Flights to Bahrain (BAH) from 83 GBP

Flights to Bahrain (BAH) from 83 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 17/07/2019
from 102 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Lefkosia (ECN) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 25/06/2019
from 141 GBP
Last seen: 1 hour

London (STN) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 29/06/2019
from 208 GBP
Last seen: 6 hours

Trabzon (TZX) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 28/06/2019
from 122 GBP
Last seen: 2 hours

Madrid (MAD) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 14/08/2019
from 183 GBP
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Moscow (DME) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 17/07/2019
from 148 GBP
Last seen: 44 minutes

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 24/12/2019
from 83 GBP
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Kharkiv (HRK) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 16/11/2019
from 112 GBP
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Bologna (BLQ) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 02/01/2020
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Trabzon (TZX) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 28/06/2019
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Vienna (VIE) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 18/09/2019
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Lefkosia (ECN) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 25/06/2019
from 141 GBP
Last seen: 1 hour

Moscow (DME) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 17/07/2019
from 148 GBP
Last seen: 44 minutes

Antalya (AYT) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 25/07/2019
from 156 GBP
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Bucharest (OTP) Bahrain (BAH)

Departure date 16/12/2019
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Traveling to Bahrain (BAH)

The city of pearls, which is also known as Bahrain, consists of three separate islands. Bahrain invites you for a perfect and unique holiday experience. Vivacious at nights rather than in the daytime, you can live both ultra-luxurious architecture and desert life altogether in the city. All you need to do to visit is to take advantage of Pegasus’s low ticket prices.

Bahrain, which is an island country located in Persian Gulf, is one of the highest rising Middle Eastern countries in recent years. Also known as one of the most modern countries in the Arab region, Bahrain can be said to have a colorful lifestyle. Beautiful beach clubs, houses with pools on their roofs, great and glamorous shopping centers will help you envision Bahrain. One of the most visited places in Bahrain is the capital, Manama. Because that's where Bahrain's heart beats. It has the leading position since it's the center for entertainment, finance and commerce. Another important symbol in Bahrain after Manama is pearl. Pearl, which has an important role in the country's economy, is used in many places including souvenirs and gifts. It's even known that Pearl Roundabout is named after that. That's why, don't be surprised by pearls you'll see everywhere during your visit to Bahrain.

Attractions in Bahrain

  • Qal'at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Castle): This castle is presumed to date back to the BC 2000s and is one of the most significant symbols of the city and the country.
  • Maḥmīyat al-Arīn (Al Areen Wildlife Park): Here you can find endangered birds, ostriches, lions, leopards, gazelles, and many more interesting animals.
  • Bahrain World Trade Centre: These two 50-floor towers have 3 gigantic wind turbines placed on 3 bridges between the tower. With its amazing environmentalist architecture, the building constitutes a unique and beautiful view.

What to Eat in Bahrain

  • Bahtiyari Kebab: This dish consists of a mixture of chicken, lamb, or beef meat and will be a favourite dish of meat lovers.
  • Saffron Pilaf: Made using one of the very rare spices, saffron, this pilaf is one of the must-haves of the Bahrain cuisine.
  • Muhammar: This is made of rice and spices and then sweetened with date molasses and generally consumed along with sea food dishes.
  • el-Manāmah (Manama): Manama is a district where cafés and restaurants are huddled. Manama restaurants are where you can taste elect samples of both Bahrain dishes and other dishes of world cuisine. The restaurants are also perfect for getting away from the hot weather of Bahrain.

Landscape of Bahrain

Bahrain presents modern buildings and desert panoramas altogether. Seeing skyscrapers in downtown Bahrain and then trips to the desert make you feel like you are turning into a legendary character will make you feel you are travelling through time.

Transportation in Bahrain

The most frequently used vehicles for transportation in Bahrain are private cars. Please note that there is no public transportation in Bahrain. On the other hand, taxis are also very expensive. Thus, instead of taking a taxi, renting a car here is more practical and economic for you. If your Bahrain trip should be a short one, you should take a taxi, but do not forget, there are different plans for day and night cabs.

More information about Bahrain

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

You can rent a car on flypgs.com after you arrival at Bahrain Airport following your cheap flight to Bahrain with Pegasus Airlines. Since the public transportation system in Bahrain is not a well developed one, there aren't many alternatives for transportation apart from taxis and rental cars.

Shopping in Bahrain

Like many Middle Eastern countries, Bahrain is also one of those countries where there are many shopping alternatives and you can find anything you are looking for. It's possible to find both big modern shopping centers and traditional marketplaces in Bahrain which is an Eastern country facing West. Bahranians love luxury. That's why the glittering stores of worlwide famous brands and the amount of people shopping in these stores will definitely come to your attention. When you are looking for ethnic things authentic to Bahrain, traditional marketplaces will help you.

  • Moda Mall - Bahrain World Trade Center - Moda Mall is a huge and  comprehensive shopping center where you can find almost all of the worldwide known brands. It also allows you to take a break when you get tired of shopping with many cafes and restaurants in it. Address: King Faisal Highway, Manama
  • Seef Mall - Seef Mall, which is a shopping center with the mystical texture of the Middle East in its architectural design, is quite big and glamorous. You can shop from world renown brands and relax by drinking something in one of the cafes inside. Address: Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway, Manama
  • City Centre Bahrain - City Centre Bahrain, which is one of the shopping centers in Manama, is smaller than the other malls in the city. However, it's still one of the important malls where you can find many things you are looking for. Address: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Highway, Manama
  • Tea Club - Tea Club, which is a cafe facing the sea in Amwaj Island, has a rich tea menu. It's unacceptable to come to Bahrain and not taste different teas. If there happens to be a tea that you like a lot, you can buy a package and continue this joy at home from right where you've left it. Address: The Lagoon | Amwaj Island, Manama 
  • Al Aali Shopping Complex - Eating and drinking in Al Ali, which is calmer and has a more authentic style compared to other malls in Manama, are as much fun as shopping. Address: Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Hwy, Manama

Food and Drink in Bahrain

There are many alternatives for eating and drinking in Bahrain which is a quick-developing country. The Lebanon influence on the local kitchen of the country is quite remarkable. If you like the meat and bean focused foods of Middle East, you can go out to explore local restaurants. On the other hand, since there are many foreign people living in the country, it's also possible to find many high quality alternatives ranging from Chinese food to Italian delicacies.

  • Fakhrudin Restaurant - You can taste local foods in Fakhrudin Restaurant, which serves the peerless delicacies of Lebanon – one of the richest cuisines among Middle Eastern countries. Address: Building 143, Road 15, Block 515 | Saar, Manama
  • Bushido Restaurant - Offering tastes that shouldn't be missed by Japanese cuisine enthusiats, Bushidi Restaurant is a place you can choose when you want to try out something different than local foods. Address: Seef Area | near the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa, Manama
  • Aroma Restaurant and Cafe - You can fulfill your longing for Mediterranean food in Aroma Restaurant Cafe, which is one of the most pleasurable places to dine with your family. You may come across with different versions of familiar tastes in Aroma Restaurant which offers dishes covering a wide geography from Italy to Lebanon. Address: Shop 292, Building 2102 | Road 2825, Block 428, Manama
  • Maya La Chocolaterie - After your dinner or when you take a break from your shopping during the day, you can visit Maya La Chocolaterie for a nice place where you can have some treats with a hot cup of coffee. Address: Seef Mall, Shiekh Khalifah Bin Salman Highway, Manama
  • Meisei - Being a place where you can eat the most delicious dishes of Asian cuisine, Meisei may be a perfect choice for visitors who are open to trying new tastes. Address: Road 3831 | Adliya, Manama

Accommodation in Bahrain

Manama is one of the best places for accommodation in Bahrain. There are many accommodation alternatives from very luxurious hotels to middle class hotels. In addition to budget and comfort of the hotel, it's also a good idea to take the distance of your hotel from the places you want to see into account before making a hotel reservation in Bahrain. The less you need public transportation, the better it is.

  • Novotel Al Dana Resort - Novotel Al Dana Resort, provides a pleasing accommodation experience with its amazing sea view, exceptional service and spacious rooms. Whether you come here for this hotel, which has its own beach and open pool, for a business trip or for cultural exploration, you'll want to spare some time to enjoy yourself here. Address: 121 Sh. Hamad Causeway, Manama
  • Holiday Inn Express Bahrain - Located close to both the airport and the city center, Holiday Inn Express has an amazing service for guests looking for a high quality accommodation. Holiday Inn provides an economical accommodation without giving up its quality in its Bahrain location. Address: Bldg 87, Road 2003, Block 320 Al Hoora, Hoora , PO 11785 Manama
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Manama Juffair - 4 people can easily stay in Residence Inn by Marriott Manama Juffair by renting an apartmentm which is one of the alternatives for a high quality yet economical accommodation. Address: Building 894, Road 2414, Block 324, Al Fateh, Juffair, 199 Manama
  • Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain - Mövenpick Hotel, which keeps its world class quality alive in Bahrain as well, may be a good option for the guests who seek the classical and the luxurious everywhere they go. With its own pool and central location, it offers functionality and comfort together. Address: Muharraq, 143 Road 2403, 199 Manama
  • The Westin Bahrain City Centre - The Westin Bahrain City Centre, which is connected to one of the important shopping centers in Manama called City Centre, provides you more than you can ever expect from a hotel. In this expensive-than-average hotel, everything you need is right under you hand. Address: Bahrain City Centre, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, 199 Manama

Places to Visit in Bahrain

Don't be fooled by the high buildings, shopping centers and modern buildings. Bahrain may not be as rich as other countries in terms of places to see but there are places that needs to be seen. Museums to visit, special places to enjoy and great views to take photos are spots that shouldn't be skipped by Bahrain visitors.

  • Bahrain National Museum - It's possible to see many relics and artworks related to Bahrain in Bahrain National Museum. Apart from being a museum, it's also a nice palce where you can drink something. Address: Al Fatih Highway, Manama
  • La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art & Spa - In La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art & Spa which has a much different style than ordinary art centers, in addition to visiting art galleries, you can also eat in its restaurant and even go to its spa center. Address: Road No 646 Manama
  • Coral Beach Club - One of the best things to do in Bahrain on the days when heat is unbearable is swimming. That's why you may want to spend the hottest hours of the day in Coral Beach Club. Here, there is a gym, a pool and an eating area in addition to he beach. Address: Block 322, Road 2407, Building 491, Road 2407, Manama
  • Al-Fatih Mosque (Great Mosque) - One of the places that needs to be seen in Bahrain is Al-Fatih, in other words Great Mosque. This magnificent mosque has an architectural design that fascinates anyone who sees it. It's a good idea for you to see it, as well.
  • Royal Camel Farm in Bahrain - This camel farm, which has more camels that you'll ever be able to see together, is one of the must-visit places in Bahrain. Address: King Fahad Causeway, Manama

Night Life

There are no alcohol restrictions and tourists are free to dress the way they like in Bahrain, which is more permissive than other Middle Eastern countries. However, Bahrain doesn't have a lively night life. People generally spend their nights in shopping centers. There are only a few entertainment places in the city except for the discos and bars located in hotels. If you want to talk to people while drinking, Digger's Pub is the right place for you. You can go to Gold Club to have fun with Middle Eastern music and you can go to Hard Rock Cafe if you are looking for a more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +973
  • Emergency: 112
  • Bahrain Airport: +973 (0)1732 1997

Weather in Bahrain

43°Cfew clouds17/06/2019
34°Csky is clear18/06/2019
33°Csky is clear19/06/2019
33°Csky is clear20/06/2019
32°Csky is clear21/06/2019
32°Csky is clear22/06/2019
34°Csky is clear23/06/2019
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