Flights to Frankfurt (FRA) from 36 GBP

Flights to Frankfurt (FRA) from 36 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

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Traveling to Frankfurt (FRA)

Pegasus offers the most affordable Frankfurt flight ticket fares. As Pegasus flies here frequently, you have many opportunities to purchase cheap tickets to Frankfurt. One of the most cosmopolitan cities of Europe; Frankfurt is known for its book exhibitions and art activities. Frankfurt can be very cold during the winter season. If you are planning your vacation for that season, you should have some warm clothes with you. Although the city is fairly easy to navigate, it is best to have a map with you.

Mostly mentioned with book or otomobile convention, Frankfurt is known as the convention and finance city of Germany. Of course, conventions are not the only reason behind that Frankfurt welcomes guests from all around the wold throughout year. Its history, unique architecture and culture make this city one of the most frequently visited cities of Germany, as well. Frankfurt harbors the best examples of gothic architecture with its museums, art galleries and historical buildings aligned by the coast of The Main River. The city has also been home to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who is one of the most important masters of world literature history; Goethe wrote some of his most famous works here. Skyscrapers were built in the places of the destructed buildings in the city, which had been damaged in the World War II. The contrast created by the co-existence of old and new buildings has its own harmony. Frankfurt is one of the important world cities that needs to be seen both for its aesthetics and culture. In the city, which has a relatively mild temparement compared to other cities of Germany, summers are sunny while winters are harsh. That's why the best times to enjoy the city are spring or summer months.

Attractions in Frankfurt

  • Römerberg: Römerberg is Frankfurt’s old town centre where you can see the historical buildings and take some great photos.
  • Eiserner Steg: Eiserner Steg bridge, which is situated in the Römerberg district, offers the best view of Frankfurt.
  • Frankfurt Cathedral: One of the landmarks of Frankfurt – built in red sandstone in the gothic style.

What to Eat in Frankfurt

  • Schweinshaxen: Frankfurt’s most famous local taste, schweinshaxen, is a baked meat served with potatoes or cabbage.
  • Handkäse mit musik: This popular snack is made from onions and handkäse, which is produced with sour milk.
  • Röstis mit Grüne Soße: Rösti served with a green sauce which is made from onions, sorrel, parsley and various other green herbs.

Where to Eat in Frankfurt

  • Fischerplätzchen: Fischerplätzchen district, which is located right beside the Alte Bridge, has many cafés and restaurants.
  • Kaiserplatz: Frankfurt’s most lively district; Kaiserplatz has restaurants for everyone’s taste
  • Holzgraben: If you are looking for cheap food in Frankfurt, Holzgraben is where you should go.

Frankfurt View

While approaching the city on a Frankfurt flight, you will be greeted with a view of sprawling green areas and huge skyscrapers. As Germany’s economical centre, Frankfurt will fascinate you with its modern and gothic buildings.

Transportation in Frankfurt

You can reach anywhere by foot or bicycle within the city. Buses, trains, tramcars, the subway and taxis are used for Frankfurt’s local transportation.

More information about Frankfurt

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

Right after purchasing your cheap tickets to Frankfurt on flypgs.com, you can use the rental car services for a comfortable transportation in the city. If the places you're going to visit are not far from the city center, you can also reach them by walking because Frankfurt is quite a small city in contrast to its fame. Railways is the best solution for remote places.

The fact that Frankfurt's subway and train lines cover a wide area, prevents transportation from being a problem of the city. If you obtain a daily card, which you can use in all kinds of public transportation, you can travel everywhere with the same ticket for a whole day.

Shopping in Frankfurt

Although being one of the small cities of Germany, Frankfurt offers many alternatives for shopping. With alternatives from shopping centers to streets with luxury boutiques, Frankfurts is a city that is also ideal for shopping. The most ideal things to bring home or give as a gift are different kinds of cheese, wines and special sauces because Europe's most special tastes are sold here.

Despite classic shopping centers, Zeil has not only worldwide famous brands but also hobby shops  inside. You can find almost anything you're looking for in Zeil. You can also watch a panoramic view of the city at the rooftop of Zeilgaleri. Address : Zeil Frankfurt, 60313

  • Bauernmarkt Konstablerwache - You can shop for traditional Franfurkt tastes like German wine Apfelwein or Grüne Sauce in this market next to Zeil. Address : Konstablerwache | Donnerstags & Samstags, 60313 Frankfurt (Innenstadt)
  • Main River's Coastline - One of the most pleasant shopping sessions may be the one you'll have on the coastline of Main River before the weather gets cold. You can find second hand antique items in the flea market that is set along the coastline of Main River in the middle of the city and enjoy the Main River at the same time.
Main River Frankfurt
  • Goethestraße - Goethestraße meaning "Goethe Street", is known as the street where worldwide famous designers' luxurious boutiques are located. However, it's a good idea to check the roads that connets to this street for more affordable alternatives. 
  • Schillerstraße - In Schiller Street, which is one of the streets that crosses Goethe Street, you can find boutiques for lower budgets than Goethe Street. Also, you can come across a tiny market set here if you happen to be around on a Friday.

Food and Drink in Frankfurt

Frankfurt's food and drink alternatives include German cuisine and tastes special to Frankfurt but it also has a richness that is no less than that of many metropols. In Frankfurt, where you can find world renown restaurants and fast food chains, we'll still recommend you to try tastes you haven't tried before. Some of the foods you need to taste here are Frankfurter Grüne Sauce meaning "Frankfurt's green sauce", German sausage, pasta and German beer... It's unaccaptable to have been in any city of Germany, which has a kitchen that is very successful at desserts and cakes, and come back before eating any desserts. Frankfurt's special cakes and apple pies will leave sweet memories in your mind.

  • Zum Einhorn - You can eat schnitzel and grüne sauce in Zum Einhorn, which is a great alternative to taste traditional German cuisine and tastes that are special to Frankfurt. You can drink Germans' special apple wine "Apfelwein" or German beer on the side. Address : Alt Bonames 2 60437 Frankfurt am Main
  • Quattro - If you're looking for some familiar tastes after traditional German food, Italian cuisine may be the right thing for you. You can prefer Quattro with its delicious tastes. Address : Gelbehirschstr. 12 60313 Frankfurt am Main
  • Cafe Mozart - If you ever want to have a break and eat something sweet while drinking coffee after a long walk along The Main River, Cafe Mozart which has an old German style may be a right choice for you. Address : Toengesgasse 23 - 25 D 60311, 60311 Frankfurt
  • Best Worscht in Town - If you want to eat something on the run for lunch and continue with you city tour, don't come back without stopping by Best Worscht in Town, which offers delicious German fast food. Address : Grüneburgweg 37, 60322 Frankfurt
  • Schlemmermeyer - You can eat delicious sandwiches, pies, Frankfurt's special cakes and breads in Schlemmermeyer, which is one of the many cafes and restaurant on Bockenheimer Strasse that  is known as "Fressgass" meaning "eat street" in Germany. Address : Große Bockenheimer Str. 23 60313 Frankfurt

Accommodation in Frankfurt

You'll find many accommodation alternatived for all kinds fo budgets once you come to Frankfurt. You may have come to Frankfurt for business, for a vacation with friends or to join one of the conventions or festivals in the city. Whatever the reason is, you can choose the one that is most suitable for you among the options of luxurious hotels, hostels or rental apartments and make a reservation. The thing you need to be careful about is whether the time you'll be in the city coincides with any special events or not. If your dates cover a convention, festival or a special period, it's much more favorable to make your reservations way earlier. 

  • Meininger Hotel Frankfurt/Main Messe - Having a central location, Meininger Hotel will make its guest, who come to the city for vacation or business, feel comfortable and peaceful during their stay. You'll be pleased with this hotel thanks to its colorful and dynamic design and average pricing. Address : Europaallee 64, Gallusviertel, 60327 Frankfurt/Main
  • Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy - If you're looking for a stylish and luxurious atmosphere in your accommodation, Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy is exactly for you. This historical villa on the coast of Main provides you with the ultimate comfort. All kinds of details to please you have already been taken care of with its swimming pool, spa, bar with live music and restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. Address : Kennedyallee 70, Sachsenhausen, 60596 Frankfurt/Main
  • Pension Alpha Frankfurt City - You can travel many places on foot by accommodating in Pension Alfa, which is very close to The Main River, train and subway stations. It's simple and clean pension for guests who don't want to spare big budgets for accommodation. Address : Karlsruher Str. 7, Gutleutviertel, 60329 Frankfurt/Main
  • Frankfurt Penthouse and Roofgarden - You can accommodate with 5 other people in this spacious apartment with 3 rooms at the center of Frankfurt. You'll feel at home with the apartment rental option which is the most ideal accommodation alternative when you're travelling with a big group of friends. Address : Am Industriehof 15, Bockenheim, 60487 Frankfurt/Main
  • Fairprice - Having single rooms, Fairprice is an accommodation alternative that is suitable for vacations you have on your own or for business trips. It takes only a couple of minutes to reach the city center or the convention area due to its location that is very close to the convention center, subway and train stations. Address : Idsteiner Str. 15, Gallusviertel, 60326 Frankfurt/Main

Places to Visit in Frankfurt 

Although Frankfurt is a small city, the number of places to see is quite high. Art galleries that are located all along the Main River will make you especially happy if you're interested in art. Being laden with museums and historical works, Frankfurt is a city that puts great importance on art and history. Also, many festivals and conventions are organized at different times throughout year. That's why it's not that possible to get bored or not find anything to do in Frankfurt.

  • Frankfurt Book Fair - If you are planning a trip especially in October, you shouldn't leave before visiting Frankfurt Book Fair. Frankfurt Book Fair, which is one of the biggest fairs in the worlds, opens its doors to you on its last 2 days if you're not a professional, in other words if you're only a reader. Address : Braubachstraße 16, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
  • Alte Oper - Alte Oper, which is one of the most important operas of Germany, is in Frankfurt. If you wish, you can watch an opera here but even if you're not going to see a show, make sure that you see this Renaissance style opera building. You can also take a walk on the road in front of the building. Address : Opernplatz 1, 60313 Frankfurt (Innenstadt)
  • Staedel Museum - Staedel Museum is one of the important museums not only for Frankfurt but also for Germany. Its rich collection includes artworks from important artists like Bosch and Rembrandt. It's recommended for everyone who is interested in art. Address : Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen-Nord)
  • Museum Embankment Festival - Being one of the most pleasant festivals of Europe, Museum Embankment Festival is held at the end of August. Art shows are organized in museums and art galleries as well as concerts in all genres during the festival that takes 3 days. There are also activities like shows all along the river and boat races. Address : Main River, Frankfurt
  • Christmas Market - If you happen to be in Frankfurt in cold winter months, we recommend you to see the heart warming Christmas market. The Christmas marken at the old city square is open to visitors between November 26 and December 22. Don't forget to drink mulled wine and eat pretzels while you're here. Address : Römerberg, Paulsplatz und Mainkai (Main quay)


Frankfurt has a dense student population. And this points out to a lively nightlife in the city. The funs continues until the first light of the day in most of the bars and night clubs around Sachsenhausen and Bockenheim, in the city center. The Red Light District that is on the opposite of the train station is also preferred by tourists. It's a good idea to go out in Frankfurt and explore

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: +49
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 112
  • Police: 110
  • Frankfurt Airport: +49 (0) 180-6 372 4636

Weather in Frankfurt

8°Csky is clear14/11/2018
6°Clight rain15/11/2018
2°Clight rain16/11/2018
4°Csky is clear17/11/2018
9°Csky is clear18/11/2018
3°Csky is clear19/11/2018
1°Clight snow20/11/2018
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