Flights to Bologna (BLQ) from 43 GBP

Flights to Bologna (BLQ) from 43 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

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Traveling to Bologna (BLQ)

Consider a city of commerce, culture, and art. In order to see and believe with your naked eyes how a city can possibly be a whole gigantic museum, you should absolutely go to Bologna. So, you should definitely browse through Pegasus Bologna flight ticket prices in order to feel the glory of the Roman empire in every street of Bologna. Low-cost Bologna flight tickets are available in Pegasus flight campaigns.

The city, that is also the home of University of Bologne, which was founded in 1088 and is one of the oldest universities of Europe with genius graduates like Dante, Erasmus and Kopernik, is yet to be explored by you with historical monuments like Fountain of Neptune, ancient canal of San Vitale and Podesta Palace and its bolognese sauce which is one of the essential pasta sauces. You can reserve your cheap flights to Bologna on flypgs.com and start planning your trip to walk around the colorful streets of Bologna, taste its delicious foods and breathe in the air of Italy.

Attractions in Bologna

  • Arco del Meloncello (Road from Meloncello): At the end of the Arco del Meloncello, you will be presented with a unique pleasure of a walk amongst typical Italian neighbourhoods to see a basilica made in 1346 known as the Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi (St. Mary Basilica). A magnificent view is waiting for you.
  • Palazzo d'Accursio (Palazzo Comunale): Built in 1288, this building today is a museum where furniture of a time period between 14th and 19th centuries are exhibited. Plus, while you are already there, do not forget to visit the painting collection that dates back from Middle Age to the 19th century.
  • Piazza Maggiore: In this square, there are significant touristic places like Fontana Di Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune), Palazzo del Podestà (Palazzo del Podestà Basilica), and San Petronio (San Petronio Basilica). Plus, you should also see the Sun Clock in the church.

What to Eat in Bologna

  • Pizza: While you are in Bologna and in walking distance to some of the best pizza restaurants in the world, you should taste delicious samples of this great food.
  • Tortellini: This is a special kind of round pasta, tortellini, and is also generally served as a pasta soup with sauce and melting cheese.
  • Ice-cream with Ricotta: The Italian use this fresh curd in various kinds of dishes. Ice cream with ricotta will assure you that you will live one of the most exciting moments of your Bologna trip.
  • Giuseppe Verdi Square: The Square that is named after the world famous composer is waiting for you with its historic fabric and unique Italian cuisine.

Landscape of Bologna

Known as the Red City, Bologna is one of the rare cities that succeeded in preserving its historic fabric completely. You will feel that you will go back further in history with every step you take on the streets of Bologna with the unifying red colour used in its bricks of architecture and with the Middle Age architecture and Renaissance art.

Transportation in Bologna

The best inner-city transportation in Bologna are the buses. Moreover, since the city is not a large city, you can go everywhere with a bike. The third option is to use taxis. They are a little bit more expensive when compared to buses. Those who will travel with a small group can travel with taxis that way the per person taxi fare will be affordable. You can go anywhere in Bologna from Bologna Centrale train station. You can also reach the airport. You will realize that Bologna hotels are both affordable and relaxing.

More information about Bologna

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

It's very easy to reach the city center after your arrival at Bologna Airport with Pegasus Airlines. Because the airport is only 6 km away from the city center. Moreover, they have many alternatives to make it easier for you.

You can check the tables on http://www.atc.bo.it or call +39 051 29 02 90 and ask for an information about the buses that will take you to the city center in 20 minutes. 

Another easy option is the train. You can learn about the timetable of the train that stops by the airport and goes to your destination in the city on http://www.fsitaliane.it/homepage_en.html. If you consider taking a comfortable trip with a taxi, CO.TA.BO. (+39 051 372727) and CAT (+39 051 45 90) will be waiting for you with their cars prepared.

Bologna's bus company, which provied public transportation in the city, is called ATC. You can buy your tickets in the bus from the red machines, which will give you a ticket that is valid for 1 hour, or use seasonal tickets or package deals on the yellow machines. Also, you get free transportation, internet, museum entrance and discounts at various stores, restaurants and bars with Bologna Welcome Card.

Bologna doesn't have a subway system since it's a small city and taxi is not an option that is frequently used in the city. That's why. renting a car on flypgs.com can be a good choice. Riding a bike like the locals of the city or walking around are also good alternatives. If you want to rent a bicycle: 

Rental Bike Italy 

You can choose your bike online before your trip and get it when you arrive in Bologna. Address: Il Marker delle 2 ruote, Via San Donato, 1c, Tel: +39 051 245433, http://www.rentalbikeitaly.com

Shopping in Bologna

If you've decided to go shopping in Bologna, we recommend you to remember that it's quite possible for many stores to be closed in the afternoon for no apparent reason and spare the time between 10 am and 2 pm to walk around stores and streets. Via San Felice and Via Castiglione are two streets where the most interesting and ethnic stores of Bologna are located. The other stores you need to visit are listed below:

  • Galleria Cavour - You should add this shopping center, where there are outlet shops of many brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Versace, to the top of your list. Because you are in the land where many designers were born. Address : Galleria Cavour, 1, Tel: +39 051 227048
  • Camera Con Vista - This store, where there are dresses, candles, objects from the 18th century and home decoration items, is also an expert at lamps and tables. Address: Via Santo Stefano 14/2a, Tel: +39 051 224268 2028
  • Casa dello Sport - This boutique where there are brands like Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Maison Martin Margiela, Limi Feu, Haider Ackermann, The People of Labyrinths, Jeremy Scott and the Linda Farrow Project, needs to be on your must-see list. Address: Via Santo Stefano 62028, Tel: +39 051 23 71 56
  • Mister Gal - Mister Gal is another boutique where you can find the special products of designers like Keiko Mecheri, If Six Was Nine, Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen. Address: Via Clavature 17, 2028, Tel: +39 051 23 64 652028
  • Ratti - The coolest ladies of Bologna go to Ratti to buy dresses from Dior, Scervino, Alberta Ferretti, Ralph Lauren, Decotis and Capannolo. What about you? Address: Via Clavature 15, Tel: +39 051 26 04 772028
  • L’Inde Les Palais - If you think that Balmain, Aquilan, Rimondi, Valentino, Vera Wang and Céline are designing just for your taste, we recommend you to spare a couple of hours to see the products in L’Inde Les Palais. Address: Via Dei Musei 6, Tel: +39 051 620 30 152028
  • Borgo Delle tovaglie - This boutique, which showcases all kinds of trendy objects like music instruments, perfumes, make-up products and clothes in an area of 500 m2, is a genius project that is designed to change the city's face according to some people. Address: Via Farini 10, 40124 2028, Tel: +39 051 3309382028
  • Jacqueline - This 40 m2 heaven, which is home to many brands, some of which names you'll here for the first time, like Dondup, Golden Goose Kristina Ti, Jo No Fui, Gas By Marie, and Mister & Mrs Fur, is a true trendsetter. Address: Via Altabella 14, Tel: +39 051 126 81 90
  • Cappelleria Trentini - If you're one of those who steal their grandmas' clothes only to become the coolest gal in the city, you'll want to buy every single object you see in Cappelleria Trentini, for sure. Address: Via Indipendenza 33 2028, Tel: +39 051 22 42 76
  • Tassinari - On one side fancy shoes by Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hardy, Sigerson & Morrison, Dove Nuotano Gli Squali, Rupert Sanderson and Jean Michel Cazabat and their own handmade products on the other... Address: Via San Felice 55, Tel: +39 051 5570062028

Food and Drink in Bologna

There are endless alternatives for one to in Bologna. Should we remind you the worldwide famous Bolognese sauce made of ground meat and tomatoes; their salamis that we'd look forward to find in a sandwich; or the pasta named 'ragu'? Bologna deserves its fame as the gastronomy heaven of Italy to the fullest. 

  • Pizzeria Ristorante La Brace - Pizaa Positano, which is made of cherry tomatoes, mozarella, tuna fish, branzino and shrimps, is a peerless delicacy of this typical Bologna restaurant, of which walls are decorated with the uniforms of famous football players. Address: 15 Via San Vitale, Tel: +39 51 235656
  • Osteria Dell'Orsa - This favourite place of locals, where there are live music, poetry readings and live debates in the evenings, has no match for home made pastas. Everyone share their tables here. Their specialties include options like lasagne with artichokes and squash gnocchi. Address: 1 Via Mentana, Tel: +39 51 231576 
  • Trattoria Danio - This restaurant is unrivalled for both its prices and taste. The menu is comprised of bolognese ragu, grilled sausages and vegetable plate. Address: 50 Via San Felice, Tel: +39 51 555202
  • Trattoria Anna Maria - Here's a chance for you to taste foods that come out of the hands of a real Italian mama. We're happy to introduce Anna Maria, with its tortellini ragu, that has been served for the last 26 years; with walls decorated with the photos of Mastroianni and Sophia Loren and with its tables with red clothes on them. Address: 7 Via delle Belle Arte, Tel: +39 51 266894 
  • Osteria Marsalino - Marsalino, which has a menu filled with organic products, has specialties like strawberry risotto and faro, which is made of squash, soy sauce and shrimps. Address: 3 Via Marsalino, Tel: +39 51 238675
  • Trattoria Pizzeria Belle Arti dei Fratello Favaro - Don't leave Bologna before tasting the slim Ecstasy pizza, made of cherry tomatoes, buffalo, mozarella and arugula, in one of the city's most famous restaurants which gets fully reserved weeks before. Address: Via delle Belle Arti, 14, Tel: +39 051 22 55 81
  • Drogheria della Rosa - You need to stop by here if you want to eat aubergine filled ravioli flavoured with tomatoes and basil. Address: Via Cartoleria, 10, Tel +39 051 22 25 29
  • Casa Monica - Casa Monica,which prepares special French-Italian fusion foods, is very popular especially among the loca youth and people who love the city life. Let us remind you that it's closed at lunch hour. Address: Via San Rocco, 15, Tel: +39 51 52 25 22 
  • All’Osteria Bottega - The restaurant, which have specialties like baked dove, aubergine with parmesan cheese and tagliatelle, is managed by Daniele Minarelli. Address: Via Santa Caterina 51, Tel: +39 51 58 51 11
  • Bruno e Franco - This delicatessen store, where men in red ties slice fresh meats and put on pastas, is an ideal stop for lunch. Address: Via Oberdan, Tel: +39 51 23 36 92
  • Ex Forno - You need to go to Ex Forno, which is located in Modern Art Museum, especially to enjoy its risotto. Address: Via Don Minzoni, 14, Tel: +39 51 64 93 896

Accommodation in Bologna

Accommodation in Bologna mostly happens in boutique hotels with unique designs. There are also many economical accommodation alternatives for students.

For boutique hotel lovers...

  • Hotel Metropolitan - Metropolitan, which brings Art Deco together with a minimalistic design and Africa-inspired decoration, is one of the most sophisticated hotels of Bologna. Address: Via dell’Orso 6, Tel: +39 051 229393
  • The Met’s Appartements - This hotel, which has 10 suit rooms, has an ultimately simple style. It looks quite modern with its white walls, retro furnitures and its use of marble and glass together. Address: Via de Monari 3, Tel: 39 051 229393
  • Portici Hotel - In Portici, which serves 60 rooms in a castle from the 19th century, there are gyms and even a Michelin restaurant to make your stay comfortable. Address: Via Indipendenza 69, Tel: +39 051 42185
  • Starhotels Excelsior - There are gourmet restaurants, free internet and gyms in this 4-star hotel located right across the train station of Bologna. Address: Viale Pietramellara, 51, Tel: +39 051 246178

More Affrodable Alternatives...

If you don't bother sharing your room with someone else in hostels or you don't care much about the place you stay, here are some addresses that offer cheaper accommodation in Bologna. 

  • Hotel Fiera - Address: Via Stalingrado, 82, Tel:+39 051 37 77 35
  • Hotel University - Address: Via Mentana, 7, Tel: +39 051 229713
  • Cristina Rossi Bed and Breakfast - Address: Via Porta di Castello, 6, Tel: +39 335 622 3113 
  • Marina Bergonzoni - Address: Martiri di Monte Sole, 17, Tel: +39 05 137 43 49

Places to Visit in Bologna

Being one of the oldest cities of Europe, Bologna offers many places to see with an architecture that has been influenced by different art movements, historical pieces and museumk as well as its narrow streets, parks and gardens.

  • Piazza Maggiore - It means 'greater square' and it's the biggest area of Bologna, located right at the center of the city. Market places used to be set up here and people traded in the square, which is surrounded by many historical buildings like Fonatana di Nettuno and the town hall. 
  • Basilica San Petroni - Construction of the building, which has been named the 5th biggest church in the world, was started in 1390. Works of artists like Giovanni da Modena, Parmigianino, Giulio Romano and Masaccio can be seen in the building which is a wonder of Gothic architecture. It's open for visitors everyday between 7.45 am - 12.30 pm and 3 pm - 6 pm. 
  • Asinelli Tower - Only two of the towers, that have been constructed between the 12th and the 13th centuries and are symbols of Bologna, are still standing. The towers have been designed for the army to protect the city in case of a war or an attack. You need to climb 498 wood stairs to reach the towers. It's a peerless joy to face the view of Bologna from 97.20 meters high.   
  • The Basilica of Santo Stefano - This historical basilica comprised of 7 churches that have been located on a triangular area, is Bologna's best preserved building from the Roman times. It can be visited everyday between 9 am - 12 pm and 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm. Address: Via Santo Stefano, 24, Tel: +39 051 223256
  • Pinacoteca Nazionale - In the museum, which is home to the most important artworks of Italy, in addition to the works of important artists like Raffaello, Carracci and Reni, temporary exhibitions are held, as well. It's open everyday between 9 am - 7 pm. Address: Via delle Belle Arti, 56, Tel: +39 051 420 9411
  • Arcades - Another characteristic construction of Bologna is the arches that lie 38 km long and are protected by UNESCO. These buildings, designed to protect from heat in summer and from rain in winter, have been preserved since Middle Ages. Get ready for a long walk to see the glamourous archs of Santa Maria dei Servi or Piazza Malpinghi's archs that are adorned with frescos.
  • Bologna History Museum - This museum, that focuses on Bologna's history, change and culture, is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am - 7 pm. Address: Via Castiglione 8-10
  • Collezioni Comunali d'Arte - Collections where you cen see the masterpieces of famous Italian painters like Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Ludovico Carracci, Guido Cagnacci and Francesco Hayez are all in this museum. Address: Piazza Maggiore, 6, Tel: +39 051 219 3631
  • Museo Morandi - If you want to take closer look at the art of Bologna, you need to visit this museum that is devoted to the works of Giorgio Morandi. Address: Il Palazzo Comunale 
  • MAMbo - Artworks collected from all parts of Italy are exhibited in the museum that is devoted to contemporary art. Address: Via Don Giovanni Minzoni 14, Tel: + 39 51 649 66 11
  • Parks of Bologna - You walks, that will start from the biggest park area Giardini Margherita, can continue with Parco Montagnola, which has been preserved since the 17th century and has a bridge inside; and Orto Botanico where there are botanical gardens dating back to the 16th century. You can move on to Villa delle Rose, which is a heaven of exotic plants, and put and end to it in Certosa di Bologna, which is also home to the biggest cemetary of Bologna.


Bologna, which is known as a student city, has a lively nightlife. But it's not only limited to dance music and bars as many think it would be. You'll frequently see operas, theaters and classical music concerts in the city's panorama. We don't forget to give some location recommendations after reminding you that you need to start the night at bars and coffee houses, that get crowded at the rush hours, in Via Belle Arte and Via Zamboni.

  • Le Stanze - Mostly frequented by university students, Le Stanze is built in a church from the 16th century. We recommend you to stop by between 6 pm and 9 pm, which is the the period for free appetizers. This way you can taste delicious foods lined up on the bar for free. Address: 1 Via Borgo di San Pietro, Tel: +39 51 228767
  • Zanarini - Being one of the most snobby bars of Bologna, Zanarini is ideal for meeting people and have some chat at the after-work hours. Address: Piazza Galvani 1, Tel: +39 051 275 0041
  • Osteria del Sole - This place, which serves drinks since the 15th century, is one of the most authentic places of Bologna. Address: Vicolo Rannocchi 1/D, Tel: 347 9680171
  • MAMBo - Ther are artists, a crowd that is interested in art and a DJ that plays the hits of the last 50 years in the bar of Modern Art Museum. Address: Via Don Minzoni 14,
  • Bar Wolf - This place, which has brought many live bands from folk to indie, rock to experimental funks to its stage since 1960’s, has many frequenters. Address: Via Massarenti 118
  • Cantina Bentivoglio - This place, something between a bar and a restaurant, has been home to live jazz performances as well. Address: Via Mascarella 4B
  • Kinki - The club, which has been popular since 1950’s, draws the attention of university students with video screenings and electronic music nights these days. Address: Via Zamboni 1, Tel: +39 51 26 60 28
  • Link - The program that starts with live bands at 10 pm, continues until 5 am with techno and electronic music. Address: Via Fioravanti 14
  • Covo Club - Covo is the ideal place to not stop until the morning with video screenings accompanying oldies, rock andpunk/grunge hits. Address: Viale Zagabria, 1, Tel: +39 051 505801
  • Matis - This club, which allows you to listen to local musicians and DJs on stage, is mostly packed with people thanks to professional dancers that liven up the dancefloor. Address: Via del Colle, 76, Tel: +39 055 882 74
  • Estragon - This club built in an old hangar has big concerts and live performances of rock bands almost every day of the week. Address: Via Stalingrado 83, Tel: +39 051 328354

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: +39
  • Ambulance: 118
  • Police: 112
  • Fire: 115
  • Emergency: 113
  • Road Safety: 1518
  • Bologna Airport: +39 051 6479615
  • Bologna Taxi: +39 051 53 41 41

Weather in Bologna

21°Csky is clear19/04/2019
19°Csky is clear20/04/2019
18°Covercast clouds21/04/2019
17°Cmoderate rain22/04/2019
18°Cheavy intensity rain23/04/2019
21°Cscattered clouds24/04/2019
16°Clight rain25/04/2019
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