Flights to Athens (ATH) from 33 GBP

Flights to Athens (ATH) from 33 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Athens (ATH)

Departure date 25/02/2019
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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Athens (ATH)

Departure date 25/02/2019
from 33 GBP

Ankara (ESB) Athens (ATH)

Departure date 29/01/2019
from 52 GBP

Izmir (ADB) Athens (ATH)

Departure date 09/01/2019
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Traveling to Athens (ATH)

Welcome to the historic city of Athens. On your Pegasus trip, you will get to experience this historic city up close and personal, as you take in the ancient history and take advantage of everything the unique culture has to offer.

4 millions people are living in Greece's capital Athens, which takes its name from its guardian: Athens, the goddess of wisdom. The city, whose history goes back to Late Bronze Age, is also the biggest city of Greece. Being home to most important heritages from Antiquity, Athens is almost an open air museum. You can check flypgs.com for low budget flights to Athens to come and see the city anyone who is interested in Ancient Greece, Modern Archeology Museum and history needs to experience.

Top Landmarks in Athens

  • Acropolis - For the history buffs, one thing that you will definitely want to visit on your trip is the ancient high city of Athens. At the Acropolis, you will have the opportunity to view ancient Greek architecture, such as the Parthenon and Temple of Athena Nike.
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus - The Temple of Olympian Zeus today is in ruins, however the 1896 Olympic Stadium is also close by.
  • Plaka - This is a historic district located at the foot of the Acropolis. You will have the opportunity to view ancient ruins from the Roman Era, ancient shops, and an old fountain.

Where to Eat in Athens

  • Souvlaki - Souvlaki is essentially a Greek hamburger, comprised of grilled kebabs that are wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.
  • Tiropita - This is a delicious cheese pie.
  • Koulouri - Don’t forget to try this sesame seed bread ring.

Landscape in Athens

Athens is surrounded by Mount Hymettos, Mount Parnitha, Mount Pendeli and of course the Aegean Sea. There are also twelve hills in the city.

Transportation in Athens

Athens offers its visitors many transportation options, including the metro, suburban railways, trams, buses, and taxis.

Athens Airports Served

Athens is served by the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH). The airport is about 30 km away from Athens.

More information about Athens

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit

You have a 27 km long journey to the city center after your landing at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport with Pegasus. You can use public transportation alternatives like subway, train and bus or prefer using a taxi. If comfort is a priority in your trip, you can take a look at car rental options on flypgs.com

Subway: You need to activate the card after buying it from the machine. If you don't, you may get a penalty that can be as high as 120€. All the trains that go to the airport have plane symbols in front of them and they come every half an hour. It's possible to get information about subways on http://www.ametro.gr/page/. Apart from the subway, there is also a city train which goes to  Omónia, Syntagma, Northern part of Greece and Peloponnese. It's slower than the subway but it's also cheaper.

Bus service is available for 24 hours. It takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 half hours to get to the city center from the airport, depending on the traffic. Subway, bus and train tickets cost 1.70€ and valid for an hour. Two different pricing plans for nights and daytime are used in taxis. While it costs 35€ to go to the city center during day, it may rise up to 50€ at nights. If you want to use a taxi in the city, you have to pay 3.10€ for the closest distance.

Renting a bicycle or a motorcycle: It's not really recommended to use a bicycle or a motorcycle in Athens. The most important reasons are that there are too few bicycle roads in the city and drivers can be very aggressive towards cyclists. You need a driver's licence and really strong nerves to rent a motorcycle. If you have those, you can rent one from Motorent with prices starting from 16€ a day. Address: Rovertou Galli 1, Makrygianni, Tel: + 30 210 923 49 39)

Shopping in Athens

Athens is a huge city but it has very few shopping centers. Shopping in Athens is generally limited to stores lined side by side on different streets according to their category. This is one of Athens' distinctive features. For instance, they have a whole street where you can buy doorknobs. Generally, there are big sales between August-September and January-February. If you want to buy some local products, we recommend you to make your plans accordingly. 

Eolou and Agiou Marou are quiet streets where you can find very inexpensive products. You'll find some crowded stalls there. Don't skip Monastiraki flea market! There is everything from old vinyls to pirate DVDs, funny t-shirs to tinsel. Like they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Plaka area is ideal to buy traditional Greek souvenirs. Kolonaki is the address for art and cultural shopping. The Athens Heart is a shopping center at the heart of Athens. Ermou is a budget-friendly shopping street. Really cheap shoes and bags are here! There are also artisans who work secretly in apartments where you can't see them from the outside and these are the places where one should shop. One good example is Harris the Beltman, who sells the belts he makes in an apartment in 21 Nikis Street, Plaka.

  • Among designers - Sophia Kokosalaki, who has designed the ceremony costumes of 2004 Summer Olympics, is a famous designer who embellishes classical Greek style with hand-made designs. She is also the owner of 2002 Elle Designer Award. http://www.sophiakokosalaki.com/ 
  • Another notable designer is Ioanna Kourbela. Ioanna, who creates a completely different alternative to the usual female form with her designs, prefers layers of clothing and fuzzy fabrics in her designs. http://www.ioannakourbela.com

Food and Drink in Athens

It's unaccaptable to not mention "souvlaki" amoung the most famous names of Greece. Souvlaki is a different version of shish kebab and it's cheaper. It's always served with tzakiki on the side. You'll see those who bring souvlaki and tzaziki together with greens and chili and put in pita breads. We recommend you to try this amazing taste. Also, Athens is the place where frappé has been invented. Don't forget to drink a cup of frappé in any cafe you like, while you are already there! 

Fast food sevenler için yerli markalar Grigoris and Everest are the local brands for fast food lovers and there is also a chain called Goody's, which has great hamburgers and works until mornings. 

Apart from these, if you want to learn about what to eat in Greece and where local people hang out, we can recommend you these restaurants:

  • Thanassis - A green salad with big bites, olives and feta; grilled pepper with extra virgin olive oil on top; kebab, onions and oven cooked tomatoes on pita; tzatziki and french fries... Even Jamie Oliver has been in its kitchen and Thanassis has got the highest grades. Address: Mitropoleos 69, Monastiraki Square; Tel: +30 210 324 47 05
  • Kostas - Sıcak pide içine yoğurt, marul, domates, et sarılıyor. Hem ucuz, hem çok lezzetli Kostas öğle yemekleriniz için iyi bir alternatif. Address: 202a5 Pentelis, Atina, Yunanistan202c, Tel: +30 210 322 85 02
  • Palls Café - We wanted to add Palls Café, which cooks Mediterranean and vegetarian food, to our list for those who wants to take a break from meat. Their falafel sandwiches are especially popular. Address: Apollonos 30, Tel: +30 210 324 60 08
  • Bakaliarakia o Damigos - A very old restaurant which cooks their own invention: Cod cakes. If you have a hard time choosing from the menu, octopus as an entree followed by lamb rib roast and potato mash with garlic will be the best choice. Address:Kidathineon 41, Tel: +30 210 322 5084
  • Cafe Avissinia - We've also thought about people who want a more luxurious and stylish option and decided upon Café Avissinia whose walls are covered with paintings. The food you must taste here is Mussaka. It's baked in oven with grated cheese. Address:Avissinias Square, Monastiraki, Tel: +30 210 321 70 47
  • Yantes - Yantes, which is a cute tavern with a garden, offers organic food. Fried cheese; beet salad; baked onions filled with meat and parmesan sauce are the favourites. You should also try 'chocolate sausage' during your dessert session. It's possible to eat until midnight in the restaurant which opens at 1 am. Address:Valtetsiou 44 – Exarxeia, Tel: +30 210 330 13 69

Accommodation in Athens

There are many accommodation options in Greece's capital, Athens. You can take a look at our recommendations for Athens hotels to find the best fitting accommodation option for yourself. 

  • AthenStyle - If you're looking for a cute and youthful hostel with bunk beds, AthenStyle is the right address. Located at Ag. Theklas 10 Monastiraki, Tel: +30 210 322 50 10
  • Hotel Dioskouros Athens - It's clean, quite cute and small. Address: 6 Pittakou Street, Plaka, Tel: +30 210 324 81 65
  • Hotel Acropolis House - A good fit for those who seek a retro feeling in accommodation. Address: 6-8 Kodrou, Plaka, Tel: +30210 3226241
  • Athos Patrou 3 - The hotel, which takes its name from The Three Musketeers characters, offers a standard quality service. Address:Patroou, 3, Plaka, Tel: +30 210 322 19 77
  • Central Hotel - An affordable hotel that promises an average accommodation. Address: Apollonas Street, Plaka, Tel: +30 210 322 58 91
  • Electra Palace Hotel - A stylish place which can be preferred by those who can't give up on their luxury while travelling. Address:18-20, N.Nikodimou Str 10557, Tel: +30 210 337 00 00
  • Royal Olympic Hotel - This place can be preferred to make your visit to Athens more special. Address: 28-34 Diakou Athanasiou, Tel: +30 210 928 84 00 

Places to Visit in Athens

Athens is a heaven for Greek mythology enthusiasts. You feel like you're belonging to those periods while you're visiting museums and remnants. Even in a single museum, you'll go through Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods. There many spots in Athens to visit for Ancient temples, theatres, museums where you can find remnants from Ancient Greece and streets filled with history.

  • The Acropolis - A neighbourhood in Athens' historical city center; Ancient temples are here.
  • Plaka - A typical Greek neighbourhood right under Monastiraki and Thissio Acropolis. Pedestrian roads, shops and its market place on its days are ideal for both shopping and taking part in the local life.
  • Kifissia - The area located at the North of Athens is an ideal spot for a day when you don't want to see many tourists. With all its shops and cafes, this is an area where local people hangout.
  • Nea Smyrni - Nea Smyrni, located at the South of Athens, reminds you of a modern European city.
  • Kolonaki - You can have a great time by going in and out of shops in this area where there are galleries and stylish stores.
  • Exarcheia - Known as the are of students, artists and arachists, Exarcheia is also where National Archeaological Museum is located. There is a great reaction to banks, corporations, police stations – in short, everything that symbolizes authority and capitalism – here. Although this area, where riots were started with Alexandros Grigoropoulos being shot in 2008, has a tough image, shops that sell organic foods, many bookstores and comic stores are located here. If you are interested in street art, this is a must-visit area for you.
  • Gazi - A neighbourhood where there are many popular places and locals enjoy hanging out. There is also another option of a more stylish neighbourhood called Balux, where high society fo Athens hang out. Glyfada and Voula also need to be visited on the days when the weather is good.
  • Pangrati ve Mets - This area, where generally local people hang out, is an elegant location with its taverns and hotels.
  • Piraeus - Although being an industrial neighbourhood, this area also keeps its importance as a port. 
  • Psiri - This is the former industrial area. Now filled with bars, cafes and shops, this area is for those who like seeing the old and the new together.
  • Syntagma Square (Plateia Syntagmatos) - A real business center. Hotels, banks and travel agencies are located here.
  • Zografou - The universities are in this area; thanks to the density of students, there are many bars in this region.
  • Saronikos Adaları - If you want to take a tour of islands while you're already in Athens, you can visit Saronikos Islands, which are right beside you.

Night Life

The colorful night life of Athens starts after 10 pm. When they go out, locals like drinking in bars in their neighbourhoods first and then they go to the clubs where both music and dances are at high tempo. If you want to see people coming and going instead of going in and out of different bars, you should prefer Psiri, which is known as the street of bars. But we still wanted to mention a couple of favorite bars and clubs of Athens for those who likes going in and out of them.

  • Stavlos - A place where mostly rock music and live concerts are played. Address: Herakleidon 10, Tel: +30 210 345 25 02
  • Memphis - A local bar where indie music enthusiasts go to explore new bands. Address: 5 Vendiri, Ilisia, Tel: +30 210 722-4104
  • Alekos Island - It creeates the impression of a bar in Greek islands with a lounge music atmosphere and big couches. Address:42 Tsakálof, Kolonaki, Tel: +30 210 723 9163
  • Jackson Hall - It starts the night as an after-work cocktail bar and continues as a restaurant. And when it turns into a club, everyone is dancing. Address: 4 Milioni, Tel: +30 210 361 60 98
  • Balthazar Bar - An ideal location to drink and listen to music with its amazing garden. Address: 27 Tsocha St Ambelokipi, Tel: +30 106 41 23 00
  • Asante - En ethnic location where you can listen to Indian, Peruvian, Armenian, Cuban and African music. Live bands take the stage after 11 pm. Address: 78 Damareos, Tel: +30 210 756 01202
  • 6 Dogs - Everything is more than perfect in this place! The bar that opens after 8 pm is one of the things this alternative place is famous for. Address: 6-8 Avramiotou, 10551, Tel: +30 210 321 05 10


  • Tourist Information offices, except for the ones in the airport, are closed around 2.30 pm. If you want to get information about things like bus tours, boat tours or history, it's a must to collect all the flyers before noon. The biggest one is in 26 Amalias Street, Syntagma Square.
  • In Athens, all kinds of stores and sometimes even places you may need for emergencies like pharmacies or grocery stores are closed on Sundays, for two weeks during August and at lunch hours, which sometimes keeps until 3.30 pm. Banks are open until 2.30 pm from Monday to Thursday and until 2 pm on Fridays.
  • If you have time to visit only one museum in this city, where there are tens of museums, you should definitely visit National Archaeological Museum, of which original was built in 1866.
  • If you are anxious about neighbourhoods that can be dangerous later at night, we recommend you to stay away from Omonoia, Tositsa and Koumoundourou squares, Evripidou & Sofokleous streets.

Weather in Athens

9°Cfew clouds12/12/2018
11°Cheavy intensity rain13/12/2018
11°Clight rain14/12/2018
16°Cmoderate rain15/12/2018
11°Clight rain16/12/2018
13°Clight rain17/12/2018
13°Clight rain18/12/2018
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