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Flights to Adiyaman (ADF)

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Traveling to Adiyaman (ADF)

Adıyaman or Adyyaman, one of the oldest known settlements in history, is a serene and quiet city. How about discovering the city, which has a 40,000-year-old history, with cheap flights on Pegasus Airlines? You can check flights to Adıyaman to choose the most suitable date.

Places to Visit in Adyyaman

  • Nemrut Dağı (Mount Nemrut): There are many statues and monuments on the Mount Nemrut, which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is estimated that the statues were erected in the mountain in the Kahta district, which has been inhabited since antiquity in 62 BC. Transportation to Mount Nemrut takes approximately one hour by car from the city center.
  • Cendere Köprüsü (Cendere Bridge): You should definitely see the world's oldest bridge, which is located on the Cendere River about 50 kilometers from the city center. According to the inscriptions on it, the Cendere Bridge was built under the rule of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus.
  • Ulu Camii (The Ulu Mosque): The Ulu Mosque, which dates back to the beginning of the 1500s, is an important historical monument of Adıyaman. Built under the rule of Durak, one of the leaders of the Dulkadir principality, this mosque has been restored through time, notable in its minaret, minbar, gate and mihrab.
  • Karakuş Tümülüsü (Karakus Tumulus): This historical tomb in Mount Nemrut National Park was built during the reign of the Commagene Kingdom.

What to Eat in Adyyaman?

  • Patlıcan Kebabı (Eggplant Kebab): As in the other provinces in southeastern Anatolia, meat and vegetable kebabs are also prominent in Adyyaman. Be sure to taste this typical dish, which features roasted eggplant and lamb.
  • Kavurmalı Hıtap (Roasted Hıtap): You will love the full flavor of this dish. It’s made of small pieces of meat, onions and garlic placed in dough.
  • Çiğ Köfte (Steak tartar a la Turca): Even though this dish has reached beyond the borders of Adyyaman, don’t miss the opportunity of trying it here, where its recipe has been mastered.

Where to Eat in Adyyaman?

  • Atatürk Bulvarı (Atatürk Boulevard): You can find local food on this boulevard, which is located in the city center.
  • Gölbaşı Caddesi (Gölbaşı Street): There are lots of cafes on this street, which is frequent destination for young people in Adıyaman. You can sip a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe and have a pleasant evening.
  • 9 Eylül Caddesi (9 Eylül Street): The most popular restaurants in Adyyaman are located on this street. If you are looking for a good kebab, you should definitely visit at least once during your stay.

Adyyaman Landscape

The city has a classic Anatolian view, and the city is surrounded by mountains. Because there are no tall buildings, you can enjoy seeing the sunset over the areas where nature and city meet.

Transportation in Adyyaman

"Yamankart", a public transit card, is used only on city buses. Keep in mind that there is no developed public transportation system in Adyyaman, but to reach the airport, there are shuttles available.

Useful Phone Numbers in Adyyaman

  • Country Code: +90
  • Police: 155
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire Department: 110
  • Adıyaman Airport (ADF): 0 416 244 22 12

Weather in Adiyaman

4°Clight rain16/02/2019
7°Clight rain17/02/2019
8°Csky is clear18/02/2019
9°Csky is clear19/02/2019
8°Csky is clear20/02/2019
10°Csky is clear21/02/2019
7°Csky is clear22/02/2019
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