Flights to Basel (BSL) from 33 GBP

Flights to Basel (BSL) from 33 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

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Traveling to Basel (BSL)

Travel to Basel and a joyful vacation is waiting for you in one of the most beautiful European cities. Pegasus arranges flights to Basel on a regular basis and offers the most economical Basel flight ticket fares. Tickets for Basel flights during the winter season reach the lowest prices. Basel is very cold during autumn and winter, so Basel hotel prices are also more affordable in those periods. If you prefer these seasons for your Basel trip, you should leave some space in your luggage for warm clothes!

Basel is the capital of The Canton of Basel-Stadt. It's the 3rd biggest city of Switzerland with a population more than 170.000 after Zurich and Geneva. The Rhine River that flows through the city splits it in two as Big Basel and Small Basel. The most important bridge among the 5 bridges that connect both sides is Rheinbrücke, which started to be built in 1225 and opened to use in 1244. To explore Basel with a peerless natural beauty, historical museums, art galleries and many more, go to flypgs.com and plan your trip with different options for cheap flights to Basel.

Attractions in Basel

  • Marktplatz: In the old city square Marktplatz, you can explore the old town hall and the experience the traditional texture of the city.
  • Mittlere Bridge: This bridge, which was constructed in 1226 on River Rhine, is one of the most iconic symbols of Basel.
  • Kunstmuseum: One of the most important museums of Europe is Kunstmuseum, where you can see some masterpieces from world renown artists such as Picasso.

What to Eat in Basel

  • Papet Vaudois: Papet vaudois, one of the traditional recipes of the Swiss, is kind of a sausage that is served with potatoes and leek.
  • Rosti: Grated potatoes that are fried with eggs, cheese and bacon.
  • Fondue: In Switzerland, known for its famous cheese, fondue is the favorite snack. It’s melted cheese with homemade bread for dipping!

Where to Eat in Basel

  • Riehentorstrasse: There are cafés, restaurants and nightclubs on this street.
  • Claraplatz: If you are wondering where you can find cheap food in Basel, you should go Claraplatz area.
  • Feldbergstrasse: In Feldbergstrasse are, which you can reach with tramcars and buses, there are Indian restaurants and pizzerias.

Basel View

Basel, divided into two by River Rhine, welcomes you with its preserved classical architecture and atmosphere. The city boasts fantastic views of gothic towers and pretty houses.

Transportation in Basel

You can reach anywhere on foot in Basel, which could be considered a small city. Ferries, buses and tramcars are used in Basel.

More information about Basel

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

There are many transportation alternatives to get to the city center after your arrival at the Basel Airport with Pegasus. However, transportation is very expensive in Basel, especially if you choose a taxi. Moreover, you need to pay an extra fee on Sundays and holidays. That's why we recommend you to use the bus numbered "50", which takes off in every 15-20 minutes. Since the airport is close to the city center, you'll be there in 20 minutes. 

The most common way of transportation in the city is walking. The most frequently used public transportation means are green and yellow trams. There are also buses. If you want to learn more about them and their timetables, you can check http://www.bvb.ch 

Basel Card

It allows you to get into many museums, boat tours, the zoo and restaurants in Basel for free or with a discount. One needs to get a Basel card to use this chance. It costs 17 € for 1 day and 30 € for 3 days. If you also want to include public transportation in it, it costs 21€ a day. You can obtain the card from tourism offices and hotels. 


 If you have to use a taxi in Basel, you can use the following information: 

  • 33er Taxi AG2028 Tel: +41 61 333 33 33
  • Taxiphon Genossenschaft2028 Tel: +41 61 444 44442028
  •  Enzo Taxi Basel2028 Tel. +41 79 533 44 442028
  • mini-cab AG2028 Tel. +41 61 777 77 772028

Shopping in Basel

You can have access to brands of famous designers as well as local shops and have as much shopping as you like in Basel which is one of the most important cities of Switzerland - the country famous for its watches, chocolates and jewellery collections. 

  • Freie Street - Freie, where you can find franchises of many chain stores, is the artery of shopping in Basel. 
  • Blue Lemon - This store on Freie Street is one of the most well known brands of Switzerland both for day and night clothing. Address: Freie Strasse 44 Tel: +41 61 261 88 55
  • Bucherer - You'll find jewellery and watch collections in this family store which is managed by the third generation. Address: Freie Strasse 40 Tel: +41 61 261 40 00 
  • Buckles & Belts - This store, which has more than 80 belts and buckles available, is frequently visited especially by men. Address: Stücki Alışveriş Merkezi Tel. +41 61 261 09 77 
  • Chapeau Maria Hiepler - Hats, hairclips and hair accessories... They are all in Maria Hipler collection. Address: Barfüssergasse 6 Tel: +41 61 272 77 7 
  • Erfolg - The brand born in Basel has been producing organic t-shirts, knitted goods and skirts since 1993. Address: Spalenberg 36 Tel: +41 61 262 22 55 
  • Erich Frösch Goldschmied - They have been making custom accessories and jewelleries for 35 years. Address: Spalenvorstadt 7 Tel: +41 61 261 22 88 
  • Riviera - A boutique where you'll find the creations of Swiss designers. Address: Feldbergstrasse 43 Tel. +41 61 534 29 14 
  • Stücki Shopping Centre - You can find anything you're looking for in this shopping center which has more than 120 stores inside. Address: Hochbergerstrasse 70 Tel: +41 61 633 33 00
  • Flohmarkt - You'll find toys, furnitures, antiques, paintings and whatever you're looking for in this fair, which is set up on the second and the fourth Wednesdays of each month in Barfüsserplatz. If your stay coincides with it, don't miss.
  • PKZ - This department store, which has been operating since 1895, functions as an institute. Its latest store is opened in Freie Street.
  • Hot Lemon - This hip store where there is products of designers like Kenzo, Ferré, Paul Smith, Diesel, Andrew Mackenzie is owned by Marc Tschachtl. Address: Gerbergasslein, 22 Tel: +41 61 262 06 60
  • For Art - Catherine Forcart has been showing the works of new, local, talented and constantly changing designers. Address: Messeplatz 10 Tel: +41 61 262 11 22

Food and drink in Basel

Although you can choose sponge cakes, croissants, coffee for breakfast and Swiss foods that include sweets and meats for other meals of the day, you can also try out other cultures' kitchens.

For the morning coffee...

  • Pfifferling Deli - It's opened at 8.30 am every day. It's one of the best addresses in Basel for coffee and breakfast. Address: Guterstrasse 138 Tel: +41 61 361 01 60
  • Fumare Non Fumare - This will be one of your stops while shopping with panini, cake, coffee and sweet options. Address: Gerbergasse 30 Tel: +41 61 262 27 11
  • Café del Mundo - One of the best coffee houses with sandwiches made with ciabatta bread, quiche and salad options. Address: Güterstrasse 158 Tel: +41 61 361 16 91

And then...

  • Cheval Blanc - Cheval Blanc managed by Chef Peter Knogl, is located in Les Trois Hotel. Lobster risotto, which is on the menu of the two Michelin star restaurant, is delicious. Address: Blumenrain 8 Tel: +41 61 260 50 07
  • Schloss Bottmingen - You'll taste the most special dishes of the French cuisine coming together with greens and sound of water surrounding you in a castle from the 14th century. Address: Schlossgasse Tel: +41 61 421 15 15
  • Blindekuh - Here's an unforgettable experience: Eating in the dark. Its aim is to take away your sight and highlight your taste and smell senses. People who wait on you here are also visually impaired. Address: Dornacherstrasse 192 Tel: +41 61 336 3300
  • Löwenzorn - Service is made in a building from the 16th century. Röschti, which is a Swiss classis made of shredded potatoes, is a must-taste here. Its menu is mostly comprised of meat specialties. Address: Gemsberg 2/4 Tel: +41 61 236 42 13
  • Charon - Designed in art-nouveau style, the restaurant's menu is also truly French. It's a must to taste the lentil served on the side of sausages with pistachio. Address: Schützengraben 62 Tel. +41 61 261 99 80
  • Oliv - Branzino served with asparagus and pumpkin pulp gets full recognition from gourmets in this restaurant which serves Mediterranean specialties. Address: Bachlettenstrasse 1 Tel: +41 61 283 03 03

Accommodation in Basel

Basel, which has a wide variety of tourist ranging from business people to students, also has a wide variety of accommodation alternatives. You can choose the one that fits you best among 5 star luxury hotels from the biggest chains, hotels offering standard service quality, boutique alternatives and hostels.

  • Les Trois Rois - The bar and brasserie of the hotel, which also includes a Michelin star restaurant Cheval Blanc, is frequented by the high society of Basel. Address: Blumenrain 8 Tel: +41 61 260 50 50
  • Hotel Basel - This 4 star hotel located at the city center of Basel is ideal for both business and romantic trips. You should add the restaurant, managed by Chef Mike Bodenmueller, to your list for a night. Address: Münzgasse 12 Tel: +41 61 264 68 00
  • Hotel St. Gotthard - Their motto: "Come as our guest, leave as our friend.” Also, when you reserve a room here, Basel card is their gift. Address: Centralbahnstrasse 13 Tel: +41 61 225 13 13
  • The Passage - The Passage is exactly for you if you're looking for a minimal and modern design in the hotel you'll stay. The hotel, which was opened in 2014, is ideal with its sauna, fitness and central location. Address: Steinengraben 51 Tel: + 41 61 631 51 51
  • Hotel D - Being a boutique hotel, Hotel D has been designed with nature friendly materials. Address: Blumenrain 19 Tel: +41 61 272 20 20
  • Radisson Blu - Basen branch of Radisson franchise is extremely stylish. Address: Steinentorstrasse 25 Tel: +41 61 227 27 27 
  • Swissotel Le Plaza - Swissotel provides an pleasing atmosphere for your business trips and holidays with its rooms designed in a minimalist style and its peerless view. Address: Messeplatz 25 Tel: +41 61 555 33 33
  • Hotel Spalentor - The 40 room hotel, each room of which is designed by Hülsta©, is in the city center. Evenings are quite pleasurable in its garden. Address: Schönbeinstrasse 1 Tel: +41 61 262 26 26

Looking for a hostel..

  • Youth Hostel - This hostel, which is created by Buchner & Bründler Architects on the side of the river, brings the old architecture and new technology together. There are rooms with private bathrooms and dorm rooms. Address: Sankt Alban-Kirchrain 10 Tel: +41 61 272 05 72 
  • Basel Backpack - They have a staff who can answer many questions about the culture and art life in Basel and a bike rental service. Address: Dornacherstrasse 192 Tel: +41 61 333 00 37

Places to Visit in Basel

There are many different locations to see in Basel with its chic streets, galleries on a range from Renaissance art to modern art movements, parks and gardens in green and its peerless architecture, 

  • Altstadt - The oldest residential center of the city. It'll fascinate you with narrow roads leading to small squares and buildings with balconies adorned with flowers. 
  • Kunstmuseum - This museum is home to one of the most ipmortant and public collections of Switzerland. Konrad Witz, Hans Baldung, Mathias Grünewald who are some of the most important names of Renaissance; Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt who represent the 17th and the 18th German school; impressionists like Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne; and expressionist geniuses like Edvard Munch, Franz Marc, Oskar Kokoschka, Emil Nolde are some of the important artists you'll come across here. Address: Sankt Alban-Graben 16, Tel. +41 61 206 62 62
  • Rathaus - The building adorned with Renaissance windows and a golden bell is actually the town hall. It's a trademark in the Marktplatz, meaning the market place, for the last 500 hundres years. Address: Marktplatz
  • Tinguely-Brunnen - This building with 9 different mechanical fountains was designed by Jean Tinguely. Address: jean ting Klostergasse
  • Spalentor - The standing one of the oldest doors of the city is on the list of must-sees in Basel. Address: Spalenvorstadt
  • Basel Munster - The building, which was constructed as a Catholic cathedral, is now a Protestant church. It was built according to the roman and gothic styles between 1019-1500. It's ideal for seeing the city from above. Address: Rittergasse 3 Tel: +41 61 272 91 57
  • Basel Paper Mill - A one of a kind museum in the world. Completely focused on paper, publication and book making. Address: St. Alban-Tal 37 Tel: +41 61 225 90 90
  • Museum Tinguely - Famous Swiss artist Jean Tinguely makes kinetic sculptures and the museum is devoted to his works. Apart from the collection, exhibitions of important artists like Bernhard Luginbühl, Niki de Saint Phalle and Yves Klein can also be seen. Address: Paul Sacher-Anlage 2 Tel: + 41 61 681 93 20
  • Rheinfahre - You need to get on this boats to see Basel from Rhine River and experience the city between two sides. It takes around 5 minutes and moves using the force of buoyancy.
  • Dreilaendereck - France, Switzerland, Germany... An amazing spot where you can watch the view of all three countries. Address: Westquaistrasse 75202c Tel: +41 61 639 95 40
  • Beyeler Foundation - Sculptures by Miró ve Max Ernst; paintings by Picasso ve Rothko are among the artworks collectionst Hildy and Ernst Beyeler have opened to public. Address: Baselstrasse 101 Tel: +41 61 645 97 00
  • Basel Historical Museum - All kinds of ceramics, porcelain and kitchen tools, that belong to 15th and the 16th centuries and have contributed to the development of the city, are exhibited here. Address: Barfüsserplatz Tel: +41 61 205 86 00 
  • The Botanical Garden In the botanical gardens of Basel you'll get the know more about plants from all around the world. Address: Vorder Bruglingen Tel: +41 61 319 97 80
  • The Zoo - Africa, Argentina, Australia... Zoo Basel, where you can learn more about animals that have come from many different countries in the world, will especially make kids very happy. Address: Bachlettenstrasse 75 Tel: +41 61 295 34 34 

Night Life

Dinner followed by experiencing the city with a couple of drinks and a nice music or dance till late hours... Basel night life manages to appeal all kinds of tastes with different places and music alternatives. 

  • Cargo Bar - Installations, live performances, DJ sets... You can listen to jazz, electro or folk in Cargo depending on the day. Address: Sankt Johanns-Rheinweg 46 Tel: +41 61 321 00 72
  • Bar Rouge - On the 31st floor, with a view of Basel from above, you can listen to salsa on some nights and DJ performances on the others. Address: Messeplatz 10 Tel: +41 61 361 30 31
  • Consum - Ideal for spending your night by drinking something in a place where the music is not too high. Address: Rheingasse 12 Tel: +41 61 690 91 35
  • Campari Bar - Meeting point of the bohemian artists who love pop art.boh Address: Steinenberg 7 Tel: +41 61 272 83 83

For those seeking dance until the morning in a club atmosphere...

  • Atlantis - Klosterberg 13 Tel: +41 61 228 96 96
  • Babalabar - Gerbergasse 4 Tel: +41 61 261 48 49
  • Queen’s - Blumenrain 10 Tel: +41 61 271 00 50

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +41
  • Police: 117
  • Fire: 118
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Emergency Helicopter: 1414  / +41 333 333 333
  • Doctor, pharmacy, dentist / 24 hour: 0848 133 133