Flights from Adiyaman (ADF)

Flights from Adiyaman (ADF)

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Traveling from Adiyaman

About Adıyaman Airport

Flights from Adyyaman with Pegasus depart from Adıyaman Airport (ADF). The distance between the city center and the airport is approximately 20 kilometers. You can use the "HAVAŞ shuttle" and buses to reach the airport from the city center. There are also taxi or car rental options if you prefer not to take public transportation. Check out Pegasus’ flights to İstanbul from Adyyaman to find cheap airfares for an inexpensive trip.

Since Adıyaman Airport is not a busy airfield, you can conveniently check in once you arrive at the airport. The small and convenient terminal has shops where you can buy food, beverages and magazines.

Adıyaman Airport Phone Number

  • 0 416 244 22 12