Flights to Bucharest (OTP) from 34 GBP

Flights to Bucharest (OTP) from 34 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

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Traveling to Bucharest (OTP)

Welcome to Romania’s capital and largest city, Bucharest. With Pegasus Airlines, travel to this large city has never been more affordable.

Bucharest is one of the cities that is preferred by students thanks to its young population, increasing tourism and being an affordable place to live. The city, that carries the traces of the communist regime, manages to turn the freedom it has gained 20 years ago into an advantage in arts and culture. Its population, which is more than 1.5 million, is comprised of people who are open to foreigners and very hospitable. They are mostly from the Romanian descent and Orthodox. The currency used in the country is New Romanian Leu. You can use fypgs.com for cheap flights to Bucharest and freely plan your travelling budget.

Top Landmarks in Bucharest

  • Parliament Palace - One place that you must see on your Bucharest holiday is Parliament Palace. This is the biggest parliament building in the entire world, spanning twelve storeys and boasting over three thousand rooms.
  • Revolution Square - Near Parliament Palace is Revolution Square, the location of part of the Romanian Revolution which occurred in 1989.
  • Romanian Atheneum - This building is home to the George Enescu Philharmonic, and inside, you can see frescoes that show scenes from Romanian history.

What to Eat in Bucharest

  • Chiftele - These are large fried meat balls that contain garlic, dill, parsley, salt, and pepper. They can be marinated in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes, or eaten with rice.
  • Mititei - These are grilled rolls made of pork, beef, and lamb.
  • Sarmale - These are stuffed cabbage rolls with a meat filling.

Landscapes in Bucharest

Bucharest is located on the banks of the Dambovita River, which flows into the Arges River. There are also several lakes that stretch across the city.

Transportation in Bucharest

Bucharest has an extensive transportation system that is quite affordable which includes the metro, trams, trolleybuses, buses, and taxis. You can also rent a car.

Bucharest airports served

  • Bucharest is served by Otopeni International Airport (OTP).

More information about Bucharest

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport is also known Otopeni Airport, which is the name of town where it's located. There are many alternatives to reach the city after your arrival to the airport, which 16,5 km away from the city center, with Pegasus and its economical price alternatives. The most economical and the easiest one among them is taking a bus. It takes 40 minutes with the express bus numbered 783. Another express bus line numbered 780 goes to the North Bus Station (Gara de Nord). You need to get your ticket go through the machines in the bus, otherwise you'll be counted as not paid for the bus.

Antoirher transportation alternative to go to Bucharest is the train. After buying your ticket at the airport, you need to get on the bus that goes to Otopeni train station and take the train that will take you to Gara de Nord. Your ticket can be used in minibuses and trains as well.

Public Transportation in Bucharest

Bucharest subway system is comprised of 4 different lines. However, there are very few station in the city center. The reason is that the subway system has been designed to carry workers who live in the outer sides of the city to the industrial areas, which are also located outside of the city. If you are going to travel between two sides of the city or accommodate outside of the city, subway provides a fast and comfortable transportation service. 

Buses, tramways and trolleybuses provide public transportation to all corners of the city. There are different subscription systems and prices for public transportation. It's up to you to choose the most suitable option for the time period you'll be there but the most logical thing to do is using the refillable cards called 'Activ'. It can also be said that prices are quite affordable.

Taxi Please!

We have to say that taxi is not the safest transportation option in Bucharest. The government has waged a war especially against pirate taxis. There are many taxi companies in the city but all of them have a different tariff. Make sure that you check the tariff that is placed on the glass of the car before taking a taxi. A taxi without tariff hung on the glass doesn't necessarily mean a pirate taxi, it can be an independent one, as well. However, independent taxis are very expensive. That's why we recommend you to use a taxi from one of the big companies. Let us also remind you that they use a more expensive price plan for nights anc trips to the outside of the city. These special price plans can also be seen on the list. You can also think about car rental services on flypgs.com as one of the most comfortable transportation alternatives for your Bucharest trip.

Shopping in Bucharest

Bucharest is shopping heaven, especially for those who are interested in old items. In the city, which is very rich with antique stores, this kind of stores are opened in touristic areas every day. However, we can't say that it's the best place to shop for clothes. We think that it's best to focus on antiques and gifts.

  • Strada Mihai Bravu Flea Market - An ideal marketplace to find different gifts dating back to the communist period. You take a tour around on weekends and find some antiques for reasonable prices. We also recommend you to negotiate the price.
  • Thomas Antiques - There is even a bar/cafe on the second floor if the most beloved antique shop in Bucharest. You can find great objects from furnitures to accessories thanks to its constantly changing products. Address: Strada Covaci nr. 19, Tel: +40 75 244 08 18
  • Museum of The Romanian Peasant Shop - This is one of the best places to buy handmade gifts that are peculiar to Romania. Especially textile products are very good.

Food and Drink in Bucharest

Romanian cuisine has been greatly influnced by the Ottoman cuisine and the cuisines of their neighbouring countries. There is a great variety of soups in Bucharest cuisine. Most of the meat dishes are made with pork but veal is also very common. Of course, due to its geography, both freshwater fishes and sea fishes are found in menus as well. Their cuisine is also very rich in terms of fruit and vegetable variety. We have two important notes on restaurants: In Romanian restaurants, bread is generally not included in the prices. So, you may have to pay some extra for the bread and it's a custom to leave a 10% tip.

  • Simbio Coffee & More - Simbio can be seen as a small cafe or a snack bar. However, this small location is very stylish and it uses high quality ingredients. We think that you'll be very pleased, no matter what you choose from its menu but we especially recommend their breakfast - at any time of the day. Address: Strada Şelari no.18, Tel: +40 21 310 27 00
  • Grand Café Van Gogh - Van Gogh offers a coffee break or a great atmosphere to work but it's also possible to eat a meal there. You can rent different areas on the higher floors of the cafe, which stands out with its comfortable and stylish atmosphere, for your business meetings or special events. Address: Strada Smardan no.9, Tel: +40 31 107 63 71
  • Bohemia Tea House - This warm and cute tea house offers many tea options. Cakes, cookies and pies are waiting for you. They are all very delicious and affordable. Address: Poiana Narciselor no.1, Tel: +40 72 733 36 31
  • Isoletta - There are mostly sea products in the menu of this Italian restaurant that has been located in a very green area. It's a great place to taste seafood of the Italian cuisine. The prices are high but they have delicacies that you can't easily find in some other places and a nice open area. Address: Sos. Nordului 7-9, Tel:+40 21 232 21 88
  • La Mama - La Mama is actually a restaurant chain. Our choice is its Athenaeum branch. It has a nice ambiance; it reminds you of a refectory with its high ceiling and small tables with benches. La Mama serves Romanian food. You can taste the typical sour soups and sarmalute for very fair prices. Address: Episcopiei 9, Tel: +40 21 312 97 97
  • Osho - Osho feeds your mouth and your eyes with its amazing meats; also, their burgers are delicious. The restaurant is a bit expensive for Romania. However, they have affordable lunch menus in the weekdays. Address: Primaverii  Blv.19-21, Tel:+40 21 568 30 31
  • Mamma Leone - One of the best places where you can taste fish dishes of Romanian cuisine. It's also a good address to taste the famous Romanian soups. It's one of the must-visit restaurants. It also has a very nice open area among trees. Address: Str. Povernei No. 22, Tel: +40 21 311 46 06
  • Mica Elvetie -St.Moritz - This Swiss restaurant invites you to raclette (grill on table) nights on Thursdays. This place, where you can also try fondue, serves many European delicacies. We especially recommend stonebaked meat dishes. Address: 60 Strada Franceza, Tel: + 40 21 224 50 17
  • Chocolat - This highly popular location is the kind that will instantly draw your attention in the old city. Homemade macarons and chocolate cakes decorate its windows. It's a bit expensive but it's hard to say 'no' to such a delicious dessert break. Address: Calea Victoriei no.12 A, Tel: +40 21 314 92 45
  • Locanta Jaristea - Jariesta is the most interesting and authentic restaurant of Bucharest. You eat your dinner with a different show. The show includes everything; many artists, ranging from opera singers to modern dance artists, take the stage one after another. If you want to have an interesting night with local tastes, you can prefer this place. At least, that's what people from Bucharest do. Address: 50-52 George Georgescu Strada, Tel:  + 40 21 335 33 38
  • Uptown - This stylish place has a simple decoration. The restaurant, which draws as much attention with its foods as its ambience, serves delicacies from the European cuisine. It's meeting and greeting point of businessmen in Bucharest. Address: Strada Rabat, no.2, Tel: +40 21 231 40 77
  • Caru’cu Bere - If you're looking for a local kitchen, here's the most prestigious restaurant in Bucharest. Its unbelievable atmosphere fascinates you; you may even forget to eat while watching the adornments on the wall with a traditional music in the background. Even though it's a bit too touristic, we recommend you not to leave Bucharest before stopping by here. Also, the prices are affordable.  Address: Str. Stavropoleos No.5, Tel: +4 0 21 313 75 60
  • Hotel Christina Restaurant - This hotel's kitchen is really great. Offering fusion food alternatives, it fascinates you with their tastes. We recommend you to try out different tastes by ordering different foods in small portions. The desserts are delicious. Address: 13 Strada Ion Slatineanu, Tel: +40 21 210 73 03
  • The Artist - The latest gastoronomy trend in the world, "molecular gastronomy" has been brought to Bucharest by Chef Paul Oppenkamp. It's name describes the place. Food are both delicious and amazingly served; each of them is a piece of art. It's definitely needs to be tried. Address: Strada Tonitza, no. 13, Tel: +40 72 831 88 71

Accommodation in Bucharest

There are many accommodation options in Bucharest, whose tourism has been thriving. You can take a look at our list for hostels that are preffered by students, hotel chains and the best Bucharest hotels.

  • Hotel Christina - This hotel is definitely one of the best of Bucharest. It hosts the guests in the best way possible with its colorful but simple decoration, spacious rooms and different services. Its paid servives include child care. Address: 13 ion slatineanu str, +40 21 210 73 03
  • Rembrant Hotel - Rembrant is not only a stylish hotel; it's on the top of the choices list with the different room alternatives it offers. It provides a more affordable and comfortable accommodation with its tourist rooms. Address: 11 Str. Smardan, Tel: + 40 21 313 93 15
  • Radisson Blu Hotel - Radisson Blu deserves all 5 stars it has with its fully-equipped meeting rooms, conference facilities, spa center, pool and casino. It's one of the best accommodation options for both business and vacations. Address: Calea Victoriei, 63-81, Tel: +40 21 311 90 00
  • Athenee Palace Hilton - Hilton, which is in service in a beautiful historical palace, is a good option for holidays with its luxurious rooms and rooms that see Revolution Square. They've also thought about details for business trips.   Address: 1-3  Str. Episcopiei, Tel: +40 21 303 37 77
  • Trianon Hotel - This cute hotel, which meets all your basic hotels, also has a small meeting room in it. It can be preferred due to its location in the city center and good service. Address: 9, Cobalcescu Grigore, Tel: +40 21 311 49 27
  • Hotel Scala - Being a concept hotel, Scala stands out with its classical style. It's decoration is in a great harmony with the historical building. The boutique hotel satisfies with its services as well. Address: C.A. Rosetti no. 19, Tel: +40 31 104 11 11
  • Hotel Monaco - Monaco is small and lovely hotel. It's romantic atmosphere is also hard to miss. The hotel's genial and helpful staff makes your stay much more pleasurable. Address: 74, Jean Luis Calderon, Tel: +40 21 310 56 68
  • Decebal Hotel - Decebal is boutique hotel that highlights privacy as a concept. It also organizes special events in its area with a capacity of 200 people. Address: Barbu Vacarescu boulevard, no. 51, Tel: +40 31 425 90 12
  • Umbrella Hostel - If you're looking for a hostel, Umbrella is one of the best-equipped. The hostel that is located in an old and beautiful building should be one of your top options with its hygiene and simple wood decoration. There are tables in the open area next to the building and it's quite pleasurable when the weather is good. Address: Strada Gen. Christian Tell 21, Tel: +40 21 212 50 51 
  • The Cozyness Hostel - The name says it all... It has a cozy and childlike atmosphere. It's the first stop of young travellers with its colorful decoration and an open area that is also open to fun. Address: Domnita Anastasia, no. 15, Tel: +40 72 134 42 81
  • The Explorers Hostel - This hostel stands out as much with its helpful staff as its clean and spacious areas. A good fit for curious travellers. Address: Str. Luigi Cazzavillan, No. 21, Tel: +40 21 310 69 71

Places to Visit in Bucharest

Even tough not all of the old Bucharest have made it to the present days, there are still many buildings and streets that are worth seeing. You can go south from Calea Victoriei and explore palaces, museums and other glamorous buildings.

City Tours

Let's not forget to mention the support Bucharest gets for tourism. There are free tours in the city every day. We definitely recommend you to join one of these. Look for the people with orange clothesm who are in Unirii Square every day at 11 am and tag along. A 2-hour guided tour is waiting for you. Only in winter, the tours are organized on demand. That's why we recommend you to get some info before going there. The same group also organizes bicycle tours for those who are interested. However, this time it costs 19€. The price covers the bicycle and helmet rent and you go on a guided bicycle tour that takes 4,5 hours. The snacks you'll eat during the break are also provided by them. You need to reserve your place for these tours and this time, your guides wait for you in Aviatorilor Square at 2 pm. For detailed information on both tours:

Palace of The Parliament and Parliament Square

It's not possible to miss this magnificent building but apart from visiting this building, walking around of it may also be helpful to underdstand the communist period of the city. The building, of which construction was started with the order of Communist Party's leader Ceaușescu in 1984, hadn't been completed in 1989 when Ceaușescu was executed. The building that has been completed later is adorned with the best examples of Romanian handicraft and traditional arts. We recommend you to join a guided tour.

  • National Museum of Romanian History - The museum, where pieces about the Romanian history from Neolithic ages to 1920 are exhibited, is a great starting point for the country's history.
  • Stavropoleos Church and Monastry - The church was built in 1724 and it's one of the oldest things in the city. It's almost an architectural jewellery as a fusion of Roman and Byztantium architectures. The monastry that is connected to the church is an expert in the field of Byzantium religious music and has a very important music archive.
  • Village Museum - This open air museum located in Herastrau Parkı is almost a living place with more than 300 buildings. Workers that wear traditional clothes successfully reflect the rural life in the 16th century. We recommend you to see it for an interesting museum experience.
  • Ateneul Roman - The building that has been designed by the French architect Albert Galleron is the pearl of Bucharest with its impressive embellishments and frescos. This concert hall is also famous all around the world for its amazing acoustics and for being home to Romanian George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Jewish History Museum - The museum that tells the history of Jewish community Romania has lost under the rule of oppressive regimes is fascinating with all the handwork in the pieces it contains. The Great Synagogue, which is an important architectural work built in 1850, is the home of this museum. This museum is very impressive as a symbol of lost cultural diversity.
  • Museum of The Romanian Peasant - The most important feature of this museum, which is a sort of ethnography museum, is that the pieces that are exhibited here are not hid behind glasses. You can take a close look at the eveyday items of the Romanian village life. 
  • National Museum of Art of Romania - In addition to famous painters like Rembrant and Monet, you can also see the works of Romanian artists in the museum which welcomes art-lovers with more than 100 thousand artworks. Museum is located in the former royal palace.
  • Bran Castle - This castle located a couple of hours away from the city has become famous as the castle of Dracula. Vlad Tepes, the overlord that inspired the famous vampire story, tried multiple times to seize the castle and finally succeeded.
  • National Museum of Contemporary Art - This museum is located in some part of the parliament building. You should definitely visit the museum that keeps track of the contemporary art in the country with its constantly changing exhibitions.
  • Arcul de Triumf - This triumphal arch is the reason why Bucharest is called "Little Paris". The arch that was constructed in 1878 when Romania earned its independence has been destroyed many times. It has managed to last thanks to a restoration in 1936.
  • Revolution Square - Piata Revolutiei meaning Revolution Square keeps the memory of the revolution that happened in 1989 in front of the eyes of the world alive. This symbolic location is one of the most important squares of Bucharest.
  • Cantacuzino Palace - The house of the former Prime Minister Romania Grigore Cantacuzino is qualified as the most distinguished residence of Romania. The building, that has been adorned with neoclassical and art nouveau elements, is really worth seeing.
  • Radu Voda Monastry - The Orthodox Monastry, of which construction was funded by the younger grandson of Vlad Tepes in 1568, must be seen for the ornaments inside.
  • Cişmigiu Park - Created in 1847, the park is made around a pond. The park's name comes from Turkish, created by changing the word "çeşmeci". The park is also a popular meeting place for people live in Bucharest; that's why it's an emblematic element of the city.


Romania, located in the intersection of East and West Europe, has always had a special position in artz and culture production due to its unique history and geography. It's also the same in the present day. There may not be that many galleries in the city but National Museum of Contemporary Art makes a great job with constantly changing exhibitions.

  • Melenia Art Gallery - The gallery which was opened in 2009 is closely connected to art circles of both Greece and Romania thanks to its Greek owners. We recommend this gallery to see international contemporary pieces. Address: Str. Covaci, No. 12, Tel: + 40 73 283 47 57
  • Zorzini Gallery - Zorzini set an important mission of presenting Romanian contemporrary art to the world and keeping the locals updated about the happenings of the international contemporary art. This is the best address for Romanian art. Address: 31 Thomas Masaryk, Tel: +40 72 789 07 20

Neighborhoods of Bucharest

  • Lipscani - If you're a tourist in Bucharest, this is the neighbourhood where you'll spend most of your time. This neighbourhood of Old Bucharest where mostly young people hang out is the center of nightlife, art and culture.
  • Centrul Civic - This building, which was completely rebuilt in 1980s, has actually caused some part of the historical city to be demolished. This neighbourhood, which was designed for communist staff by Cauşescu, harbors many public buildings. Of course the most important one of these is the Parliament Building. Although the neighbourhood is not that loved by the Romanian people, it keeps its place in the middle of the city as a magnificent monument of the communist period the country has gone through.
  • Titan - Southeastern neighbourhood of Bucharest is characterized mainly bycha blocks from the communist period. And of course with Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park... It's possible to walk in this huge park and breathe the air of the communist regime's residential area.
  • Tei - Tei, means "linden"Romanian. The neighbourhood got its name due to the abundance of linden trees in it. There is also a lake in this part of the city. Technical University was built in this area in the communist period and it's still located here. Moreover, the neighbourhood, which used to be a residential zone back at those times, is now preferred the upper economical class. Many detached houses have been built here recently.


Bucharest is one of the favourite European cities with its high student population and a thriving nightlife. That's why it's not possible to mention all the interesting nightlife spots of Bucharest.

  • Collage - Collage, which is comprised of a lounge bar and restaurant, offers you an amazing night in both parts. The place, of which music, ambience, decoration and taste you can count on, serves dishes from different cuisines in the restaurant while a DJ is performing in the lounge. The service is also good. It's a bit expensive but we think it's worth it. Address: Bulevardul Ion Mihalache, Tel: +40 75 810 10 40
  • Absintherie Sixtină - It's a classical bar, the music is not that loud. So, it's ideal for drinking while having a chat with your friends. Address: Covaci 6, Kat:1, Tel: +40 21 310 35 66
  • Beer O’Clock - Here's the richest drink menu uf Bucharest! If you're looking for different tastes, don't go anywhere but Beer O'Clock; the brand has two different locations where you can find many brands from Europe and USA. The old and small one that is located in the arcade may be a bit more lovely. We recommend you to make reservation if you'll go there as a group. Address: Calea Victoriei, Pasajul Macca, Tel: +40 73 518 70 13
  • Green Hours - Bucharest's jazz spot. But not only jazz; many events from theater to various readings are organized here. It's been one of the most popular places of the city for year. Jazz concerts are organized in weekends. However, if you still want a table you must make a reservation since the place is never empty. Address: Şoseaua Stefan cel Mare  7/9, Tel: + 40 78 845 24 85
  • Interbelic - Being one of the best cocktail bars of Bucharest, this place is always very crowded. Address: Intrarea Nicolae Şelari 1, Tel: +40 72 210 01 93
  • Atelier Mecanic - One of the favourites in Bucharest. You can have a pleasant time with a great decoration and comfy atmosphere. Address: Covaci 12
  • Cafeneaua Actorilor - This nice cafe, which is one of the legendary spots, is located in the pond - almost. It's a nice choice for both nights and days. What makes the place legendary is that the actors of the national theater come here at later hours of the night, after getting off the stage. Address: Parcul Tineretului, Debarcader 1, Tel: +40 72 414 74 32
  • Club A - This rock bar, which has been open for 40 years, is another legendary spot of the city. It's program includes live music on weekends and occasional theme nights.  Address: Blanari 14, Tel: +40 21 313 55 92     
  • Barletto - Barletto is one of the most luxurious and expensive bars of Bucharest with wordwide renown DJs and sexy dancers. It speaks to the highest group of income of Bucharest with occasional live performances and parties. Address: Strada Oltetului no 30, Tel: +40 74 331 54 61
  • Music Club - The place where the best local bands take the stage has a high quality sound system. There is live music every friday and saturday night. Address: Str. Baratiei 31, Tel: +40 72 088 71 15
  • Panic! - This is the address for alternative rock music in Bucharest. The place, which gets its name from a song of The Smiths, frequently organizes special nights.  Address: Strada Academiei no. 19, Tel: +40 76 605 61 70

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: 40
  • Ambulance/Fire/Police: 112
  • Bucharest Airport: + 40 21 204 1000

Weather in Bucharest

20°Clight rain23/07/2019
25°Cmoderate rain24/07/2019
27°Cscattered clouds25/07/2019
28°Cscattered clouds26/07/2019
28°Clight rain27/07/2019
24°Clight rain28/07/2019
29°Clight rain29/07/2019
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