Flights to Antakya (Hatay) (HTY) from 31 GBP

Flights to Antakya (Hatay) (HTY) from 31 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 05/09/2019
from 38 GBP
Last seen: 17 hours

Lefkosia (ECN) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 01/08/2019
from 59 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Izmir (ADB) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 17/10/2019
from 31 GBP
Last seen: 17 hours

Ankara (ESB) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 17/10/2019
from 36 GBP
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Bahrain (BAH) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 10/10/2019
from 141 GBP
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Kuwait City (KWI) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 17/08/2019
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Best fares for flights found by others

Izmir (ADB) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 17/10/2019
from 31 GBP
Last seen: 17 hours

Ankara (ESB) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 17/10/2019
from 36 GBP
Last seen: 16 hours

Istanbul (SAW) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 05/09/2019
from 38 GBP
Last seen: 17 hours

Lefkosia (ECN) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 01/08/2019
from 59 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Cologne (CGN) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 27/10/2019
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Dusseldorf (DUS) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 27/10/2019
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Copenhagen (CPH) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 23/08/2019
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Amsterdam (AMS) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 07/09/2019
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Basel (BSL) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 29/08/2019
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Sarajevo (SJJ) Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Departure date 10/08/2019
from 124 GBP
Last seen: 23 hours

Traveling to Antakya (Hatay) (HTY)

Welcome to the valley of Antakya. Let Pegasus escort you to this beautiful city surrounded by mountains.

Hatay (Antakya), whose history goes back to Early Bronze Age according to archeological studies, is also one of the important regions of Mesopotamia civilization. This cosmopolitan city, that still harbours intertwined cultures, has a multi-layered culture from its cuisine to history. Hatay, where Islam, Christianity and Judaism live side by side, is also a spot that attracts attention from all around the world with its culture and gastronomy tourism. You can reserve cheap flight tickets to Hatay on flypgs.com to explore Hatay's historical richness in real life and taste the delicious Antakya dishes in their hometown.

Top Landmarks in Antakya

  • Mosaic Museum - The first thing you should visit on your trip to Antakya is the Mosaic Museum. This museum is home to the second largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, a rare coin collection, artefacts from the Iron and Bronze ages, a sarcophagus and much more.
  • Church of St. Peter – After your visit to the Mosaic Museum, your next stop should be the Church of St. Peter. This is one of the oldest Christian churches, with some portions dating back to the 4th century.
  • Titus Tunnel - This ancient water channel was cut through rock nearly 1.4 km thick by the Romans. Though the channel is dry today, it is still worth a visit.

What to Eat in Antakya

  • Kunefe - This pastry is filled with cheese and soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup.
  • Assur (Etli Asure) - This beef and lamb dish is slow cooked with red pepper paste, chickpeas, onions, cumin, red pepper flakes, ground black pepper, and bulgur wheat. It is so good it will melt in your mouth.

Landscape in Antakya

This well-watered, fertile valley is surrounded by mountains, while the Asi River also flows right through the city.

Transportation in Antakya

To get around Antakya, the main methods are taxis and buses, however these options are somewhat expensive. Renting a car is another popular option. For getting to and from the airport, there is a Havas bus that leaves hourly and takes between 20 and 30 mins to reach the airport from the city.

Antakya airports served

  • Hatay Airport (HTY)

More information about Hatay

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Neighborhood of Hatay
Emergency Numbers

After your arrival at Hatay Airport, which started service in 2007, with the advantageous prices of Pegasus, you'll see that transportation options for the city center, which is 25 km away from the airport, are a bit limited. The most suitable option is Havas shuttles, like in many other cities. In addition to the city canter, there are also Havas shuttles for Iskenderun vicinity. Using taxis in Hatay can be very costly. That's why, it's more reasonable to rent a car or use a company that offers transfer service. flypgs.com is here to help for rental car alternatives that will provide you with comfort at every moment of your trip.

Shopping in Hatay

In Hatay, shopping is done both in markets where you can see its traditional heritage and buy things and in shopping centers. We recommend local markets rather than shopping centers that can be found anywhere.

  • Uzun Carsi (The Long Market) - The famous marketplace of Antakya is actually comprised of many small marketplaces. Cheese sellers, herbalists, weavers... all together. You can watch the preparation of "kadayif" and shop at copperware shops while walking around in the market. We definitely recommend you to bring "zahter" to home. Pomegranate syrup, laurel soap, samandag silk, different kinds of tomato sauces and olives can be considered as gift alternatives.  
  • Prime Mall Antakya - It looks like Antakya hasn't been infected with the "shopping center plague". Still, if you don't know where to find some of the things you need or want to visit a chain store, here's an address for you. Prime Mall also has a movie theatre inside.
  • Harbiye - Being famous for silk weaving, Harbiye has produced silk scarves and ties for well-known Turkish and international brands. These manufacturers are still in service in their shops located in Harbiye and products are much more affordable...

Food and Drink in Hatay

If we ever think about the most famous dishes of Hatay, which is one of the richest cuisines if Turkey with a culture that brings Mediterranean and Arabian influence together, hummus and "kunefe" will be the first ones to come to mind. We've created a list for you if you wonder what and where to eat in Hatay.

For lunch

  • Abdo Doner - "Antakya doner" has a fame that has been known almost everywhere in Turkey. Here, doner is served with broth and chili tomato sauce. Fresh herbs are also served with your warm wrap. Address: Misirlioglu Cad. No.19, Tel: 0326 212 75 46
  • Sultan Sofrasi - You should definitely stop by Sultan Sofrasi, where you can find the biggest variety of Antakya dishes. From mezzes to pot-cooked dishes, soups to dessert, you'll find many tastes you haven't experienced before, all together. We have to mention that the prices are a bit high. And try not to be too late for lunch. Address: Istiklal Cad. No.20/A, Tel: 0326 213 87 59
  • Poc Kasabi - Don't be fooled by the butcher's shop you see on the first floor, this is both a butcher's shop and one of the most famous kebab restaurants of Antakya. You should taste both tray kebab (tepsi kebabi) and paper kebab (kagit kebabi). Address: Uzun Carsi Cad. No.154, Tel: 0 326 213 95 03
  • Cinaralti Kunefe - You can try this amazing taste in any restaurant after meals in the capital of Kunefe. However, we recommend you to eat this dessert from its experts since you've already come this far. Cinaralti is one of the most special places in this sense; you shouldn't miss out on this woodfire baked taste covered in pistachio. address: Ayakkabicilar Carsisi, Pazar Sok. Ahmediye Cami İci, Tel: 0326 212 68 88
  • Affan Kahvesi, In Affan, which will provide you with an amazing evening break with its historical texture, you can taste "haytali", a special dessert of Antakya, in addition to drinking tea or coffee. We should also mention that Turkish coffee served in tea glasses are called "suvari" in Hatay. Address: Kurtulus Cad. No.42, Tel: 0326 215 12 48
  • Petek Pastanesi - We recommend you not to skip this address in Iskenderun. This pastry has Hatay's amazing delicacies. "Belluriye", "berivan", "kombe"... You need to have a feast with these desserts. You can prefer this place for breakfasts, as well. Address: M. Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi No:16, Iskenderun, Tel: 0 322 617 88 88

For a dinner table

  • Antakya Evi - This place, which is registered as a private business, is in service in an old Antakya house. You can find many tastes that are special to Antakya. Prepare yourself for a feast of Oruktan (stuffed mutton balls) and "katikli" bread. Address: Silahli Kuvvetler Caddesi No: 3, Tel: 0326 214 13 50
  • Leban Restaurant ve Meze Evi - Leban is a special place, you should especially taste hummus and broad bean in the restaurant that is in service in a historical house. Genial people are hard to miss in this business which is trying to keep a tradition alive in Antakya. Address: Gazipasa Cad. No.5, Next to Ortodoks Kilisesi, Tel: 0326 213 42 55
  • Sveyka - Being one of the most luxurious restaurants of Antakya, Sveyka offers traditional dishes with a perfect service. Its flawless service is a good reason to prefer it for business dinners. Address: Kurtulus Cad. No.58, Tel: 0326 213 39 47
  • Antikya - We recommend you to try mezzes in this restaurant where you'll find traditional tastes. Don't skip over baba ganoush and kaytaz borek. Address: Ayse Fitnat Hanim Cad. No.4/C, Tel: 0326 214 50 50
  • Anadolu Restaurant - Being one of the Antakya places that are ambitious about traditional tastes, Anadolu Restaurant has the advantage of having a playground for kids. If you're on a family trip, this will be an ideal choice. Don't leave without tasting yoghurt soup (yogurt asi) and semolina desset with cheese. Address: Hurriyet Cad. No.30/A, Tel: 0326 215 33 35
  • Ottoman Palace - Ottoman Palace serves traditional tastes with a great elaborance and a successful serving by a pool. It's suitable for crowded events and business dinners. Address: Istiklal Cad. No.20/A, Tel: 0326 213 87 59
  • Sirinyer Balikcisi - If you ever have a chance to visit Iskenderun vicinity and want to eat fish, Sirinyer may be your next favorite. You can choose different fish depending on the season but we recommend heavy grouper, which is one of the best fish of the region. We also recommend you to not skip "zahter" (thyme) salad while ordering mezzes. Address: Inonu Mah. Akdeniz Cad. No.117, Karaagac/Iskenderun, Tel: 0326 641 30 50
  • Cafe Flor - You can find different tastes from the world cuisine in this restaurant which is one of the most interesting places in Iskenderun. It'll be a great choice if you want to take a break from traditional foods. You may come across some European recipes combined with the culture of Antakya. Address: Cay Mah. Bahcelievler Sahil Cad. No.30, Iskenderun, Tel: 0326 612 18 14
  • Hasan Baba - Being one of the most elegant and well-known restaurants of Iskenderun, this place is especially famous for its doner and iskender kebab. Address: Ulu Cami Caddesi No: 35, Iskenderun, Tel: 0326 617 64 20
  • Kule Restaurant - If you want to eat something in the company of the peerless and natural view of Hatay's Harbiye vicinity, we recommend Kule Restaurant. You can enjoy mezzes, kebabs and desserts that are unique to Hatay. Address: Kariyer Mah. Urgen Cad. No.45, Harbiye/Antakya, Tel: 0326 231 64 64

Accommodation in Hatay

You won't have any accommodation problems in Hatay, which is the meeting point of many cultures, since it's one of the regions both domestic and international tourists prefer. You can decide on the Hatay hotel that is most suitable to you and make your reservation by taking a look at our recommendations. 

  • Savon Hotel - The buildin that has been converted into a hotel from an old soap factory is really impressive. It's in service with 43 rooms - 4 VIP rooms, 3 suites and 36 standards rooms. All rooms have satellite broadcasting and free wi-fi.  Address: Kurtulus Cad. No:192, Tel: 0326 214 63 55
  • Grand Bogazici Otel - One of the best hotels on Antakya with its spacious rooms with a beautiful view, even though it's a bit far from the city center. It also has sauna, Turkish bath, gym and meeting rooms for business trips. Address: Defne Mah., Urgen Cad. Harbiye / Antakya, Tel: 0326 231 31 31
  • Antik Grand Hotel - The hotel, that is at the center of Antakya, has been ideally located for touristic trips. Also, it's a good city hotel with services that meet all your needs. Address: Hurriyet Caddesi No: 10, Tel: 0326 215 75 75
  • Liwan Boutique Hotel - The hotel, that is in service in a historical building, is the only boutique hotel of the city. You'll feel good and "on vacation" thanks its elegantly designed rooms with balconies. Address: Silahli Kuvvetler Cad. No:5, Tel: 0326 215 77 77
  • Arsuz Hotel - A perfect accommodation facility in the middle of orange trees is waiting for you. This hotel, that is a part of the peerless nature of Arsuz vicinity and also has an amazing sandy beach, is ideal for summer vacations. Address: Arsuz / Iskenderun, Tel: 0 326 643 24 44

Places to Visit in Hatay

Ancient ruins make up most of the places to see in Hatay, of which history goes back to Early Bronze Age. You can lose yourself while walking around in this fascinating city that has witnessed the history.

  • Hatay Archeology Museum (Antakya Mosaic Museum) - The museum, that has one of the most important mosaic and numismatics collection of the world, is the first place that must be seen in Antakya.
  • Church of St. Peter - Being accepted as one of the oldest churchs in the history of Christianity, this places is built in a cave where Christians secretly came together in Roman times.
  • The Ferryman of Hell - This rock sculpture that is located 10 minutes away from the Church of St. Peter is one of the most impressive artifacts in Hatay. This sculpture represents Charon the ferryman who takes dead souls to the other side of Styx River for money in mythology.
  • Habib Neccar Mosque - The legend of Habib Neccar, who was one of the first believers when Christianity emerged, is very well-known in Antakya. Although many temples have been found in the area where the mosque that was built in the name of Habib Cebbar, who had lost his life for his religion, is located, it's believed that the current building is one of the works of Mamluk times .
  • Grand Mosque - It's known as the oldest mosque in Hatay and defined as a work from Mamluk times. However, it's believed to have been rebuilt in Ottoman times after getting highly damaged.
  • Vespasianus Titus Tunnel - Being located in the ancient town that is also called "Cevlik", the tunnel was created to protect the inner port by the rivers that come from mountains from potential floods. It's been given this name since its construction that had been started at the time of Emperor Vespasnius was completed at the time of Titus.
  • Harbiye (Daphne) - Harbiye, which is a peerless town in terms of its natural beauty, is called "Daphne" by the rest of the world. According to the story, the town got this name from the young girl named Daphne, who turned into a daphne tree while running away from the love of Apollo. It's believed that this mythological story occured here.
  • Demirkopru (The Iron Bridge) - This bridge located on The Orontes River in between Antakya and Reyhanli has been providing access since the Middle Ages.
  • Church of St. Simeon Stylites - Hıristiyanlığın stylite mezhebini izleyen keşişler bir sütun üzerine yerleştirdikleri hücrelerde yaşarlardı. Bu keşişlerin en ünlülerinden biri olan Aziz Simeon’un tam 45 yılını bu şekilde geçirdiği tahmin edilmekte. İşte bu azizin ölümü üzerine inşa edilen manastırın kalıntılarını görmek hâlâ mümkün.
  • Issos (Epiphanea) Ruins - There are ruins of the city, that had built in the Hellenistic Period and was active during the Roman Era, and aqueducts in this area where Persian King Darius III and The Great Alexander have battled. 
  • Antakya Castle ve Walls - The founder of the city, which has the second longest walls in Turkey after Istanbul, Seleucus Nicator I built the walls and the city at the same time. Further down the wall, you'll find The Iron Gate, which is also a must-see.
  • Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Complex - The complex that is mentioned to have been built in 1574 in its inscriptions, is a magnificent building that is comprised of a kervansarai, marketplace, madrasah, mosque, castle and a Turkish bath.
  • The Great Antakya Park - We definitely recommend you to take a walk in this park, which lays on a wide and green area on the side of the Orontes River. You can also sit in a tea house for a tea or coffee break after a tiring touristic trip.

Hatay Neighborhoods

  • Historical Antakya: The historical center of Antakya, which is the central vicinity of Hatay, is still one the most lively regions of the city. It's also a tourist center with the Long Market and historical Antakya houses. Kurtulus Street, that is known as the first street to be lit in the world, is also located here.
  • Harbiye: The famous vicinity of Antaky is known for its Daphne myth and unique nature. It's one of the must-visit regions with a green wood and waterfalls as well as a small town center.
  • Iskenderun: The vacation vicinity of Hatay, Iskenderun is a historically important settlement area by the sea. It's also a region that is often preferred for holidays.


Hatay’s nightlife is mostly concentrated in Arsiz, which is a favourite vacation town in the vicinity of Iskenderun. You can take a look at the list for our recommendations.

  • Cabaret - This centrally located place in Antakya, mostly plays Turkish rock music. It's possible to have fun until very late hours with live performances. Addres: Hürriyet Cad. No.26, At the opposite of the Orthodox Church, Tel: 0326 215 55 40
  • Liwan Bar - You can have a calm night with live music in this place which is a part of Liwan Hotel and one of the most elegant places in Antakya. However, we need to underline that the prices are quite high. Addres: Silahli Kuvvetler Cad. No:5, Tel: 0326 215 77 77
  • Kara Kedi - This place that is located in Iskenderun is a rock bar. It aims to bring an entertainment alternative to the city. It's trying to stand out with live performances. Addres: Doktorlar Cad. Ongu-Vestel Nino side street, Iskenderun, Tel: 0326 614 06 74
  • Cocktail Disco Bar - In Cocktail, which is one of the best places in Arsuz, entertainment continues until very late hours, especially in summer. Famous names of local and international pop music take the stage at some nights in the place that stands out with its DJ performances and frequent dance shows. Addres: Yıldızlar Cad. No. 47 Arsuz / Iskenderun, Tel: 0326 661 40 89
  • Buzz - If you want to listen to mainstream Turkish pop[1] , this is the right place for you... There are different entertainment options from karaoke to live music. Butwe want to remind you that they have football screenings at the nights of important matches.  Addres: Kanatli Mah. Ataturk cad. No:168, Tel: 0326 221 40 64

Emergency Numbers

  • City code: 0 326
  • Provincial Tourism Directorate: 0 326 214 92 17
  • Police: 0 326 223 92 15
  • Gendarmy Emergency: 156
  • Police Emergency: 155
  • Health Emergency: 112

Weather in Antakya (Hatay)

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