Flights to Alanya (GZP) from 18 GBP

Flights to Alanya (GZP) from 18 GBP

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Istanbul (SAW) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 08/10/2019
from 20 GBP
Last seen: 2 hours

Moscow (DME) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 05/10/2019
from 83 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 20/09/2019
from 42 GBP
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Copenhagen (CPH) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 25/09/2019
from 104 GBP
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Stockholm (ARN) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 13/10/2019
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Dusseldorf (DUS) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 08/08/2019
from 138 GBP
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Best fares for flights found by others

Istanbul (SAW) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 06/03/2020
from 18 GBP
Last seen: 1 day

Ankara (ESB) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 20/09/2019
from 42 GBP
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Denizli (DNZ) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 30/07/2019
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Izmir (ADB) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 29/08/2019
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London (STN) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 12/01/2020
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Adana (ADA) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 22/08/2019
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Trabzon (TZX) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 14/09/2019
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Bodrum (BJV) Alanya (GZP)

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Budapest (BUD) Alanya (GZP)

Departure date 19/03/2020
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Diyarbakir (DIY) Alanya (GZP)

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Traveling to Alanya (GZP)

Welcome to the beach resort city of Alanya. The Mediterranean climate, natural attractions and the history of the city make it the perfect travel destination for your next Pegasus flight.

With a history that dates to 2,000 BCE, Gazipaşa is a long-hidden heaven only known to people who seek a peaceful, secluded vacation close to nature. Alanya Gazipaşa was the home of the ancient Luvians, and it has hosted many civilizations since then, which has left it with a rich inheritance of historical remains. The only seashore in Turkey that filters itself is found here at Koru Beach. The bay contains three natural pools, including one at a perfect depth for children. Alanya has four seasons with mild winters. The best times to visit Gazipaşa are spring and summer, although it may be too hot for you in August if you are not fond of high temperatures. Gazipaşa is at its best in May and June.

Top Landmarks in Alanya

  • Alanya Castle -The most popular tourist attraction and historical landmark to visit in Alanya is the Alanya Castle. This old castle is situated amongst some of the most major landmarks in the city. The castle has been rebuilt over time, and was once home to the government leaders, as well as a defensive building in the event of an attack on the city.
  • Kizil Kule (Red Tower) - The Kizil Kule is the tower featured on the city’s flag, and received its name from the red brick’s colouring. It is considered a prime example of medieval military architecture.
  • Ataturk’s House and Museum - This museum is a traditional Ottoman villa, and contains artefacts from Ataturk’s stay in the city during the 1930s. The red roofs of the house are actually mandated by the neighbourhood council, in order to give the town a certain glow.

What to Eat in Alanya

  • Baklava - This is the most popular dessert and sweet snack in Turkey. It is a small cake bite, covered with syrup and filled with nuts.
  • Lahmacun - This sandwich is more of a snack than an actual meal. It is like a pizza without cheese, and contains meat and spices.
  • If you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel, your meals will be provided for you and finding a good place to eat will not be an issue at all.

Landscape of Alanya

Alanya was built on a peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea, just below the Taurus Mountains.

Transportation in Alanya

Alanya is a very pedestrian-friendly city, and it is very common for tourists to walk around. However, during the late summer months it does get a little warm and it is better to rent a scooter or bike, use the bus, or take a taxi, especially if you are thinking about visiting the castle.

Alanya airports served

  • Gazipasa Airport (GZP)

More information about Alanya

Food and Drink
More Places to Visit
Emergency Numbers

With an İstanbul-Gazipaşa flight ticket from Pegasus, you arrive at the Gazipaşa Airport, completed in 2009, in one hour and forty minutes.

The airport is 45 kilometers from the downtown Gazipaşa. You can take a taxi there or use the Havaş ring services for a cheaper trip to Gazipaşa.

After your Alanya Gazipaşa plane lands, enjoy the view of the magnificent Taurus Mountains on the way to the town. It is spectacular, especially at sunset.

Shopping in Gazipaşa

Shopping in Gazipaşa does not offer much variety. There has not been much investment in this area since the region’s main attractions are the sea and nature. If you are looking for souvenirs in Gazipaşa, look for local artifacts at road side stands and small shops.

Shopping locations in Gazipaşa are limited, but you can take a tour of the region to buy fresh fruit.

  • Tahtakale Spot - Anything and everything from stationary to tools. Address: Hal Yolu
  • Mavi Süpermarket - The greengrocer and butcher sections of the supermarket are very well-stocked. You can buy produce here if you would like to cook for yourself. Address: M. Fahri Leylek Caddesi, 118

Food and Drink in Alanya

Alanya’s dining culture has a long history. Although the regional cuisine is very rich, you will not find a large selection in restaurants. Alanya’s cuisine is an extension of Turkish cuisine, which consists of meats, vegetables and pastries. If you would like to taste local cuisine, try ülübü (a dish made with black-eyed peas) and şepit, which is a folded and stuffed flatbread.

  • Konyalı Özbekler Restaurant - The restaurant gets its name from its delicious etli ekmek. a type of elongated pizza from Konya, as well as a variety of other flatbreads and kebabs. Address: İnönü Caddesi, 21 Gazipaşa
  • Lezzet Restaurant - If you would like some warm homemade food, Lezzet Restaurant serves its guests a rich menu. Address: Pazaryeri Caddesi, 9010 Gazipaşa
  • Gazipaşa Chef’s House - Famous for its patisserie products, this is a perfect spot for outdoor breakfasts. You can also take away some delicious buns for a picnic on the beach. Address: Atatürk Caddesi, Ali Oğuz İş Hanı, No: 1-2
  • Bizim Restaurant - Bizim Restaurant is very popular among locals. It serves döner kebab at a central location. You should try it. Address: Rasih Kaplan Caddesi, 4
  • Masquer - An ideal spot for brunch and dinner, Masquer also offers cocktails and deserts. Their fried ice-cream is really good, and is a completely new sensation for your palate if you have never had it. Address: Uğur Mumcu Caddesi, 38/2

Accommodation in Gazipaşa

Accommodation in Gazipaşa is very developed and five-star holiday resorts are widespread. The center of town has more bed and breakfast and apartment hotels. If you are choosing between Alanya Gazipaşa hotels, consider the distance to beaches rather than the distance to downtown Gazipaşa. The closer your hotel is to the beaches, the more pleasurable your vacation will be.

  • Grand Akça Hotel - Located 6 kilometers away from the airport, this hotel offers parking and dining services free of charge. The rooms have air conditioning, mini bars, televisions and safety vaults. The hotel is very close to Selinus Beach. Address: Across from the Marina
  • Holiday Home Gazipaşa - You can be alone with your loved ones in the comfort of your home at Holiday Home. A fully equipped kitchen and furnished living room and bedrooms await you. Address: Koru Mahallesi, 359
  • Özyiğit Hotel - One kilometer from the beach, this hotel offers breakfast and dinner free of charge to customers. The hotel also offers parking, a fitness room, sauna and free Wi-Fi connections. Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, 105
  • Selinus Beach Club Hotel - The hotel has a private beach and 24-hour room service. Everyone can find a favorite food at the all you can eat buffet with local dishes. The rooms have a fabulous view of the Taurus Mountains. Address: Selinus beach
  • Delfin Hotel Gazipaşa - Offering a comfortable environment to its guests with rooms that have air conditioning and television, Delfin Hotel is 500 meters from the beach. Address: Kemer Caddesi, 52

Places to Visit in Gazipaşa

Gazipaşa mesmerizes its visitors with its spectacular nature, the sea and many ancient ruins. You need to decide your route before you start touring the tourist attractions in Gazipaşa so that you can visit every ancient city.

Do not forget your camera and a large hat when you go sightseeing in Gazipaşa, because the sun is scorching in the summer months.

  • Kızılin - At one end of the Selinus beach, there is a cave at the end of a steep escarpment: the Love Cave. The cave goes 40 meters inwards from the sea, and there is freshwater inside. It is thought to have been a shelter for pirates and is perfect for solitary contemplation and enjoying nature.
  • The Ancient City of Selinus - Located close to Gazipaşa beach, Selinus was one of the most important cities of the Cilician region. Its church, cistern and fortress walls are still standing.
  • The Ancient City of Antiochheia Ad Cragum - Located 18 kilometers from Gazipaşa, Antiochheia houses a fortress from the Roman and Byzantine periods. If you decide to visit it, do not miss the mausoleums.
  • The Ancient City of Adanda - This ancient city was found on a high and scarped hill surrounded by the sea, northeast of Gazipaşa. Its fountain carved out of natural rock is worth seeing.
  • The Ancient City of Nephelis - Between Gazipaşa and Anamur, Nephelis is surrounded by the sea and scarps. The fortress and the temple still stand, and the irrigation system of Odeon is being studied by archeologists.


Alanya is a favorite holiday spot among foreign travelers, and Alanya’s nightlife can be tiring even for the most eager party people. Night clubs are open all night long, illuminating hot summer nights and moving people with their music while people have fun and socialize.

Forget talking and socialize by dancing. Here is a list of the hottest night clubs in Alanya:

  • Summer Garden - Famous for its handsome bartender, Summer Garden is a favorite venue with high quality sound and light systems. Summer Garden has a large garden where people can dance. There are also lodges for people who want more privacy. The managers of the club are very relaxed, so you do not have to wear a jacket. Address: Merkez Konaklı
  • Havana Club - This club is located right on the pier and is especially popular with foreigners. The prices might seem a bit high, but quality service and tasty drinks cannot be found everywhere. Address: Hükümet Caddesi, 13
  • Black Horse - Serving both as night club and as a restaurant, the venue is very centrally located and is especially crowded after 11 p.m. That is also when music starts so you might want to get there a bit early if you would like to spend the evening there. Address: İzzek Azakoğlu Caddesi, 7
  • Sky Lounge Sushi Bar - They make their own drinks as well as the most delicious sushi in the region. Appropriately for its ambience, lounge music is played all night long, which may not work out for you if you are looking for upbeat music. Compared to the other local night clubs, Sky Lounge Sushi Bar’s prices are quite affordable. Address: İskele Caddesi, 80

Emergency Numbers

  • Country Code: +90
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire Department: 110
  • Police: 155
  • Airport: 444 9828

Weather in Alanya

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30°Csky is clear24/07/2019
28°Csky is clear25/07/2019
30°Csky is clear26/07/2019
28°Csky is clear27/07/2019
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