Flights to Erzincan (ERC) from 42 GBP

Flights to Erzincan (ERC) from 42 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Erzincan (ERC)

Departure date 07/09/2019
from 42 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Izmir (ADB) Erzincan (ERC)

Departure date 03/07/2019
from 71 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

London (STN) Erzincan (ERC)

Departure date 22/09/2019
from 98 GBP
Last seen: 11 hours

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Erzincan (ERC)

Departure date 07/09/2019
from 42 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

London (STN) Erzincan (ERC)

Departure date 18/11/2019
from 61 GBP
Last seen: 19 hours

Izmir (ADB) Erzincan (ERC)

Departure date 03/07/2019
from 71 GBP
Last seen: 18 hours

Traveling to Erzincan (ERC)

Welcome to Erzincan, the capital of the Erzincan Province in North Eastern Turkey! With Pegasus airline tickets being so affordable, it is hard to say no to a beautiful trip to this mountainous city. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip and pack your bags today!

Located on the Silk Road, Erzincan was ruled by many civilizations until it was taken over by the Seljuks after the Malazgirt War and by the Ottomans afterwards. The Republican Period in the city began with an unfortunate event. In 1939, a powerful earthquake hit the city, killing tens of thousands of residents and practically wiping the city off the map. The settlement was rebuilt from scratch at a location slightly north of the old city. Erzurum’s winters are usually very severe, so the best time to visit Erzurum is in the summer months when temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees. Visit flypgs.com for cheap flight tickets to Erzurum.

Top Landmarks in Erzincan

  • Girlevik Waterfall - Check out this breath-taking waterfall! During the winter, the waterfall will be frozen so you can see what it looks like, and how different it looks than during the summer.
  • Kemaliye Karanllk Kanyon - Take a boat tour on the Euphrates River to see the canyon up close.
  • Ergan Dagi ve Kayak Merkezi - Take advantage of the snow on the ground and go skiing or snowboarding down the mountain. Holiday trips are not just for the summer, just as much fun can be had during the winter!

What to Eat in Erzincan

  • Tulum Peyniri - The city of Erzincan is noted for this special cheese.

Landscapes in Erzincan

  • Erzincan is surrounded by mountains and has a continental climate. That means that there will be snow during the winter while the summers will be hot and dry.

Transportation in Erzincan

  • Buses are an excellent and affordable way to get around Erzincan. However, many of the attractions can even be reached by foot if you are staying in the centre of the city. There are also convenient car rental agencies and taxi cab services available for travellers.

Erzincan airports served

  • Erzincan is served by Erzincan Airport (ERC) which is only 10 mins away from the city centre.

More information about Erzincan

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

When you land at the Erzincan Airport with Pegasus, you have a 9 km trip to reach the city center. Transportation in Erzurum is provided mainly by taxies and minibuses. If you are keen on a more luxurious option, you can rent a car on flypgs.com.

Shopping in Erzincan

Although alternatives are limited, there are a few shops where you can find nice souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Copper Bazaar - Copper red coffee pots, tea urns, trays and many other hand made products are waiting for you. These souvenirs will be authentic and long-lasting.
  • Cheese Makers Bazaar - This is the destination for the nationally famous Erzincan tulum (skin aged) cheese. It will be difficult to choose among the many shops, but it is a must try.
  • Er Merkez - The shopping center has everything you need, from appliances to clothing, as well as a variety of activities such as bowling and fitness.

Food and Drinks in Erzincan

Despite the sophisticated homemade food culture of Erzincan, the city does not offer much to visitors. The restaurant menus consist mainly of meat products. At least the meats are really tasty. Check out our list for what to eat in Erzincan:

  • Evin Döner - This is the most famous döner spot in Erzincan. They even take orders for delivery via internet, and the döner is appetizing. Address: Ordu Caddesi No: 34, Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 223 43 43
  • Sefa Köfte - Sefa is the name that comes to mind when you ask for köfte (grilled meatballs). The restaurant has been in business for 30 years and makes delicious köfte grilled on skewers. Address: Merkez Çarşı No :56 Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 21474 90
  • Konak Mazlum Restaurant - We highly recommend the special kebab. It is also an ideal spot for breakfast. Address: Halitpaşa Caddesi No: 52 Merkez Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 224 30 24
  • Ayla’nın Mutfağı - The restaurant aims to promote Erzincan’s homemade food culture. You will find very special flavors as well as great desserts. However, give priority to the local specialties.
  • Boğaziçi Restaurant - The restaurant is located in Işıkpınar village, and we recommend their tandır (pit roast). The other kebabs and meze (appetizers) are also great. The scenery adds to the pleasure of eating here. Address: Işıkpınar Köyü Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 239 73 51
  • Kılıçoğlu - Kılıçoğlu Cafe is a great idea for 5 o’clock tea and a delicious dessert. Address: Fevzi Paşa Caddesi Er Merkez K: 2 Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 212 21 02
  • Seven Kevser Restaurant - This is another famous spot for döner, and they have a very special recipe. Address: Fevzi Paşa Caddesi Er Merkez K: 2 Erzincan

Accommodation in Erzincan

Erzincan hotels usually offer a standard level of quality in their services. Keep these recommendations in mind while choosing a place to stay.

  • Grand Simay Hotel - Grand Simay offers the comfort you are looking for, with services ranging from wireless internet to a big restaurant. It is a great choice for business trips. Address: Halitpaşa Caddesi No:53 Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 214 14 14
  • Konak Mazlum Hotel - The hotel is centrally located, and it offers spacious and clean rooms. It is especially favorable for accessibility. Address: Halit Paşa Caddesi SSK Kavşağı No:52 Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 224 30 24
  • Karakaya Hotel - Karakaya is one of the best hotels in Erzincan with spacious and clean rooms as well as a newly renovated façade. There is a hamam and a sauna inside the hotel. Address: Fevzi Paşa Caddesi No:40 Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 214 66 66
  • Büyük Erzincan Hotel - The hotel offers meeting rooms, a small swimming pool, a large capacity restaurant and a 500 person poolside reception area. Address: Erzurum karayolu üzeri, Tedaş karşısı, Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 226 09 10

Places to Visit in Erzincan

Erzincan has hosted ancient civilizations, and places to visit are mostly historical such as fortresses, mosques and tombs. Here are some of the historical and natural attractions Erzincan has to offer:

  • Altıntepe - This is one of the most intact Urartian cities to be found. It is possible to see the remains of two layers of city walls, the palace complex, some tombs and the temple. Other artifacts are exhibited in Ankara.
  • Terzi Baba Tomb - An important 18th century religious scholar, Terzi Baba’s tomb is an interesting work of art. It has a peculiar architecture, especially with its columned entrance.
  • Mama Hatun Social Complex - Built by the Saltukids dynasty, this complex is an interesting example of Turkish architecture in Anatolia. The complex consists of a caravansary, a hamam, a prayer room and a tomb.
  • Kemah Fortress - Dating back to Urartian and Hittite periods, the structure is a natural fortress. The fortified structure that was created by natural elements was later surrounded by walls.
  • Gülabibey Mosque - The mosque was built by Gülabibey in 1450. There are three inscriptions on the building. Some elements were added during repairs in the 18th century, but the square layout that reflects the earlier period’s features was preserved.
  • Girlevik Cascade - The waterfall offers great scenery as well as a favorite picnic area with refreshing water in the summer. In winter, its icicles are used for climbing.
  • Hıdır Abdal Sultan Tomb - Hıdır Abdal Sultan had established a Bektashi convent at this location, and his tomb was built with ashlar stone.
  • Otlukbeli Lake - The travertine terraces created by the mineral waters that mix into the lake are considered to be the only examples of this type of formation in the world, so it is a natural conservation area. The stunning view is a must see.
  • Abrenk Church - Information about the church is limited, but the date inscribed on the building is 1845. There is a chapel and two obelisks outside the church. The inscriptions on the obelisks are dated to much earlier periods.
  • Aygır Lake - The banks of this crater lake is used as a recreation and picnic area. The area attracts many visitors with its natural beauty.
  • Ekşisu - The famous mineral water of the region is extracted here and is thought to be medicinal for many ailments. There is also a nearby thermal spring where people try to cure arthritic conditions.
  • Ice Caves - These giant ice masses, icicles and pillars must be visited.
  • İzzetpaşa Neighborhood - The most vibrant and popular neighborhood in the city offers most of the things you might be looking for.

Nightlife in Erzincan

Erzincan does not offer many alternatives for nightlife. The locals usually use recreation areas, and there are nice cafés that are open in the evening. Here are some addresses…

  • Cafe 212 - It is a nice hangout that occasionally offers live music. Address: Nerim Tombul Caddesi No: 7 Erzincan
  • Cafetelli - The café offers live Turkish classical music on Friday and Saturday evenings, and serves dinner. Address: Fevzi Paşa Caddesi Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 224 22 24
  • Kulem Cafe - A nice spot for dining and hanging out with a view of the clock tower that is nicely lit in the evenings. Address: Ordu Caddesi PTT karşısı Erzincan, Tel: 0 446 224 14 34

Emergency Numbers

  • Provincial Code: 0 446
  • Provincial Directorate of Tourism: 0 446 214 31 89
  • Police: 0 446 214 75 50
  • Gendarmerie Emergency: 156
  • Police Emergency: 155
  • Medical Emergency: 112

Weather in Erzincan

28°Csky is clear26/06/2019
19°Clight rain27/06/2019
17°Covercast clouds28/06/2019
17°Csky is clear29/06/2019
10°Clight rain30/06/2019
6°Clight rain01/07/2019
14°Csky is clear02/07/2019
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