Flights to Gaziantep (GZT) from 30 GBP

Flights to Gaziantep (GZT) from 30 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 04/10/2019
from 30 GBP
Last seen: 7 hours

Lefkosia (ECN) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 15/09/2019
from 31 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

Izmir (ADB) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 27/09/2019
from 47 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Dusseldorf (DUS) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 19/09/2019
from 73 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 06/08/2019
from 55 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

London (STN) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 02/09/2019
from 102 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 04/10/2019
from 30 GBP
Last seen: 7 hours

Lefkosia (ECN) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 15/09/2019
from 31 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

Izmir (ADB) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 27/09/2019
from 47 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 06/08/2019
from 55 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Dalaman (DLM) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 30/07/2019
from 65 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Dusseldorf (DUS) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 19/09/2019
from 73 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Antalya (AYT) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 10/08/2019
from 82 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Alanya (GZP) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 09/08/2019
from 87 GBP
Last seen: 17 hours

Bodrum (BJV) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 04/08/2019
from 88 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Bucharest (OTP) Gaziantep (GZT)

Departure date 22/11/2019
from 88 GBP
Last seen: 7 hours

Traveling to Gaziantep (GZT)

Welcome to Gaziantep, Turkey, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. With Pegasus Airlines affordable airfare, a holiday to this old settlement is easier than ever.

Gaziantep's rich culture is a blend of Mesopotamian and Mediterranean cultures, which makes it a perfect destination for cultural tourism. The sixth largest city in Turkey, Antep is a fertile settlement located on the Silk Road that hosted Mesopotamian and Mediterranean cultures throughout its history. Its history dates back to the Paleolithic Age when it was one of the first human settlements established in Anatolia. The best times to buy a flight ticket to Gaziantep and have a trip full of history and flavor are spring and fall.

Top Landmarks in Gaziantep

  • Zeugma Mosaic Museum-This is the biggest mosaic museum in the world.
  • Kitchen Museum-The next stop on your trip to Gaziantep should be the Kitchen Museum, where you can learn about typical Turkish cuisine.
  • Castle’s Museum-This museum is dedicated to World War I. Here, you will learn about the various heroes in the war, as well as take in a great view from the top of the castle.

What to Eat in Gaziantep

  • Pistachios-Gaziantep is famous for pistachios. You can eat them plain, roasted, or spiced.
  • Beyran-This is a spicy lamb soup that is eaten with rice, for breakfast.
  • Katmer-This is also a breakfast food that consists of a pastry stuffed with sugar, pistachios, and sheep cheese.

Landscapes in Gaziantep

Gaziantep is a very large city located in the Southeastern Anatolian plateau in Turkey.

Transportation in Gaziantep

The centre of the city is fairly compact, and walking is not an issue. Buses and taxis are available for those faraway places, or for when you get tired.

Gaziantep airports served

  • Gaziantep is served by Gaziantep International Airport which is fifteen kilometres away from the city centre.

More information about Gaziantep

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Neighborhoods of Gaziantep
Emergency Numbers

After you fly with Pegasus with the great deals offered, you arrive at the Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport 20 km from the city center and have a variety of options for getting there.

Havaş is the best option among these since their services are scheduled according to flight schedules. Havaş busses leave the airport 25 minutes after your landing and the trip takes approximately 35 minutes. You can also take a taxi, but the price will be much higher. If you wish to rent a car you can make a reservation using the link.

Shopping in Gaziantep

When you go out for shopping in Gaziantep you will come across traditional markets and bazaars. You will find the most special examples of handicrafts and have a hard time choosing souvenirs among these artifacts.

  • Copper Bazaar - This centrally located market offers handmade copper products that are designed both as souvenirs and for daily use. If you wish to try local drinks we recommend ehlikeyf. Look carefully inside the shops to find unique decorative objects.
  • Spice and Yemeni Bazaar - Located next to the Copper Bazaar, this market is decorated with yemeni (traditional shoes from this region) hanging from the ceiling. Although Antep’s traditional color is red, the shops offer a wide variety of colors and designs. Spices, pistachios and pistachio paste are also great souvenirs…
  • Gaziler Street - This is the main street that is simply called Çarşı (the market) by the locals and is closed to motor vehicles. The street will fulfill all your shopping needs as well as offering some relics and a great route to get to know Antep better.
  • Bayazhan - Small shops located inside Bayazhan’s courtyard are the result of a project that tries to revive Antep’s endangered handicrafts. You can find very special motifs such as Antep işi and kutnu here, and buy really special gifts and souvenirs.

Food and Drink in Gaziantep

Gaziantep cuisine joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the gastronomy field in 2015 and is considered a global asset. Gaziantep cuisine offers a real treasure, especially with its kebabs and deserts, and one day is enough to try it in-situ. Just book an early morning Gaziantep flight ticket from Pegasus on a weekend, have the most delicious trip in the world and return home in the evening.

For Breakfast

  • Katmerci Zekeriya Usta - One of the best spots for one of the most important flavors in Antep, katmer. You must try it for breakfast but be careful, since the perfect combination of cream and pistachios can be addictive. Address: Çukur Mahallesi, Körükçü Sokak, B Hilmi Geçidi, No: 16/C-D, Şahinbey, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 230 09 71
  • Orkide Patisserie - The katmer of this patisserie is famous, as well as its magnificent breakfast menu. You must try it if you are a breakfast person, but do not forget to save room for the kebabs. Address: Gazi Muhtar Paşa Boulevard, No:17, Gaziantep, Tel: 0342 215 15 00
  • Ciğerci Mustafa - We especially recommend cartlak kebab, to be eaten in the morning as the locals do. Address: Gaziler Caddesi, Bayramoğlu Sokak, No: 1/B, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 230 91 82

For Lunch

  • Metanet Beyran Restaurant - Beyran is an Antep specialty that is something between a breakfast soup and a meal. It is made with mutton that is stewed for a long time. Metanet is the one and only place for this specialty. The service starts at 5 am. Address: Kozluca Mahallesi, Kozluca Caddesi, No: 11, Tekke Camii civarı, Şahinbey, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 231 46 66
  • Kebapçı Halil Usta - Küşleme is a special cut of meat that you get two pieces from around the backbone of sheep. Try not to be late because they run out fast. Address: Karşıyaka Tekel Caddesi, Öcükoğlu Sokak, No: 6, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 3231616
  • Çavuşoğlu - The restaurant was established in 1875 and is one of the best kebab spots in Antep. You must also try the carrot sliced baklava (sweet pastry). Address: Eski Saray Caddesi, No:11/B, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 231 30 69
  • Antep Küşleme Meat Restaurant - The restaurant is famous for its lahmacun (thin pizza with meat sauce), and küşleme made with the fat and sinew-free meat from the back of sheep is a must try. Address: Adana Asfaltı yolu üstü, Koçerler Benzin İstasyonu yanı, Başpınar, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 337 20 25
  • Baklavacı Zeki İnal - There are many places that serve baklava in Antep, but Zeki İnal is the most special and delicious. Address: Atatürk Bulvarı, No:38/B, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 231 20 69
  • Tahmis Café - This centrally located historical café was established in 1635. It is a great spot to catch your breath and have a cup of coffee. Entering the building feels like entering a time warp. Address: Arasa Meydanı, Elmacı Pazarı yanı, Şahinbey, Gaziantep

For Dinner

  • Çulcuoğlu Meat Restaurant - This restaurant feasts your eyes even before you place your order. The free appetizers are incessant, and the dishes are delicious. Finish your feast with the pistachio packed kadayıf (baked noodle desert). It is a must try. Address: Şahinbey Mahallesi, Kalender Sokak, No:6/A, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 231 02 41
  • İmam Çağdaş - Dating to 1887, the restaurant is famous for its local dishes and kebabs. Its special square cut baklava is famous nation-wide. We also recommend an Antep specialty, the altı ezmeli kebab. Address: Eski Hal yanı, Uzun Çarşı, No: 49, Şahinbey, Gaziantep, Te: 0 342 231 26 78
  • Aşina Gaziantep Cuisine - This is a great Antep restaurant that serves kebabs and local dishes. Do not leave Antep without trying the most famous and the most arduous dish of this cuisine, yuvalama. Address: Kıbrıs Caddesi, No: 46 (Emniyet Müdürlüğü karşısı) Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 220 49 49 
  • Yörem Antep Cuisine - Enjoy the cozy and pleasant atmosphere as you taste local dishes. Address: İncilipınar Mahallesi, 3. Cadde 15. Sokak, Ali Api Apartmanı 2/C, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 230 50 00 
  • Cıncık Restaurant - A great place to taste Antep’s homemade food. Yuvalama (yuvarlama) is a must try. İçli köfte (kibbeh) is also very special. Address: Değirmiçem Mahallesi, Muammer Aksoy Bulvarı, Göğüş Caddesi, No:51, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 335 16 00
  • Baklavacı Güllüoğlu Elmacı Pazarı - This spot is famous as the “The Oldest Baklava Shop in the World,” serving at the same location for 150 years with a traditional operation. It is practically a school for the traditional art of baklava making where the famous Güllüoğlu Baklavası was born. You must try the warm baklava and şöbiyet in this shabby shop! Address: Elmacı Pazarı, No:4/A, Şahinbey, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 231 21 05

Accommodation in Gaziantep

Gaziantep attracts domestic and foreign tourist with its many facades, and accommodation options can satisfy every visitor. Gaziantep hotels host touristic and business guests year round.

  • Novotel-İbis - The hotel is ideal for business trips since it contains a real congress center with 8 meeting rooms and office services. Address: Yaprak Mahallesi, Istasyon Caddesi, No: 80, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 211 00 00
  • Tuğcan Hotel - In addition to many meeting rooms and halls, the hotel offers a spa, a restaurant and a bar for both business and touristic trips. Address: Alleben Mahallesi, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 220 43 23
  • Dedeman - Designed specifically for business trips and congress organizations, the hotel contains 3 restaurants, 2 bars and a café, considering every detail for your comfort. Address: Nesimi Mahallesi, Gaziantep Caddesi, No: 160, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 211 66 00
  • Safir Hotel - With a ball room, bar, restaurant and spa, it is everything you expect from a grand hotel. Address: Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı, No: 38 (İpekyolu), Gaziantep , Tel: 0 342 324 70 90
  • Asude Mansion - We recommend Asude Konak for people who expect a unique experience. It is a traditional Antep home that was transformed into a boutique hotel. With fewer comforts, but more of a family atmosphere, you can stay in this small hotel and enjoy homemade food in the heart of the city. Address: Şekeroğlu Mahallesi, Kale karşısı, Tahtani Camii arkası, Millet Sokak, No: 20, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 231 20 44

Places to Visit in Gaziantep

Whether you are staying for a day or a week, every moment you spend in Gaziantep will be lived to the fullest. You will be eager to visit specific locations as well as to walk each and every street. The history of this city is not hidden away in museums and fortresses, but is alive on the city’s streets and felt with every breath you take.

  • Zeugma Mosaic Museum - This museum was opened in 2011 to exhibit the mosaics that were revealed by the rescue excavations conducted in the ancient city of Zeugma, before it was flooded by dam water. This modernly equipped museum has one of the richest mosaic collections in the world and is a must see.
  • Gaziantep Fortress - The fortress has been transformed into a museum of Antep’s independence, and you will be able to see and take photographs of the best view of the city on your way up.
  • Medusa Glass Art Museum - The first special glass art museum in Turkey consists of a few traditional Antep houses. Traditional handicrafts are being revived in the small workshops located in the courtyard, and it offers an interesting tour.
  • Gaziantep Zoo - This is the largest zoo in Turkey, and it is a nice place to visit for kids where they can see exotic animals such as lions and jaguars.
  • Pişirici Kastel - Kastels are the most curious of structures in Antep. These unique examples of water architecture were used for various social purposes such as washing, resting and prayer, as well as for water storage. Pişirici Kastel is dated to 1282.
  • Boyacı Mosque - Although it has a plate that dates its construction to 1358, it is thought to be much older. The woodwork inside the mosque is worth seeing.
  • Kurtuluş Mosque - The building was constructed in 1892 and was later turned into a prison and then a mosque. It is one of the biggest mosques in Gaziantep.
  • Hasan Süzer Ethnographic Museum - Located in a traditional Antep house, the museum exhibits the traditional life style of Antep.
  • Halfeti - Halfeti is the oldest district of Antep, and it is 120 km from downtown Gaziantep . Halfeti has two towns, Arğıl and Yukarı Göklü, as well as 35 villages and 34 hamlets. Although it is a bit of a distance to the city of Gaziantep, it offers natural beauty and historical sites worth adding to your list of places to visit.
  • Zeugma - Zeugma is an ancient city that was founded by Seleucus I Nicator, an infantry general under Alexander the Great, around 300 BCE. It is located in the contemporary village of Belkıs, 10 km from the town of Nizip in Gaziantep. The mosaics revealed by excavations, including the Acheloos and Gypsy Girl, are exhibited in Gaziantep Museum.
  • Bayazhan Gaziantep City Museum - Bayazhan was built by Bayaz Ahmet Efendi in 1909, and it took on its contemporary function as a museum after immense restoration works. The museum aims to display every aspect of the city of Gaziantep and contains small shops inside its courtyard. It deserves a visit.
  • Emine Göğüş Museum of Gastronomy - The museum aims to exhibit Antep’s rich gastronomical culture and is visited frequently by tourists. The food in this city is so good that everyone is interested in visiting the museum of gastronomy when they hear about it.

Neighborhoods of Gaziantep

  •  Kale Altı - This neighborhood surrounds the Gaziantep Fortress and constitutes the heart of the Old City. The narrow streets are packed with touristic attractions. You can take a pleasant walk here and see a lot of historical buildings.
  • Bey Neighborhood - The neighborhood contains many traditional Antep houses that have been restored and protected. You can feel the historical atmosphere of the city more clearly when you walk its streets, and there are many cafés and restaurants in this neighborhood.
  • Karşıyaka - This neighborhood has a poorer appearance and a denser population. You can get to know Antep much better and even discover some small treasures.
  • Gazi Muhtar Paşa Boulevard and Surroundings - This wide street is located in a rapidly developing section of Antep, and it represents the modern face of Antep with shops that sell luxury brands, high rise buildings and shopping centers.

Nightlife in Gaziantep

Like any city with a university, Gaziantep also has a vibrant nightlife. Four different universities attract a large young population to the city. Here are some of the hot spots:

  • Papirüs Café - Located in a traditional Antep house, it has a cool and pleasant courtyard shaded by trees. The top floor contains a room with spectacular murals. The café is mostly frequented by students, and it is open until 10 pm. Address: Atatürk Bulvarı, Noter Sokak, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 220 32 79
  • Deep Night Club - This night club is located inside Dedeman Hotel. It is open between 10 pm and 4 am with Turkish and foreign music. It is one of the first venues that comes to mind when looking for entertainment in the city, and it has the capacity to serve 100 people. Address: Nesimi Mahallesi, Gaziantep Caddesi, No: 160, 27120, Aktoprak, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 211 66 00 
  • SPR Pub Restaurant - Decorated like an English pub, the venue hosts salsa parties and live performances. Address: Bayazhan, Akyol Mahallesi, Kırkayak Parkı karşısı, Gaziantep, Tel: 0 342 221 02 12 
  • La Mia Verita - This rock-n-roll concert venue is one of Antep’s most famous spots for entertainment. Address: Osmangazi Mahallesi, 56240. Cadde, No: 3, Zirve Park, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Tel: 342 338 64 44
  • Garaj Bar - With live Turkish music on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays, this bar has a young customer profile and is a favorite for birthday parties.
  • Zılgıt Cafe-Bar - Zılgıt has authentic decoration adorned with Turkish carpets, rugs and cushions and live music every night. Address: Kayacık Sokak, Gaziantep 0 342 230 0490

Emergency Numbers

  • Provincial Code: 0 342
  • Provincial Directorate of Tourism: 0 342 230 59 69
  • Police: 0 342 230 18 30
  • Gendarmerie Emergency: 156
  • Pharmacies on Duty: 118
  • Police Emergency: 155
  • Medical Emergency: 112

Weather in Gaziantep

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