Flights to Cologne (CGN) from 36 GBP

Flights to Cologne (CGN) from 36 GBP


Book your Cologne flight starting from 36 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 26/07/2018
from 36 GBP

Ankara (ESB) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 24/07/2018
from 55 GBP

Izmir (ADB) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 31/08/2018
from 187 GBP

Antalya (AYT) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 27/07/2018
from 101 GBP

Kayseri (ASR) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 19/08/2018
from 228 GBP

Trabzon (TZX) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 24/08/2018
from 294 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 26/07/2018
from 36 GBP

Ankara (ESB) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 24/07/2018
from 55 GBP

Sharm El Sheikh (SSH) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 07/09/2018
from 90 GBP

Tel Aviv (TLV) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 20/10/2018
from 93 GBP

Tbilisi (TBS) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 11/03/2019
from 98 GBP

Antalya (AYT) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 27/07/2018
from 101 GBP

Tirana (TIA) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 18/09/2018
from 117 GBP

Amman (AMM) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 10/08/2018
from 137 GBP

Krasnodar (KRR) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 09/09/2018
from 138 GBP

Dammam (DMM) Cologne (CGN)

Departure date 17/09/2018
from 145 GBP

Traveling to Cologne (CGN)

Cologne is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany where magnificent cathedrals, a green urban planning approach, and classic elements of Gothic architecture come together. Book your Cologne flight with Pegasus to discover a city that amazes its visitors with its advanced public transportation system and lively nightlife. Pegasus offers a delightful and comfortable flight experience and cheap Cologne flight ticket prices. Book yours today!

Top Destinations in Cologne

  • Cologne Cathedral: One of the most important examples of Gothic architecture, the Cologne Cathedral is a magnificent structure which is visible from many parts of the city. Enjoy the best Cologne views from the top of the Cathedral, only if you are up to climbing its 533 steps!
  • Hohenzollern Bridge: Only open for train and pedestrian traffic, this bridge is very impressive at night due to its special lighting effects. This is a must-see during your Cologne travel!
  • Museum Ludwig: If you are interested in modern arts, then explore the works of some of the most influential artists of the last century in this museum.
  • Kolumba Museum: Built on the ruins of a building destroyed during WWII, you can browse several works of art. Make sure to notice the museum’s interesting architecture.
  • Chocolate Museum: A chocolate lovers dream, this museum showcases the story of cacao.

What to Eat in Cologne?

  • Rheinischer Soorbrode: Prepared with beef marinated in vinegar and special spices, this is a main course served in some of Cologne’s best restaurants.
  • Schnitzel: Germans love this famous dish from the Austrian cuisine. Served with French fries in Cologne restaurants, schnitzel is a meal by itself.
  • Halve Hahn: Half a slice of rye bread stuffed with Gouda cheese, mustard, and onions. You must try this popular appetizer!

Where to Eat in Cologne?

  • Ehrenfeld: If you do quite love German cuisine, or if you are looking to explore other flavors, then head to the Turkish restaurants located in this district.
  • Neustandt: Filled with cafés, restaurants and stores, Neustandt is ideal for an enjoyable night out. Neustandt restaurants range from German to international cuisine.

Cologne Landscapes

Divided into two by Rhine River, Cologne welcomes you with a classic architecture developed around the Cologne Cathedral. A fusion of old buildings and the contemporary bridges with modern views, Cologne is a place everybody must visit at least once in their lifetime.

Transportation in Cologne

A prosperous city, Cologne boasts an advanced public transportation system, which includes metro, train, bus and tram. The myriad of transport options and excellent connectivity allows for comfortable journey to any location in Cologne.

Cologne Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Country Code: +49
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police: 110
  • Fire Dept.: 112
  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN): +49 (0)2203 40-4001

Weather in Cologne

28°Cscattered clouds17/07/2018
25°Csky is clear18/07/2018
29°Csky is clear19/07/2018
29°Clight rain20/07/2018
25°Clight rain21/07/2018
29°Csky is clear22/07/2018
30°Clight rain23/07/2018
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