Flights to Geneva (GVA) from 38 GBP

Flights to Geneva (GVA) from 38 GBP


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Best fares for flights found by others

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Traveling to Geneva (GVA)

Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland! With affordable airfare available from Pegasus, this city is a must see on your European holiday.

Geneva, being located between The Alps and The Jura Mountains, is one of the most crowded cities if Switzerland. Being known as the watch center of the world, Geneva is one of the places that is frequented by the world's high society thanks to its luxurious streets, shopping centers, cafes and bars. Geneva, of which historical buildings carry the influence of Gothic architecture, is also a subject of interest due to its magnificent natural heritage like The Alps and Lake Geneva in addition to the luxury and pompousness the city offers. If you're going to Geneva between November and March, you're lucky. Because this is the most ideal time period for winter sports. Luckily summers are hot on Geneva, where it's too cold in winter. Travellers who are not interested in winter sports can prefer summer months to have a more pleasurable stay in Geneva.

Top Landmarks in Geneva

  • Jet d'Eau-This beautiful fountain shoots water one hundred and forty meters into the air. At night, the fountain is even illuminated.
  • Old Town-Here, you can walk around for a couple of hours to see the cannons at city hall, Rousseau’s birth house, and antique shops.
  • Quartier des Grottes-There are some cool shops here and also some residential buildings where the architects tried to avoid using straight lines.

What to Eat in Geneva

  • Chocolate-The Swiss are famous for their chocolate. It is said that no other chocolate in the world can beat that of Switzerland.
  • Cheval-This is horse meat that is served dry with cheese.
  • Rivella-This is a carbonated drink that has been made from milk whey.

Landscapes in Geneva

Geneva is located by Lake Geneva, which flows into the Rhone. It is also surrounded by the Alps and the Jura mountain chains.

Transportation in Geneva

Geneva has an amazing transportation system. With any different form of transportation, you can get within a block or two of any location. Transportation consists of bus, tram, bicycle, boat, car, or even on foot. If you are looking for a unique way to travel, try a Segway, as they can go anywhere that bikes can go and represent an interesting way to get around Geneva!

Geneva airports served

  • Geneva is served by the Geneva International Airport (GVA).

More information about Geneva

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

You can use flypgs.com's car rental service for transportation Geneva. If you want to use public transportation, the services they offer will be enough to meet your expectations because the city has a very advanced train and bus system. Your flight ticket to Geneva, which has low budget options in Pegasus, gives you a right to get a public transportation card that can be used for 80 minutes. Don't forget to ask for this card, that can be used on a bus, train or ferry, after collecting your baggage. Taxi is more of a high budget alternative of transportation in Geneva, which is one of the 10 most expensive cities in the world, so it's not really preferred by most tourists.

Shopping in Geneva

Worldwide famous brands, designers and fashion icons are the essentials of Geneva. For shopping in Geneva, you either go to the luxurious clothing stores on the street of banks or visit the local shops for pieces special to Geneva. Poducts that have identified with Geneva, like watches, jewelleries, and chocolate, are what you need to keep in mind while shopping here. 

  • Rue du Rhône - There are world renown designers' stores in this street, which is known as the luxurious shopping street if Geneva. Rue du Rhône, where there are stores of Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Rolex, Dior and many more famous designers, is a place that needs to be visited with a big budget. Address: Geneva
  • Alptitude - You can shop for average prices in Alptitude, which is a chic gift shop in Geneva. Alptitude is a good address to buy some Geneva souvenirs. Address: 9, rue des Alpes, Geneva
  • Philippe Pascoet, Maitre Chocolatier Suisse - Philippe Pascoet is one of the important places where you can buy luxurious Swiss chocolates in Geneva. We recommend you to buy a package of chocolate with different flavours. Address: Chocolaterie Philippe Pascoet, 12 Rue Saint-Joseph, Geneva Chocolaterie
  • Laduree Geneva Bon Genie - Laduree, which introduced macarons to the world, is one of the must-visit spots in Geneva. If you like macarons, we recommend you to drop by here and get a small box. Address: 34, rue du Marche, Geneva 1204
  •  Meyrin Centre -  If you say that malls are what you go for even in Geneva, then Meyrin Centre is the address for you! First you can shop and then drink a cup of coffee and relax in one of the cafes inside. Address: 24, avenue de Feuillasse, Meyrin, Geneva

Food and Drink in Geneva

You can guess that food and drink options of an expensive city are also expensive. The number of luxurious cafes and restaurants in Geneva are quite high. However, it's not like there are no low budget restaurants among those. In Geneva, where you can find anything you're looking for from French and Swiss cuisines' specialties to world food, there are famous fast food chains for those looking for cheaper eating alternatives. When it comes to the question of what to eat in Geneva, the first and the best answer is gruyère.

  • Le Relais de l'Entrecote - Being one of the most popular restaurants of Switzerland, Le Relais de l'Entrecote is one of the classic places you can choose to eat a delicious meat and try Switzerland's high quality beverages. Address: Rue Pierre-Fatio 6, Geneva 1204 Geneva (Rues-Basses Longemalle) 
  • Glacier ArtyGlaces - Glacier ArtyGlaces, where you can eat the most delicious ice-cream of the city for a reasonable price, is one of the cafes you can prefer if you are craving for sweets. Address: rue du Velodrome, 4, Geneva 1205 
  • Monte Bianco - If you're looking for some delicious snacks, you can spend your lunch time in Monte Bianco. You can have a fast lunch with their tasty sandwiches and move on to your city tour right where you've left it. Address: rue Chaponniere 9, Geneva 1201  
  • Café du Soleil - If you want to taste the real Swiss delicacies in Geneva, Café du Soleil offers the best with many years' experience.  Address: 6, place du Petit-Saconnex, Geneva CH-1209 
  • Cafe du Centre - If you're looking for a delicious option for breakfast, Cafe du Centre will meet your expectations. This is an elegant cafe where you can drop by not only for a breakfast but also for a cup of coffee to relax after a busy day. Address: Place du Molard, Geneva

Accommodation in Geneva

Would you like to see the white view of Alps right outside of your windows or to be in the middle of the city and join the life with your first step outside of your hotel? Geneva's accommodation options offer you both of these. Being one of the most luxurios cities of the world that is preferred by European high society, Geneva has very luxurious hotels where even the tiniest details have not been overlooked. However, you also have access to more economical accommodation options. Here's our recommendations for differnt standards of accommodation: 

  • Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva - Many room in Kempinski on the shore of Lake Geneva has a panoramic city view. All kinds of little details have been thought about to make you feel special in this hotel which is one of the most luxurious and expensive option among accommodation alternatives. Address: Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, Paquis, 1211 Geneva
  •  Swiss Luxury Apartments - A true Swiss perfection... Swiss Luxury Apartments increase the of your time in Geneva with their minimalist decoration and invite you to peace after a busy day. Address: Rue Philippe - Plantamour 6 - 8, Paquis, 1201 Geneva
  • Hotel de la Paix - Hotel de la Paix, is an originally designed hotel which is in service for visitors who come to Geneva with an expectation of a grand and luxurious accommodation. Address: 11 Quai Du Mont Blanc, Saint-Gervais / des Grottes, 1211 Geneva 
  • N’vY Manotel - It's decoration is beautiful, it's view is beautiful, the feelings it creats are also beautiful. N’vY Manotel is one of the options you need to take a look at before making a hotel reservation in Geneva. Address: 18, rue Richemont, Paquis, 1202 Geneva 
  • Youth Hostel Geneva - If you need a budget-friendly but clean and warm accommodation option in Geneva, Youth Hostel may be the best address for that. This economical and clean hostel can be preferred especially by students with its location that is suitable for public transportation. Address: Rue Rothschild, 28-30, Paquis, 1202 Geneva

Places to Visit in Geneva

Geneva is a geography where God has been quite generous for some things...That's why there many places to see especially in order to experience the natural beauty; these include walks by the lake and even laying on the grass and listening to the sound of nature. Apart from that, Geneva is a city that is also very rich in terms of old buildings, museums and historical heritage. Whether you come to Geneva for work or for pleasure, we've listed the places you need to see as follows:

  • Lake Geneva - Being one of the most important symbols of the city, Lake Geneva is home to Jet d'Eau, which is known as the most powerful fountain of the world. The fountain helps the formation of a healthy flora around the lake by spraying water up to 140 meters high. Shore of Lake Geneva is a pleasant place where you can take a walk and eat ice-cream. If you have time, you can rent a boat and float on the lake as well. Address: quai Gustave-Ador | Jetee des Eaux-Vives, Geneva 1207 
  • Jardin Anglais (English Garden) - English Garden has many historical symbols like world renown Flower Clock and National Monument. Jardin Anglais, which is located at the end of Mont Blanc Bridge, is one of the must-visit spots. Address: Rues-Basses Longemalle, 1204
  • Geneva Old Town - The old town center is one of the important spots in Geneva. You can check some souvenirs on the stalls here and take a close look at historical buildings. It's aslo possible to try out local delicacies made of vineyards around the town. Address: Geneva 
  • Cathedrale de St-Pierre - Cathedrale de St-Pierre is one of the important histroical buildings that stands out with its architecture. You can go upstairs in this cathedral, which is influenced by Gothic and Roman architecture, and see the view of Lake Geneva. Address: 24 place du Bourg de Four, Geneva 1204
  • Patek Philippe Museum - Patek Philippe Watch Museum is one of the museums that attract many watch enthusiasts who visit Geneva. We recommend you to visit this museum with a hundreds of years old collection of watches in Geneva, the city of watches. Address: Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, Geneva 1205

Night Life

Geneva is not much of an active city. That's why wild nights until the sunrise won't be the case here. You can eat dinner in restaurants with soft background music or leave yourself to the serenity of life in Geneva with a walk in the streets or by the lake. Of course, there are also nightclub, bar and pub options available but it will be nice to remind you that they are all very luxurious 

  • Au Chat Noir - You can prefer Au Chat Noir, which is one of the best jazz bar for a high quality music and a good drinks menu. If you like jazz music, you'll be very satisfied with Au Chat Noir. Address: 13 rue Vautier | Carouges, Geneva 1227
  • Lady Godiva English Pub - If you're looking for a place where you can listen to good music accompanied by English drinks and snacks while talking to your friends at the same time, Lady Godiva English Pub may be exactly the place for you. Address: 53, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve | Plainpalais, Geneva 1205 
  • Lake Geneva - Lake shore is one of the indispensable part of the night life in Geneva, especially for young people. Here, you can drink something while listening to music. Lake shore activities are a must-experience for all Geneva visitors. Address: Geneva
  •  Red Light District - Red Light District, which is the area where striptease clubs are located in Geneva, is much smaller than it is in other European cities. If you want to see a different side if Geneva, you can stop by Red Light District. 
  • Zoe Live Bar - Being one of the best places to listen to live music, Zoe Live Bar is a pleasant bar with warm people working there, where you can listen to good music with some drinks. Address: Rue Ferdinand Hodler 23, Geneva 1207

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +41 22
  • Emergency (General): 112
  • Police: 117
  • Fire: 118
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Geneva Airport: +41 (0)22 7177111

Weather in Geneva

18°Cheavy intensity rain20/07/2018
16°Cmoderate rain21/07/2018
21°Cfew clouds22/07/2018
24°Csky is clear23/07/2018
21°Clight rain24/07/2018
25°Clight rain25/07/2018
27°Clight rain26/07/2018
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