Flights to Dalaman (DLM) from 13 GBP

Flights to Dalaman (DLM) from 13 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 17/09/2019
from 17 GBP
Last seen: 56 minutes

Ankara (ESB) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 03/07/2019
from 47 GBP
Last seen: 14 hours

Manchester (MAN) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 24/06/2019
from 60 GBP
Last seen: 43 minutes

Tel Aviv (TLV) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 13/07/2019
from 85 GBP
Last seen: 22 hours

Moscow (DME) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 01/09/2019
from 77 GBP
Last seen: 16 hours

London (STN) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 26/08/2019
from 56 GBP
Last seen: 19 hours

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 15/02/2020
from 13 GBP
Last seen: 5 hours

Adana (ADA) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 11/10/2019
from 40 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 03/07/2019
from 47 GBP
Last seen: 14 hours

Kayseri (ASR) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 11/09/2019
from 50 GBP
Last seen: 16 hours

London (STN) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 07/10/2019
from 56 GBP
Last seen: 41 minutes

London (LGW) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 07/10/2019
from 56 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Manchester (MAN) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 21/10/2019
from 60 GBP
Last seen: 19 hours

Lefkosia (ECN) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 21/09/2019
from 64 GBP
Last seen: 1 hour

Gaziantep (GZT) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 28/06/2019
from 66 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

Charleroi (CRL) Dalaman (DLM)

Departure date 17/09/2019
from 74 GBP
Last seen: 23 hours

Traveling to Dalaman (DLM)

Welcome to Dalaman, Turkey. With affordable airfare from Pegasus, you are sure to love your trip to this inland located on one of the few plains in that part of the country.

Dalaman, one of 12 districts of the city Muğla and the control center of the district, is known as one of the most futile plains of the world. In order to arrive Dalaman, which is one of the most frequently visited destinations specifically for summer tourism with the splendid bays at the same time, you can take the advantages of the cheap flight tickets on flypgs.com and experience a unique holiday during summers by visiting the bays in Dalaman and around as you wish.

Top Landmarks in Location

  • Aga Limani Cove - Swim in the turquoise waters of Aga Limani Cove.
  • Kizil Island - Eat a picnic in this pretty cove surrounded by pine trees, and then take a swim in the beautiful waters.
  • Domuz Island - Also known as Pig Island due to the pigs that used to live there, Domuz Island is perfect for exploring the ruins of churches and Byzantium houses in the forests.

Landscapes in Dalaman

Dalaman is located on a coastal plain with the Dalaman Stream forming one of the borders of this beautiful city.

What to Eat in Dalaman

  • Calamari stuffed with Feta - Seafood is very popular in this part of Turkey, so feel free to try the calamari stuffed with cheese (squid and cheese).
  • Kebabs and Pide - This is a Turkish type of pizza.

Transportation in Dalaman

Taxis, car rentals, and minibuses are all options of transportation in Dalaman.

Dalaman airports served

  • Dalaman is served by Dalaman Airport (DLM) which is only 5 km away from the city centre.

More information about Dalaman

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

Dalaman Airport has met the needs of transportation of a lot of tourist areas within the borders of Alanya and Mugla since it was built in 1982. Thanks to the international lines terminal put into service in 2006, Dalaman Airport also enables the international tourism.

After landing on the Dalaman Airport with the most advantageous prices of Pegasus, you can use various routes according to where you will go. We recommend Fethiye as the center to be used for transportation to several residential areas. It will be easier to find buses to other centers after arriving Fethiye. Also, you can use Havas buses to go to Fethiye.

It should be noted that using taxi in Dalaman can be quite costly. On the other side, there is fixed pricing for various centers. The price list is as follows: http://www.atmairport.aero/ulasim.php#

The most functional transportation means to Dalaman is a rental car. For this option you can visit flypgs.com and choose any vehicle you want.

Shopping in Dalaman

There are several alternatives for shopping in the nearby town centers like Kalkan, Kas, Fethiye, Marmaris and Datca, as it is in many Aegean towns. Having a look at the stands and shops and buy souvenirs for beloved ones will be the best choice for shopping in Dalaman. You should especially see silver accessories.

  • Kas - Apart from hand woven, woodworking is famous, too. Also think of woodenware while buying souvenirs. In addition, you can visit colorful bazaars.
  • Marmaris Bedesten - You can both enjoy touring Marmaris Historical Bazaar and find what you're looking for. Its boom is sufficient enough to cheer you up. What is more, it will be blissful to have a coffee at the poolside.
  • Datca - We recommend you to visit Datca bazaar. Also, you can find really original jewels in some silver shops but you should note that this type of items are slightly expensive. Lastly, when you go there, please taste almond for which Datca is famous and consider it as a souvenir. Especially “Nurlu” almond is very tasty.

Food and Drink in Dalaman

If you are worried about what to eat in Dalaman, we can say that the best choice is seafood in that region. Also, please have a look at our list for other flavours.

  • Deniz Restaurant - You need to try grilled octopus of this restaurant which is knows as Pala’nın Yeri (Place of Pala). Also, mezzes and fishes are fantastic. A real fish feast… Address: Liman Caddesi. No:37. Kalkan Tel: 0242 844 30 47
  • Sandal Restaurant & Pub - Tahsin Kocabiyik, one of the old chefs of Changa which is a famous Istanbul restaurant, brings marvelous tastes from fusion cuisine to your tables. It is on the top of the must-see restaurants list. Address: Yaliboyu Mahallesi, Hotel Pirat Dukkanlari, Kalkan. Tel:  0242 844 24 53 Website:      http://sandalinkalkan.com/
  • Aubergine Restaurant - You must taste the meals with aubergine, which is the namesake of the restaurant. Enjoy the elegant atmosphere of it, too. Address: Yaliboyu Mah. Kalkan Limani No: 25-27 Kalkan Tel: 0242 844 3332 Website: http://www.kalkanaubergine.com/
  • Bahçe Balık - In addition to fresh fish, it is also famous for grilled octopus. Don’t come back without trying. Another great fish feast. Address: Kaş Merkez / Center of Kas Tel: 0242 836 27 79     
  • Bi Lokma Restaurant - The place is also known as Anne’nin Yeri (Mother's Place), and as it is understood from the name, Turkish ravioli (manti) and mince pie (borek) which are made by mothers are very delicious. Do not forget to eat “lokma” which is a kind of dessert exhibited in front of the door. Address: Hukumet Caddesi, No:2 Kas Tel: 0242 836 39 42 Website: http://www.bilokma.com.tr/
  • Mercan Restaurant - You are getting ready for a fish feast with mezzes while big amberjacks and other Mediterranean fish are cleaned in front of your eyes. Address: Balikci Barinagi / Marina Kas Tel: 0242 836 12 09 Website: http://www.mercankas.net/
  • Balikci Osman - Even Demi Moore has visited this restaurant that is hidden in a bay called Turunc Pinari. We should state that there is no land transportation there but Balikci Osman supplies a boat to pick you up. Do not pass over it. Address: Turunc Pinari Koyu, Fethiye Tel: 0542 423 52 15
  • Megri - This restaurant opened by a family from Fethiye offers new experiences with its range of dishes. Address: Paspatur 40. Sokak No:10 Fethiye Tel: 0252 614 40 46  Website: http://www.megrirestaurant.com/anasayfa.asp
  • Bella Gusto - If you long for Italian cuisine, the first address to visit is Bella Gusto. It's waiting for you with its various and delicious meals. Address: Oludeniz, Fethiye Tel: 0252 617 06 09
  • Beyaz Yunus - It guarantees a wonderful evening with its splendid view in Oludeniz and carefully selected and prepared fish. Address: Kidrak Yolu, No: 22, Oludeniz Tel: 0252 617 00 68
  • Caretta Caretta Restaurant - It appeals to everybody with its various alternatives. Either enjoy the taste of fresh fish or make choices from the world cuisine. Address: Maras Mah. Maras Cad. No:124 48840 Dalyan Tel: 0252 284 30 39 Website: http://www.carettacaretta.net/index.html
  • Kosem Restaurant - It has a specialty which you can eat at a few places in Turkey; grilled blue crab. It should be tasted at least for once. Address: Dalyan Tel: 0252 284 22 22 
  • Pineapple Restaurant - You can find plenty of delicacies from breakfast to seafood together in this restaurant which is one of the favourite places of Netsel Marina. Foods are delicious and the atmosphere is great. Address: Netsel Marina 48700 Marmaris Tel: 0252 412 09 76     
  • Dede Restaurant - If you decide to go to Dede Restaurant whose view and foods are filling, we advise you to make a reservation. Foods are very delicious and you should especially taste the rich seafood options. Address: Barbaros Caddesi. No: 15 Yat Limani, Marmaris Tel: 0252 413 17 11     
  • Cinar Restaurant - You will enjoy mezzes and especially tandoor (tandir) in its natural ambiance. If you like, trout is among the options. Address: On the road of Sedir Island (Sedir Adasi Yolu Üzeri) 2. Km. Camli Village/ Marmaris Tel: 0252 495 80 80
  • Orfoz Restaurant - This small and pretty restaurant fits Bozburun well. You feel a glow of peace thanks to its warm and simple atmosphere. Enjoy the taste of fresh fish at the silence of Bozburun. Address: Bozburun, Marmaris Tel: 0 252 456 23 37     
  • Zekeriya Sofrası - This local restaurant has various options of dishes. All of them are very delicious, especially dishes with olive oil is what we advise. Prices are also moderate. Address: İskele Caddesi 60, Datca.
  • Feyzi’nin Yeri - This small restaurant’s fame is already beyond Datca. Mezzes made of fish and seafood are pretty delicious. Address: Iskele Mah, Kumluk Plaji Mevkii, Datca Tel: 0252 712 97 46 Website: http://www.fevzis.com/
  • Emek Restaurant - You will have your fill of seafood at this restaurant also known as “Kaptan’in Yeri”. Please do not pass over stuffed squid in particular. Furthermore, its view is marvellous. You should try Damat dessert. Address: Datca Liman Tel: 0252 712 3375 

Accommodation in Dalaman

In several different centers of Muğla, which has one of the longest coastlines in Turkey, there are so many accommodation alternatives. If you wonder where to stay in Dalaman, you can choose your own accommodation alternative from our list consisting luxurious hotels, pretty hostels owned by families and places to set up a camp.

  • Villa Mahal - You can experience a real vacation with a dreamlike view, elaborate service and luxurious housing. Address: Kisla Mevkii, Kalkan Tel: 0242 844 32 68 Website: http://www.villamahal.com/#home
  • Papermoon Hotel - This cute hotel gives an opportunity for a good family vacation with both its moderate prices and pleasant housing. Apart from the swimming pool, the fact that pets are allowed is an important detail for pet owners. Address: Yaliboyu Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No 63, Kalkan Tel: 0242 844 34 31 Website: http://www.papermoonhotel.com/
  • Sultan Park Hotel - This calm and peaceful hotel draws attention with its service quality. Its splendid view provides an ideal ambience for an amazing vacation. Everything has been considered for your comfort and combined with internet, swimming pool and room service. Address: Cukurbag Yarimadasi No 7, Kas
  • Hideaway Hotel - It is a practical and small hotel with a helpful staff. Moderate prices, a terrace restaurant and its location are reasons to prefer. Address: Eski Kilise Sok. No:7 Kas Merkez Tel: 0242 836 18 87 Website: http://www.hotelhideaway.com/
  • Patara Delfin Hotel - Thanks to its attentive service and good location, it has all you need for a peaceful vacation. Address: Delfin Hotel 07965, Patara – Kas Tel: 0242 843 51 20 Website: http://www.pataradelfinhotel.com/TR/
  • Hillside Beach Club - The chance to enjoy all the comfort offered by this great hotel in Fethiye with a gorgeous beach is in your hands. Prices are expensive but you will make yourself comfortable with its special areas for children, tasty restaurant and more. Address: Kalemya Bay, Fethiye Tel: 0252 614 83 60 Website: http://hillsidebeachclub.com
  • Bahar Hotel - It is one of the best hotels in Fethiye with its private beach and unique location on the Calis Beach. It has 5 suits and 29 standard rooms. Address: Çalış Beach, Fethiye Tel: 0252 622 11 55
  • Caretta Apart Hotel - These aparts where you feel as a part of the family are properly arranged especially for families with children. It is great for those who want to have a family vacation without compromising comfort in an intimate and comfortable environment. Address: Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, No: 49 Calis, Fethiye Tel: 0252 613 19 17
  • Bin Kaya Hotel - This hotel satisfies all needs through its service quality, great dishes and central location. Address: Gulpinar Mah. Pazar Yeri Mevki No:3 Dalyan Tel: 0252 284 41 48 Website: http://www.binkayahotel.com/tr/index.html
  • Blue Bay’s Hotel Deluxe - You can both stay at the center of Marmaris and make use of a real spa. Address: Kenan Evren Boulevard. No:1 Center of Marmaris Tel: 0252 412 43 27
  • Orkide Hotel - This small hotel located a little bit outside of Marmaris is 1 minute away from the sea. This hotel with a swimming pool and children's pool is good for family vacations. Address: Kemal Elgin Boulevard, Uzunyali Emniyet Alti, Marmaris Tel: 0252 417 80 06/7 Website: http://www.orkidehotel.com/turkish/orkide.html
  • Golden Key Bordubet - This facility located in a small heaven called Bördübet outside of Marmaris combines Bördübet’s all natural advantages with comfort for you. Beach, which you will reach by a motor on a river pouring to the sea, is a place that refreshes your soul in harmony with nature but also with luxurious accommodation buildings and detox programs. Address: Bördübet Mevki Hisaronu Village, Marmaris Tel: 0252 436 92 30 Website: http://www.bordubet.com.tr/tr/index.php
  • Flow Datca - Flow Datca offers the experience of an entertaining boutique hotel with its great beach. There are also professional courses for guests who want to learn windsurfing. This place, which serves for special invitations like weddings, attracts people with its delicious kitchen. Address:  Kizlanalti Kosekesik Mevkii, Datca Tel: 0252 722 05 12 Website: http://www.flowdatca.com/
  • Antik Apart - If you want an economic and comfortable vacation in fully-equipped apartments, you are in the right place. You can have a Datca vacation as a family in this cute and small hotel which has balconies with sea view, air-conditioned rooms and quality housing. Address: Iskele Mah. Nuri Kolcu Sok. No:53 Center of Datca Tel: 0252 712 06 00     

Places to Visit in Dalaman

There are so many alternatives to visit in Dalaman which is very close to many beautiful bays of Mugla. It is totally up to you how to direct your route in Dalaman, which is closely located to regions like Fethiye, Kas and Kalkan.

  • Antiphellos Ancient City - Theatre of the ancient city located in Kas is the only Aegean theatre on the sea side. Also, rock tombs which you can see on Uzuncarsi Street add a different atmosphere to the city.
  • Patara Ancient City - It is famous for being home to Caretta Carettas as well as being the longest beach in Turkey. The ancient city of Patara has a distinct ambience in the middle of this natural beauty. Excavations are still going on. We recommend you to visit and experience it.
  • Xanthos Ancient City - This city dating back to the 8th century BC, was the capital of Lycian Union. Although the most monumental artifacts were smuggled to The British Museum, remnants of Temple of Artemis catch attention.
  • Letoon Ancient City - Excavations have still been continuing since 1960s in this city built in the name of Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis and also mother goddess of the Lycians. Temples built for these three gods are very significant remnants. Moreover, this city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage List together with Xanthos.
  • Saklikent - This canyon, that has been formed as a result of a collapse approximately 200 thousand years ago, is a good chance for trekking. Especially in summer, escaping from the Mediterranean heat and watching its marvelous view will make you feel great.
  • Mavi Magara (Blue Cave) - This cave located between Kas and Kalkan is fluorescent blue as a result of a game of nature because of sun’s reflection on the sea.
  • Guvercinlik Sea Cave - You can visit this cave with boat tours. It hides hundreds of pigeonholes behind the narrow entrance which can be entered only by swimming.
  • Iztuzu Beach - This beach, where Caretta Carettas lay their eggs, is really spectacular. You should get information about hours before enjoying the sea that has fresh water on one side and salt water on the other. That’s because there are times not to disturb the turtles’ nesting periods.butte
  • Ancient City of Kaunos - The legend of this city in Dalyan is based on Leto, too. We recommend you to go by the sea from Dalyan. The typical port city of Kaunos spreading over a large area still has many parts of the city from baths to temples.
  • Telmessos Rock Tombs - Fethiye’s ancient city Telmessos’ most impressive elements of a typical Lycian art work are rock tombs. Nevertheless, only one of them, which is the tomb of King Amintas, represents symbolic of the tombs in the best way. The tomb arranged in the shape of a temple also effects people with ornamentation.
  • Kayaköyü - As its name implies, this village is located between the rocks. It is very impressive as a result of its historical texture combined with rocks and being well-preserved after population change. This village which has started to come to life with tourism is a good opportunity to ask some questions about recent history.
  • Butterfly Valley - It is required to reach to this valley, which is Turkey’s heaven for camping, by sea after a certain point. The valley, protected as a natural area, is like a piece of heaven thanks to the variety of the endemic species and its well-preserved natural texture. You must see it!
  • Marmaris Castle - Located on the hill behind the yatch marine, the castle of this city where only Ottoman works of art have reached today is thought to have a groundwork dating back to the period of Ionians. However, today’s castle is from the period of Suleiman the Magnificent. It has a view that's worth seeing.
  • Marmaris Bays - You can discover an utterly different Marmaris in the large and small bays, which you can access by daily boat trips from Marmaris. Marmaris is a real holiday heaven with its bays where you will see all shades of blue and experience the color of turquoise with your own eyes.
  • Ancient city of Knidos - Knidos is on the Western edge of Datca Peninsula and it was a very important city in field of art and architecture in Ancient times. It is among the places to be seen with the temple of Great Appollon and its architecture.
  • Ancient Datca - It is a good example for an Aegean town because its historical texture has been preserved well and revived by proper restorations. You will wander with pleasure on the stone streets of this settlement which make you feel blissful. Also the grave of Can Yucel is in this beautiful town where he spent his last years.


There are plenty of alternatives to dance or make the most of the splendid view while havong a drink accompanied by live music in Dalaman, which is close to holiday resorts such as Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye and Marmaris.

  • Club Mojito - This nice looking bar is the favorite of Kalkan. Address: Mustaja Kocakaya Caddesi, No: 10. Kalkan Tel: 0242 844 39 85
  • Mavi Pub - It is Kas’ most popular place that plays rock and alternative music. There are a lot of frequenters of the bar which has been full for years. Address: Mütfü Efendi Sokak, Kas Tel: 0242 836 18 34
  • Queen Bar - Dancefloor of the bar is highly lively because it presents both alternatives: dancing and a bar. Party goes on till late hours on the floor which is filled by local and foreign tourists. Address: Orta Sokak, Kaş Tel: 0242 836 14 03   
  • Red Point Bar - A small dancefloor is available in this bar which starts to get lively towards midnight. Those who do not want to dance can get seats outside. Address: Topçu Sokak, Kas Tel: 0242 836 18 66 
  • Hi-jazz - You can have your drink while listening to swing and blues in this quite comfortable and intimate bar. It is ideal before going somewhere else to dance. Address: Zümrüt Sok. 3, Kaş Tel: 0242 836 11 65     
  • Club Rain - Dance continues until mornings in Club Rain, one of the most elegant places of Fethiye. Address: Hamam Sokak, Fethiye Tel: 0252 612 00 00
  • Time Out Bar - This bar, which is very crowded during season, is among the most outstanding places of Hisaronu with DJ performances and party activities. Address: Hisaronu
  • Car Cemetery - Here is Fethiye’s rock bar. You can discover new groups in this bar, where rock groups famed afterwards have took the stage for years, and enjoy listening to live music. Address: Paspatur, Fethiye Tel: 0252 612 78 72     
  • Panaroma Bar - The view of this bar and restaurant inside the Marmaris Park is fantastic. We especially recommend you to watch sunset in the evening. Address: Marmaris Park, Pamucak Mevkii İcmeler Tel: 0252 455 21 21 Website: http://www.gomarmarispark.com/tr/
  • Club Areena - This is the biggest club in Turkey. This club with 4000 people capacity is very impressive with DJ performances and laser shows. At least for once you should go to see the ambience. Address: Barlar Sokagi Tel: 0252 412 29 06 Website: http://www.clubareena.com.tr
  • Back Street - It is a disco which organizes local and foreign music concerts, DJ performances and big parties. Address: Barlar Sok. Tepe Mah. No:39 Tel: 0252 412 40 48 Website: http://www.backstreetdisco.com/
  • Davy Jones’s Locker - This is a rock bar in Marmaris. You can comfortably listen to good music there. It can be a good escape from crazy RBN parties. Address: Tepe Mah. Barlar Sokagi  Marmaris Tel: 0252 412 15 10     
  • Eclipse Bar - It is one of the oldest places of Datca's limited nightlife. Rock, alternative rock and pop music can be heard here. Even though it has not a definite style, you can cosily have fun here. Address: Iskele Mahallesi Liman Mevkii Datca Tel: 0252 712 30 08     
  • A Jazz Bar - It is a different place with its view and music. What’s more, its cocktails are considerably good. We recommend it!

Emergency Numbers

Police soldiers: 156


Medical Emergency :112

Tourism Hotline: 179

Forest Fire: 177

Kas /Antalya

City code: 0 242

Tourism Info: 0242 836 12 38     

Police: 0242 836 25 96     

Coastguard: 0242 836 24 55     


City code: 0 252

Provincial Directorate of Tourism:  0252 214 12 61

Police: 0252 214 19 04 

Weather in Dalaman

28°Clight rain17/06/2019
30°Cscattered clouds18/06/2019
30°Clight rain19/06/2019
30°Cfew clouds20/06/2019
34°Csky is clear21/06/2019
34°Clight rain22/06/2019
35°Csky is clear23/06/2019
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