Flights to Ankara (ESB) from 12 GBP

Flights to Ankara (ESB) from 12 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Ankara (ESB)

Departure date 31/08/2019
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Departure date 24/07/2019
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Lefkosia (ECN) Ankara (ESB)

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Ankara (ESB)

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Antalya (AYT) Ankara (ESB)

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Izmir (ADB) Ankara (ESB)

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Bodrum (BJV) Ankara (ESB)

Departure date 24/06/2019
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Lefkosia (ECN) Ankara (ESB)

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Traveling to Ankara (ESB)

Welcome to the capital city of Turkey! Ankara is the second largest city in the country, and is considered a university town. As the capital, there are a large number of government buildings that are home to many diplomats.

You are in Turkey's capital and the second biggest city of the country with a population getting closer to 5 millions. This geography, which has a history of 10.000 years, is mostly known for Phyrigian and Hittite civilizations. Losing its importance in the following periods, this Central Anatolian city has been chosen as the capital by M. Kemal Atatürk during the War of Independence. This city, which has been a stage for Anatolian civilizations, harbors the most monumental elements of the history of the Turkish republic due to being the capital. You can reserve your seats on flypgs.com for cheap flights to Ankara, which shows great social diversity thanks to its position as the center of bureaucracy and politics.

Top Landmarks in Ankara

  • Anıtkabir - This museum is the mausoleum of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and contains war items and some personal items owned by Atatürk.
  • Atakule Tower - This is one of the tallest structures in Ankara, and has an observation deck which provides excellent views of the city.
  • Hacı Bayram Mosque - This mosque was built in 1427, and has wooden ceilings. While you’re there, you can visit Haci Bayram’s tomb which is situated right next to the mosque.

Landscapes in Ankara

At first, it might not seem like this modern city has much to offer in terms of appearance. However, despite being one of the driest places in Turkey, the city is well maintained and offers many parks and green spaces.

What to Eat and Where to Eat in Ankara

  • Tavuk Döner - Turkey is all about meat, and Ankara is certainly no exception. Tavuk Döner is an Ankara specialty comprised of chicken from a rotating skewer, served in many different ways.
  • Tunali - Tunali is a district of Ankara and is a great place to visit if you are looking for some hip cafes.
  • Eskisehir Road - This area of Ankara is the place to go if you are looking for good food or entertainment for later in the night!

Transportation in Ankara

Ankara offers both private and public buses to travel around Turkey, including minibuses that provide transfers between stops. Taxis are another form of commonly-used transportation, and vary in price depending on where you are going.

Ankara Airports Served

  • Ankara is served by Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB), which is about 28 km away from the city centre.

More information about Ankara

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

Esenboğa Havalimanı, which has been in service since 1955, is located 28 km away from the city center. There are a couple alternatives to arrive the city center after your landing with Pegasus. One of the easiest alternative is using Havaş buses, which will take around 1 hour.

City bus lines can also be chosen as a cheaper alternative. You can reach Kızılay with the buses numbered 442 from the bus stops you can find both in domestic and international terminals. If you're going to use a taxi for transportation, it's worth mentioning that taxis are a bit expensive here. Another great way to go around and see every corner of the city is renting a car on flypgs.com.

You can get a multiple use magnetic card for transportation in the city. These cards allows usage from 1 to 20 times. Ankara has an extensive web of bus lines. Naturally, buses are the most reasonable public transportation alternative for many destinations. 

Ankara's railway system is comprised of two different parts. The first one is the light railway system called Ankaray, which is in ıse between AŞTİ (bus station for intercity lines) and Dikimevi. There are 11 stops on this line with centers like Tandoğan and Kızılay. The other part of the railway system is the Ankara subway. This line, which has been built to connect the residential areas of the city to the center, is made up of 12 stops from Batıkent to Kızılay. There are still some work in progress to make the metro line cover a wider area.

You can visit http://www.ego.gov.tr/ for general information about public transportation and use "destination information service" for a more detailed search: http://www.ego.gov.tr/map/mapNew.asp

Although Ankara is a nice city to stroll around, its cold winters and exteremely hot summers make it very hard to do so. Still, we suggest you not to leave the city without short walks in its parks and around Çankaya.

Shopping in Ankara

Shopping is mostly done in malls in Ankara. Surprisingly, even the world renown brands choose to open their stores in malls. Let's give you some ideas about malls and other shopping points here.

  • GOP – Çankaya is one of the most luxurious regions of Ankara and even though options are limited, it's possible to shop here. You can find branches of some brands on Tunalı Hilmi, Tahran, Arjantin and Filistin streets in this region, which is already adorned with cafes and night clubs.
  • Panora Shopping Center is a nice place to be with its architecture. Thanks to its transparent roof you'll experience the luxury of having daylight in a shopping center. Moreover, you'll find the most luxurious brands of Ankara here.
  • Kentpark Shopping Center is very useful in terms of the opportunities and services it provides even though it has a gloomy design. There are always some concerts or activities organized in this space where shopping and social life come together. It also provides different activity areas ranging from fitness center to bowling.
  • AnkaMALL, is a shopping center that aims to appeal everyone in Ankara and there is always an event going on there. Children are also never forgotten. This is a center that can provide you with all kinds of needs you and your house have 
  • Optimum Outlet Center has branches in İstanbul and İzmir. While you are enjoying the sales in outlet stores, your kids can ice-skate or join the kids' club.

Food and Drink in Ankara

Ankara, which has been home to many civilizations throughout history, shows this cultural structure in its foods as well. If you're curious about where and what to eat in Ankara with its many restaurants for various tastes and its local delicacies, you can take a look at the list we've created for you.

For Breakfast…

  • Yıldız Liva Time - The theme of the place, which first strikes you with its ambience, is 'zen garden'. The decoration comprised of natural materials and the peaceful comfort of the place invite you to an amazing breakfast. You can add the pleasure of live music at a sunday brunch to the experience of Liva, the oldest patisserie in Ankara. Address: Hilal Mah. 54.Sok. No:7/7 Yıldız-Çankaya Tel: 0 312 439 38 88     
  • Funda Cafe&Patisserie - This place has a real breakfast menu with options ranging from "village breakfast" to brunch. It's up to you to find the formula for the ultimate breakfast with so many options. Funda's very successful patisserie history will also help you with your choices. Address: Uğur Mumcu Cad. Kuleli Sok. No: 91/A GOP Tel: 0 312 436 46 56
  • Mutfak Brasserie - Breakfast plates are a pleasure to look at with all their richness; they include everything from tahini and molasses to cracked olives. We also recommend you to try crunchy Turkish bagels called "çıtır simit". Address: Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Mah. 37. Cad 3/A Konutkent Tel: 0 312 240 24 00
  • Turta Home Cafe - Corn bread, muffins, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes and pastry... A true festival of delicacies! Both with its refined atmosphere and inimitable menu, an amazing breakfast is waiting for you here. We recommend you to make a reservation in advance since it's a small place. Address: Mutluköy Sitesi, 2. Cadde, 4. Sokak, No: 15 - Ümitköy Tel: 0 312 235 95 35
  • Papazın Bağı - The tea garden (like a tea room but in an open space) at the heart of Ankara is a hidden garden with its plants, ducks and fish in the pool. It's best not to expect anything more than a standard service of an ordinary tea garden. It's easy to come here for a family breakfast and it's full of suprises. Address: Kuleli Sok. 61, GOP Tel: 0 312 437 95 01

For Lunch…

  • Boğaziçi Lokantası - This place, which is also known as the favourite of Turkey's former prime minister Bülent Ecevit, is a local restaurant. It is a legend for cooking "Ankara tavası", which is one of the well-known recipes of Ankara, but you may not be able to find it at later hours of the day. Moreover, it definitely should be experienced for the variety of the food they offer, the quality of their ingredients and the taste. Address: Denizciler cad. No:1/A Ulus Tel: 0 312 311 88 32
  • Melbo - The food served by Melbo, which offers a cute and cosy atmosphere in Kızılay, are more or less in the style of cafe-food. It's ideal for lunches with its menu and its atmosphere. Address: İzmir 2. Cad. Turtes İş Hanı No:34 D:1 Kızılay, Çankaya Tel: 0 312 418 03 63     
  • Big Chefs - An amazing lunch in comfortable couches are waiting for you. But we still have some recommendations; you should definitely try char grilled tenderloin of beef and burgers. Desserts are also very creative and delicious. Address: İran Caddesi No: 35 Kavaklıdere Tel: 0 312 436 74 54
  • Ev Lezzeti - This is a restaurant where you can eat delicious "home food" as the name also implies -"ev lezzeti" means "home delicacies"- with a menu that changes on a daily basis. This place is especially chosen by people who work nearby. Address: Cevizlidere 1243 sok (eski7.sok) 10/B Balgat Tel: 0 312 4734381
  • AOÇ Merkez Lokantası - The origin of the restaurant that is located in Atatürk Forest Farm is a kitchen that used to prepare lunches for Atatürk, who spent a lot of time in the farm. The place, which has been handed over to private management, needs to be experienced with its location and its rich menu. Address: Atatürk Orman Çiftliği Tel: 0 312 211 02 20
  • Café Des Cafés - It's chic above everything else and it's garden is just peaceful... Only these are good reasons enough to choose this location. However, this beautiful place is also one of the first cafes in Ankara and the food is appetizing. Address: Tunalı Hilmi cd. 83/A Kavaklıdere Tel: 0 312 428 01 76
  • Sadık Usta - "Legend... Prof... Sadık Usta”. That's what the sign says. And Sadık Usta really knows what he's doing very well. Your table gets to be filled with mezzes and an Adana kebab follows. Adana is really delicious; although the location is much more suitable for lunch, the food may make you feel a bit heavy. And don't be fooled by the looks. This effortlessly decorated place is the most famous kebab place in Ankara and the prices are in accordance with that... Address: Bağlar Caddesi No:176/E Büyükesat Tel: 0 312 436 50 52     

For Dinner...

  • Tavacı Recep Usta - You'll especially find meat dishes in this delicious spot that has its roots in Diyarbakır. Here, where stuffed ribs are very savory, you also need to try "ekşili dolma". You should also try special dishes like "mumbar" and "alti ezmeli". Address: Dikmen Vadisi, Hoşdere girişi, 5. Kapı Çankaya Tel. 0 312 442 29 45
  • Trilye - Mezzes are amazing in Trilye, which is the most famous fish restaurant of Ankara. And so are the fishes. It's an important adress where you can feel the privilege of eating fresh and meticulously chosen sea food. Address: Hafta Sokak No:11/B Gaziosmanpaşa Tel. 0 312 447 12 00   
  • Cafemiz - A cute, cosy atmosphere and delicious food. There are many options in their rich menu and it's hard to choose but we add the beef with Café de Paris sauce to the must-haves list. Address: Arjantin cad. No:19 GOP Tel: 0 312 467 79 21
  • Washington Restaurant - Washington, which is a very stylish restaurant, is located in Ankara Castle. Its atmosphere is a bit heavy but food is quite delicious. Delicacies from both Turkish and world cuisine are served together. They also have special menus for business dinners and tourist groups. Address: Doyuran Sok. No:5/7 Kaleiçi Ankara Tel: 0 312 311 43 44  
  • Kalbur - We could never think of one of Turkey's best fish restaurants to be in Ankara. This small restaurant in Oran definitely needs to be tried out with all the daring choices in their menu and their perfect cooking technique. Don't forget to reserve in advance. Oran Şehri Çarşı Merkezi C-3 Blok Tel: 0 312 490 50 01
  • Divan Çengel Han - Being located in a historical caravanserai, this place impresses everyone with its gourmet kitchen. The resturant, which is mostly a popular spot for both domestic and international tourists, also reassures you with the brand of Divan in its name. Tarihi Ankara Kalesi , Necatibey Mah. Depo Sok. No:1 Ulus Tel: 0 312 309 68 00
  • Patile Cafe Restaurant - An amazing restaurant for a dinner a family atmosphere, prepared with the warmth of family. The "home food" they offer is very delicious but we especially recommend you not to leave the place without tasting their soups. Address: Birlik Mah, 5.Cadde, 63/15 Çankaya Tel: 0 312 496 20 23
  • Günaydın Kasap & Steak House - What makes the place, which also have branches in Istanbul, is their meat choices. This restaurant, of which origin is a butcher's shop, knows what they are doing. It's impossible to get enough of their delicious meat when they are wonderfully grilled. Address: Arjantin cd. No: 19/A GOP Tel: 0 312 468 53 53
  • Ege Restoran - The place, which brings Aegean region to Ankara with its kitchen and decoration, offers a rich menu and prominent examples of the Aegean cuisine. The options are not limited to Aegean herbs and fish; there are delicious meat and chicken dishes, as well. Don't skip over warm starters. Address: Tunalı Hilmi Cad., Büklüm Sok., No:54/B Kavaklıdere Tel: 0 312 466 21 21
  • Apinya Thai & Sushi Restaurant - The best Far Eastern restaurant in the city has a modern atmosphere which harbors authentic elements. Thai food is a real success and sushis are nothing less. Attar Sok. No:1/A G.O.P. Tel: 0 312 426 94 00     
  • Masala Café - We invite those who are looking for different tastes here. It's such a great place to explore the riches of Pakistani cuisine. This cuisine, which reminds the Turkish cuisine while being completely different in terms of spices and flavors, needs to be tried at least once. Address: Paris cd. No: 49/E Sille Meydanı Çankaya Tel: 0 312 428 60 60
  • Komşu Restoran - Live music accompanies your mezzes. A pleasant night with Turkish and Greek songs and common mezzes is waiting for you. address: Farabi Sokak, No. 32 Çankaya Tel: 0 312 426 15 66 
  • Mezzaluna - There is also branch of the franchise that comes to mind when one thinks of Italian food in Ankara. We especially recommend delicious pasta choices. It's also a great place for those who want risotto. Address: İran Cad. Turan Emeksiz Sok. No:1 GOP Tel: 0 312 467 58 19
  • Tarihi Mutfak Lokantası - "Tavuk germeç" of this place, which is one of the greatest kebab restaurants of Ankara, is seriously delicious! Address: Mithatpaşa C 64 D:B Kızılay Çankaya Tel: 0 312 418 78 03

Accommodation in Ankara

Ankara has many accommodation options like all big cities. There are many luxurious hotels in the city which hosts bureaucrats, diplomats and even presidents from all around the world due to its being the capital. You can take a look at our list to evaluate different accommodation options among the hotels in Ankara.

  • JW Mariott Hotel - This luxurious hotel, which deserves all 5 stars it already has, is by far the best option in Ankara with its unmatched service and quality. Its spa and Turkish hamam services are especially great. Its restaurant offers different options, as well. Address : Kızılırmak Mah. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cad. No:1 Söğütözü Tel: 0 312 248 88 88
  • Divan Çukurhan - The inn that is located on the exact opposite of Ankara Castle dates back to 16th century. The building that has been restored and turned into a hotel by Divan Group offers a special accommodation experience both with its authentic architecture and amazing decoration. Address: Ankara Kalesi Necatibey Mahallesi Depo Sokak No: 3 Ulus Tel: 0 312 306 64 00
  • Swissotel Ankara - In addition to its service quality, Swissotel offers great facilities both business and personal events and gatherings like a ball room for 1200 people and 9 different meeting rooms that have been adorned with the latest technological devices. Also, you shouldn't forget to stop by Swiss Gourmet for home-made cakes, chocolates and special baskets. Address: Yıldızevler Mah. Jose Marti Cad. No: 2 06550 Çankaya Tel: 0 312 409 30 00
  • Ankara HiltonSA - Hilton, being only 7 minutes away from Kızılay Square, which is the heart of Ankara, is also a matchless hotel with the view it offers. In addition to its accomodation services, it also functions like a true business center. Tennis and squash courts near the hotel offer different exercise options. Address: Tahran Cad. No:12 06700 Kavaklıdere Tel: 0 312 455 00 00      
  • Crowne Plaza - Crowne Plaza, which comes forward with different accommodation options, have special special rooms for physically disabled visitors, too. In addition to providing special consultancy services for the success of your business meetings, the hotel offers a comfortable stay with its restaurants, bars and lounges. Address: Mevlana Bulvarı No: 2, 06330 Akköprü Tel: 0312 303 00 00     

Boutique Hotels…

  • Angora House Hotel - The guest house, which is located near Ankara Castle and in the historical center of the city, works in one of the traditional mansions of Ankara. It's a great option for those who want to stay in an authentic and genuine atmosphere. Address: Kalekapısı sok. No. 16 Altındağ Tel: 0 312 309 83 80
  • Sonno Boutique Rooms & Suites - The hotel located in Çankaya is a good option with its fresh style and spacious areas. Those who want to take their business meetings to a warm and genuine atmosphere have also been thought about with a meeting room for 40 people and office services. Address: Tunus cd. No.52 Çankaya Tel: 0 312 466 27 27
  • No 19 Boutique Hotel - This boutique hotel has the qualities of the most luxurious hotels. In the hotel where there are many services like a spa, restaurant, bar, airport transfer, work areas within rooms for business trips have also been taken care of. address: Birlik mahallesi 457. sokak No:19 Çankaya Tel: 0 312 495 00 00
  • Notte Butik Otel - An ideal hotel to relax in a peaceful place with a sedating decoration. The warm care of the staff will also make your stay more comfortable. Address: Büklüm sk. No.113 Kavaklıdere Tel: 0 312 466 76 00


  • Deeps Hostel - This hostel, which is at a central location, clean and comfy like a home, is the choice of those who are looking for a more affordable accommodation. Address: Ataç 2 Sok. No:46 Kızılay Tel: 0 312 213 63 38
  • Ankara Han Hostel - If you're looking for a hostel with the qualities of an hotel, this is the place for you. Han Hostel is in the center of Ankara with its interesting decoration and high quality service. Address: Çamlıtepe mah. Erdem sok. No.28 Cebeci Tel: 0 312 432 59 00

Places to Visit in Ankara

Apart from being the capital of Turkey, having been home to many different civilizations in history. Ankara has many special places to see for their history or cultural importance. In addition to its museums or historical places like the castle, the temple, the bath or mosques, Ankara is also an important culture that needs to be explored with its parks, gardens and old neighbourhoods. 

  • Anatolian Civilizations Museum - It can also be called the archeology museum of Ankara. The pieces are exhibited based on a chronologic timeline from Paleolithic Age to the Ottoman times but the most important collection belongs to Urartu, Phrygia and Hittites. It's unparalleled in that sence.
  • Anıtkabir - The international competition which had started in 1941 came to its end in 1943 and it was decided to apply Prof. Emin Onat ve Ass. Prof. Orhan Arden's project to the mausoleum of Atatürk. It's comprised of two different parts named Peace Park and The Monument Block. 
  • Ankara Museum of Republic - The building, which has the signature of the architect Vedat Tek, was first designed as the building of "Cumhuriyet Halk Fırkası" but started to be used by The Grand National Assembly of Turkey since its own building was not big enough. It's been in use as Museum of Republic since 1981. 
  • War of Independence Museum - Ankara stone was used in the construction of the building which was also the very first location of The Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The building, which had not been completed yet when it was decided for the assembly to come together in that building in 23 April 1920, was prepared for the very first meeting with the help of the public. It's been used as a museum since 1961.
  • Ethnography Museum of Ankara - The building, which was designed by Arif Hikmet Koyunoğlu, is known as the place where Atatürk's body was palced for visitors until Anıtkabir's construction. The museum, where examples of traditional Turkish arts and various artworks brought together for all around Anatolia are exhibited, also has a library. 
  • Ankara Castle - There is nothing left from the outer part of the castle of which exact constuction date is not known but at least, it's known that it was there in 2 BC. However, there are many buildings dating back to 17th century in Kaleiçi (literally translated as "the inner castle"). Don't forget to visit these Ankara houses.
  • Roman Bath - The bath that dates back to the emperor Karakalla's reign has been partially restored. Today, a rich collection comprised of inscriptions belonging to the Roman age and found in different excavations is exhibited there. the
  • The Temple of Augustus and Rome - There are inscriptions telling the life of the emperor in Latin and Greek in this magnificent temple which was built by the city to show their loyalty to Augustus. 
  • Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo - This land, which was given to Atatürk as a present in 1925, was used for initiating the agricultural farming in Turkey with his own instructions. Today, it's a pleasurable place to see in Ankara. 
  • MTA - Natural History Museum - Stone and mineral examples, which have been collected since the very first years of Turkish republic, are exhibited in the museum, which was founded in 1968 by Mineral Research and Exploration Institute. There are very important finds in the museum. Fossils and the footprint of an early human are also very interesting.
  • State Art and Sculpture Museum - In the museum, where important Turkish paintings and sculptures covering a period from the 19th century until today are exhibited, there are also workshops for amateurs. Moreover, different exhibitions are organized regularly in 3 different galleries in the museum. 
  • Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koç Museum - Ankara’s first industrial museum is opened in Çengelhan, which has been restored between the years 2003-2005. The inn has been protected very well since the time of Kanuni. Today, many items belonging to different industries from transportation to medicine are exhibited here. 
  • Kocatepe Mosque - Being designed according to the project of Hüsrev Tayla and Fatih Uluengin, Kocatepe Mosques is an interesting building in that it shows the aesthetics of the 16th century and the technique of the 20th. 
  • Ahi Elvan Mosquea - Although this building, which shows some good examples of Seljukian artisanship despite its plain outer look, was built towards the end of the 14th century, it's actually undergone some serious repairment in 1413. 
  • Alaaddin Mosque - Even though this mosque, which is located on Kaleiçi and dates back to 12th century, has lost many sides of its authencity, it's worth seeing as one of the oldest mosques of Ankara. 
  • Swan Park - In the park, which took its name from the white swans given as present by the Vienna Municipality, there are also geese and ducks. And one shouldn't forget to mention China's present; the black swans. We recommend you to take a walk in Swan Park while you are in Ankara.
  • Pirinçhan - This inn is in Kale Neighbourhood and it has been opened to tourism after restoration. There are many stores ranging from cafes to bookshops and gift shops. Even though it's a bit too popular among tourists, it's worth seeing as a wooden building.

If you have a chance to get outside of the city...

  • Gordion - This antique residential area, which is 96 km away from Ankara, in Yassihöyük village, has been home to many civilizations. It has a high importance as the capital of Phrygia. 
  • Beypazarı - Beypazarı, which is famous for its crafts and mansions, is almost a museum-town. Don't skip City History Museum while you are here. It's also really fun to walk around and do shopping in its streets. Don't forget to stop by "telkâri" stalls and buy some "Beypazarı kurusu" which is a crispy snack. 
  • Kızılcahamam Thermal Resorts - It's a pleasure to let your body relax in the health-filled water of Kızılcahamam. There are different levels of warmth of the water and each of them are used for different things; it's up to you to choose the one you need.

Ankara Neighborhoods

  • Kale - The region, where Ankara's historical nature is felt, includes the castles and its vicinity. The area, which is rediscovered in recent times in a sense, has been being renovated for tourists thanks to its view, Çengelhan and Anatolian Civilizations Museum.
  • Kızılay- The neighbourhood which is famous for its square is the most lively spot in Ankara. Although it's not exaclty refined, this is where everyday life goes on in Ankara. 
  • GOP- Gaziosmanpaşa is an old and luxurios neighbourhood which is actually a part of Çankaya. Ankara's night life is mostly concentrated here. This region which is mostly chosen by people with higher incomes is always in motion. 
  • Çayyolu - A neighbourhood under development. Mostly luxurious building and villas are built here. Park Street is also started to be occupied by luxurious restaurants and places as well as shopping spots.

Night Life

Spare your days in Ankara to historical pieces, parks and museums but if you want to have some fun at night or sip your drink with a calm music in the background, there are many alternatives for those too. 

  • Suite 34 - If you're looking for a place to dance, you should try Suite 34, one of the favorite places of Ankara. It may be one of the best dance places in Ankara with themed parties and its good decoration. Address: Uğur Mumcu Cad No:34 Tel: 0 312 448 08 38     
  • Jolly Joker - JJ, which brings the alternative names of Turkish roch and pop music on its stage, was opened as a noteworthy concert hall in 2011. Address: Kızılırmak Sk. No:14 Kızılay Tel: 0 312 424 11 11
  • IF Performance Hall - Concert hall of Ankara... We can say that this is where the heart of live music beats in Ankara with its brick walls and nice bar. You should definitely check their program. Address: Tunus cad. 14/A Kavaklıdere Tel: 0 312 418 95 06
  • Hayal Kahvesi - The Ankara branch of the Istanbul-originated place lends its stage to Ankara's and Turkey's good bands. You'll see tables and seats in this place where food is also quite good. Address: Tepe Prime Eskişehir Devlet Yolu No: 266 Tel: 0 312 284 29 25 
  • DePPo Performance Park - This is a place where you can have a good time by listening to alternative bands. Address: Mithatpaşa Caddesi 62, 06420 Çankaya
  • Voodoo Blues Bar - Both for the performing bands and for its atmosphere, this is one of the must-see spots. Also, its genuine atmosphere and garden add up to its beauty. Address: Selanik 2 Cad., 61/1 Kızılay Tel: 0 312 419 41 26
  • Escape Ankara - Live pop music on the first floor and a club where you can listen to DJ performances upstairs. Moreover, entrance is free on Friday nights. Address: Park cad. No.5 Çayyolu Tel: 0 312 240 94 94
  • Passage Pub - Another place in Ankara where one can listen to live alternative music. Even though it's too crowded on weekends, it's more like a nice calm bar on week days. It has hosted some good Turkish musicians like Fatima Spar and Can Bonomo. Address: Bayındır Sokak 7/6 Kızılay Tel: 0 312 433 97 99
  • Velocity - In addition to its 800-people capacity and performances from famous DJs, it's one of the chicest places of Ankara with a interesting design and different shows. This place, which belongs to JW Mariott Hotel, differs from others with its VIP lounges and special services. Address: Kızılırmak Mah. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cad. No:1 Söğütözü Tel: 0 312 248 88 88
  • Zeki Bar - The best bar for those who want to listen to Turkish pop in Ankara. The place, which is frquented by people in all age groups, gets more crowded especially after midnight. But it's good to know that the impact of live music and the quality of the service can be seen on the prices as well. Address: Reşit Galip Cad. No:88 D:1 Gaziosmanpaşa - Tel: 0 312 437 90 63    
  • The North Shield Pub - A good choice for those looking for a typical and genuine pub atmosphere. It's good to remind that it's open until 1 am. Address: Bilkent Oteli Lobi Katı, Bilkent Tel: 0 312 266 44 34

Emergency Numbers

  • City code: 0312
  • Fire: 110
  • Police: 155
  • Health Emergency: 112
  • Electric: 186
  • Unknown Numbers Info: 118

Weather in Ankara

25°Cheavy intensity rain17/06/2019
25°Clight rain18/06/2019
27°Cmoderate rain19/06/2019
25°Cmoderate rain20/06/2019
25°Csky is clear21/06/2019
27°Cmoderate rain22/06/2019
26°Clight rain23/06/2019
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