Flights to Doha (DOH) from 106 GBP

Flights to Doha (DOH) from 106 GBP

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Traveling to Doha (DOH)

Welcome to Doha, the capital of Qatar! Now, with affordable airfare from Pegasus, a holiday to the growing city is more reasonable than ever.

Doha, which is the capital of Qatar that is famous for its natural gas reserves and one of the richest countries in the world, is the most crowded and the most glamorous city of the country. Skyscrapers and the modern architecture are especially striking in this city located in the Arabian Peninsula by the Persian Gulf. Being one of the most popular spots of luxurious living, Doha invites you to start packaging right at this moment. It's possible to see more construction and cleaning workers who have come from neighbouring countries than actual Qatar people in Doha, which started to being developed in early 2000s. You have the chance to experience both past and present in Doha, which is known for its glamorous life style, nightlife, modern buildings and the characteristic of bringing many cultures together. It's a good idea to check cheap flight tickets to Doha, even only to experience the amazing outcome of the combination of Arabian culture and modernism. The best times to visit this city, which is hot all the time and warms your body as much as it warms your body, are January and February when the hot weather won't wear you out.

Top Landmarks in Doha

  • The Pearl Qatar - The first stop on your trip to Doha should be to the Pearl Qatar, a man-made island that is perfect for walking around to see the marina, cruise boats, car showrooms, and shops with designer clothes.
  • Doha Zoo - This zoo features an oryx, Qatar’s national animal.
  • Corniche - This coastal promenade is perfect for scenic walks, boasting spectacular views of the seaside and skyscrapers of Doha. There are also several parks and statues in Corniche.

What to Eat in Doha

  • Shish Tawook (Shish Taouk) - This is a traditional marinated chicken shish kebab.
  • Al-Mirghab Street is home to a fish restaurant, and many other restaurants that serve traditional Middle Eastern food.

Landscapes in Doha

When flying into Doha, you will be able to see the Persian Gulf as well as many skyscrapers.

Transportation in Doha

Most hotels and other places do not use street numbers or names for addresses. This can make it extremely difficult to find locations, and is why taking the bus or a taxi is typically a good idea until you get your bearings.

Doha airports served

Doha is served by the Doha International Airport (DOH).

More information about Doha

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

It's possible to reach Qatar's capital, Doha after a journey that takes approximately 4 hours. You can buy your advantageous flight tickets from Pegasus and start preparations for this beautiful trip by all means.  

Hamad International Airport, which has been opened on 2014, is very close to the city center and this allows you to reach the city center in 10-15 minutes. You can easily reach the city center from the airport by a taxi. Moreover, taxi proces are very low in this city.

Apart from taxi, you can also use public transportation to transport in Doha. Buses located right outside of the airport provide service for many tourists. You also have the option to rent a private car from Hamad International Airport.

Shopping in Doha

You don't need to look for a specific spot to shop in Doha, you'll come across them anyway. Many places to shop are waiting for you in Doha, which is a true shopping heaven. Don't be surprised if you see that locals do more shopping than tourists in the city which has many shopping centers.

  • Souq Waqif - This Arabian style place where you can find shisha, tablecloths and traditional Qatar clothes, you can also buy spices and spend some time in restaurants. Address: Bounded by Al-Souq St. & Grand Hamad St., Doha
  • Villaggio - The Vencian concept of Villaggio, which is a shopping center which will allow you to find everything you're looking for in one place, will amaze you. Address: Al Waad St., Al Aziziya, Doha
  • Falcon Souk - Falcon shows which are held in this spot, where you can find attention drawing and traditional gifts, are worth seeing. Address: Salwa RD Roundabout Al-Waab, Doha
  • Omani Market - You can buy a seed from this market that is famous for its fresh fruits, vegetables and plants and grow your own. The market also has a clothing area. Address: Salwa Road, Al Maamoura, Doha
  • Najma Used Furniture Market - You can go to this market where second hand items are sold and get to know the people of Doha in addition to doing shopping. Address: Off of Najma St., Doha

Food and Drink in Doha

Pleasant meals are waiting for you in Doha restaurants where delicious examples of world cuisine as well as the Middle Eastern cuisine are served. You can be sure that you'll try amazing delicacies in the city, especially from Far East and Indian cuisines.

  • AlNafourah Garden - If you want to experience the Middle Eastern cuisine in an elegant restaurant, this should be your address in Doha. You can be sure that it'll please you very well with its big menu and delicious dishes. Address: Oryx Rotana, Doha
  • Saffron Lounge - In Saffron Lounge, which serves Indian foods that take their flavours from spices in an elegant atmosphere, it won't be hard to feel as if you're in a restaurant in India. Address: Building No 26, Cultural Village, Doha
  • Spice Market - Spice Market, which has the impression of Asia in its decoration, brings the most outstanding delicacies of Far East cuisine to your table. Address: West Bay, W Doha Hotel, Doha
  • Paper Moon - You'll meet the most delicious side of the city while sitting in the sweet garden of Paper Moon, which serves the famous Italian foods in a fresh atmosphere in Doha. Address: Jaidah Square, Doha
  • Yum Yum - You'll find the most outstanding delicacies of the French cuisine in this restaurant, which will amaze you even only with its ambience. Address: Al Ghanim Street, K108 Hotel, Doha

Accommodation in Doha

You have so many accommodation options in Doha that you may get frustrated while trying to make a choice. In Doha, which is generally an expensive city, accommodation prices are also higher than the average. However, it's possible to drop the price by accommodating a bit outside of the city center in smallar hotels.

  • Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara - The endless sea meets private villas in this hotel which will make you feel as if you're in Virgin Islands. Address: P.O. Box 23919, Doha
  • The St. Regis Doha - You'll find a breathtaking Doha view and a flawless service in this hotel which creates the impression that it has brought modern and Islamic architecture together. Address: Doha West Area, 14435, Doha
  • Sharq Villages & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel - This hotel, which serves the glamour of Doha in a concentrated way, will be one of your unforgettable experiences with its huge pool and elegant decoration. Address: P.O. Box, 26662, Doha
  • Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa - You'll want the time to stop in this hotel which can be called the modern chateau of Doha. Get ready for an amazing accommodation with its big garden and facilities. Address: Aspire Zone, Sport City Street, P.O. Box 92996, Doha
  • Ramada Encore Doha - If your looking for a more budget friendly and humble accommodation alternative, Ramada Encore Doha will offer you what you want and give you a service that will please you. Address: Ahmed Bin Mohd. Bin Thani St., Ring Road, Doha

Places to Visit in Doha

Doha’s places to see will offer you an Arabian culture that is in harmony with the Western and Islamic architecture. While there are many museums to visit in the city, its silhouette that is adorned with skyscrapers is also worth seeing.

  • Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum - You'll have a short journey to the past of Doha in this museum where there are antiques. This museum is especially famous for the Car Museum in it. Address: Al Samariyah, Ash- Shahaniyah, Doha
  • Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art - In this spot where you'll find works of modern Arabian art, it's also possible to learn about the history of Qatar. Exhibitions are definitely worth seeing. Address: Education City off Al-Luqta St., Doha
  • Al Koot Fort - You'll come across many documents and objects about the history of Qatar in this museum that is located in a building that has been constructed in the 20th century. Address: Souq Waqif St., Doha
  • Islamic Arts Museum - You can see artworks of the Islamic world in this museum where the entrance is for free. This museum, where you'll also find the traces of the Ottoman Empire, is one of the most important museums of Doha. Address: Corniche, Doha
  • State Grand Mosque - This mosque, which will make you hyper-aware about the fact that you're in Doha with its interesting architecture, is the leading one among the sacred places you can visit in Doha. Address: Al Muhandiseen St., Doha
  • Khor Al Udeid - You'll have a pleasant time in Khor Al Udeid, which is a beach you must see in Doha with its white sand, camels walking on the beach and sea. Address: Khor Al Udeid, 78 km d-south east of Doha


Nightlife is quite lively in Doha. Night clubs and bars are generally located in luxurious hotels. If you decide to go to this kind of a place, it'll be wise to take your passport or some kind of ID with you.

  • Crystal - You can dance until the first lights of the day in this place which offers quality music. Crystal, of which service you'll be very pleased, will be one of your favourites in Doha. Address: West Bay, W Doha Hotel, Doha
  • Champions - You can also watch sports games on the comfy couches in the elegant atmosphere Champions, which is mostly frequented by business people. Address: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, Doha
  • Habanos Bar - You can be sure that you'll have a good time in Habanos Bar, where live performances are held. You can add the name of this bar to your list of must-visit in Doha, especially if you like Latin music. Address: West Bay Lagoon, The Ritz Carlton, Doha
  • Aqua Lounge - Aqua Lounge, which is the favourite spot of those who like having a pleasant night by a pool, will surprise you. Address: Marriott Marquis City Center  Doha Hotel, Doha
  • The Irish Harp - You can have fun with a lower budget compared to other options in The Irish Harp, which is an Irish pub where you can have good time with your friends. Address: Al Fonok St., Doha

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +974
  • Ambulance: 999
  • Fire: 999
  • Police: 999
  • Hamad International Airport: +974 0462 6000

Weather in Doha

36°Csky is clear15/07/2019
42°Csky is clear16/07/2019
40°Csky is clear17/07/2019
40°Csky is clear18/07/2019
37°Csky is clear19/07/2019
40°Csky is clear20/07/2019
41°Csky is clear21/07/2019
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