Flights to Amsterdam (AMS) from 49 GBP

Flights to Amsterdam (AMS) from 49 GBP

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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Amsterdam (AMS)

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Traveling to Amsterdam (AMS)

Europe’s most independent city is calling you! Take it easy on a relaxing journey along the fascinating canals or have a blast at Amsterdam’s never ending parties by going on a journey to the Netherlands’ bustling capital. With cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam provided by Pegasus, an affordable vacation is waiting for you!

Amsterdam, which has been built in the 12th century as a fishermen's village on the shore of Amstel River, is one of the most tourist attracting European cities with a population of almost 1.5 million people. Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank's house, botanical gardens and canals that are connected by more than 150 bridges play a great role in the attention the city attracts. Flying directly to Amsterdam, which is the city of historical places, parties that keep on until the sunrise, bicycles and canals all over the place, will be a pleasure thanks to the advantageous ticket prices you'll get from Pegasus.

Must-visits in Amsterdam

  • Jordaan: Time will fly by as you are wandering around the Jordaan area, where you will see the designer boutiques of the most gifted artists of the city alongside antique shops and unique restaurants. This is the most colourful stop on the Amsterdam tour!
  • Museumplein (Museum Square): Amsterdam is the art, culture and history hub of the Netherlands. You can visit Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Contemporary Arts Museum here.
  • Canals: Amsterdam is called the ‘City of Canals’ for a reason. You can explore Amsterdam through canal tours by boat.

What to Eat in Amsterdam

  • Stamppot: You wouldn’t have completely explored Amsterdam without tasting this traditional Dutch food made with special sausage and vegetables.
  • Bitterballen: Small beef croquettes are called “bitterballen” by the Dutch people. A fantastic mid-day snack.

Where to Eat in Amsterdam

  • Dam: Dam Square is located right in the middle of Amsterdam city centre and is the most lively part of the city. Here you can find many local and international restaurants and cafés.
  • Nieuwendijk: If you are looking for somewhere cheap to eat in Amsterdam, there are popular fast food restaurants and cafés offering tasty sandwiches and a lot more in the Nieuwendijk district.

Amsterdam View

Amsterdam’s fascinating atmosphere will welcome you with its beautiful streets divided by canals, preserved classical architecture and green districts surrounding the city. Spot the famous windmills from your window while your plane is approaching the city! Join an Amsterdam tour to learn exciting things about this sophisticated place upon arrival.

Transportation in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s inhabitants often use bicycle for local transportation. You can also use trams, ferries, subways, buses and trains for travelling within the city.

More information about Amsterdam

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

Your plane, which takes off from Sabiha Gökçen with Pegasus, arrives at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In Amsterdam, where you have many alternatives like trains, buses and rental cars, it's also possible to use bicycles for transportation. For reaching the city center after grabbing your baggages, you can use train, bus, minibus and taxi options. You can also use flypgs.com for car rental services.

Trains reach the city in 15 minutes and it only costs 4,30 €. Tickets can be obtained from the machines in front of the train station. Express buses called "The Zuidtangent" wait at the door with the numbers "300" and "310" written on them. During the rush hours, it may take up to 45 minutes to go the distance between the city center and the airport, which is 25 km long. 

If you consider taxi for a more comfortable transportation, we need to mention that taxi sharing is an option. If you want to take the ride on your own, its cost may be as high as 46€. 

Counters for those who want to rent cars are open between 6 am - 11 pm.

  • Avis: 020 655 6050
  • Budget: 020 604 1349
  • Europcar: 020 316 4190
  • Hertz: 020 502 0240

Amsterdam on Bike

You are in a city where the prioritization in traffic is as follows: Bicycles, pedestrians, trams and finally, cars. If you are good at riding a bicycle, we recommend you to get one to go around this plain city. Here are some suggestions for you to rent some bicycles: 

  • Mike’s Bike - Red bikes you'll see everywhere belong them. It costs 7.50 € a day and insurance is included. You can go there using the trams numbered 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 16, 24, 25 between 9 am and 6 pm. Address: Kerkstraat  134, Tel: 020 622 7970
  • Rent A Bike - Just in case Mike's runs out of bicycles, we want you to have another option. Classical models' prices start at 7.85 € and it goes up to 16.90 € if you want a mountain bike. Address: Damstraat 20, Tel: 020 6255029

Amsterdam Card

This is actually the city of bicycles and city walks but if you don't want to walk through the streets you've already learnt all about and go back to your hotel room at the end of a tiring day with packages in your hands, you can use trams.

Tickets cost 2.60 € when bought inside, that's why we recommend you to get one GBV card which can be bought in front of the train station and used for 1-7 days. This card provides entrance to 37 different museums, free rides in all kinds of public transportation and even discounts in various restaurants. It costs 40 € for a day and 60 € for 3 days. 

If you're not going to visit any museums and use only public transportation, 1-day cards cost 7.50€, 3-day cards cost 16€ and the ones that can be used for 7 days cost 31€. 

Taxi Please

Taxi is not so expensive compared to European standards. It opens at 2.50€ and adds 1.83€ per kilometer. If you want to call a taxi to where you are, you can reach them on http://www.tcmtaxi.nl/  or by calling 020 - 631 27 27. 

A Boat Tour In The Canal

People here make a home for themselves in boats in the canal. Everyone is going around in their boats with their snacks and music. That's why you may want to get on a boat in the canal to look at the skinny and crooked buildings of the city and find peace on the water. 

If you want to rent a boat and float on the water, the address you need is http://www.sloep-amsterdam.com/

If you want to choose one of those tours that include activities like seeing Anne Frank's house, visiting Diamond Factory, dinners and even the romantic ones with candle light, all you need to do is asking kiosks with "Hop On and Hop Off" signs on them.

Shopping in Amsterdam

In addition to its box-like buildings and houses that look as if made by chocolate, Amsterdam is also an ideal city for shopping with its different options. If you ask where one goes to shopping in Amsterdam and which streets are the most famous ones; the stops you need to add to your routes are Kalverstraat, which is the most crowded shopping street in the city, De Negen Straatjes where you can find designer boutiques and Utrechtsestraat, which offers more alternative options. 

If you like vintage shopping, Laura Dols (Wolvenstraat 6&7) and Episode (Waterlooplein) are among the shops where you can find the cleanest and the highest quality products for fair prices. If you are into interesting designs, it's a must to visit Friday Next, which designs goods, couches and bags and is located in Overtoom 31. 

Let's look closer to some must-visit stores: 

  • 290 Square Meters - There are Nike shoes which you can modify for yourself, specially designed perfumes, books and magazines, pens, Freitag bags and many Dutch designers to discover. Address: Houtkopersdwarsstraat 3, Tel: 020 419 2525 
  • Independent Outlet - You've come to the right place to find products of brands like Fred Perry and Vans for cheap prices. Address: Vijzelstraat 77, Tel: 020 421 2096
  • Lambiek - Those who love comic books should stop by Lambiek, spend a day between books and check the exhibition that is changed every two months. Address: Kerkstraat 132, Tel: 020 626 7543
  • Magna Plaza - You'll find many options from expensive brands like Gucci to chains like Mango in this shopping center located in a grand building right behind Dam Square. Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182
  • Nic Nic - The best place in Amsterdam for furnitures, ashtrays and salvaged goods from 50's and 60's. Even if you're not going to buy, it's worth checking. Address: Gasthuismolensteeg 5, Tel: 020 622 8523
  • SPRMRKT - Wouldn't you like to walk around brands like Margiela, Rick Owens, the Acne Jeans collection and Wendy & Jim with a personal stylist and create your own style? Address: Rozengracht 191-193, Tel: 020 330 5601

Walking around in fairs

  • Albert Cuypmarkt: If exotic fruits, countless dip-sauce varieties with French fries, flowers, chocolates and fresh fish interest you, it's open from Monday to Saturday between 9.30 am and 5 pm. 
  • Noordenmarkt: If you need any vinyls, record players, towels, antiques, accessories, bags or shoes, you can spend hours in Noordenmarkt, which is known as the flea market that every city needs. 
  • Antiekmarkt: Jewellery, antique, knick-knack and silverwork enthusiasts come together in Elandsgracht 109 every day except Fridays. 
  • Art Plein Spui: Artists sell their works in this fair which is only open on Sundays. 
  • Bloemenmarkt: World's only flower fair is on Singel Street from Mondays to Saturdays. It's also possible to find seeds for plants. 
  • Nieuwmark: Antiques and ornaments on Sundays; farmer's fair where people sell their own crops on Saturdays. 
  • Waterlooplein: Second hand clothes, DVDs and all kinds of small things to buy are in Waterlooplein from Monday to Saturday.

Food and Drink in Amsterdam

As we all know, this city is the capital for sauce-dipping of crusty potatoes which are soft inside. If you are curious about what to eat in Amsterdam, you shouldn't come back before tasting it. But if you also want to have 3 different meals in fancy restaurants, here's a list for you:

For breakfast

  • Café Nielsen - If you're looking for a French toast, some fruit salad, omelettes, bagels and cream cheese or a rich breakfast in short, this is the right place. It's also a great pleasure to sit on the stools in front of the windows and watch people come and go.  Address: Berenstraat 19, Tel: 020 330 6006
  • Bagels & Beans - There are endless cheese options, jams, delicatessen and dried nuts in their menu. Bagel with tomato, goat cheese and pine nuts is one of the favorite tastes and employees are always cheerful. Address: Waterlooplein 2, Raadhuisstraat 18
  • Hotel Pulitzer - The hotel's breakfast place, which offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast comprised of elements from Fleming, British and American cuisines, is open between 7 am - 11 am. Another address for those who like this breakfast style in hotels is Eden Amsterdam. You can have a rich breakfast with jazz music on Sunday mornings for 37.50€. Address: Prinsengracht 315-331, Tel: 020-5235235
  • Eetcafe Volle Maan - If you are wandering around in De Pijp vicinity and get hungry, we recommend you to taste fresh orange juice with tomato-edam cheese toast on the side. Address: Sarphatipark 4, Tel: 020 6759945

Lunch, Afternoon 

  • Pancake Bakery - There is a chance that you won't find a table, even if you get in the line at 11:30 am. This is almost like a pancake factory that makes more than 30 kinds of pancakes from salty (with mushrooms, bacons, cheese, onions, potatoes...) to sweet ones (with pineapple, banana, strawberry, chocolate, whipped cream...) Address: Prinsengracht 191-A, Tel: 020 625 1333
  • Singel 404 - This place, which takes its name from the number of its building and is only open fur lunch, offers tastes like pumpkin soup, hot sandwiches, tuna fish toast and apple pie. Address: Singel 404, Tel: 020 428 01 54 
  • Café Brecht - This cafe on the side of the canal, which will take you back to Bertolt Brehct's times with ripped wallpapers, vintage couches and antique plates, is filled with locals at noon. On Wednesdays, you can get cool haircuts with early appointments and writers come together for reading group meetings on Sundays. Address: Weteringschans 157, Tel: 020 627 2211
  • Burger Bar - If you're looking for some familiar tastes apart from Amsterdam food, we can direct you here. This is a colorful, self-service hamburger place. When you go in, you'll see a big common table on the right side and high stands with stools and a bar on the left. You can give your orders from the menu above the counter, which consists only hamburger and potatoes. The price of the hamburger varies from 4.95€ to 12.95€ depending on the type and the amount of the meat. Extras cost 1€ each on average. For those who don't get satisfied enough with burgers, potato chips cost 2,20€, homemade delicious sauces cost 0,50€. Address: Kolksteeg 2, Tel: 020 624 9049
  • Pane e Olio - This is a tiny restaurant managed by two Italians from Tuscany, a catering service, delicatessen shop and a place where fine food to make you happy is cooked. You'll find many options from quiche to pasta alternatives, courses with eggplant and different sandwiches. Address: Oude Leliestraat 6, Tel : 06 2 520 4495 
  • Hap Hmm - Don't miss this place with Flemish grandma foods served in a warm and canteen-like place for 6€ and sometimes even less. Address: 1e Helmerstraat 33, Tel: 020 6181884

The ones waiting for a dinner

  • Beddington’s - You'll find Flemish cuisine influenced by Asia and Japan in the courses created by the English chef Jean Beddington. Tuna fish with horsaradish served with sweet potato mash is the specialty of the place. You'll pay 55€ for a 4-course dinner. Address: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 141, Tel: 020 620 7393
  • La Olivia - The point of this place is that they are serving tapas every day in an open buffet. After choosing your entrees there, you can order one main course from the three different options for fish or meat. Address: Egelantiersstraat 122-4, Tel: 020 320 4316
  • Greetje - One of the best examples of modernized Flemish cuisine... Toasted breads are brought to your table with goose liver; stamppot (vegetable and potato mash), which is a traditional Flemish food, makes a good companion for all kinds of meat. Main courses cost around 25€ and the restaurant serves after 6 pm. Address: Peperstraat 23-25, Tel: 020 779 7450
  • Razmataz - Mediterranean cuisine and French meat... That's the keystone of the menu which is written on a blackboard and changed every day. They also have special treats like asparagus, bean salad and strawberry soup. Address: Hugo de Grootplein 7, Tel: 020 486 8408
  • District V - Being one of the most popular restaurants in De Pijp, District V offers its 3-course meal in three different forms as in with meat, fish or for vegetarians. Steak tartare and seafood gazpacho are among their must-tastes. This place is also an ideal spot for those who are looking for a bar atmosphere after 11 pm. Address: Van der Helstplein 17, Tel: 020 770 0884
  • Balthazar’s Keuken - If you want to eat in one of the most popular restaurants of Jordaan, which is the hippest and the most cosmopolitan area of the city, you'll need to make a reservation in advance. Address: Elandsgracht 108, Tel: 020 420 2114
  • De Klos - This is a heaven for those craving meat. Scallops are served with salad and potatoes on the side. Its artless atmosphere is a good fit for real gourmets. Address: Kerkstraat 41-43, Tel: 020 625 3730 
  • Blauw - Do you know about Indonesian food? If your answer is "No", you are at the right place to learn about it. Fruits, sauces, desserts and meat. These are the basics of it all. Address: Amstelveenseweg 158, Tel: 020 675 5000
  • Hotel de Goudfazant - You'll be at tables with white clothes in an industrial building facing food cooked in an open kitchen. Address: Aambeeldstraat 10, Tel: 020 636 5170
  • Envy - Deli platters are followed by sea food and meat plates prepared in the form of tapas by chefs right in front of your eyes. You'll see how many different forms beets can take varying from chips to meringue, from sauces to pickles. Address: Prinsengracht 381, Tel: 020 344 6407

Accommodation in Amsterdam

You can find many accommodation alternatives in Amsterdam which is one of the most important metropols in the world and flooded by tourist from many different countries. From the most luxurious Amsterdam hotels to the budget-friendly hostels for students, you can choose the one that is the most suitable for your taste and budget. 

If you're looking for a boutique hotel

  • Lloyd Hotel - The hotel, that has been created with the restoration of an old youth prison, also displays the works of recently famed Flemish designers like Atelier van Lieshout and Marcel Wanders. Address: Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Tel: 020 561 3636
  • Hotel V Frederiksplein - All rooms, that have been categorized as single, double, big or very big, have bathrooms tiled with pebbles. It's a must to drink a cocktail in front of the fireplace in the entrance of the hotel. Room prices are between 150€ - 250€. Address: Weteringschans 136, Tel: 020 662 3233
  • Hotel Arena - Arena’s motto is minimal, modern and chic. If you're staying here, you'll frequently see advertisers and collectionists in the cafe named ToDrink, which is a popular place among locals thanks to its amazing view, in the restaurant called ToDine in the evening and in the bar called ToNight at nights.  Address: 's-Gravesandestraat 51, Tel: (0)20 - 850 24 00
  • Hotel Roemer - Rain showers, iPod speakers and coffee machines... The rooms that have been designed to make you feel at home have everything in them. If you can't find a room here, you can check the close-by hotel called Hotel Vanda which rents rooms for cheaper prices. Address: Visscherstraat 8-10, Tel: 020 515 04 55
  • The Dylan - Its 41 rooms have been designed in 6 different themes under the inspiration of the peaceful world of Asia. You sleep on silk sheets in some of them and wake up with the smell of lavendar in others. The building was used as a theatre in the 17th century, and as a shelter for the poor in the 18th. Room prices start at 250€ and go upwards according to the room's style and the season. Address: Keizersgracht 384, Tel: 020 530 2010
  • The College Hotel - This is a business managed by hotel management school students. You can enjoy Flemish cuisine in The College Restaurant and make friends with locals in the hotel's bar. Address: Roelofhart Straat 1, Tel: 020 5711511

If you're looking for a hostel for a cheap vacation

  • The Flying Pig - In Amsterdam’s most famous hostel, which is the home for young people coming from all around the world, you'll also find staff members who'll create a list of things to do according to your interests. Bed prices start from 25€ and private rooms for 2 start from 35€. Address: Vossiusstraat 46, Nieuwendijk 100
  • The Shelter - How many hostels, where open-mic nights are organized, everyone in its cafe knows each other and you wake up with a view of canal seen from its windows, are there? This is one of those. Beds cost 30€ in 4-people rooms with bathrooms and 20€ for bunks. Address: Barndesteeg 21, Tel: 020 62 53 230
  • St. Christopher’s Inn – Amsterdam - It has both a style and cheap prices. This hostel, each room of which has been designed with a different theme, different artworks and decorative pieces, is ideal for those who not only looks for a bed but also wants some style. Address: 129 Warmoesstraat, Tel: 020 6231 380

You can check the following websites if you want bigger lists with comparisons:




Places to Visit in Amsterdam

This old European city built on canals offer many alternatives both for days with its museums, libraries, parks and gardens and for nights with its clubs and bars. 

  • Openbare Bibliotheek - There is a cafe with an Amsterdam view from above, where people hang out on white couches and use the internet, at the top of this building, which has the title of the biggest public library of Europe. Address: Oosterdokskade 143 
  • Vondelpark - Amsterdam's biggest park, which has two different cafes, a movie library, cyclists, people who have picnics, horses, roller-skaters and skaters, young people reading books on the side of the canal and musicians in it, is very lovely especially on Sundays. Address: 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat
  • Diamond Center - Diamond culture, that has been thrived with the large Jewish population, is concentrated in one center in Amsterdam. Address: Rokin 1-5
  • Van Gogh Museum - More than 200 oil paintings and around 500 sketches are a part of the permanent exhibition in Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum. Don't forget to check its website for talks, concerts and movie nights held in Friday nights. Address: Paulus Potterstraat 7 
  • Artis Royal Zoo - 120-year-old aquarium, baby elephant Mumba and a rainforest in a covered space. This zoo is a subject of interest for adults as much as it's for children. If you don't have an Amsterdam card, the entrance costs 18.95€. Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
  • Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica - If you come across one of those temporary exhibitions held in this library, where there are more than 20000 manuscripts, don't miss it. Address: Bloemstraat 15
  • Foam - FOAM, which is built in an old house on the side of the canal, is the museum for photography lovers. It's a must-see spot especially for those who are interested in advertisement and fashion photography. Address: Keizersgracht 609
  • Nemo - Having been opened in 1998, Amsterdam's science museum is the right address especially for kids to learn while having fun. Address: Oosterdok 2
  • Rijksmuseum - Silver, porcelain, baby houses, ceramics, sculptures from Asia, paintings given as presents in the Ottoman times, jewelleries, guns, many documents and goods belonging to Holland from the 17th and the 18th centuries are exhibited here. Address: Stadhouderskade 42
  • Stedelijk - Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, De Kooning, Newman, Ryman, Judd, Stella, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Nauman, Middleton, Dibbets, Kiefer, Polke, Merz… Whoever you want to see from the modern era, you can find them in this collection. Address: Paulus Potterstraat 13
  • Anne Frank Huis - The house in which Jewish Anne Frank, whose book we've all read, hid from Nazis with her family for 2 years is in Amsterdam and it's open to visitors as a museum. Address: Prinsengracht 267
  • Erotic Museum - This museum which contains John Lennon's erotic lithographs, exhibits nude portraits created by many different artists.  Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54
  • Efteling - If you have kids whose dreams lay in Disneyland, you need to take them to this heaven in Amsterdam, where there are witches, fairy tale characters, castles and characters from Arabian Nights and Grimms' Fairy Tales.  Address: Europalaan 1, Kaatsheuvel, Noord Brabant
  • Heineken Brewery - Holland's worldwide famous beer company has turned its building, where production stopped in 1988, into a museum which shows the journey of beer and has 4D animations in it. Address: Stadhouderskade 78
  • Hortus Botanicus - It's the most colorful garden of Amsterdam since first tropical trees and flowers were planted in 1652. Address: Plantage Middenlaan 2A
  • Koninklijy Paleis - It's said that more than 1000 kilos of grass have been planted in the garden of the royal palace, of which construction was completed in the 17th century. Its interior decoration, which has the touches of important artists like Ferdinand Bol, Govert Flinck, Rembrandt, is splendid. Address: Dam

A day in galleries

Amsterdam is one of the cities which have showed great improvements in terms of modern art and has been flocked by artist. If you want to see a couple of exhibitions while you're already there, you need to walk around in the Jordaan vicinity, which is a true modern art field. 

Some of the galleries you need to see are Diana Stigler (Elandsstraat 90); Annet Gelink (Laurierstraat 187-189) where you can see the works of current Dutch artists like Ed van der Elsken, Alicia Frames, Barbara Visser, Ryan Gander, Virgil Marti; Fons Welters (Bloemstraat 140); Gabriel Rolt (Elandsgracht 34); Motive (Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41A); Martin Van Zomeren (Prinsengracht 276).

 If you don't want to stay away from art while you're walking around on De Pijp, you can check Juliette Jongma (Gerard Doustraat 128a) and Upstream Gallery (Van Ostadestraat 294).

Amsterdam's Neighborhood

  • Central: This area also known as "the center" and covering the area starting from train station through Dam Square to the canal, is the most touristic area of Amsterdam. Red Light District, where erotic shows are displayed on windows, and shopping and nightlife center named Leidseplein are also located here. This place is also a huge "money trap" since it's the very first place all tourists face after leaving the train. 
  • Jordaan: You'll find small boutiques, the atmosphere of a small neighbourhood, galleries, not-so-expensive restaurants which serve sophisticated food and the biggest and the richest flea market of the city called Noordemarkt in these narrow streets that connect with each other all along the canals. 
  • De Pijp: This is the area where locals live and shop for flower seeds in Saprhatipark, where you can find fresh bread, cheese and vegetables in Cupymarkt and where it turns into nightlife center at nights. 
  • Museumplein: The area is also known as "museum island" and it houses important museums like Van Gogh, Stedelijk. 
  • Plantagebuurt: Jewish Historical Museum, botanical gardens, television studios, Wertheimpark, which is also used as a picnic area, Oosterpark and zoo are all located here.


If you want to walk around between bars after your dinner like a true Amsterdam local, your neighbourhood is De Pijp. Many cafes like Flamingo, Het Paardje, Café de Pijp all along Eerste Van der Helststraat, Ferdinand Boisstraat, Daniel Stalperstraat streets are waiting for you to drink cocktails after 11 pm. Apart from bars, Amsterdam's night life is waiting to be discovered by those who love clubs and dance halls as well.

  • Lux - If you want to drink something before a night out, Lux is the place for you. If you get bored here, Kamer and Weber right next to it will be filled with people sipping their drinks after work or dinner. Address: Marnixstraat 403, Tel: 020 42 422 1412
  • Paradiso - Magnetic Fields, Girls Like Us, Crocodiles... Dub, funk, house and dance music from Berlin, Londra and Paris stages. Attention: Those who go in Paradisco can't get out before 5 am. Address: Weteringschans 6, Tel: 020 626 4521 
  • Melkweg - Theatrical performances and movie screenings also take place on this stage. Address: Lijnbaansgracht 234 /A, Tel: 020 531 8181
  • Air - These days, whoever you ask will tell you the name of Air for uninterrupted music. It offers as much fun for gays as for heterosexuals. Dance is guaranteed. Address: Amstelstraat 16, Tel: 020 362 4150 
  • Studio 80 - The club, which is seen as one of the best places in Europe in the techno-house category, starts to juice up after midnight.  Address: Rembrandtplein 17, Tel: 020 521 8333
  • Club 8 - A club on the top floor, pool tables in the middle and a gallery with works of young artists in the entrance. Especially university students hang out in this multi-floored place. Address: Admiraal de Ruijterweg 56B, Tel: 020 6851703
  • OT301 - OT301, which is an alternative culture center with walls covered with graffities where concerts and galas are held; movie screenings, weekly yoga courses, workshops and parties take place, gets its name from its adress. It's a project realized by a radical and activist art collective. Address: Overtoom 301, Tel: 020 7794913
  • Bloemenbar - There are many couches, good music and delicious drinks in this spacious place which brings the nostalgic style and a cosy atmosphere together. Address: Handboogstraat 15
  • Alto Café - This cafe which opens its doors 7 days a week for those who want to listen to jazz music, wakes the souls of jazz lovers with whiskey accompanying saxophone sounds between 9 pm and 3 am. Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115, Tel: 020 626 3249
  • Red Light District - Imagine a street: Women perform dance shows on windows and there are cabarets and striptease clubs open for almost 24 hours a day.
  •  Trouw - This club which is frequented especially by vinyl lovers is a music authority which also has its own label. There are names like Patrice Baumel, Andi Müller, André Obin among musicians whom Trouw produced for. Address: Wibautstraat 131, Address: Tel: 020 463 7788 
  • De Groene - This is a bar where people who look for local places among crowds come together. Music ranges from 90's rock songs to 00's house style. Address: Albert Cuypstraat 130, Tel: 020 470 25 00

Emergency Numbers

  • Country code: +31
  • Police, Ambulance, Fire Service: 112
  • Doctor: 020 592 3434

Weather in Amsterdam

22°Csky is clear17/06/2019
16°Clight rain18/06/2019
20°Clight rain19/06/2019
15°Covercast clouds20/06/2019
14°Csky is clear21/06/2019
17°Csky is clear22/06/2019
17°Cscattered clouds23/06/2019
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