. The real one is in Sultanahmet. There are meatballs - plain or with kasseri, piyaz on the side and "irmikhelva" for dessert in its menu. That's it. Address: Divanyolu Caddesi No: 26 Sultanahmet Tel: 0212 522 97 85

In the evening...

  • Yakup 2 - It's a must to order "muska borek" after mezzes and and ask for onions on the side of liver in Yakup, which is known as the headquarter of the intellectuals-journalists of Istanbul. If there is no place to sit, we recommend you to get seated in Asmali Cavit that is right across the street, in Zeytinli that is on its left or in Refik which is on the street behind it. Atmospheres are similar, mezzes are delicious. Especially Cavit's home-made mustard should be put on meatballs. Address: Asmalimescit Sok. No:35/37 Beyoglu Tel: 0212 249 2925
  • Koco - You're in Moda, facing Bosphorus right next to the see. There are shrimps in butter, warm liver, "muska borek" and "acili ezme" on your table. And of course friends. Address: Moda Caddesi No:265 Tel: 0 216 336 07 95
  • Balikci Sabahattin - Sabahattin is a fish restaurant that is loved by both tourists and locals. Its rice with mussels is legendary and if you go there in the plate fish season, they cook it very well, as well. Salads are prepared daily, fresh and have many ingredients. Address: Seyit Hasan Kuyu Sok. No:1 Cankurtaran Tel: 0 (212) 458 18 24
  • Hamdi - Ever Tukish person will experience the joy of eating hasheesh kebab, doner and aubergine kebab after eating hummus and "ezme" with piece of bread in Hamdi. Address: Tahmis Caddesi, Kalcin Sokak No:17 Eminonu Tel: (0212) 528 03 90
  • Jash - Jash is the best address for Armenian mezzes in Istanbul. Its menu that starts with topik, stuffed mussel and Circassian chicken continues with delicious meat alternatives. You can sing to the sound of a  squeezebox on weekends. Address: Cihangir Caddesi No.9 Beyoglu Tel: (0212) 244 30 42
  • Zubeyir - Once Zubeyir comes to the fireside, spicy skewer kebabs, aubergine with goat cheese, clam, ribs, roasted pepper-onions-tomatoes will be served to your table one by one. Address: Bekar Sk. No: 28 Beyoglu Tel: 0212 2933951
  • Develi - Develi is the 'true' kebab restaurant in Istanbul. It doesn't matter whether you're in its Samatya or Kalamis branch, you need to order "findik lahmacun" or "icli kofte" for starters and continue with Adana kebab, pistachio kebab, Ali Nazik or Beyti depending on your taste. Address: Munir Nurettin Selcuk Cad. Kalamis Yat Limani Tel: 0216 418 94 00
  • Munferit - It's known as a "meyhane" but it brings a completely new approach to this concept. Smoked snakefish, steamed mussels with bitter vinegar, potatoes with chicken liver, cheese baked with truffles oil with porcini mushroom and cucumbers with vinegar will be your choices of mezzes; sea branzino, veal ribs and veal cheeks with barley noodles will be your choices in main courses. Don't for get to spare some space for ice-cream with sage. Address: Yeni Carsi Caddesi, No:19 Firuzaga, Beyoglu Tel: 212 252 50 6
  • Karakoy Lokantasi - Octopus, salicornia, stuffed mussels, artichokes or livers... Everything in Karakoy Lokantasi is just delicious. It seems to be that you get full and get happy even before reaching the course of fish and decide to eat lessmezzes and more branzinos the next time. We recommend you to make reservations 1 week earlier. Address: Kemankes Karamustafa Pasa Mahallesi,  IETT Karakoy Stop Tel: 0212 292 4455
  • Ulus 29 - Chef Mert Seran may serve both shrimp and plate fish to your table depending on the season! Everything is fresh, delicious and the view sees Istanbul from above. Address: Adnan Saygun Caddesi, No:1 Ulus Tel: (0212) 358 2929
  • Delicatessen - As the name suggests, this is a true delicatessen, a French style bistro. You should enjoy a big piece of fillet steak served with oven baked potatoes after its shrimps salad. If you here in the evening, you can taste their freshly baked sponge cake or enjoy its Happy Hours coctails. Address: Mim Kemal Oke Cad. No.19/1 Nisantasi Tel: 0212 225 06 04
  • Nusret - Nusret’s thing is the kind of meat that is delicious, rare cooked, and can be reserved and marinated in advance! There are all kinds of beauties from entrecote to chopsteak, sausages to fillet steak in its menu. Go there before it's too late in the evening, the food is so good that you'll need time to digest it. Address: Camlik Ihsan Aksoy Sokak No: 6 Etiler Tel: 0212 265 30 37
  • Set Balik - Set is our recommendation for those looking for a fish restaurant which is away from the noise, cheap, cosy; serves good mezzes, delicious fish and peerless amuse bouches. Prices are quite affordable but they don't accept credit cards, so be prepared! Address: Haydar Aliyev Caddesi No:18, Tarabya Tel: 0212 262 0411
  • Chilai - The place, that is created by Cordon Bleu graduate Iranian chef Hazer Amani, is in service as a bistro on its ground floor, as a sushi bar on its second floor and offers fine dining on its top floor. Address: Cevdetpasa Cad. No: 60 Bebek Tel: (212) 263 63 15

Addresses for those get hungry at night...

Here are the best addresses for soup, doner and "manti" if you get hungry after 12 am

  • Cumhuriyet in Beyoglu Fish Market should be your first choice if you crave tripe soup.
  • If you say that you need a heavy pita with more oil, minced meat andkassari, then you'll get a table in Nizam Pide Salonu. (Buyuk Parmakkapi Sok. No: 13 Beyoglu)
  • Bambi, Kizilirmak or Cilgin Durumcu in Taksim Square are the places to go for Doner, wet-burgers, toast with double cheese and hotdogs.
  • If you want to have some Turkish sausages on the side of "manti, followed by chards with yoghurt, then you'll be in Aztek, that is a local that looks lika a movie set from 1970s. (Kurtulus Caddesi No: 63 Ferikoy 0212 2250079).
  • For those who like "kokorec" and stuffed mussles, we recommend Şampiyon in Beyoglu Fish Market.
  • Of course we didn't forget tantuni. Once you have plenty of parsley and chili in it, it's great to eat in Emine Ana with "ayran". (Siraselviler Caddesi, Billurcu Sok. No:5/A Beyoglu)

World cuisines in Istanbul...

  • If you want to have pizzas from a real Italian brick oven: Trattoria Leon (Ahmet Fetgari Sok. No:40/A, Nisantasi)
  • If you crave Spanish style tapas in small portions: Que Tal (Ilk Belediye Caddesi No.5, Tunel, Beyoglu)
  • If you want Japanese style sushi, sashimi or udon: Tokyo (Meselik Sokak 24, Taksim)
  • If you like the spicy tastes of Chinese and Thai foods: Çok Çok (Mesrutiyet Cad. No.51 Beyoglu)
  • If you crave Indian style curry: Dubb (Alemdar Mh. Incili Cvs. Sk 10, Fatih)
  • If you want to eat Mexico's taco, burrito, quesedillas dipped in hot sauce: Ranchero (Bagdat Cad. 468/A, Suadiye, Kadıkoy)
  • If you want French style boeuf bourgignon, onion soup, fillet steak: Le Fumoir (Serdar-i Ekrem Sokak No.24 Galata )
  • If you want a New York style restaurant that creates fusion tastes out of fish, camalary and even vegetables: Maya (Kemankes Sokak 35/A, Karakoy)

Accommodaiton in Istanbul

Istanbul hotels are lined side by side in Aksaray, Sultanahmet and Talimhane areas. If you don't want to stay in hse touristic areas and look for something more special, here are our recommendations.

Luxury Hotels

  • Four Seasons - Its Sultanahmet branch which has been converted into a hotel from a former prison or Ortakoy building that stands with all its grandeur by the sea. Whichever Four Seasons hotel you stay, a rich breakfast is guaranteed in the morning. Tel: 90 (212) 381 40 00
  • Ciragan Hotel Kempinski - Jazz concerts are held in the garden of Ciragan Hotel, which is in service in an Ottoman palace from the 19th century. Also, it's a good idea to make reservations a couple of days in advance for its spa. Address: Ciragan Caddesi 84, Besiktas Tel: 0212 258 3377
  • Sumahan - Sumahan, which is located on the Bosphorus shore, is located in a renovated building from the 19th century, which used to be an alcoholic drink factory. If you have decided to stay in Sumahan, you'll wake up to the day on one of the rooms with balconies that open up to the sea and have time to gove your body a rest in the Turkish bath. Address: Cengelkoy Mahallesi, Kuleli Caddesi 51 Tel: 0216 422 8000
  • The Marmara - The best alternatives for those who want to live in the middle of the city are The Marmara Hotel or The Marmara Pera. While The Marmara offers a terrace with Istanbul view and a rooftop pool, Mikla in The Marmara Pera serves Turkish-Scandinavian fusion food in the company of a panoramic city view from the Golden Horn to Bosphorus.
  • Pera Palas - Pera, which was known with the pseudonym of "the little Europe", used to be frequented by famous names like Ataturk. If you're staying at Pera Palas, you can have your dinner in Agatha Restaurant and hang out in Orient Bar for a cocktail. Address: Mesrutiyet Caddesi No: 52 Tel: 0 212 377 4000
  • Armada Otel - You wake up to the view of historical Istanbul peninsula and take your place at a table of Turkish breakfast with home-made jams in its terrace. Address: Ahirkapi Sokak No:24 Tel: 0 212 455 44 55

For those who prefer boutique hotels...

  • House Otels - The advantage of staying in one of the House Hotels is that you can have your breakfasts in any House Café you want. It has branches in Nisantasi, Galata and Ortakoy. The room prices start from 500 TL on average.
  • Georges Hotel - Wood floors, big beds, silence, iPad station, free internet. These are some of the privileges offered by Georges Hotel. The French restaurant  Le Fumoir, where Istanbulites make reservations days ago to have dinner, is in the lobby of your hotel. Address : Serdar-i Ekrem Sokak No:24 Galata Tel: 0 212 244 2423
  • Witt Istanbul Suites - You're in rooms that see Golden Horn and Bosphorus view in Cihangir. Floors are wooden and the furnitures are elegant. Even mini kitchens with coffee machines are included in the rooms with the idea that there may be some who want to have a home-like experience during their vacations. Address: 202A Defterdar Yokusu No. 26 , Cihangir Tel: 0 212 293 15 00
  • Jazz Hotel - If you want to stay in a hotel where Duke Ellington sings, Ella Fitzgerald’s voice lits your mornings and the trumpet of Louis Armstrong echoes in your bathroom, this is the right address. Address: Bahtiyar Sokak 1, Nisantasi Tel: 0212 296 3002
  • Park Hyatt - In all of the rooms of Park Hyatt, whose sizes vary between 50-250 m2 and all of which have old Istanbul photos signed by Ara Guler, there are high technology facilities like internet access, plazma tv, DVD player and dock stations.Address: Bronz Sokak No. 4, Tesvikiye Tel: 0 212 315 1234
  • Sofa Otel - Sofa, has enriched its rooms, which are designed for art lovers, with a spa in the common area. There is also a beautiful terrace with a panoramic city and sea view in the hotel. Address: Firin Sokak No: 41 Tesvikiye Tel: 0212 368 1818

Economic alternatives for hostel seekers...

  • Sultan Hostel - In this hostel that is in the middle of Sultanahmet, there are services like private bathrooms, internet and locked closets. Bed prices start at 16 TL. Address: Cankurtaran Mahallesi, Akbiyik Caddesi no:17 Tel: 0212 516 9260
  • Cordial House Hostel - This hostel that is 250 meters away from Sultanahmet Mosque, also has a cafeteria that is frequented by students of Istanbul. Bed prices start from 30 TL. Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Peykhane Caddesi International House. People become friends while drinking tea in the common room, everyone who goes there comes back pleased. Beds cost 34 TL. Address: Zambak Sokak No: 5, Beyoglu
  • Orient Hostel - They have barbecues in summer on its terrace. The internet is for free and it's the meeting point of everyone from all around the world. Beds cost 25 TL. Address: Yeni Akbiyik Caddesi No.13, Sultanahmet Tel: 0212 517 9493
  • Bauhaus Hostel - Bauhaus, which was on the list of best hostels of the world for multiple times, has been renovated in 2012. You'll love Neco, who is the owner of the hostel, and you'll want to extend your vacation to stay in his other hotel in Dalyan. Beds cost 28 TL. Address: Bayramfirin Sokak No:11, Sultanahmet Tel: 0212 638 6534
  • World House Hostel - It's price of 22 TL includes breakfast, clean towels and sheets and bus tickets. The hostels also offers you a chance of cheap hammam session. Address: Sahkulu Mh. Galip Dede Caddesi 85 Tel: 0212 293 5520

Places to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is such a center of culture and civilzations with its palaces inherited from the Ottoman Empire, modern artists and musicians... Which mean

Weather in Istanbul

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