Flights to Bodrum (BJV) from 17 GBP

Flights to Bodrum (BJV) from 17 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 09/09/2019
from 17 GBP
Last seen: 11 hours

Ankara (ESB) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 21/07/2019
from 29 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Adana (ADA) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 06/09/2019
from 29 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Kiev (IEV) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 08/08/2019
from 65 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

London (STN) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 10/09/2019
from 75 GBP
Last seen: 22 hours

Charleroi (CRL) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 05/09/2019
from 88 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 09/09/2019
from 17 GBP
Last seen: 11 hours

Ankara (ESB) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 11/10/2019
from 19 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Adana (ADA) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 06/09/2019
from 29 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Trabzon (TZX) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 14/09/2019
from 54 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

London (STN) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 13/01/2020
from 57 GBP
Last seen: 13 hours

Antalya (AYT) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 03/07/2019
from 64 GBP
Last seen: 43 minutes

Kiev (IEV) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 08/08/2019
from 65 GBP
Last seen: 9 hours

Antakya (Hatay) (HTY) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 16/07/2019
from 71 GBP
Last seen: 7 hours

Van (VAN) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 05/09/2019
from 71 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Lefkosia (ECN) Bodrum (BJV)

Departure date 08/07/2019
from 72 GBP
Last seen: 14 hours

Traveling to Bodrum (BJV)

Welcome to beautiful Bodrum, Turkey! With low airfare from Pegasus, a holiday to this beautiful city is now more affordable than ever.

You can plan an amazing touristic trip to Bodrum which has build a fame as a vacation town. A part of Mugla and known for its natural beauties, Bodrum is the leading town among those which welcome domestic and international tourists in every season. You can plan an amazing touristic trip to Bodrum with the cheap flight tickets you'll buy on flypgs.com. You can go Bodrum, where you can visit in every season, in July or August to enjoy the lively beach clubs and dance until the morning or prefer May, June, September or October for a calmer vacation.

Top Landmarks in Bodrum

  • Bodrum Castle/Castle of St Peter and Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology - This castle is one of the world’s best preserved monuments that dates back to Medieval Times. Inside, you will find the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, where you can see displays of findings from underwater excavations. On display is also one of the earliest and richest shipwrecks ever to be discovered. The Castle is a two-in-one trip!
  • The Bodrum Amphitheatre - This theatre is an ancient structure that was built for King Mausolus, but was not completed until the Roman era.

Landscapes in Bodrum

Bodrum is located on the Bodrum Peninsula and is a port city. You will be able to see the harbour and marina from your flight into Bodrum.

Where to Eat in Bodrum

  • Halikarnas - This nightclub is thought to be the largest in the world. It is more for the young, trendy crowd.
  • Bodrum Marine Club - This club is on a boat that goes out on the water every evening and the dance floor is made of glass so that you can see the fish swimming underneath.

Transportation in Bodrum

The best way to get around Bodrum is by dolmus, a shared taxi that has a fixed route. The dolmus is also the cheapest way to get around the city.

Bodrum airports served

  • Bodrum Milas Airport (BJV) serves Bodrum, Turkey with its Pegasus flights.

More information about Bodrum

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

It's very easy to fly to Bodrum with Pegasus, which has at least 2 flight from Istanbul on every day of the week. After your flight, Havas, which follows the direction of Guvercinlik and Torba until Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal, is among the alternatives that can be preferred with the fast and comfortable trip it offers. Shuttle and airport transfer services are also available for Pegasus' guests: http://www.flypgs.com/pegasus-ile-ucus/havaalani-ulasim.aspx

If you want to visit different coves or natural beauties in Bodrum by car, you can reserve a rental car on flypgs.com. Minibuses take off from Bodrum Coach Station to near towns like Gumusluk, Yalikavak, Turgutreis, Ortakent, Golturkbuku for 24 hours a day for those who prefer public transportation. You can reach the coach station by calling (0252) 316 26 37 to learn about the schedules of minibuses, which generally take off every 30 minutes.

Shopping in Bodrum

The heart of shopping beats in the stores that are located side by side on both sides of Bodrum's main street. You can buy gifts from this street where you can have pleasant walks and look at windows of the shops. Here's a a tip from us: Get one of the colorful Bodrum sandals while walking around in these shops and then enjoy your time in one of the bazaars that are set up every day of the week.

On Monday, Guvercinlik Bazaar; on Tuesday, Bodrum Bazaar where you can find fabrics and clothing products; on Wednesday, Gumusluk and Ortakent Bazaars; On Thursday, Yalikavak Bazaar which specializes in foods and organic products; on Friday, Bitez Bazaar; on Saturday, Turgutreis Bazaar, which sells foods and and clothing at the same time; on Sunday, Mumcular and Gumbet Bazaar are some of the shopping alternatives that are waiting for you in Bodrum.

Food and Drink in Bodrum

While having a vacation on this perfect shoreline, you should also taste the food of Bodrum. In Bodrum, which has many vacation towns apart from its center, like Golturkbuku, Yalikavak, Torba, Gumusluk and Ortakent, mostly mezzes and seafoods are consumed. Here are what we've picked for you:

  • Ali Riza’nin Yeri - In Ali Riza'nin Yeri, which has been opened in 1972 and is the oldest restaurant of Gumusluk, salted fish, stuffed vine leaves, stuffed squash blossoms and "pacanga" are leading the list of the best things to eat. It's also an amazing pleasure to eat while smelling the sea by your side.
    Yali Mevkii, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 394 30 47
  • Bodrum Manti - Are you hungry at the end of a night at a bar? The solution is Bodrum Manti. Not only "manti" and "cigborek" but also delicacies like Iskender kebab, wraps with puréed aubergine sauce, Café de Paris and chili meatballs with kasseri are included in the menu.
    Keles Harimi Mahallesi, Inonu Caddesi, No.147, Turkbuku
    Tel: 0252 377 51 00
  • Yacht Club - In the afternoon, after watching the sunset with a delicious cocktail, you should order a rice dish with seafood followed by beef medallion with spinach. We've picked these two dishes for you.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi, No:5
    Tel: 0252 316 12 28
  • Cimentepe - Starting with warm roasted aubergine, salicornia, raw branzino salad, "kopoglu" with mayonnaise and stuffed squash blooms, the menu continues with fishes from the sea and ends with warm homemade baklava. People who go to this restaurant by the sea in Yalikavak can't leave before spending at least 3-4 hours there.
    Gerisalti, Yalikavak
    Tel: 0252 385 42 37
  • Kismet - Kısmet, known as the best local restaurant of Bodrum, is pretty confident about its salads and pot dishes. If you're in the streets of Bodrum around noon, you can eat your lunch here without any hesitation.
    Ataturk Bulvari, No. 156, Konacik
    Tel: 0252 319 18 23
  • Denizhan - We've wanted to think about those who prefer meat over fish and recommend the most classical name. In Denizhan, the feast starts with cheese and lavash bread and continues with classics like mustard greens, "mas piyaz", hummus with pastrami, dried and stuffed aubergine, tandoor, "beyti" and kebab with pistachio.
    Turgutreis Yolu Beylik Kırlar Mevkii, Konacik, Bodrum
    Tel: 0252 363 76 74
  • Kocadon - There are gourmet tastes like cuttle fish with fennel, sole fish with turnips, octopus carpaccio with mastic, caviar, big bonito with cranberry and beet in the menu of Kocadon, which is known as the gastronomical heaven in Bodrum. Sorbets that are served after the dinner are with chocolate, tangerine or strawberries
    Saray Sokak, No. 1, Bodrum Merkez
    Tel: 0252 316 37 05
  • Liman Köftecisi - One shouldn't stray from the classic meatballs, piyaz and kemal pasa dessert combination in Liman, where everyone prefers to eat especially while waiting for a bus.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi, No. 172, Bodrum center
    Tel: 0252 316 50 60
  • Limon - You should definitely taste the cocktails with satsuma, lime and tangerine in Limon, which should be visited in the afternoon to watch the sunset in its view. After that, we recommend you to try one one of the options of fish baked in clay, fried manti, grilled octopus with soy sauce and baked pears for dinner.
    Yali Mevkii, No.1, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 394 40 44
  • MIAM - You should definitely try fish manti made with lagos and octopus arms in the menu of MIAM, which serves sophisticated tastes on a wooden dock in Turkbuku.
    Yali Mevkii, No.1, Turkbuku
    Tel: 0252 377 56 12
  • Mimolett Ege - The menu of the restaurant, which has been opened in the garden of Casa Dell’Arte in 2012 by Murat Bozok, the owner and the chef of Mimolett, is very special. In Mimolett Ege, which includes the names of cities from where the ingredients are brought next to the names of dishes, it's a must to taste Bozburun calamaris, salicornia and homemade village pasta.
    Casa Dell’Arte, Inonu Caddesi 66, Torba
    Tel: 0252 367 18 48
  • Memedof - Located on the opposite of marina, Memedof, is known as "the" fish restaurant of Bodrum. The feast that starts with marinated branzino, cherry pepper, artichoke pickles and ink fish salad continues with smoked bonitos, anchovies with olives and fish pastrami. You should also try seafood stuffed mutton balls and pureed eggplant with shrimps afterwards.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No. 176
    Tel: 252 313 42 50
  • Garo’s - The signature of the restaurant, that has just been opened, is salmon pastrami served with rose root and caperbush berry. Apart form that, we recommend you to taste calf cheek if you want to eat something special.
    Yali Mevkii, Turkbuku
    Tel: 0252 377 61 71
  • Orfoz - In Orfoz, which is the home of shellfish dishes like baked mussels, blue crabs, oysters, "patlangoz", raw kidonya with lemon and clams, you should also try fish soup.
    Cumhuriyet Caddesi, No. 177, Bodrum Center
    Tel: 0252 316 42 85
  • Tel Dolap - In this place, which playes blues on thursdays, salsa on fridays and world music on saturdays, stuffed fish, topik and "yaprak ciger" (a liver dish) are extremely delicious.
    Eski Karakaya Village road, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 394 37 29
  • Sunger Pizza - You'll find not only pizza but also meat, chicken and fish alternatives in Sunger Pizza, which is mostly preferred by people who live in Bodrum throughout year and travellers. White pizza with mild cream cheese and ham and spaghetti with shrimps are among the most-preferred foods.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi, No. 218, Bodrum Center
    Tel: 0252 316 08 54
  • Mimoza - You should make your reservation on advance to eat a romantic dinner in Mimoza, which is located  by the sea at the tip of Gumusluk shore. This restaurant, which will fascinate you both with its taste and atmosphere, is one of the must-visit places.
    Yalı Mevkii, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 394 31 39 
  • Kafedaki - The view of the restaurant, which is located on a hill on the road between Bodrum and Gumbet, will sweep you off your feet. You should definitely drop by Kafedaki, which has world foods like chili shrimps, lebanon style garbanzo dumplings, seafood risotto, lamb[1]  and "cokertme" in its menu.
    Behind Oasis, Karaburgaz Mevkii, Below Pedesa Villalari, Gumbet Road
    Tel: 0252 317 02 75
  • Harem - It's a must to eat "anfora kebab", which is known as veal baked clay jug, in this restaurant that is an expert in Ottoman food in Bodrum. If you are one of those who like Bodrum in winter as well, you can have a very pleasant night in Harem.
    Neyzen Tevfik Street No. 14, Bodrum Center
    Tel: 0252 316 16 21
  • Cumbalı Meyhane - The restaurant, that has been opened in 2011 by Ömürhan Pinaz and Gürkan Gümüş, offers you a carefree atmosphere where you can feel at home. In the menu that has been comprised of 35 different mezzes includes options like shrimp balls, ink-fish eggs, kalamaris kokorec and Symi style shelled shrimps. Fish options are the classics of the region: common bream, lump-headed bream, porgy and lagos.
    Yalikavak Carsi, Yalikavak
    Tel: 0252 385 44 09
  • Dalgıç - You'll find homemade foods like fried aubergine, green beans with olive oil, meatballs, pilav, shepherd's salad and meet very delicious dishes in Dalgıç, which you can prefer especially for lunch.
    Yali Mevkii, opposite of Dock, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 394 42 29
  • Aquarium - Önce Gümüşlük’te, ardından da Yalıkavak’ta bir şube açan Aquarium, has opened a space first in Gumusluk and then in Yalikavak, is very ambitious about its jumbo shrimps, calamaris and octopus. It's a must to spare some room for delicious mezzes and fresh fish.
    Yali Mevkii, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 385 41 51
  • Carlo’s Pizza - In the kitchen that is directed by Italian pizza master Giancarlo di Giacono, almost all ingredients, especially mozarella, are imported from Italy. Doughs rolled out by hand are sauced with real tomatoes and you enjoy eating real Italian pizza in Bodrum.
    Mustafa Kemal Bulvari, No. 45, Turgutreis
    Tel: 0252 382 83 50

Accommodation in Bodrum

There are accommodation alternatives for all kinds of budgets and tastes in Bodrum, which is one of the tourism heavens of Turkey. We recommend you to take a look at the list we've created for you for many alternatives from the most luxurious Bodrum hotels to apartment hotels.

  • Kuum Hotel - Kuum Hotel, whose each room has been designed differently, is also famous for its spa and the restaurants, namely Kalamata and Cento per Cento, which also has a branch in Nisantasi. Moreover, you can go to the late night entertainments in Kuum Hotel when you miss Istanbul's night club atmosphere.
    Ataturk Caddesi, no:150, Turkbuku
    Tel: 0252 311 00 60
  • OttoFlamm - Having been opened in the place of the former Havana Beach Club, Ottoflamm has 11 rooms and it has embraced the motto of "Good food, good music". In OttoFlamm, where double rooms cost approximately 600TL, yopu can enjoy the sun during day and listen to the live performances of famous Turkish musicians like Ilhan Ersahin, Duman and MFO at night.
    Yali Mahallesi 30 Sokak, no:3/1, Golkoy
    Tel: 0252 357 80 11
  • 5 Oda - In this 5-room boutique hotel, which is implied in the name, double room prices start from 600TL. 5 Oda has its private beach, furnitures that have been specially produced from massive iroko tree and cantaloupe parfaits that are prepared by Patrizia Under.
    Inonu Caddesi, No.161, Turkbuku
    Tel: 0252 377 62 19
  • Ada Hotel - This hotel which has 14 rooms in total also have a message room, sauna, fitness equipments, jumbo hot tub, pool and a Turkish bath. Being one of the hotels you can choose to find peace and relax, Ada Hotel is also quite suitable to spend time with your family.
    Bagarasi Caddesi, Tepecik Sokak, 124/1, Golturkbuku
    Tel: 0252 377 59 15 
  • Casa Dell’Arte - Double room prices start from 650 TL in this hotel, which is filled with traces of famous Turkish artists like Nuri Iyem, Komet, Fikret Mualla and Hamit Gorele. It's place of pleasure with its private dock and Mimolett Ege restaurant in it.
    Torba Mahallesi, Ismet Inonu Caddesi, No. 66, Torba
    Tel. 0252 367 18 48
  • 4 Reasons Hotel - You can have massages for a whole day, listen to jazz music in the evenings, enjoy cigar collections and martini cocktails in this hotel which faces the sea from a hill, surrounded with tangerine and olive trees.
    Tilkicik Mevkii, Bakan Caddesi, No. 2, Yalikavak
    Tel: 0252 385 32 12
  • Crystal Hotel - You're going to go to family vacation but you don't want to spend all your money in the hotel. Then, you'll reserve your place in Crystal. You can accommodate in the hotel, which has 3 open pools and 2 kids' pools, with prices starting from 150TL per person for an all-included stay.
    Koyunbaba Mahallesi, Kazım Karabekir Caddesi, No. 74, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 388 70 40
  • Aspat Holiday Resort - Offering 2 kinds of accommodation in suits or bungalovs, Aspat Holiday Resort is heaven in the middle of greens, trees and flowers. This facility, where you can do windsurfing towards Kos Island,  has thought abput all kinfds of activities that will be good for your soul and body from open air sculpture, ballet and painting workshops to massage. Prices of rooms for two start from 300TL/
    Tuzla Mevkii, Aspat, Akyarlar
    Tel: 0252 393 85 20
  • Fidèle Boutique Hotel - Keeping its doors open throughout year an accordance with its name, which comes from the French word for "fidelity", Fidèle Boutique Hotel is gastronomy heaven with a restaurant that serves tastes like lagos with almonds, branzino with green sauce, rice with shrimps or mastic pudding with ice cream.
    Yalı Mevkii, Turkbuku
    Tel: 0252 377 50 81
  • Marina Vista Bodrum - If you have to stay in the center Bodrum, you can prefer Marina Vista. This facility which offers many activities like a fitness center, sauna, steam room, pool and ping pong is also very suitable for a family holiday.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi, No. 226, Bodrum Center
    Tel: 0252 313 03 56
  • La Boutique Alkoçlar - If you luxurious holidays, our recommendation for you is La Boutique Alkoçlar, which offers the ultimate recreational atmosphere with a big pool in the yard of its 33 suit rooms. If you are looking for a holiday that is both peaceful and comfortable, this hotel is just for you.
    Hosgoru Sokak, No. 1, Torba
    Tel: 0252 367 19 70
  • Mandalya Hotel - Morning start early in Mandalya, that is designed in Golkoy region for those who want to find peaceful corner, read books and relax. This hotel that doesn't have entertainment activities like dance or disco at night is the forst address for those who like silence.
    Akdeniz Caddesi, No. 56, Golkoy
    Tel: 0252 357 70 17
  • Palmalife - Founded under the direction of Prof. Dr. Osman Muftuoglu, this wellness and spa center has weight management, nutrition and detox programs as well as skin care, skin rejuvenation and scientific, natural and affective skin care/anti-aging applications for skin problems. It's a peaceful facility which you can choose to give your body and soul a break.
    Gokcebel Mahallesi, Kizilburun Caddesi, No.1, Yalikavak
    Tel: 0252 396 60 50
  • Club Hotel Zemda - Founded in the bohemian atmosphere of Gumusluk, this hotel is one of the addresses preferred by people who want to learn water sports like catamaran sailing, windsurf, canoeing and optimist. An alternative that will please those who are looking for an active holiday.
    Cayiralti Mevkii, Gumusluk
    Tel: 0252 394 31 51

Places to Visit in Bodrum

With many beautiful coves, blue flagged beaches and peerless natural beauties, Bodrum is a true heaven of holiday. There are many places to see in Bodrum, which is awake every single moment during day or night.

  • Bardakci - Bardakci Cove, that is located in between Bodrum and Gumbet, is also known as Zeki Muren Cove among locals. According to the story, Hermaphrodits, the son of Hermes the god of trades and Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, comes to this cove. The water nymph Salmacis falls in love with him as soon as she sees him. However, her love is unrequited. So, she invokes gods and has their bodies unified. That's how the hermaphrodite body, which has the features of both female and male bodies, is created. The amazing sea of Bardakci Cove, which is also mentioned in mythology, is worth seeing.
  • Museum of Underwater Archeology - We wanted use their own quote to describe this museum that is located in Bodrum Castle: It is a trip into a fascinating past through to life in exhibits that take you back in time into the worlds of ancient mariners who sailed to meet their destiny shipwrecked on Anatolian shores or to the medieval Age of Knights who built this castle from stones that once were part of one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient World: The Mausoleum of Halicarnasus. Tel: 0 252 3162516
  • Akvaryum - If you're on a boat trip near Bodrum, you'll definitely visit Akvaryum. There is a crystal clear strait and an amazing cove here. You'll not get enough of swimming here. We recommend you to take an underwater camera with you when you go there.
  • Gumbet - There are many facilities for parasailing and waterskiing on beaches of Gumbet, which isan ideal surf spot due to the amount of wind that blows there. If you like water sports, this is an address you need to stop by.

Bodrum Beaches

  • Maca Kizi - Maca Kizi, which is a boutique hotel with 18 rooms and serves a menu created by chef Aret Sahakyan in the restaurant located in its yard, is mostly preferred during the day for the combination of sea, sand and sun. It's possible to see high profile people here. Address: Kesire Mevki, Narcicegi Sokak, Golturkbuku Tel: 0 252 377 6272
  • XUMA - Meeting all the criteria of healthy living with its sports areas, fitness center, massage therapies and organic salads of its restaurant named Pure, Xuma Beach is one of the places you'll like for being far from paparazzis. Address: Kudur Mevkii, Yalikavak Tel: 0252 385 47 75
  • MAKI - If you want to spend your day in Maki, you should be here at 11 am at the latest. Otherwise, it's very hard to find a place. Maki, offers options like swordfish layers in butter, Portuguese shrimp and Halep kebab, which are in line with the tradition of Ulus 29, for those who want to stay for dinner. Address: Kelesharimi Mevkii, Mimoza Sokak, No: 10 Golturkbuku Tel: 0252 377 6105
  • Isis - İsis Otel’inin kumsalı olarak da bilinen Isis Beach Club, also known as the beach of Isis Hotel, is chosen by those who seek cool air and silence thanks to its sandy beach, crystal-clear pool and green all over it. Moreover, there are many beauty-oriented alternatives in its spa, from traditional "Thai Isis Therapy"  and Balinese Massage to skin and body care, oxygen therapy to cellulite removal and weight loss therapy. Address: Asarlik Region, Gumbet Tel: 252 317 21 40
  • Sarnic - You'll be very pleased with the music choices, service quality and the clarity of the sea in Sarnic, which has been in service since 1993 and we can easily recommend if you're in Bitez. Address: Cokertme Caddesi, No:23 Tel: 0252 343 14 33
  • Bianca - The beach of Club Virgin, which has a capacity of 3000 people with entertainment places like Levenoz Meyhanesi, Mey Pavyon and My Piyasa, is a heaven for both hotel's customers and guests who don't accommodate there. When you get up from sunbeds and jump into the blue ocean, you become sure that the holiday has begun. Address: Haremtan Sokak No:1, Degirmenburnu Tel: 0252 316 61 05
  • Fink - If you want to lay at a seashore away from the crowd, with locals of Bodrum and summer house vacationists, we recommend you Fink in Ortakent. The joy that starts by going into the clear sea from the dock in the daytime, continues with "fasil" tunes on sand at night. Address: Ortakent Muskebi, Ortakent Tel: 0252 358 58 88


Discos that play techno in Gumbet, rock bars and live music in the center of Bodrum, house music and dance in between Yalikavak and Turkbuku, Indie-jazz bars in Gumusluk and more... Although Bodrum's nightlife shows differences depending on the vicinities, it's impossible to not be able to find a place for your taste in Bodrum, which has must-visit classics in each vicinity .

  • Club Gumusluk - The place, which is the garden of a hotel at the same time and gives service as a beach club, turns into a bar that is very in line with the bohemian atmosphere of Gumusluk. It's possible to lay on a hammock while sipping your drink in this place, where there are also live perfromances also from time to time. Address: Gumusluk Yalisi, Gumusluk, Bodrum, Turkey Tel: 0 252 394 34 01
  • Korfez - This place, which has been frequented by rock music lovers since 1992, and where the crowds that spill into the street have chats with drinks in their hands, is fun spot where everyone stops by before going to a night club. Tel: 0252 313 59 66
  • Adamik - One cannot have a Bodrum night out without drinking something in Adamik, which has been a Bodrum classic for a long time. That's why we definitely recommend you to drop by. Address: Meyhane Sok. No: 23, Bodrum
    Tel: 0 252 316 00 00
  • Barbeast - DJ kabininde Kiwi, Bora Uzer, Murat Uncuoğlu gibi isimlerin olduğu Barbeast, of which DJ cabin is occupied by names like Kiwi, Bora Uzer and Murat Uncuoglu, is one of the rare places where everyone dances without any exceptions. If you're here for a dinner prior to its transformation into a bar, you should taste black pasta with shrimps and naked meatballs.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No: 26
    Tel: 0252 313 28 18
  • Newold - The place, where there are DJs, instrument performances like saxophones or percussion and shows of dancers from different parts of the worlds, also has a very ambitious drink menu.
    Bodrum Kale Caddesi, Carsi Mahallesi No:29
    Tel: 0252 316 94 54
  • Halikarnas - In this place, which is one of the oldest discos of Bodrum, you can have bubble baths on the dancefloor with techno music; meet Russian and German tourists. This fun-guaranteed place is one of the classics of Bodrum.
    Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No:5
    Tel: (0252) 316 12 28
  • Hadigari - Having been in service since 1974, this is the oldest bar of Bodrum. Hadigari, which also has lounges in addition to its dancefloor with a capacity of 2000 people, is an extremely fun place. Worldwide known artists, from Yildiz Ibrahimoca to Ilhan Ersahin, Ayse Tutuncu to Trio, take the stage during Hadigari Jazz Days.
    Kaledibi, Bodrum
    Tel: 0252 316 0048
  • Kule Bar - If you want to listen to successful names of Turkish and world rock, like Yuksek Sadakat, Sebnem Ferah, Manga, Travis, Madcon and Coldplay, you should stop by Kule.
    Belediye Cumhuriyet Cad. Dr. Alim Bey Bedesteni No: 55 Bodrum

Emergency Numbers

  • Bodrum Municipality: 0252 316 10 09
  • Public Hospital: 0252 313 14 20
  • Municipal Security Department: 0252 313 08 42
  • Fire: 0252 316 10 71
  • Gendarmy: 0252 316 10 05
  • Police: 0252 316 33 03
  • Tourism Info:  0252 316 10 91
  • Municipal Police Force: 0252 316 11 85
  • Health Care Center: 0252 316 13 53
  • Marina: 0252 316 18 60

Weather in Bodrum

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